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Playing With My Sister Ch. 15

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* * * * * * * * * *

Author’s Note: “Playing With My Sister” is a bisexual series. This chapter contains male-on-male sex scenes. If this bothers you, please go read something else, rather than sending me nasty anonymous emails.

* * * * * * * * * *

After we left Don and Jack’s, Dad and I were both lost in thought and nearly silent all the way through the remainder of Vermont and Massachusetts. I kept getting boners remembering our all-male hours or from thinking about Angela and Suzie’s description of their own wild night. When I glanced over at Dad, I’d see a matching tent in his pants.

“Did you talk to Angela this morning?” Dad asked as we crossed into Connecticut. When I nodded, he continued, “Mary called and told me what happened with Angela, Suzie, Ruth and her. I told her what we did with Don and Jack, too.”

“Mary and I saw you gradually bringing Suzie out of her rigid Catholic schoolgirl shell,” he continued. “It was the same with Mary and me. You didn’t try to push yourself on her, so she relaxed and let her physical nature out. It’s hard for a horny teenage boy to hold back, but you had Angela . . .”

“Angela taught me a lot about women, too,” I interrupted. “Not just sex, but all the other things . . . Was it like that with you and Aunt Ruth?”

“Did you like the show?” Dad asked, laughing again. “While we were fucking in the store, Ruth and I knew you were watching from the office, but pretended not to notice. We saw your cum on the floor and desk, too!”

“How long have you known Angela, Suzie and I are having sex?” I asked.

“Almost from the beginning,” he answered. “When people start fucking, it changes the way they interact with each other . . . and everyone else!”

“I saw the three of you sleeping naked in each other’s arms,” Dad continued. “It was Saturday morning and I wondered where you and Angela were. You were half awake and looking at me, so I left quickly.

“Mary and I spied on you. We followed Angela to the orgy and hid in the shadows. Angela masturbated while she watched you and Suzie with Bernie and his brother Jeff. After she went inside, we watched through the bedroom window.

“Mary unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. She was wearing a push-up bra that left her nipples bare. I unzipped my pants as she bent over and flipped her skirt up. ‘Tear my panties!’ Mary whispered. I shredded the thin cloth and shoved my stiff cock up her tight wet snatch. She came over and over as I fucked her and played with her tits, finally spraying hot cum into her pussy.

“The party inside was breaking up. Mary adjusted her blouse and skirt, then balanced on my shoulder to remove her torn and cum-stained panties. ‘We’ll give them something to think about!’ she said, dropping them to the ground.

“When Mary and I got home, we were still crazy with lust,” Dad concluded. “We scattered clothes and fucked like minks in heat! Knowing you and Angela were watching turned us on even more!” He laughed at my expression. “You’re young. It’s hard for you to imagine me being your age, but I was.” His grin was wicked. “And I’ve done all the things you’re doing now.”

I was silent for a long time. “What happens now?” I finally asked. “Was last night a one-time thing?”

“Mary and I are your parents,” he answered seriously. “You and Angela are sexually and emotionally mature and over the age of consent, but you still have to follow our rules while you live under our roof.”

“Our family relationships changed last night,” Dad continued. “We’ll take the sex part as far as we all want, and the Menghini family likes to push boundaries!”

My already-hard dick grew even stiffer as I considered the possibilities. One night, Angela asked if she could call me “Dad” while I fucked her. I took her, whispering dirty talk to my “Baby Daughter” and pushing her to a violent set of orgasms before cumming in my “little girl’s” pussy.

As I held Angela afterwards, I confessed my own fantasies about our hot 41-year-old mother. “It’s okay, Stud!” Angela whispered after kissing me open-mouthed. “We have sexy parents and they turn us on.” She giggled softly and kissed me again. “Next time, you can call me ‘Mom!'”

“How did you and Aunt Ruth get started?” I asked.

“Ruth slipped into my bed one summer night when I was 18,” Dad said. “She was 22 and home from college. Ruth was naked and my cock stiffened in my briefs as she pressed her bare breasts against my chest.

“Ruth took my hand and guided it between her legs. Her soft puffy mound, lightly covered with scratchy hair, was hot and moist. ‘Push your finger into me,’ she whispered. ‘Right there!’ I ran my index finger over her complicated folds and was startled when they suddenly opened. ‘That’s it!’ Ruth gasped as my finger slid smoothly into her hot slick tunnel.

“‘Play with me!’ Ruth commanded. ‘Slide your finger in and out . . . Yeah! Like that! Keep doing it! . . . Anything you want!’

“I was gentle at first, but quickly became bold, working my fingers ataşehir escort in the hot wet muscular hole between my sister’s legs. ‘Are you all right?’ I asked anxiously when she started moaning and arching her back.

“‘I’m cumming!’ Ruth gasped. ‘Having an orgasm!’

“‘Does that hurt?’ I asked.

“‘No!’ she answered. ‘It feels wonderful! Keep playing!’ Ruth thrashed and moaned as I drove two rough fingers into her pussy. ‘Keep going! Harder!’ she commanded every time I slowed down.

“‘Ruth finally collapsed, gasping for breath, flat on her back with her legs open. She was fondling her breasts and swollen nipples with one hand while holding mine with the other, keeping my fingers inside her.

“It only took Ruth a minute to recover. ‘That was great!’ she said, pulling me on top of her and kissing me. I was startled when she opened her mouth. I’d never tongue-kissed before! My cock was standing up in my briefs and the fabric was wet and slick with the juice leaking from my tip.

“I removed my shorts when Ruth ordered me onto my back. ‘Your cock is so pretty!’ she exclaimed.

“Ruth knelt facing my feet and lowered her pubic mound onto my face. ‘Stick your tongue out!’ she commanded, pulling her folds open to reveal her shiny pink depths. I licked Ruth as she squirmed over my face, moaning from another long orgasm.

“She suddenly gushed juice, splashing my face and filling my mouth with pungent fluid. ‘What was that?’ I gasped. ‘Did you piss on me?’

“Ruth laughed. ‘No, I just came so hard I squirted pussy juice. I’ve never done that before!’

“She bent over and took my erect penis in her mouth, stroking my shaft and sliding her lips over my swollen cock-head, while grinding her open pussy against my mouth. I ate her frantically while the pressure built in my nuts. Ruth was cumming again when my cock suddenly spurted. She gulped frantically as I filled her mouth with hot semen.

“When Ruth turned around and kissed me, I tasted my own cum on her lips and tongue. ‘I never realized my little brother is so talented!’ she whispered as she rose from the bed. ‘I’ve got to go . . . we sure don’t want Mom and Dad catching us . . . but I’ll be back tomorrow night!’

“The next night, I couldn’t go to sleep at all. I lay awake, naked under the sheet with my prick rock hard, listening as the household sounds died down. Ruth arrived after midnight, naked like before. I rose from the bed and took her in my arms. My hard-on rubbed her belly as we kissed passionately.

“Ruth lay on the bed and pulled me on top of her with my face buried between her big breasts. Her nipples swelled between my lips as I sucked and kissed them while caressing her fleshy tits. ‘Harder!’ she whispered, moaning orgasmically as I mauled her breasts and bit — using lips but not teeth — her long hard nipples.

“‘Your cock!’ Ruth gasped. ‘Put it in now!’ When I had trouble finding the secret opening in her folds, she quickly reached down and guided me into position. A fraction of an inch inside her, I met a wall of unyielding flesh. Ruth twisted her pelvis and I suddenly slid into her tight slick depths, all the way to my balls.

“‘Fuck me hard!’ Ruth commanded. ‘Hard and fast!’ My virginity ended as I slammed my teenage dick into her muscular snatch. I shot after a few strokes.

“Kneeling between Ruth’s thighs with my still-erect penis deep inside her, I played with her breasts in the rough way she liked until she screamed and came.

“After Ruth licked the juices from my cock and I sucked the cream out of her pussy, she said ‘You’re just 18, so you should be able to shoot again!’

“I fucked Ruth for a long time, fast and slow, lying between her legs with my chest cushioned by her breasts, kissing her and fondling her tits, pushing her to several orgasms before spraying my own hot juice into her.

“That was the first of many nights,” Dad concluded. “Ruth taught me a lot that summer and learned from me, too. We’ve had other partners, but are still lovers. We stopped having sex when Mary and I married, but that changed . . .”

“Angela told me about Mom and Aunt Ruth,” I said.

“Yeah!” Dad laughed. “Mary and I had been married for three years when she and Ruth started . . . “

A big pickup lunged into our path. Our big heavy truck lurched as Dad slammed on the brakes and swerved to avoid it. “Jesus! What a moron!” he muttered.

“We’re getting into New Haven traffic,” Dad said. “The story about Mary and Ruth can wait. Right now, it’s your turn. What was your first time with Angela like?”

I told him the whole story, starting with the way Angela and I had been looking at each other for months, each of us realizing how sexy the other had become . . .

By the time I’d finished, we were approaching Stamford, near the New York state line. Our cocks were both straining in our pants. “We’re high above traffic in the truck cab,” I observed. “Nobody would see me suck you off while you drive.”

“That’s something kadıköy escort bayan Mary would do!” he laughed. “She likes to play on road trips when we don’t bring you and Angela.”

“Mom sucks you off while you’re driving?” I asked, imagining the scene.

“She has,” Dad answered. “And I’ve fingered her to orgasm. Remember the big red convertible we had when you were kids?”

“Sure.” Every few weekends, Mom and Dad would leave Angela and me with Aunt Ruth and go driving, leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday night.

“We’d put the top down,” Dad said. “Mary would wear a tight button-down blouse and a short skirt, without bra or panties. She’d unbutton her blouse, put her feet up on the dashboard and flash truckers. After she’d teased me long enough, Mary would unzip my pants and take my cock out. We played in the car and usually came. At sunset, we always checked into a motel and fucked until dawn!”

“Do you still have sex in the car?” I asked.

“Sure!” he laughed. “Mary and I had a wild time on our last trip!” Mom and Dad had driven to Nebraska and back two months before Angela had taken my virginity.

Dad’s phone rang just as I put my hand on his bulging crotch. “It’s Mary,” he said as he flipped it open. “Hi Baby!” He listened for a moment, then switched it to speaker.

“Hi, boys!” Mom and Angela purred in unison.

“We’re here together . . .” Mary continued, ” . . . naked in bed!” Angela giggled in the background. “Ruth is worn out and Suzie had to go home. We’re alternating between playing and napping.”

“Do Don and Jack like women?” Angela asked. “With Ruth and Suzie, that would make four naughty girls for four bad boys!”

“Don has been married and still dates women,” Dad answered. “Jack is pretty gay, but I’ll bet you girls can get him to change teams.”

“That will be great for the future,” Mary said. “But right now, Angela and I are horny as hell. Women are fine, but we need some big stiff thick cocks! When will you get here?”

“It’ll probably be two hours, with the traffic,” Dad answered. It was 11:30 AM and we were approaching Greenwich. “And I guess we should eat lunch.”

“Yes, you boys need to keep your energy up!” Mary agreed. “Get here as soon as you can. Angela and I will be waiting!”

Traffic was heavy on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and it was nearly 3:00 PM when Dad and I left the truck beside our warehouse and locked the parking lot gate.

Angela and Mom were waiting on the landing outside the second-story family apartment, identically dressed in white “Menghini Hardware” Tee-shirts and tiny black shorts.

They looked more like sisters than mother and daughter, both nearly 6′ tall with strong Italian features, big athletic bodies, thick black shoulder-length hair, light olive skin and large firm breasts with hard nipples straining against the tight-fitting fabric of their Tee-shirts.

Mom was a little heavier and had bigger tits than Angela, but both women exuded raw sex. My cock was already straining against my briefs as Dad and I climbed the stairs to the landing.

“Hi Baby!” Dad cried, rushing into Mom’s arms. They kissed open-mouthed and dry-humped as Angela and I stared.

“It’s good to see YOU, Squirt!” Angela finally said. We kissed tentatively, painfully aware of Mom and Dad making out three feet away. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled our bodies together, flattening her breasts and pressing her hard nipples into my chest. We kissed passionately as she ground her crotch against my bulge.

Strong hands gripped my shoulders and spun me around, to a new set of eager lips, big cushiony breasts and hard nipples. I wrapped my arms around Mom’s back and slid my hands down to cup her buttocks.

“Oh Dad!” Angela moaned behind me. Mom unfastened my belt, unzipped my jeans and reached inside to fondle the painfully swollen bulge in my briefs. “Oh fuck!” Angela whispered. “Dad, you’ve got me so close . . . Oh Jesus!” Mom stroked my cock through my underwear as we listened to Angela cumming behind us.

“No, Mom!” I groaned, catching her hand. “I don’t want to shoot SO fast!” We turned to watch Angela humping Dad’s hand through her tight black shorts, moaning and clinging to his chest as he fingered her through an extended climax.

“Jesus!” Angela finally whispered dreamily. She was staring at Dad’s face, but her eyes weren’t focused.

“Come on, Baby,” Dad said, putting an arm around Angela’s shoulder to hold her steady as he opened the apartment door and guided her inside. Mom and I held hands as we followed them through the living room and into the master bedroom.

Mom stopped me in the center of the room. “I want to see your cock!” she said, unfastening my belt. My jeans fell around my ankles as Mom sank to her knees and pulled my briefs down.

“It’s so beautiful!” she whispered a moment later, wrapping her fingers around my rigid shaft. “Your penis is similar to Leo’s but distinctly yours. It’s a little smaller than escort maltepe his, but you’ve got another growth spurt coming.”

“When Leo and I watched your orgy from the alley . . . as he tore my panties and thrust into my hot eager snatch . . . I was staring at your hard cock and fantasizing about you fucking me!” Mom continued, caressing my balls and slowly stroking my shaft, occasionally running her index finger over my head and smearing the fluid leaking from my cum-slit.

The tension was building in my balls. “Mom! I’m getting close! Do you want . . . “

“Oh Baby!” she whispered. “I want you to shoot in my face, hair, mouth, between my breasts, up my ass . . . but first in my pussy!”

As I fumbled with my shoes and clothes, Mom quickly shed her sandals, black shorts and clinging Tee-shirt. I stared at her for a long moment. She still looked like Angela, with a tall athletic body, a muscular butt and big firm breasts with thick pink nipples protruding from broad brown swollen areolas. While Angela had a thick black pubic thatch, Mom’s mound was bare, with a sparse Vee of black hair running up her crotch like an exclamation mark.

“Come on, Baby!” Mom said, leading me to the king-sized bed. “I’m ready to get fucked good and hard!”

Dad had been standing a few feet away. Angela was on her knees, sucking his swollen pole. “Let’s go, Baby Doll,” he said, pulling her to her feet.

Mom and Angela lay naked on the bed, holding hands. Their big tits formed graceful mounds on their chests, with their matching thick pink nipples protruding from broad brown swollen areolas. The women opened their legs, showing their ragged puffy purple pussy lips. Mom’s bare mound gleamed with her juices, while Angela’s sexy little snatch was almost hidden in her thick wet pubic thatch.

Dad and I stared at the wantonly-spread women on the bed for several moments, then turned to grin at each other. “Do you think your mother and my daughter want something?” he asked.

“Oh yeah!” I answered, looking from his face down his flat chest to his rigid club. It was 7″ long and 2″ thick, with a complicated network of heavy blue veins below the dark olive skin. Dad’s cock-head was bell-shaped, with smooth flesh descending gracefully from the tiny lips surrounding his pee-slit and flaring out into a 2-1/2″ wide lip that merged into his deep corneal ring. The dark skin of his bulging balls looked almost black against his light skin and were covered with the curly dark hair that spread over his crotch.

“You’ve become a man!” Dad said. “A big man!” He wrapped his hand around my hard pole. “Your dick even looks like mine!” My stiff penis, although only 6″ long and 1-3/4″ thick, definitely resembled Dad’s. My cock head was conical, rather than bell-shaped, but had the same pronounced Vee and flared out into a deep corneal ring, just like his.

“Come on, boys!” Mom said insistently. “You can play with each other later!”

Dad moved between Angela’s thighs and pressed his hard thick cock into her folds. “Oh yeah!” she moaned. “I’ve been dreaming about this!” I stared at his long pole disappearing into her heavy black pubic thatch.

Mom grabbed me, pulling my body down onto hers and kissing me passionately. “Come on, Son!” she whispered, wrapping her fingers around my stiff pole and guiding it into position. “Fuck me now!”

“This is my mother!” I thought as I slid inside, all the way to my balls. Her hot slick muscular walls gripped my head and shaft. I thought of Mom’s pussy spasming as she came on the night I was conceived, sucking Dad’s sperm-laden cum directly into her uterus.

Beside us, Angela was on her back with her legs spread wide, moaning as Dad took her with long slow strokes, occasionally pulling out to rub his swollen cock-head against her clit.

“Do it, Paul!” Mom gasped, seizing my hands and placing them on her breasts. “Fuck me rough! Squeeze my tits and hammer my cunt! I’m a big tough lusty woman and I don’t want to be treated like a china doll!”

I pawed Mom’s breasts, squeezing them hard as I drove my long thick rod into her hot tight snatch, slamming my swollen balls against her mound. I wanted to hold back . . . to savor this first time . . . but I was seconds away from cumming . . . I fucked her even harder.

“Yeah, Paul, shoot it!” Mom cried. “Oh fuck! Oh yeah!” she screamed as I rammed her, squirting deep in her pussy with each thrust. “Shoot your hot man-juice up my tight wet cunt! Fuck yeah, Baby! Give it all to me! Fuck yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

I finally collapsed on Mom’s chest, gasping for breath. “I can feel your heart beating,” she purred, kissing my face and stroking my hair as she held me.

Dad was still toying with Angela, kneeling between her open thighs and playing with her breasts, keeping her at the edge of orgasm. Her pussy lips gripped his flaring cock-head as he worked it slowly in and out, stimulating her sensitive entrance.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she gasped. “Jesus, Dad! I’m so close!”

“Oh God Yeah!” Angela cried, cumming as Dad slammed his full length into her. “Oh Fuck! Oh God Oh Fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as he rammed her relentlessly, bellowing like a bear. “Jesus, yes! Shoot inside me! Empty your big thick hard cock in my hot hungry snatch!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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