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Prescription for Pleasure Ch. 03

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Deanna wasted no time in shedding her clothes. She feigned the idea she was there for a sperm sample but there was no denying she had other things on her mind. Ignoring the fact her sister was lying naked in the bed next to her own son; Deanna gripped her nephew’s cock and placed it to her lips.

The swollen purple head of her nephew’s cock was begging for release. She could barely wrap her lips around it. She began to wonder if it would even fit her pussy. She knew one thing though, if it didn’t fit, she was going to die trying to make it fit.

She tried to slobber on his cock for a few minutes but she was just too excited. Her cunt was aching for his mammoth cock to be inside of her. She pulled her mouth from his cock and asked her nephew. “Are you ready to give me your sample or do you need some more stimulation?”

Excited beyond belief, Chris answered his aunt. “I’m afraid I’m going to need some more stimulation. It’s only been a few minutes since I last came.”

Looking over at Chris’s mother Deanna said. “Well I guess it’s my duty to help you then, because it looks like your mother is too tired to help. You must have really worn her out.”

Carol just laid there; she was still unable to comprehend all of the emotions she had experienced in the last few hours. She felt shame from the incestuous coupling from earlier but conflicted because of all the pleasure she had received from it. She was an emotional wreck as she laid there and watched her sister mount her son’s magnificent cock.

Deanna and started to lower herself onto Chris’s cock; when suddenly, Chris slammed his cock into her as deep into her pussy as it would allow. Deanna screamed out in pain! “Oh my god, you’re splitting me in two! Stop! Motherfucker! Don’t you fucking move!”

Chris stopped immediately. He hadn’t meant to hurt his aunt; he was just so excited he did what came natural to him. Almost crying, he told her. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you Aunt Deanna. Are you okay?”

Knowing she had scared her nephew, Deanna assured him she was alright. “Its okay honey, you just have to realize, a woman needs time to get adjusted to a cock your size. You have to take your time or else you could hurt someone.”

Chris lay real still until his aunt adjusted to his side and began to slowly move her body up and down the length of his cock. The friction of his cock on her tight pussy was driving both of them nearly insane with pleasure.

Deanna’s well experienced pussy had never been so full of cock. Her nephew was ruining her for other men. When he was through fucking her, she would not want a normal size cock ever again.

Slowly they built up a steady rhythm with Chris being careful not to slam his cock too far into his aunt’s rapidly frothing pussy. Deanna grunted each time Chris pushed his cock deep into her willing cunt.

This being only the second pussy his cock had experienced, Chris was learning fast. Deciding on his own to take charge of the situation; he flipped his aunt off of him and placed her on all fours. He saw people do it all the time in the several porn movies he had watched.

Initially; Deanna was a little frightened he might slam his cock all of the way inside of her again but she was pleasantly surprised when he gently entered her from behind.

She found it extremely exciting that her nephew was taking charge. It was nice for a change; she was the dominant one at home. While her husband was a very loving man, he never was a dynamo in pendik escort bed. She thought, ‘At least now I know where to go to get a good fucking from now on! I don’t need his puny dick anymore!’

Chris caught her by surprise when he reached around and began playing with her tits. Her nephew was bringing her to the heights of pleasure she had rarely known. Their wicked debauchery was even having an effect on Carol.

Carol rose and went to her sister. When she began gently kissing her, Deanna gasped. “Oohh, aah, your lips taste as sweet as they did when we were young. Do you remember when we would experiment with each other?”

Carol licked her sister’s earlobe and seductively whispered into her ear. “How could I ever forget? Your pussy tasted sweeter than sugar.”

When Chris heard what his mother said, it sent him into overdrive and he began to fuck his aunt hard and fast. Her hot cunt gripped his cock like a vice as he pumped his massive tool in and out of her. He could feel her quivering pussy succumbing to the pleasure he was giving her. His cock was absolutely soaked with her juices.

Carol moved her lips to her sister’s luscious breasts and teased her nipples unmercifully. Deanna’s nipples were the most sensitive part of her body and when Carol flicked them with her tongue, it sent Deanna over the edge and she screamed! “Fuck meeee, I’m cumminggg! Oohh, uuhhh, uuhhh, don’t stop fucking meeee you big dicked sonofabitch!”

Chris kept slamming his cock into her over and over again. He wanted her to remember the fucking he was giving her. Fate had given him this chance and he was taking full advantage of it.

He wanted tonight to last forever but once again fate was intervening and he could feel the familiar feeling boiling in his balls. It would not be long until he blew his load and he knew it.

He wasn’t the only one who knew he was about to cum. When Deanna felt the veins in his massive cock throbbing inside of her, she knew he was going to cum in a hurry.

While she had been fucking him for the pleasure, the professional in her, knew she still needed a sperm sample.

She forced herself from his cock and gripped his monster cock at its base and held it tight in her hand. She yelled out. “Whoa there big boy, I told you earlier I still needed my sperm sample! Hey sis, reach in my purse and grab a specimen bottle out of it. . After Carol retrieved the specimen bottle, Deanna loosened her grip on her nephew’s cock and started to furiously jack him off. She gripped his cock so hard at times Chris thought she might pull it loose from its base.

When her arm began to tire, she instructed Carol to take over. Carol had become overly excited again and instantly placed her mouth on his cock. Despite his size she had nearly engulfed half of his cock, Chris could feel the head of his cock touching the back of her throat. Being extremely exhilarated, she started bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock while massaging his balls with one of her free hands.

He loved the way her tongue felt on the underside of his shaft. As much as he enjoyed the pleasure his mother was giving him with her mouth, he wanted the night to last a little longer. With every ounce of strength he had left in his body, he willed himself not to cum.

Becoming frustrated, Deanna screamed! “You sorry little motherfucker, I know what you want!”

Immediately she went behind her sister and started eating her pussy. Carol began moaning instantaneously. maltepe escort When her big sister found her clit, she squealed. “Yesss, right there! Stay right there! Just like when we were teenagers!”

When Chris heard his mom squeal, ‘Just like when we were teenagers’ he lost it and hollered! “Look out mom, here it comes! I’m going to cum in your mouth! Oohh my godd, I’m Cumminggg!”

Deanna was quick as a cat. She pulled her mouth from her sister’s pussy, and in one swift motion, she grabbed the specimen bottle and pulled her sister’s head from Chris’s cock. Placing the specimen bottle against his cock, she screamed at Chris. “That’s it you motherfucker, cum for Aunt Deanna! Listen to me you big dicked motherfucker; I’m ordering you to cum for me!”

“Ooohhh, ooohhh, here it cuummm’s, Oohh shit, I’m gonna cum hard! Ooohhh, ooohhh, aaahhh, aaahhh, feeelss sooo damn gooodd!” Chris moaned when he shot his first load.

The first shot missed the specimen bottle and hit Deanna on the cheek. Moving quickly, Deanna repositioned the specimen bottle in time to catch the next few streams of his cum but still the bottle overflowed all over hands. She exclaimed. “Holy shit, that’s a lot of cum! How many times have you cum today?”

Totally exhausted and barely able to speak, Chris lay back and showed her three of his fingers. While putting the top on the specimen bottle Deanna looked at her sister and said. “That’s an awful lot of cum for someone who has already cum twice in the same day. We might have to increase the amount of times he cums in a day.”

“What? Look Deanna, I lost my self control tonight and while the sex was totally mind-blowing, I still have a problem doing this with my son. How many times a day are you talking about?” Carol asked sister.

Deanna answered her. “I’m not sure, maybe 7 or 8, hell it might even be 9 or 10 times a day. I won’t know more until tomorrow after this sample is analyzed. I’ll drop it off at the lab on my way home so they can have it ready for me tomorrow.”

Carol became totally flustered when she heard her sister say Chris might have to cum 9 or 10 times a day. She exclaimed. “There is just no way! It’s not humanly possible! Even with you helping me, the two of us won’t be able to help him cum 9 or 10 times a day! For god’s sake, both of us have to work!”

Deanna hugged her sister and tried to calm her down. She tried to explain to her. “Listen sis; let’s wait until I’ve reviewed the results tomorrow. We have plenty of family, and some real close friends we can turn to if we need them. You remember my professor from college, Dr. Witkin; she will be in my office tomorrow. She is making a special trip from Atlanta to consult with me on Chris’s case. I want Chris in my office and 11:00 AM sharp.”

“I have to work tomorrow! How am I supposed to get him to your office at 11:00 AM? I can’t be in two places at one time!” Carol replied

Chris immediately piped in. “I can drive myself to Aunt Deanna’s office, mom. I’m not an invalid!”

“There, it’s settled. The two of you had better get some sleep so you can get up early because I’m still going to need a sperm sample in the morning. By the way, Chris, make sure you don’t forget to bring it with you when you come to my office, do you understand?”

While Deanna finished getting dressed, Chris nodded to her that he understood. She left in a hurry because she needed to drop Chris’s sample by the lab before they closed. Finally, when kartal escort his mother left to go to her own bedroom, Chris lie back on his bed and fell asleep. He couldn’t help but dream about all of the wonderful events he had experienced today.

Chris was still asleep early the next morning when he woke up with his mother sucking his big cock. When he began to stir, his mother pulled her warm wet mouth from his cock and said. “Lay back while I get your sample for Deanna. We have to hurry because I overslept.”

Chris thought to himself, ‘I could really get used to waking up like this every morning.’

His mother went back to sucking his cock in earnest. Her head was bobbing up and down at a frenetic pace. She knew she had to hurry or she would be late for work.

While Chris was enjoying his mother sucking his cock, it was not having the desired effect. She still had her bathrobe on and he wanted to see his mother’s luscious breasts and furry pussy.

Frustrated because Chris was not cumming quick enough, Carol took her robe off and grabbed some lube from the bedside nightstand. After applying some of the lube to her hands, she started frantically stroking his cock. She was starting to get furious because she was going to be late for work.

Finally she could take no more and bellowed out! “Fuck, I’m going to be late for work! What is it going to take for you to cum you big dicked bastard!”

When his mother started talking dirty, Chris became extremely excited. He loved his mother being dominant to him.

Feeling Chris’s cock lurch in her hand after her admonishment, Carol decided to emphatically talk dirty to him. “Listen here you dirty motherfucker, you are making mommy late for work. You don’t want to make mommy late for work, do you? Don’t you like it when mommy plays with your fat, hard cock? I think I know what you want; you want to watch mommy licking her sister’s hot cunt! You are one dirty fucker!”

The thick veins in her son’s massive cock were pulsing in her hand. She knew he was close. Thinking quickly, she knew exactly what to say to make him cum. She cried out. “I think I know what you really want! You want to stick your big fat cock in mommy’s ass!”

When Chris heard her shout out, “You want to stick your cock up my ass” it was all we could take and he screamed! “Look out, here it comes! Hurry mommy, I’m gonna cum!”

Carol grabbed the specimen bottle and placed it at the head of his cock and encouraged him. “That’s it, let it go, cum for mommy! Mommy loves it when you cum for her!”

Chris let loose a torrent of his hot, milky white sperm. Carol did her best to catch all of it but when he was finished, she had it all over her. Still, she couldn’t help herself from taking her finger and scooping some of his cum from her breast and putting it in her mouth. She absolutely loved the taste of her sons incestuous cum.

After placing the lid on the bottle, she told Chris to remember to take it with him when he went to Deanna’s office. When she kissed Chris goodbye he could taste some of his cum still on her lips. He found it strangely erotic.

After his mother left, Chris took a shower and then fixed himself some breakfast. He had to do something to keep all of the wonderful adventures of the last day and 1/2 off his mind. He knew he still had a few hours to kill before he went to his aunt’s office.

Still, he had to wonder what wonderful adventures lay in store for him later today.

Please let me know what you think of the story. It’s the only way I can improve upon it. I welcome all ideas on the plot. Feel free to e-mail me, I try to answer anyone who writes to me. I’m still hunting for more feedback from the women who read this story.

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