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Pictures of Mother Pt. 06

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There have been requests for a few more details about the early days…

One day, before Cindy showed up, mom came back from London worn out. The traffic had been bad and she just and plopped down on the sofa in her leather skirt. She only got up to freshen her wine glass. And by her second glass she had laid down on the sofa and started to close her eyes.

“Mom.” I said, “is it OK if I shoot a movie while you sleep? I will try not to disturb you.”

“Sure honey, do whatever you want, I’m too tired to care.” She said rolling on her back .

So I went up to my bedroom and grabbed my box of ‘green army men’. You know the ones. One guy carried a radio, one throwing a grenade, one standing firing his gun, one with a mine detector, one laying down shooting… You know the ones, all green plastic, two inches tall.

I took them downstairs where mom appeared to be sound asleep. With my movie camera on a tripod and set to ‘stop-action’ mode I filmed my army men assaulting her pussy. I took me an hour to shoot, but it is a classic short movie and was well worth the effort.

They started as a five man squad down by her feet. With the captain and radio man hanging back by her ankles the other three men started a ‘recce’ of mom’s nylon clad legs. One of them snagged her hose and a ladder spread up her inside leg. The men followed the ladder northwards.

When they got to the hem of her skirt – I filmed them sliding between her legs and disappearing into the darkness. Then the guy with the grenade came out and signaled to the officer to join them.

For the next part of the shoot I carefully pulled mom’s skirt up above her waist. There was perfection again. Silk french knickers, Black garter-belt with pink flowers coupled perfectly to her tan stockings. I put my head down to her crotch where my nose inhaled her womanly fragrance. It was extra fragrant today! I longed to taste it.

The officer and radio man set up base camp where the suspender-belt hooked to the stocking on her left leg while the other three explored her crotch. Two of the men pulled her panties aside revealing her pussy. The soldier with the machine gun kept it pointed at the crack while the other two tried to open it.

Mine-detector guy carefully checked the pussy for mines and when it was all clear,

Laying-down-shooting guy stuck his head in. It came out wet and shiny and tasty, he volunteered to go back in and explore some more… that’s when mom woke up.

“What are you doing?” She inquired sleepily looking down at the green men on her leg.

“I’m shooting a movie and I’m almost done. Can I push this guy in a little more?” I pleaded. She obligingly let me finish filming the soldier disappearing into her cunt.

Of course I never actually shoved all five soldiers into her twat. I filmed laying-down-shooting guy slowly enter her until his legs disappeared then, with the magic of editing, I could make it seem like all five went up there. Hell, I could have made it look like a whole regiment vanished if I had the time.

The next day I plugged in the projector and we watched the play back. It was funny, cute and quite sexy. Mom was very impressed and said I should get an Oscar. I said she deserved an academy award for acting. We have the same sense of humor and could rely on each other for a laugh. It sold well in Europe and was not the last stop-motion movie we did.



Friday morning (a few weeks later, after CIndy had moved in) I was the first one up, so I brewed a pot of tea and took a cup up to Cindy. I knocked on her bedroom door. There was no answer, so I opened the door and found that her bed had not been slept in again.

I knocked on mum’s door and went in. They were asleep in bed together. There was mom’s white vibrator on the floor and a half smoked hand-rolled cigarette on the night stand. The room smelt of burnt rope. I turned around and went back to the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later they both came downstairs and mom started breakfast. I got the paper from the doorstep and started to read the comics. Cindy was chattering away non stop, she said she did not want any breakfast but ate everything mom put on the table.

“Brilliant!” I exclaimed after a moment.

“What is brilliant?” Mom asked.

“Oh, nothing really, it’s just that the movie on BBC tonight is ‘Blue Murder at St Trinians’ and I love that movie.” I replied.

“You love any movie with leggy girls.” she replied lightly slapping my hand and grinning at me as I buttered my toast. Then her expression changed.

“Although…” she said looking at Cindy, “What are the chances we could find some school uniforms to fit us?”

Cindy looked up from her 3rd fried egg and smiled broadly, “Dig it. I’m crazy cool with a sowing machine, man.”

“Far out and groovy, sweetie.” Mom replied laughing and with that it was decided, we were going shopping.

‘Marks and Sparks’ opened at 10 am and we were just about their only customers. After ataşehir escort we declined the salesgirl’s offer of help, she went back to stocking shelves and left us alone to browse.

Mom was dressed like a ‘mum’ in a knee length suit, tan stockings white garter-belt and pink silk knickers. I know because I am a gentleman and open the car-door for my mother when she gets in and out of a vehicle… I look forward to a glimpse of heaven every time and I am seldom disappointed. I do love a good beaver shot…

Cindy was wearing a pink plastic mini skirt with her white boots. Her lipstick was thickly applied and matched her skirt’s color exactly. She chewed gum loudly and could have passed as my big sister. She was wearing black pantyhose with an annoyingly opaque gusset… yes, I am a gentleman to all women, not just my mother!

In the underwear section a discussion broke out about what panties to get. Cindy picked up some pink knickers with little hearts and teddy bears on them. Mom thought the ‘St Trinians’ girls would be required to wear plain full cut dark cotton panties but they would be rebels and wear sexy stuff under their uniforms. It was decided to get both types as they could do a cute spanking movie about one of them getting punished for wearing non regulation knickers. (See …This is the sort of thing women talk about when men are not around!)

The ‘girls’ then went to the school uniform area and picked out some outfits to try on. There was no staff or customers in that department, so I went with them into the changing rooms. Mom went into the cubicle on the left and Cindy the one on the right. They left the curtains open so they could see each others’ ensembles.

There were full length large mirrors on all of the walls in each cubicle and from where I stood, I could see infinite copies of my mother or Cindy in various states of undress, repeating out to eternity. I promised myself to include more mirrors in my shots from now on. Unfortunately, on this rare occasion, I did not have my camera.

I could have really used a camera when we went to the shoe department too. Mom is a sucker for shoes and is always looking for the highest heel she can walk in without looking like she will fall over. Cindy appeared to have a boot fetish and she was in heaven when she saw some black thigh-high plastic boots with five inch heels.

The salesman came out of the backroom and smiled when he saw his new customers. He knew it was going to be a good day for him, even if they did not buy anything, the guy obviously had a leg/foot hang-up or he would not be working here. He was in for a real treat today.

For the next 1/2 hour, he was ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ with his shoe horn, as he scurried around trying to please two sexy ladies with their footwear fetishes. He never ceased to be in the right position to look up their skirts as he fawned over them and would often caress the foot a little before slipping a shoe or boot on it. He was a real ‘hands-on’ guy.

Cindy had him help her zip up the boots she liked. He knelt in front of her and with his hand holding the top of the boot against her inner thigh, the zipped it up the inside of her leg. The boot was so tall his hand was almost under her mini skirt. He had to feel the heat of her pussy from there. He slowly, and I mean slowly zipped up each boot.

She was thrilled when he told her they came in white, pink and red as well as black. She insisted of trying on each color and walking around in them. She knew the effect she was having on the salesman and seemed determined to give him a great leg show.

Mom, on the other hand, played it cool as he helped her try on at least ten pairs of shoes, she pretended to be clueless as she offered up-skirt shot after up-skirt shot to him. I know he saw a lot of stocking-top, I don’t know if he got any panty peeks though. Eventually, she decided on three pairs of stilettos she liked and asked Cindy if she was going to get the boots?

“Don’t have the ‘cabbage’ man. Shame they would be groovy for S and M.” she said sadly.

The salesman overheard the comment and made sure to put his home phone number on the back of his card when he gave it to them later. They thought he was cute and he did get a call shortly there after. I had no idea what S and M was then but I was soon to find out… I digress.

Mom said, “They do look good on you.”

She looked at the price. “Do you have them in my size?” she asked the salesman.

“What color?” He asked with a big grin and dashed into the backroom.

He was soon back and slipping mom’s feet (after a quick squeeze of her nylon toes) into the boots. They were so high he had to slip them up under the hem of her skirt. His hands followed the boots up her legs. She tutted loudly as he fumbler adound up there, then with a smile and a flourish, pulled up her skirt so he could she what he was doing. If he had not seen her panties before…they were in front of his face now!

She stood in front kadıköy escort bayan of the mirror and admired her legs in the red boots still holding her skirt nice and high. She purchased those for herself and a black pair for Cindy who gave mom a big hug and a sweet kiss on the cheek.

The bill was over two hundred pounds for everything. Mom paid cash! She was normally very tight with her money so I was more than a little surprised when I saw all that ‘cabbage’ appear from her purse.

With the shopping done we went to the post office then back home. There was a ton of mail in the PO box and mom started to read it as she was preparing lunch. I helped Cindy set up the sowing machine and she went to work on the uniforms.

Ten minutes later mom shouted from the kitchen. “Cindy… What is bukkake?”

The electric motor of the sewing machine stopped and Cindy walked into the kitchen with a big smile. “Why do you want to know?” she asked.

“This German company is offering a small fortune for a 20 minute bukkake film. I could use that sort of money.” She replied, looking up from the letter.

“Well, could you use a load of cum splashing on your face? ’cause that’s what bukkake is all about. Dig?” Cindy chirped. “I would do it if there was enough lettuce in the deal. Although the most I’ve done at one time is three guys.”

“No…no ..no..” Mom said laughing, “This is my lettuce. I don’t mind cum splashing my face.”

I knew that to be true. 🙂

Cindy went on further and explained she would need a ‘fluffer’ to help her keep the cocks excited and she would need to find at least a dozen men to be in the movie with her.

The smile left mom’s face. “I don’t know a dozen men and that sounds like an awful lot of cum.” She took the pork loin out of the oven and prepared lunch.

“It is… ‘Sides,” Cindy chimed, “If they are paying that sort of bread they will expect the best. There is an art to taking cum shots in the face, you have to be ready for anything from a little drop to a deluge and you have to make it look ‘hot’ -no matter what you get. That’s why they call it ‘the money-shot’.”

Mom claimed she knew how to take a cum shot and had me get the pictures I took of our last session to prove it. Cindy looked them over critically. She said they were OK but not how she would have done it. She pointed out that when a top dollar porn actress takes a cum shot, she makes it look like she is expecting chocolate gold to come out of that cock. She begs the man to release his load in a hot torrent all over her face. She craves the taste of it and cannot get enough.

“The dude who came on you in these pics has yummy looking cum, I would make a real meal of him. But some guys cum is like piss water and some is like curdled milk. You have to expect everything and look like you are enjoying every drop no matter what. Not as easy as it sounds, sister.” Said Cindy giving the pictures back to mom.

So with those images set in our heads we sat down to lunch, I passed on the gravy it looked rather thick… Just then, the phone rang and mom went into the hall to answer it. She came back 2 minutes later saying she had to go to London and drop off the weeks production as the ship would not be back for a while due to some sort of maintenance.

She told Cindy to do an hour or two lingerie shoot with me that afternoon and she was welcome to use anything in her closet or under-ware drawers. She had the sewing machine for any required alterations and she trusted she could leave her alone with her only son!

I helped load the stuff in the car, we had had a busy week and there were four short films and over five hundred photo’s plus what we did with Cindy. Then after a quick beaver shot of her pink panties again, as she got in the car, she smacked my hand on told me to be a good boy, with emphasis on the ‘good’ and left me alone with Cindy…

The first thing Cindy did when mom left was to go through her closet. Mom was not a swinger or a ‘dolly-bird’ so she only had a few micro minis she had made for our photo shoots, her normal day-to-day clothes were pretty conservative.

Cindy spent the next hour and a half shortening all of mom’s skirts and dresses by 3 – 6 inches! I helped her pin the hems and it was a pleasure kneeling in front of her smooth legs with those juicy thighs. I could not wait to get started with our photo shoot.

We decided on mom’s bedroom for the location and I made sure to involve mirrors. I even had her stand over a large mirror I put on the floor. It was heavenly, she had great legs and was fun to work with.

Saturday morning, mom and Cindy finished making their outfits and I set up the studio for a schoolroom shoot. Above one of the walls of the studio there are large rolls of colored paper, hanging from the rafter which I can pull down for a different background color.

With some paint I can quickly draw on the paper – a sandy beach with umbrella and a few seagulls, for example – Hey presto! escort maltepe You are at the seaside! The illusion can be easily created for any scenario and let’s face it, no one cares, they just want to see the pussy anyway. We did not have great production values back then, although I was not a bad artist, if I do say so myself.

Getting locations to shoot was not always easy. You go to your local Vicar and ask him if you can film your mother, dressed as a nun, fucking a candle on his alter and see how ‘huffy’ he gets. So we had to be imaginative and inventive.

We had a real desk and some wooden chairs. I painted the outline of a blackboard with some sums on it and a globe on a table. Et Voila! We have a classroom. The premise of the first photo shoot was to to have the ‘Head-Girl’ discover other girl was wearing non regulation panties and a spanking with hand and cane would follow. This would be for the UK market so no pussy would be shown.

The ladies had done a great job with the costumes and their make up was spot on. Mom looked the spitting image of one of the actresses in the movie. She was the “Head Girl” (pun intended) who catches a student, Cindy, wearing sexy knickers.

I loved doing magazine story shoots as I could really take my time and compose each shot. Not only was the lighting very important, but the poses had to be hot and the ladies had to show the correct facial expressions. It was not like the other shoot where they went at it and I quickly captured what looked good. These pics had to be carefully staged.

I soon learned it was twice as hard with two women to control. They were great and very patient with me but as soon as I got mom the way I wanted her with the expression I needed, Cindy’s leg would get pins-and-needles or just as I got Cindy correct, mom would sneeze and have to get a tissue. It was a long morning is my point. What should have been a 1 hour shoot took 2 hours to complete.

After lunch we were to shoot the European version of the same scenario. Less cheesecake more emphasis on pussy and sexual deviancy. But when mom and Cindy finally came back to the studio after redoing their make-up they smelled of burnt rope and their eyes were bloodshot. When I pointed that out, they both giggled and Cindy pulled out some eye-drops from her purse. I had a feeling this afternoon was going to be fun.

Mom and Cindy were great and could hold a pose for a long time. They also were fun to work with as i said, but getting them to stop playing around could be an issue sometimes – one time for example: Mom is bending Cindy over her knees and she has two fingers deep in her pussy when I had to stop and reload the film.

They were supposed to stay still but… Mom starts wiggling her fingers making sloppy wet sounds. Cindy, laughingly, tells her to stop it. This only makes her do it more and they end up rolling on the floor whilst trying to tickle and finger each other. Professionals my ass! But certainly fun to work with.

I learned from Cindy that porno mags like their pussies dry in each photo. Who knew? Lots of juice is a no-no for some reason. Now that was a problem for mom. Her pussy woke up wet and stayed that way all day… It seemed. As a result I now had to have a soft towel available to dry wet womens’ holes with before I snapped the picture, the things I do for art! I’ll be honest… when we started doing our own publishing I left the pussies wet, I liked realism.

After the spanking, which did include pussy (lovingly dabbed dry by your’s truly). Mom rubs cream on Cindy’s red butt to sooth her …and full on lesbian sex ensues. The picture I remember best, was when I had Cindy opened mom’s pussy wide with two fingers, while she was laid on the desk. There was that little black cave again, only now I had time to light it better.

There it was in all its glory surrounded by sweet, sweet pinkness… Mom’s cervix. Mind you, I didn’t know what it was called then but I knew I liked the look of it. Mom’s was smooth as glass and pink as you like. I got the inside as dry as I could but the little hole in the middle was leaking a little fluid that I dearly wanted to taste. I took close ups with my macro lens instead.

So, after much fingering and pussy licking the shoot ends with them putting on each others knickers. A good afternoons work I think…how do you Americans say it…”Miller Time..” I believe.

When I came down from the darkroom there was a note on the table. “Dinner is in the oven – went to the pub – don’t wait up – Kisses.” Miller time for them ..not me apparently.

I was starting to feel neglected as I pulled out my secret stash of mommy pics and had a long leisurely wank in bed.


Sunday I woke and fixed myself an omelette. Mom came down with Cindy and I offered to make them breakfast too.

Mom said “No I better not ’cause in an hour or two she was going to have…” She looked at Cindy and they jumped up and down excitedly holding hands and screamed together. “Bukkake!!”

They were really please with themselves.It seems they met a cricket team from a village 30 miles away. They had come down by coach to play the local team, have a piss up in the local pub and spend the night away from their wives.

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