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Partying At 3040

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George Harris was terribly disappointed when he learned that he was going to have to be out of town on business on the third Friday in June. In fact, the company’s Regional Office meetings were going to be held on a weekend! The whole damned weekend! He knew that his wife Gloria would be disappointed too, if he couldn’t somehow get out of making the trip. He tried desperately to get the Regional Office meetings postponed or rescheduled, but his efforts were somewhat hindered by the fact that he couldn’t just tell his company about the prior plans he and his wife had for that Friday evening.

Ultimately he was forced to tell Gloria that their plans would have to be cancelled. She seemed utterly deflated by the bad news. The Harrises hadn’t missed the annual Summer Solstice Party of the 3040 Couples Club since they’d joined the club several years earlier, and every year they’d looked forward to it for months.

The 3040 Couples Club got its name from one of its Rules that had to do with the ages of its member couples. To be invited to join, a couple had to have been together for awhile – married or otherwise committed to each other – and at least one member of every couple had to be in the age bracket which spanned the 30’s and 40’s. The stated purpose of the club was to provide a social outlet for outgoing and free-spirited couples, people who enjoyed bold flirtation and gently sexy play without the risks and hassles and pressures of secret affairs or bigtime swinging. Its members liked the fact that their spouses had, by virtue of their continuing club membership, given the club’s activities their full approval and encouragement. After all, their spouses were always there too, playing the same games, in the same room or in an adjoining room, but with other members.

3040 was not a swinger’s club. No orgasm-bound sex or nudity ever happened at their monthly meetings, but that was about it for limiting groundrules. The club had no rules regarding sexual activity among consenting members who might choose to get together outside of the club’s meetings, and it was generally understood that a lot of that went on. Many members considered the club meetings as little more than a way to make contacts with other members for later fuck sessions. Deeply sensuous kissing and boldly sexual groping were not only permitted in the meetings but were actually required by some of the well-organized games that the club made part of every meeting. “Spin The Bottle On Steroids”, George called one of those games. The annual Summer Solstice Party was always the most spectacularly naughty event on the club’s calendar.

But George and Gloria wouldn’t be part of the fun this year. On that special Friday night in June, Gloria would be alone at home while George would be alone in his distant hotel room. They discussed the possibility of setting up a phone sex link on that night, so that they could pretend together that they were at the party, but they both knew that phone sex, even at masturbation pitch, would simply not be as much fun as playing with their 3040 friends always was. It would contradict the intent of the club for Gloria to show up at the Party with a casual companion as her date. She wouldn’t want to do that anyway, even if she could think of a suitably discreet partner for such an event. Which she couldn’t.

And then she got a phone call from Sally. The big-boobed and statuesque and sexually adventurous Sally. Sally and her husband Roger had, at several recent 3040 meetings, enjoyed playing games with George and Gloria and made no secret of the fact that they would love to have a chance to jump into bed with them. Sally was particularly interested in exploring Gloria’s pleasing body on her own, and she planned to make an all-out assault on Gloria at the Summer Solstice Party. If George and Roger wanted to be part of the fun, fine, but it was Gloria that Sally had set her sights on.

It was Sally that George wanted to fuck, soon, and Gloria had no problem with this.

Sally had called to ask Gloria to make herself available at the party for the kind of fun Sally was looking for. and when she learned that George and Gloria weren’t going to be able to attend the party, she was as crushed as Gloria already was. But only briefly. Sally wasn’t about to give up her plans for Gloria easily. She would call back, she said.

Sally did call back. The very next day.

“I’ve found the solution to your problem!” said Sally brightly, knowing full well that in fact it was Sally’s own problem that she’d been intent on solving.

“Oh, good!” answered Gloria, the skepticism in her words quite obvious. “And what would that be?”

“David can come with you as your date for the evening!”

“David?” asked Gloria, a bit uncertainly. “Uh…David who?”

“Your David, you silly girl,” laughed Sally. “How many Davids are there in your life, hon?”

Gloria laughed out loud. “No way! My David doesn’t even know that 3040 exists! And I don’t think I’d want him to be at a 3040 party, even if he ever does find out about it. And he’d never agree to go to any party as my … uh … date … anyway.”

“Why not, love?” asked Sally. “He’d have loads of fun there, kartal escort and you’d get to spend some quality time with me. You know how much I want to get my hands and mouth onto that sweet spot between your legs, darling! Besides, he’s already agreed to be your date.”

Gloria almost missed Sally’s last remark by letting herself enjoy the mental image of her gorgeous friend’s sexy mouth nuzzling into her crotch. And then the meaning in Sally’s last words hit her.

“He did WHAT?” gasped Gloria, almost choking on the coffee she ‘d been sipping. This conversation was becoming increasingly surreal.

“I’ve already spoken with David about it,” said Sally, quite casually. “He knows what 3040 is. Well, at least he does now. Of course I had to promise to give him some of my … er … quality time too. He seemed quite eager to take advantage of that offer. I didn’t even have to resort to singing a chorus of “Titty Titty Bang Bang!”

“Dammit, Sally! You had no right to tell David about our involvement with 3040! And there’s no way that George would ever go along with such a crazy idea.”

“You’ll both have a wonderful time, and George should be happy that you’ll get to go the party. I’ve already left a message on George’s machine at his office explaining all this. See you and David at the party, darling. David should be at your place to pick you up about 7:30. I know you’ll wear something sexy. You always look quite edible. Kisses! Bye!” Click.

Gloria put the phone down, feeling a little dizzy, and dropped into an armchair to catch her breath. Sally seemed to go through life at a higher rate of speed than everyone else did, and talking with her always gave Gloria the feeling that a whirlwind had just swept by and left her struggling to regain her footing.

Gloria very much wanted to go to the 3040 party, but … with David? With David!

Gloria thought she should call George, and then she thought she should call David, and then she realized that she didn’t know what she’d say to either of them. Sally seemed to have organized their lives so effectively that further action seemed pointless. Or at least unnecessary. Gloria didn’t know whether to be angry at Sally for meddling so outrageously in her affairs or to be in awe of Sally’s manipulative skills.

She had a momentary mental image of the large mounds and tiny bumps that Sally’s breasts and stiff nipples made in the knit dress she’d worn to the last 3040 get-together. Gloria did not have big breasts herself. She had always strongly suspected that bosoms like Sally’s had considerable power in getting men to follow orders without questioning the wisdom of them. And now she suspected that they might have a similar effect on women, too. Women like herself.

It was crazy. For one thing, David was only 21. And for another, he was Gloria’s son.

* * * * *

As soon as George got home from work, Gloria produced a pitcher of very dry martinis and sat down on a sofa beside her husband to talk about Sally. And about David. The pitcher was no longer quite full. Gloria had sampled it, more than once, as she awaited George’s arrival. They had a lot to talk about, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

By now both of them had had a few hours to think about the arrangements Sally had so deftly made on their behalf, and yet neither of them knew exactly what to say. George put an arm around his wife, to reassure her that they were going to face this situation together and that he wanted her to be okay with however things turned out.

Gloria started by telling George that none of this was her idea, and that Sally had told her the details of it only after her conniving had already taken place. George’s reply was to say that he too had been completely blindsided by the whole thing.

“David now knows about us and 3040,” said Gloria.

“I think our son can handle that revelation, Glo. He knows we’re not prudes.”

“I think Sally wants to get her hands on David herself.”

“Maybe, but we both know it’s you that Sally drools in her panties for.”

“Maybe, but it’s Sally that you drool in your boxers for.”

They understood each other so very well.

“What would people say if I showed up at the party with … with my son?” asked Gloria.

“I’ve thought about that,” said George. “Look at it this way. David would be there as your chauffeur, nothing more. He’ll drive you to the party, and later he’ll drive you back home. Sometimes that’s exactly the way it is when you and I go to 3040. He’s not there to play games with you, nor you with him. You can go your separate ways at the party. You don’t have to keep an eye on him, and he’ll have plenty of distractions to keep him occupied apart from you. He’s old enough to look out for himself.”

“You sound like you approve of this!” said Gloria, staring at her husband as if he was as crazy as Sally was.

“I think you’ll both have a good time at the party,” said George matter-of-factly. His arm around Gloria’s shoulders pulled her more snugly to him. He bent and kissed her.

“I’ll feel bad about you not being able to be there, you know.”

“I’ll feel good about you being able to be there,” maltepe escort bayan replied George, kissing her again. “And you’ll be doing David a big favor by taking him with you. He’ll jump at the chance to fool around with those club women. And they always like fooling around with newbies.”

“This is a guy thing, isn’t it,” laughed Gloria.”You just see this as the kind of thing you’d love to have done when you were David’s age.”

“You might want to be sure that David’s not close by if you’re getting into it hot and heavy with Sally, though,” said George, ignoring Gloria’s remark.

“Good plan,” giggled Gloria. “But she and I aren’t going to play while you’re away. I know you’ll want to be present and be part of things when she and I do get into it with each other.” This time it was she who kissed him.

George’s tone became serious. “I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable with David being there. I want him to see how much you enjoy what you and I do at 3040. I want you to have a good time, and I want David to see that you’re having a good time. That means you’ll have to let yourself go and be as playful with the others as you usually are. And let him be free to be just as playful, in any way he wants to.”

Gloria stared at her husband for a long moment. She could see that he meant exactly what he said, and she wondered if he’d given any thought to the possibility that David might want to be playful with his mother. She’d certainly thought about that in the last couple of hours. The thought disturbed her. It disturbed her by how much it intrigued her.

* * * * *

George kissed his wife goodbye before going out to the airport taxi idling quietly in the driveway. He reminded her that he wanted her and David to have a good time at the 3040 party.

“Call me at the hotel after you get back home, darling, no matter how late it is,” he said. “You can tell me how well our son behaved. Or better still, how well he misbehaved.”

“You told me not to watch over him like a mother hen,” she laughed.

“Just do your watching from a discreet distance,” he said. “It’s what cool hens do. And give Sally a kiss and a bit of grabass for me.”

One last hug, and a parting kiss, and then the cab disappeared around the corner and George was gone for four days. And for three nights, the first of which would be the night of the 3040 party.

Gloria thought it might be fun spying on David from a distance as he played with the more promiscuously predatory ladies of the club. But what if David was the one spying on her? And what if one of the club’s games resulted in the two of them being forced into an unacceptably intimate situation? Should she have a talk with David about this before the party, so they’d both know where their mother/son boundary lines should be drawn for this one night only? Where would she want to draw the lines when it came to her own son? What if David had no boundary lines, even when it came to his own mother?

Hey, it’s just going to be another club party, she told herself for the umteenth time. It’s just a few hours of harmless fun. David and I will be fine.

Sally told me to wear something sexy, she thought aloud. She’s not my date, though. David is. What would David want me to wear? What would I want David to want me to wear? She decided to go ahead and wear the dress she’d bought some weeks earlier, a dress she had planned to wear for the first time to the 3040 party. She knew when she tried it on in the store that George would love to see it on her. She hoped that David would like it, and her in it, just as much.

* * * * *

David showed up right on time. Gloria was ready, and she greeted him at the door with a warm hug and a kiss on each cheek. George was quite used to waiting patiently for however long it took her to get ready for occasions like this, and it always seemed to him to take longer than it should. But she didn’t want David to have to wait for her to finish up her preparations for the evening. She hoped that George would never learn that it was indeed possible for her to be ready at a specified time if she wanted to be.

Gloria had on the dress she’d recently bought. It was a bright red cocktail-length frock that left bare her shoulders, her arms, and her legs right up to her mid-thighs. It was slightly flared from the waist down, which teasingly only partly revealed the somewhat full curves of her hips and buttocks. It moved seductively with each step she took in her high heeled red pumps. Underneath it were the dark lace-top stockings and black underthings that always made her feel particularly desirable. And more than usually naughty. And, along with the lines of the dress, more than usually accessible.

David was dressed perfectly for a 3040 party in late June, and Gloria guessed that Sally may have given him some suggestions in that regard. He had on a white knit turtleneck shirt, crisp white slacks, and a dark blue blazer. And, as if that didn’t make him look sufficiently nautical, he had white canvas dock shoes on as well! He looked gorgeous. And he knew enough not to wear one of those silly captain’s caps. If Gloria didn’t know better, she’d escort pendik have jumped to the conclusion that the handsome young man in her entrance hall was an eligible bachelor from a very old monied family. A perfect companion for her evening.

She reminded him that he was to be primarily her chauffeur, and that at the party both of them should feel free to enjoy the company of anyone they wished to spend time with at any time. She warned him that the club ladies would be all over him from the moment he arrived, and that he might want to make the most of the opportunities in that.

But, at least for tonight, thought Gloria, I’m the one he’ll be going home with.

* * * * *

They arrived at the club at the most fashionable not-quite-on-time hour. Each guest was handed a slip of paper with a two-digit number on it as they arrived. David had no idea what the number meant, and no one offered an explanation of it, but his mother accepted hers as if it was something done at every 3040 meeting.

Gloria was instantly met by several club friends, all of whom wanted to be introduced to David. If she’d had any doubts about the welcome her son would receive at the club, they were dismissed right away. It seemed clear that David was going to get all the attention from the female club members that he could handle. And then some. Gloria felt both maternal pride and a twinge of jealousy about this. She kept reminding herself of George’s instruction: Let him be free to be playful in any way he wants to.

Sally came rushing over to greet them She gave each of them the exact same greeting, which involved a powerful hug, a deep and lingering wet kiss, and the pressure of her ample breasts in her industrial-strength bra against their respective chests. If David had wondered about the tone of the party, he knew now what he might expect. For openers.

Gloria took Sally’s arrival as her clue to set David free for the evening. She kissed him on the cheek and left him in Sally’s capable hands and irresistable clutches. There was some music coming from somewhere. Without waiting to be asked, Sally moved into David’s arms and began to dance slowly and sensuously with him. Half of the women in the room lost track of whatever conversation they’d been in and watched enviously as Sally worked her seductive magic on this hot young stud who was new to the club. David was well loosened up, and more than a little horny, by the time Sally turned him over to another eager and strikingly beautiful woman. Sally moved off toward one of the several men who were lying in ambush waiting for her to pass their way.

In less than an hour, David had danced with a number of shapely and fragrant mature females, and had felt their lower bodies moving in an almost masturbatory fashion over his. He’d had his ears nibbled and softly blown on. He’d had his hands seized and forcibly moved from the small of his partners’ backs onto the swells of bottom cheeks clad in whatever tight skirts or even tighter pants struggled to contain them. He’d felt hands moving in and out of the pockets of his blazer, which disturbed him until he discovered that his pockets had become the repository for slips of paper with first names and phone numbers on them.

There were refreshments continuously available. Finger foods mostly. There was also a fruit-based punch which had been laced with vodka to a literally breathtaking degree, making the punchbowl a good place to meet extremely friendly people. A few of the guests just hung out there while waiting for the more exciting events of the evening to start.

Finally the organized games began.

The games were intended to make the players work individually or as teams in unusual and fun ways. One required a large group of contestants to try to wrap each other tightly with bungie cords until, one by one, they were unable to carry on and were eliminated in ‘demolition derby’ fashion. Predictably, players would sometimes team up on another player only to have to later compete against each other for their survival. Another required couples, working together against the clock, to stick ‘Post-It’ notes with words like “left tit” or “inside right thigh” onto the indicated body parts. One player misplaced his “crotch bulge” note before he could use it, and he felt so cheated by this that his partner ended up with a “right elbow” note slapped firmly onto the gentle mound her pussy made in her pants. Most of the games were not gender-specific, so the genders of the players were at times mixed in ways that added to the fun.

It took David only a minute or two to catch on to the spirit of each game he took part in, and soon he was having as much fun as everyone else was. Gloria and David narrowly missed being thrown together in the games, but each of them watched closely and cheered lustily as the other competed. At one point in an event that was a variation on the familiar “Twister” parlor game, Gloria had to bend far forward and down over the crouching body of another woman, a position which she knew would cause her skirt to rise up in the back and expose the straps of her garter belt and perhaps even a part of her butt cheeks which were left fully exposed by her thong panty. Her eyes caught David’s at that very moment, and she felt a blush creeping over her face as she saw that her son was staring intently at her. And not at her face. At least he doesn’t know I’m blushing, she thought. Unless ass cheeks blush too.

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