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I got a shock of my own when I came home from the shop, as it happened. Amy, of all people, had simply shown up at my place and waited for me in the master bedroom, with Lisa, Michelle, and Missy. David and Amber had taken both their kids and ours out to Simon Says Pizza Emporium, a local pizza parlor/game arcade geared toward families. You know the type … nice, but basic pizza and lots of game tokens … for a price.

I was naturally quite curious as to what Amy might want from me, and why she was in the master bedroom with my wife, sister-in-law, and sister-in-law’s girlfriend. I didn’t undress just yet, not even out of my work clothes, because I didn’t quite feel ready to relax just yet. I was wary, to say the least, though I assumed that this had something to do with Jonathan and the proposed revisions of the plans for him … You know, the whole sex slavery and cock cage business still had me a bit uncomfortable. I waited for a second to see if Amy would tip her hand, and when I was about to give up and speak, she cleared her throat at last.

“Um … Dan, I think that there are some issues between you and me that need to be worked out. I’ve said some things that were just plain wrong, even knowing that they were wrong when I said them, and for that, I deeply apologize to you. As for Angel, well, I will apologize to her when I find her. It was very wrong of me to speak ill of her for being gay. So what if she’s a lesbian? I know that it isn’t bad. I just … tried to fit in, and it was wrong of me. I needed to stand by my principles and convictions, not try to sound holier than thou.

“So if you’re thinking that I’m some kind of prude who won’t fit into your lifestyle … well, you’re wrong, Dan. I want to be part of this, I swear it! Can you give me another chance, honey? I mean, hey, as kinky as I can be about some things, I’m hardly going to judge anyone else. I certainly don’t wish to be involved with Lisa’s father … sorry, Lisa, nothing against him, but he’s a minister, and do you honestly picture me being a pastor’s wife? I’m far too kinky to be a good wife in the traditional sense. I much prefer dominating people like Jonathan and having somewhat more equal, if still kinky, arrangements with the likes of you.

“I’m really a Domme at heart, I’ll cop to that, but even a dominant type needs a good dose of old-fashioned sex with a more independent man or woman now and then. Yeah, I’m a natural Top. I’m actually thinking that I want to keep Jonathan when his term is up, but don’t tell him that just yet. It wouldn’t eliminate my plans for you … you’d basically be a booty call for me, a friend with benefits. No need for commitments, declarations of love, or other romantic BS for us. Same with the others in your group … I wouldn’t even rule out fucking Pastor Tucker … I just don’t want marriage to him. I’d want a much more submissive and adventurous partner for that. You get what I’m saying there?”

“So, Amy … let me get this straight. You’re not a homophobe and you regret speaking like one. Fair enough, at least you’re growing a spine. You are open to purely physical relationships with practically my entire family, judging by what you said. You are either Domme or a Top by some definition of those terms … and you’re thinking that Jonathan just might be the sort of submissive beta male that you need. Well, I don’t find his protestations that he isn’t at least a bit curious about some wild and kinky shit all that convincing myself, so you might well be right about him there. I take it that you’re bisexual or something like that, am I right? What do you think of the idea of cutting short his stay in that cock cage in exchange for some other kind of restitution or penance?” I tackled all of the issues that immediately came to mind.

“Yes, I am bisexual, I believe, which was why I felt … rather defensive on that issue … and part of why I don’t think that Pastor Tucker and I would make a good fit. It’s a pity in a way, though. He’s a very hunky guy and if I could have him and Mrs. Tucker at once … dayyyuumm! As for that cock cage business, let’s play it by ear, what do you think? I’d love to give Jonathan a nice scare and make him sweat, but I don’t honestly know if I could keep off his cock too much longer. Even truer of his tongue, baby. Ultimately, though, it IS up to you how much time Jonathan actually spends in said cage, or did you forget that part?” Amy grinned a little evilly as she planted a very wet tongue kiss on me.

“Touche, that’s true enough, I suppose. I’m starting to think that I’m bi as well. As to Pastor Tucker, I don’t see him reconciling with his wife, but one never knows. Those are Lisa’s and Michelle’s parents we’re talking of, after all. I would love for it to work out, though not sure how, since she’s pregnant by Amber’s father, who is, of course, married to Amber’s mother. Sure, an open marriage of sorts like Lisa’s and mine would be terrific, but I don’t see it happening, ataşehir escort do you? Anyway, on the off chance that it did, though … it would be hot to think of you in the middle of all that, fucking all four of them … Lisa’s parents … and Amber’s, among others, of course,” I thought aloud.

“Why not? Honey, what works for you and Lisa … and Michelle, and Missy, and apparently, David and Amber now, works because you all care about each other and want to bring and allow each other pleasure … and because you’re secure enough to put petty jealousies behind you. If we could get elder Tuckers … and Amber’s parents into the same room, who knows what could happen? Perhaps it’s time to counsel the counselors? There’s enough love that Lance and Annabelle have for each other to be hurt by this, and the same with Amber’s folks, but if they could just channel that love into something … enjoyable, free, and constructive, who knows what could come of it?

“You’re an open-minded, intelligent, philosophical guy. Don’t be such a fatalist! If you figure things out for you and your little harem there, who’s to say that it won’t work for the older generation? Come on, honey, I’ll pitch in … glad to help, even if I have an ulterior motive, namely sex with all four of them … plus all of you,” Amy encouraged me and overcame my doubts there.

“What she said. If she can help us save my parents’ marriage, all for the best. If you want, I’ll call David and Amber to help get them in on it. Please, honey? It’s my family at stake here! I would love to save their marriage, especially if it leads to sharing and swinging. I don’t care if the church approves or God approves or the Devil approves, so what? I just want everyone to be as happy as we are, dear,” Lisa added her voice to the pleading, while Michelle and Missy started to undress me rather abruptly.

“Well, when you put it that way,” I smiled, as Amy hiked up her skirt and climbed onto my cock for a damn good ride.

Before I knew it, Amy’s top was off and her smallish, but still quite perky tits waved in my face as she leaned over me. I heard Lisa’s voice in the background as she spoke to David or Amber, hard to say which one, trying to get things in gear. I must admit that Amy’s and Lisa’s sudden optimism was infectious, even catching me up in it, just as Amy’s snatch squeezed my cock for all it was worth. It didn’t help that pretty soon Michelle began riding my face, too, while kissing Amy on the mouth, and that Missy’s tongue started rimming Amy’s ass … yeah, she did that, much to Amy’s delight. This caused Amy to bounce so hard on my cock that I feared for it for a second or two.

When Lisa finished her call, she parted Michelle’s cheeks to lick her own sister’s bottom, and the tongue that I already had inside my sister-in-law’s delicious pussy combined with the incestuous rimming to make her squeal with her release … as well as gush on my face. Just then again, Amy screamed another climax and tightened that warm, wonderful cunt around my dick once more to compel to cum at last within her delightful slit.

Amy collapsed on top of me for a moment as Michelle slid off my face and all four women slipped into bed with me … all quite naked now. They all but smothered me as two of them were on top of the other three of us, but it was a delectable experience, to put it politely. It was hard to describe it, but having four women focus so entirely on kissing and touching me … it still gives me chills whenever this sort of thing happens.

Some time later…..

Lisa, Michelle, and Missy managed to even make dressing themselves in a rush something sexy, I had to admit to myself.

Then, of course, Lisa whispered in my ear, “They might as well get used to it, if we’re all going to live together. Soon, they’ll get over it and realize that it’s normal.”

“Fair enough, but we have to speak to David and Amber now, don’t we?” I reminded her, as Michelle and Missy grabbed my brother-in-law and his lovely wife to lure them back into the bedroom for a quick discussion.

Locking the bedroom door this time, I sat back down on the bed and laid it all out…..Amy’s idea, though I was sure to give her credit for it. David and Amber listened carefully to our pitch before they both smiled through tears in their eyes and nodded.

“Amy might have suggested it, but the way that you are pushing this….the way that you’re willing to agree to it and all…this is now your idea, too, Dan, and yours, Lisa….and Michelle…and Missy. What can I say but that it’s awesome! Why didn’t I think of it? Anyway, I love it, but you know that Dad and Amber’s mother deserve a sort of reward or sweetener….an incentive to let go of their pain and pride long enough….not an easy task for two people brainwashed by society and religion into thinking that marriage should be one man and one woman for life. However, they’re also human and if you give kadıköy escort bayan them a reason to want to forgive, such as Amy in Dad’s case…..dare I say it, you in Debbie’s, the bait will be attractive enough that the fish will be hooked. You just gotta give ’em a nudge, that’s all. It worked for Amber forgiving me,” David observed with some visible awkwardness about that memory.

“It wasn’t just that, my sweet, silly man! You’re such a stud, just like Dan….and the idea of you with Lisa….and others, but especially her and Michelle…..yummy. Not to mention Dan….plus you’re the father of my children, David, you’re great in bed, and you’re so loving in so many ways that I just couldn’t give you up,” Amber blushed as she kissed each of us, “I’d be a fool to let your steamy love affair with your sister break up our great marriage. The right response to such indiscretions is to get some strange of your own, and then come back home to your beloved husband or wife, and I’d lusted so much for Dan that it was always touch and go whether I’d fuck him first or you would do Lisa. Think that I didn’t see THAT coming a mile away? Any woman worth her salt knows her man by this point, of course. For example, what would you have done if I had cheated, honey, instead of you?”

“Seeing as you would have cheated with Dan, most likely, and don’t think that I doubt for a second that you’d have broken down his resistance….I would have fucked Lisa, and then forgiven you…and fucked you good and hard….and then urged an open marriage for all of us, as Dan and Lisa have done,” David confessed in front of us.

“So why should I do any differently, honey? I’ve never agreed with double standards, and we both only married in the traditional way because of our families. Part of me always craved something different, and now we have just that. You always had my love and lust, but Dan….yeah, every time I saw him, my juices flowed like crazy. The slightest word of permission or the slightest opportunity, and I would have ridden him like a bronco,” Amber declared, making me blush a bit in spite of myself, “When I heard your confession, I climaxed quietly, both at the idea of you fucking Lisa and the prospect of finally getting to fuck Dan. Not to mention the idea of you and me together after we’d done other people…..God, that really made me wet!”

“Suffice it to say, then, that we’re all on the same page about what to do about the parents? We’re simply converting them to our way of life. Any of you who also wish to have sex with them yourselves certainly have my blessing. They need to see that they are perfectly welcome to participate at whatever level they wish. Nothing between consenting adults will be condemned here, will it?” I summarized things, “And if they wish to add others, with or without us, that is their right, just as it is for us to be with people who might not want to be with them. Nothing is mandatory but respect for each other’s rights, including the right to refuse. Agreed?”

“Very much so. Not to say that we won’t give gentle prodding now and then, is it?” Lisa winked at me and I grinned at that, “Besides, you’re the Boss now. You set the rules, right, Master?”

“Very true. Still, while we encourage and mentor their belated journey toward sexual liberation, we give them space and respect their right to make their own choices, based on what they find most comfortable,” I resumed my assertion, to which the others hastened to add their assent.

“Well, I still think that when Debbie hears of this, she’ll want Dan..and probably Dave, too,” Lisa smiled at me.

“I think so, too,” Missy said, to which Michelle added, “I would love to watch that!”

“Oh…damn, yes!” Amber chimed,

“And I’d really love to do it!” David chuckled.

“Well, we don’t have enough privacy just yet for the kind of wild, kinky fun that I’d love to have just now, so….another movie night, perhaps, with some more….intermissions? We really need to get a larger place, though, for all of us to share….maybe even move the parents in. Beats an old folks’ home later on,” I offered.

“See now, that’s the sort of thinking that we need, baby! That’s why when, it comes to your decisions, whatever opinions I offer, I ultimately just follow the leader,” my delectable mix of a wife declared for everyone’s benefit as we departed the room at last, my hand in hers, Michelle’s in Missy’s, and David’s in Amber’s.

I still hadn’t eaten, but as it turned out, David and Amber brought more than a little pizza home with them, and so we didn’t have to cook and no one went hungry as we watched the next Harry Potter flick together. Once more, the kids were drawn to the movie like moths to the flame, so it wasn’t that hard for pairings of adults to sneak off for a nice, little quickie or two. In my case, I legitimately had to use the restroom when I walked in on Missy and she shocked me by asking the most bizarre escort maltepe favor. She wanted to wipe her pussy clean with a wet wipe and apply a douche, much to my shock and initial revulsion, which quickly vanished as I realized how intimate and vulnerable a moment this was for her.

I had never done such a thing, nor had I wiped her ass and inserted an enema back there as she requested of me right afterward. Once again, I agreed, and to thank me, when I began to piss, Missy knelt beneath me with her mouth open to catch all of my stream and swallow it down. She rinsed out her mouth with some mouthwash and brushed her teeth, which was the only way that I agreed to kiss her again. When we were done with that, Missy bent over with her lovely bottom facing me and urged me to sodomize her. It turned out later that this actually helped her out in some strange way, though I was too squeamish to inquire as to just how.

All that I knew was that Missy trusted me implicitly, she was very good at taking dick in her butt, and she loved it even more than I would have guessed. In fact, she squirted twice while I plowed her delightful ass. There was something deliciously submissive, needy, and open about her in those moments where I used her anally, several strokes in a row before I finally exploded in her wonderful booty. She had surrendered to me this time in a way that left no doubt that she loved and worshiped me.

“Thank you, Dan…..I needed it. Badly. I needed to become your butt-slut. Yes, you heard me right. You see, to Michelle, I’m her tongue slut, and she is mine as well….but we both need to submit to you….more than we have, in fact. So…that’s the deal. How about it? Michelle and I would be your personal butt-sluts, our asses available to you whenever you wish it, even more than before, sharing our servitude to you as partners, if at all possible. Our oral play is more of a soft, lady love thing, if that makes sense to you, but our anal favors belong to our Master first, and that is naturally you,” Missy offered her ass to me for life, much to my shock.

“Michelle agrees with you about this? She wants to be my anal plaything, too?” I inquired.

“Let’s ask her,” Missy winked at me as she sent a text of her freshly fucked ass to her lover.

Michelle hurried to the bathroom, planting a French kiss on me and soon twerking until I was unable to stay soft….. Soon, Missy had her hands on my ass, exploring it eagerly as I plowed Michelle’s tight bottom to my heart’s content. Missy’s fingers disappeared into my asshole and I found myself cumming in more ropes than I had ever expected so soon after a previous encounter. Michelle’s slick, warm backdoor now leaked my seed onto the floor from her butt as they pulled me into the shower to clean off any evidence of wild, kinky sex between the three of us. When Missy licked up my jizz from the floor, I knew that she was born to serve…and not just anyone, but me most of all.

“Any questions for your butt-sluts now, Master?” Michelle teased me as we dried and dressed hastily…which turned out to be a good thing, as the new movie had started and our absence began to be noticed. We didn’t need any of that happening for sure.

“Yeah, what do you think of my name tattooed on your asses, since they belong to me now, as well as a clear contract about each of our rights,” I grinned as we walked down the hallway.

“Honey, I thought that you’d never ask,” Michelle licked her lips before Missy and she pressed their bodies against mine and they both gave me a steamy kiss in full view of the family.

That was when Lisa asked me, “So….invite the folks over to join us for supper tomorrow night? I’m eager to seduce them into our way of life if we can.”

“What was the problem with that, again? Seriously, make it so,” I emulated Captain Picard as I kissed her passionately as well.

“I can’t wait to fuck you later during intermission and let you tell me all about your new butt-sluts,” Lisa whispered to encourage me with yet another kiss, which prompted the kids to tease us in their innocence about the tonsil hockey.

Suddenly it struck me….I hadn’t told Lisa about the butt-slut thing at all…..she must have already known! As I watched the film and waited for the next opening or intermission to fuck my wife like it was going out of style, I grinned and suggested instead, “Why don’t you call them over now? The sooner we sort this out, the better off we all will be. And how did you know about Michelle and Missy’s plan?”

Lisa said nothing as she dialed the number, but she wrote down on some stationary the following message, “I can’t wait for them to come over so we can entice them…Oh, and I knew because they told me today. I love how you have so many different relationships at once, from wife to bum girls to kissing cousins to brother-in-law to caged boy-toy. Just remember….the best thing about a slutty wife like me is that you don’t need a contract to own my ass…..it’s already yours along with the rest of me for life, though I do want a tattoo of your name on my buns as well.”

I was about to find out even more how much each of my companions loved me….far more than I could have known.

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