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Peeping Toms , Neighborhood Incest

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It all started on a hot summer’s afternoon when a beautiful, White female resident was out sunning her naked body in what she thought was an isolated, restricted area of her backyard. Unbeknownst to her she was being lustfully ogled, lecherously by her next door neighbor who was visually devouring her generous possession of plump titties, voluptuous ass, ample thighs and curvaceous hips.

Willie Everett was an nineteen year old, Black, pubescent, teenager who lived in the Midwestern region of the country who happened to be cleaning up his bedroom on the first day of his Summer vacation when he happened to leer out of his second-story window and stumbled upon the vision of sexual loveliness that his young, inexperienced eyes had never indulged before.

Mrs. Helen was a thirty-six year old, White, mother who happened to be home on that particular Saturday afternoon, indulging her proclivities for nudity, tanning, and exposing her natural body to the joys and pleasures of the open sunshine in her backyard. She was the perfect physical specimen for a young boy like Willie who had always salivated over the thoughts and images in his head of a White, ‘dreamy’, MILF, whom he could fuck to his fullest delights and in his deepest fantasy.

Now, with his discovery of Mrs. Helen laying out naked in her backyard within perfect sight of his young, horny, eyes, Willie was beside himself with excitement. He particularly became highly aroused when Mrs. Helen stood up to go and retrieve the sun tanning lotion from her outside lawn table and she bent over to reach down for the lotion and her huge, B-cupped sized tits hung from her chest like honeydew melons juggling from the limb on a tree, ripe and ready to be sucked.

Willie nearly popped his eyes out of their sockets as he shimmied up closer to the window and sat down on his buttocks to get a better, more comfortable vantage point to gaze at this White, vision of loveliness. He nearly peed his pants when Mrs. Helen drew her knees up closer to her body so that they were pointed up skyward as she stroked the lotion into her thighs, exposing her pink, and wet, membrane of tender folds of skin, and pussy juice and mucus inside her vagina.

“Damn,” Willie murmured as he strained to identify every hair, and every fiber and every drop of liquid glistening in the bright light of the Summer sun! Just at that moment Willie heard his mother Pearlene call his name for him to come downstairs and to eat the lunch meal that she had just prepared for him that day.

Reluctantly tearing himself away from the visual sight of his life, Willie promised himself that he would come back immediately after his lunch and continue to ogle and stare at Mrs. Helen’s Roman Goddess body as she began to turn onto her backside exposing the plumpest and most bulbous ass checks Willie had ever seen. Frustrated at the kitchen table he proceeded to gobble down his distracting lunch as all that he could focus upon were his thoughts of the ass, tits and pussy lips of his highly attractive White neighbor who he hoped was still luxuriating out-of-doors for his hungry eyes to consume.

Willie Everett had grown up in a predominantly Black community and had never had the pleasure of being exposed to the majority White society which his neighbors were affording him in his young adult years. Born into a broken, torn and impoverished minority section of Homerville, Ohio he had enjoyed the social/economic rise of his family into the more integrated and affluent sectors of his city.

It was this improvement of his family’s social situation that was providing him with the vantage point of exhibiting his voyeurism on the lovely neighbor next door who was totally unaware of his gawking.

Mrs. Helen was the wife of Dick Pettie a Midwestern advertising executive who lived in a two-bedroom modular home in a bungalow style with their eighteen year old son Christopher. Christopher happened to be best friends with Willie Everett and they indulged and engaged in some of the same exploits and pursuits as promiscuous and precocious young lads.

On this particular day Willie Everett had begun his Summer vacation exploring his surroundings and had stumbled upon Christopher’s mother leisurely sunning and tanning her tight, ripe, pale White physique within eyesight of Willie’s bedroom window. Having returned to his upper-floor gawking perch he was disappointed to find that Mrs. Helen had picked-up and vacated her outside nudist lawn chair.

Frustratingly resigning himself to going back to the task of cleaning up his bedroom with the recognition that Mrs. Helen was no longer available for nude viewing, Willie set his mind on the appointed hour of the evening when he would be meeting up with his friend Christopher Pettie to indulge in some mischievous pranks and other hijinks to satisfy their sexual perversions.

For their meeting that evening the two delinquent teens had decided that they would peruse their integrated neighborhood to peep into and peer at women, ladies and girls living in the connected escort kartal houses adjoined along their street. Their objective would be to see which of any females they could find in their community in various states of nudity or disrobing.

Willie and Christopher had established a practice of waiting until nightfall had settled on their community and the pranksters of obscene delinquency would prowl along their neighborhood peeping into the windows and houses of residents along their street. On this particular evening the dynamic duo had waited until around bedtime to visit the home of one lovely, young, White, nubile coed who the pair had spied out throughout the Spring season and knew would be available for prime viewing.

Upon arriving at her residence around 10:45p.m. on a Saturday night, the multi-racial tandem arranged to climb up to her downstairs bathroom window to check to see if she had proceeded to complete her evening shower or bath before reclining to her bedroom in the upstairs portion of her parent’s home.

To their peeping-tom amazement they were lucky enough to hit the jackpot that night when they found that the young, eighteen year old blonde, White girl in their neighborhood had arrived in her bathroom and just had begun to strip off her clothes and to disrobe for a shower. Willie and Christopher played leap-frog with one another as they took turns standing on each other’s backs to peep into this beautiful, pale, White, teenager’s window as she came out of all of her clothes.

Vera Stiniach was a high school senior who lived down the street from the devilish duo who had scoped her out during her travels within the neighborhood during the weeks leading up to the conclusion of the academic school year. She was a hip, and fly erotic chick who dressed in sleek mini-dresses and leather boots that she wore to compliment her long, flowing, strawberry blonde hair which streamed down her backside to the crack of her shapely, voluptuous ass.

Driving a mod red convertible two-seat, sports car up and down the boulevard Vera was the envy of all of the horny young men in the community and a slamming wet-dream of many. Willie and Christopher were beside themselves with arousal when they discovered that they had finally caught the street freak butt-ass naked in her family’s downstairs shower naked as a jaybird.

Perched up on top of Christopher’s back, Willie giggled and exclaimed as he took his turn to watch the pale, White, cutie peel off her disguising clothes and shed them off down to her birthday suit. As she twisted and turned to get out of her wardrobe Willie observed the sun-kissed, golden patch of stringy bronzed pubic hairs hovering all around Vera’s recessed slice of pussy lips along her vaginal mound. Her naked beauty sucked Willie’s breath from his chest and caused him to take a deep swallow to maintain his balance on top of Christopher.

Gulping down the saliva in his mouth that he was drooling as he gawked at Vera, Willie jumped off his perch and switched positions with Christopher to allow him the opportunity to visually absorb the milky, White, loveliness of the virginal nymph of this evening’s neighborhood showcase.

Christopher latched his eyes on the plump, globes of Vera’s naked posterior when he reached the height of his perch and screeched out loud when he saw her pouting, pink, pussy lips surrounded by her hairy, blonde bush. His eyes grew to the size of 2-dollar coins as he pressed his face closer and closer to the window to get the best stare on her perfect nakedness!

Clumsy and uncoordinated, Christopher slipped on Willie’s platform when Vera lifted her arms to remove her blouse and exposed to his hungry eyes the voluptuous balloons on her chest which lustfully sprang from her bra as she popped the snap. Unable to compose himself up on his secret sanctuary outside Vera’s bathroom window, Christopher bounced off the wall on his fall off of Willie’s back, making a loud thud as he fell to the ground.

Hearing all of the commotion outside her tiny bathroom shower area, Vera hurriedly grabbed her robe off the hook of her door and ran to the window to see what all the noise was about outside her window. Luckily for Willie and Christopher their retreat from the backyard platform of Vera’s residence was hasty and stealthy and they vanished as quickly as they had come.

Grumbling and gripping at each other as they scurried down the street of their neighborhood peep showcase the dynamic due stumbled onto the next section of houses where they knew a young couple resided in a luxury townhouse. Franklin and Lena were a vibrant and vigorous pair who were known to broadcast their lovemaking for all ears to absorb.

Franklin was a Public Services Technician with the local Gas Utility Association and Lena was a slutty, curvy, housewife who had a craving for the start of their young family. Known throughout the community as a ‘HOT’ couple, Franklin and Lena spent most of their nights inside their handsomely decorated home enjoying each maltepe escort other’s assets and sexual fetishes.

On this particular evening Willie and Christopher happened to creep up on the back windows of Franklin and Lena when the married couple had just started producing the sounds of sensual moaning and groaning which were flowing from within the promiscuous pair’s premises. The peeping-tom pair arrived just as the fireworks were starting to sound off and Willie directed a cautionary warning to Christopher not to mess up this dramatic presentation.

Climbing up on the outside of the Rubbermaid trash container stand Willie perched himself in order to get the best vantage angle to peep inside the couple’s venetian blinds to spy on all of the juicy, extracurricular activities that were going on inside the house. Hearing the erotic purring of Mrs. Lena Kincaid, Willie knew that he and Christopher had arrived at exactly the precise time to get their eyes filled up.

Peering inside the apartment Willie could see that Franklin had his wife Lena straddled across their bed with her thighs spread-eagle, open wide and with him down on his knees lapping at her cunt as if he were a tiger lapping at a cool river’s drink. Lena was beside herself twisting and turning her head on her bed to the flapping of her husband’s fat tongue embedded inside the depths of her excitingly wet pussy, stroking her clitoris feverishly and causing her “little bud” to rise and swell to the size of an enlarging pencil.

The White vanilla complexion of Lena’s shapely thighs glistened against the glow of the nightlight that was plugged in against the bedroom wall. Willie could tell that Lena’s thighs were so plump that if Franklin’s face had gotten trapped between her legs she had the sturdiness of build to milk his lips against her pussy’s sloppiness with her muscles.

As she wailed and wailed with each slurping of his tongue down in her cunt, Lena was grabbing the back of Franklin’s head and pulling it down harder and harder between her gams and pulling his face deeper and deeper into the ‘Y’ of her pussy. Franklin continuously licked and slurped at her pussy lips, at her clitoris and inside of her womb as his wife moaned like she was a baying sheep.

Willie’s dick immediately jumped to the pronged position as it bulged out of the inside of his pants and tightened up against the space between his body and the awning of the house that he was leaning up against. He began to rock up against the wall of the house that he was peering into simulating a fucking motion as his hungry, thrusting, swollen cock was matching Franklin’s licking sounds as his tongue plunged inside of Lena’s wet, sopping cunt.

Willie rocked and rocked his hips up against the wall as if he was fucking Lena to the pace of her moans and groans and the flailing of Franklin’s tongue. His arousal was so intense that he himself started to wail and moan to the thought of him being inside the house fucking the gorgeous White wife with the circular, tight, drooling, wet pussy.

He became so engrossed in this pleasurable peepshow scenario that he forgot all about his side-kick Christopher who had been eagerly waiting his turn to climb up on the trash platform to gawk at the hot pussy that he had only been able to hear from Willie’s groaning above. Pinching Willie’s ass-cheek, Christopher was able to get his sidekick’s immediate attention and was thereby able to demand his turn to stare inside the home of the young, freakish, horny pair inside the townhouse apartment.

Watching Willie jump down off of his heightened perch amidst the garbage can platform, Christopher shimmied up to take his long-awaited turn of glaring through the window blinds. Focusing his gaze into the darkened window he was not disappointed when he observed that the muscularly built Franklin had stood up in front of his wife, lifting her by her ankles until her pussy was up to his waist height as he prepared to plunge his fat, swollen, meat-bone of a prick into the depths of his wife’s glistening, soaked, cunt.

Franklin was a 6’ft. tall specimen of athletic splendor. With his sandy, blonde mop of dangling, golden locks he was the spitting image of an Olympic Adonis, muscled and chiseled. His arms were like tree trunks and his thighs were like the stumps of a cement block. His dick was a full seven, 7’inches of swollen muscular stud.

Poised there before his wife, the blonde, sopping wet, mucus-membraned, pink, pussied nymph, Franklin prepared to stuff his dripping cock into the gyrating, hairy pussy of his sex-starved wife as she lusted for his huge depth-plunger. Franklin with his long, bulbous dick used every one of his muscled torso fibers to splay his wife, wide and to split her open to allow his thick, swollen penis to enter her pulsating womb with as much penetration as possible.

Christopher Pettie was a big, lug-of-a guy, taller than Willie and much thicker in girth. He had long, blonde, sandy, curly hair and he was significantly more immature pendik escort bayan in comparison to the type-A personality of Willie Everett.

It was much easier for Christopher to reach the heights of the White couple’s back bedroom window that the juvenile delinquent pair were spying on because of his unusual height for his age. He hopped up on the Rubbermaid stand and proceeded to cup his fingers into the shape of pretend binoculars so that he could squint his vision ever so directly at the copulating pair that he wouldn’t miss any of the dick-stimulating action going on inside the townhouse.

To his sheer delight he observed Franklin as he proceeded to plunge his fat, swollen, meat-bone of a muscular cock into the wide, deep, sopping, wet, spillage recognized as Lena’s cunt. To these delicious images Christopher welped with arousal and excitement as his side-kick Willie could only imagine the sensuous gymnastics that were taking place after his displacement.

At this point the voluptuously, curvaceously plump and shapely thighs of Lena begin to act as pliers around her husband Franklin’s bulbously thick cock and simulated the action of milking and sucking off his erection. The deeper Franklin thrust his manpole up into his wife’s anxiously excited womb the more intense was the suction action created by her tight, pink, hairy pussy.

Sensing that the couple were working themselves into a frenzy, the immature Christopher began to bounce and rock upon the Rubbermaid garbage stand and to cheer on the loud and boisterous sex freaks to simulate the pace of their fucking! The young peeping-tom stooped up and down looking inside the townhouse window seeking to get a better vantage point to peep on the obscene shenanigans going on by the illicit pair. He was continually keeping in time with their fucking actions watching all of the thrusting and withdrawing and the clamping and the suctioning of Franklin’s jerking cock going inside and being pulled out of Lena’s starving wop.

To anyone outside that Summer night observing the two juvenile delinquents spying on the married couple’s window they might have mistaken Christopher for some zealot fanatic cheering on a Football team’s running back who was rushing towards a 100-yard galloping touchdown! “Fuck That Pussy,” “Fuck That Pussy,” “Fuck That Pussy,” the 18-year older could be heard to murmur out towards no one in particular as he rocked on the garbage platform in the presence of his cohort Willie.

At this point in the moon-lit darkness Willie, who was naturally serving as the lookout man for the unlawful activities of the pair, observed a mid-night automobile pulling up in the townhouse driveway. Spooked by the flashing headlights into the evening’s darkness the promiscuous partners jumped down from their peeping-tom perch and ran like hell off of the Kincaid’s window ledge and hustled ass back towards their respective residences happy to know that they had luckily dodged the bullet of neighborhood capture after an evening filled with pranksterism and debauchery!

Reaching Christopher Pettie’s house first on their frolicking return back to normalcy the delinquent duo shouted salutations to each other and continued to run off to their next door homes. Christopher without fail rushed into his house and Willie walked off to his residence next door.

Craving more lustful stimulation as he felt robbed of his quota in not getting an eye-full of Franklin and his wife Lena, Willie walked along the adjoining space between the buildings of his home and that of Christopher Pettie’s to explore one last carnal sensation before his own evening’s conclusion. To his sheer amazement, Willie who had climbed upon the chain-link fence between their two residences could see clearly into the Pettie’s house with no trouble as the White family routinely left their curtains wide and gapingly open.

In this moment of discovery and Summer relaxation, Willie observed Christopher’s mother Mrs. Helen, striding into the kitchen area clad in only a sheer, satin, see-through Chemise teddy gown with no panties nor support bra beneath. As naked and as exposed as a porn-star Mrs. Helen was unknowing that Christopher had returned home for the evening and that he was actually bent over in the refrigerator of their house searching for a late-night snack. Oblivious to his mother’s slinking nudity as he had returned into his house in the kitchen area with his mother coming down in nothing but her birthday suit and the sheer gown on, the son continued his campaign seeking out some grub in the midst of the scintillating splendor.

As soon as the two residential inhabitants observed each other and came to the recognition of Mrs. Helen’s nudity, she immediately turned and sped back up the back pantry-way stairs and back up to her bedroom where her husband Dick had been noisily snoring for the past few hours.

Christopher, startled by the rustling commotion, only got a chance to view his mother’s waddling voluptuous ass cheeks as she bounced up the back staircase to the 2nd floor. Dumb fuddled by the scene, Christopher was enticed by the thought of seeing his beautiful, sexy mother in her undress as he told himself that he would make a greater effort to view her total erotic physique during course of this summer of his 18th year.

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