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Prevacker’s Favorite Pelvic Exam

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There are a lot of fake doctor pelvic exams on the internet, and a lot of fake female doctors who suck and fuck the patient- the best thing about any of them is how totally ignorant the fake doctor often is- no actual experience at all.

I did pelvic exams on women as an intern in a big city hospital. Most of the patients could not afford “private doctors”, and in GYN a lot of the patients were prostitutes or the equivalent.

One day an average pretty woman about 30 presented with “discomfort” that she did not describe well, but explained that if I examined her she could “show you”.

She started taking off her clothing, which is a huge turn-on… when I learned to do exams, the doctor who taught us explained to NEVER watch the patient disrobe because it did not provide useful information but did often create sexual excitement.

If the patient had waited for the nurse to tell her to strip down, she would have had a “gown” and she would not have been totally naked. She could have left her bra and blouse on, but instead she lay there totally naked and had a very nice naked body. Hard to ignore and her actions suggested she wanted me to be excited by her.

I gloved up after adjusting the light- and sat down between her knees, which were up in a kind of “stirrup” so her butt could be at the edge of the exam table.

I looked at her vulva and made some kind of sound, because she instantly asked, “what’s wrong? what do you see?”

I thought I was being cool by explaining, “You are so beautiful down here that I was surprised, there is nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure?”

“I will do the full exam and then I will be sure.”

“I didn’t mention it but my husband says I smell bad down there- but he has always said that, even before we were married.”

I made the mistake of leaning close to her pussy, and taking a deep breath in and that smell must have connected directly to the nerves controlling my cock, because I was stiff faster than I have ever gone stiff before. AND I made another sound that caused her to ask, “Is the smell really bad? Is that why you made that sound? Is that why you made the sound when you first looked at me?

I didn’t want her to be alarmed, so I thought telling the truth was the best idea. That is almost NEVER the best idea but I am somewhat autistic escort ataşehir and tend to blurt out the truth- and I said to her “Actually you have the very best smelling pussy I have ever encountered anyplace- it does not smell bad, it smells like love and happiness and SEX.”

“Really? You aren’t just covering up some problem, are you? To be polite?”

“Total truth, I wish I could prove it to you.”

“Maybe if you tasted me? My husband said I taste rotten there after he licked his fingers once.. and refused to ever kiss me there.”

I knew it was not “ethical”, even though she had requested me to do it. But she was so pretty and smelled so good, and she was so worried (and so deceived by her husband?)… that I thought a simple taste would get rid of any worry that she had.

“OK, it’s obviously not part of a routine exam, but doctors have a long history of using taste and smell to make a diagnosis- doctors used to taste urine to find out if there was sugar in ith.”

She laughed, and I explained that the lab tests we have now are better than tasting urine.

“But you are going to taste me and make sure there is nothing wrong?”

“One taste, it will just feel like I touched you there. I did touch her there first, with the tip of my index finger, then slid my finger into her vagina and then two fingers. With my fingers in her, I leaned forward and ran my tongue under her clitoris, and she GASPED. “Was tht your tongue?”

“Yes, and you not only smell wonderful, you taste delicious… exactly like SEX. I think you could use the wetness from your vagina as perfume and you would get a lot of attention from men- except maybe your husband if he thinks there is a problem.”

“Maybe he wanted me to think there was a problem so I would avoid other men?”

“I suppose that’s possible.”

“Would you taste me again, exactly the same way you did already?”

“I don’t need to do that to be sure.”

“It felt so wonderful, way better than getting fucked… I just want to find out if it is as wonderful as it seems.”

“I know I should not have done it, but it only took two minutes of licking and sucking for me to provide her with an intense orgasm… gasping and groaning, and then saying “STOP”. She quickly apologized for saying “STOP”, explaining that she kadıköy escort was so sensitive that it sort of hurt, but had been the most amazing experience of her life.

“I have been masturbating since I was 8 years old and none of my orgasms came close to that one.”

I asked if she used a vibrator and it turns out she was using the handle of a hair brush in her vagina- which is not a particularly good way to stimulate the clitoris, but had worked for her many years. I asked if she was still “so sensitive” and she reached down to touch her clit and said, “it is still sensitive, but not uncomfortable now.”

I asked her if she was multi-orgasmic and had to explain what that means, but she said she never had an orgasm from her husband fucking her, and only had one at a time with the hair brush.

“Would I have another NOW if you did that again?”

“Maybe, I am willing to help you find out.”

She said “thank you, thank you…” several times and reached down to spread her labia apart for me. I started licking but this time I slid two fingers into her vagina and pulled them out, repeating that with very little penetration- just enough to stretch the muscles around her introitus. When she seemed about to orgasm again, I slid a finger into her anus and that put her over the edge. I stopped when I thought she was too sensitive again… and she spent a minute recovering.

She was still sort of gasping when she said, “HOLY SHIT that was amazing… did you put a finger in my asshole?”

“Yes, I thought you might like that.”

“If you had asked, I would have told you NO… my husband always wants to fuck me there and I have never let him do it. He did it anyway ONCE and claimed he “slipped out”, but I think he did it on purpose and it HURT… I bled a little even.”

“You were all lubricated, that may be the difference. Most people have a lot of sensitivity there and enjoy it unless they are consumed by the idea that it is dirty… or if it is dry and gets ripped some”.

“But it IS dirty, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sure, but couples who are having regular sex usually have the same bacteria… so it is not dangerous or likely to cause infection, especially if the couple uses gloves and condoms, and does not transfer feces to other areas… after I tickled your anus, I did maltepe escort bayan not use the finger anyplace else- and I had a glove and removed it when I was done there.”

I then realized that we were a long way from figuring out what her problem was, but she simply told me: “I really did not have anything wrong, I just wanted to be able to use my medical condition to get a few days off from getting fucked. He can manage with blow jobs.

“So you don’t really have any medical complaint?”

“Why not just write down that I thought there was a bad smell? that’s a complaint, isn’t it?”

“Sure, and if something else occurs to you, just make a new appointment.”

“Will you be here? Can I ask for you?”

“No, we rotate to various parts of the hospital, I will be delivering babies next week, and setting broken bones the month after that. So I will not be seeing you again unless you suddenly get 9 months pregnant or break a bone? After those, I do surgery and pediatrics… so we both should hope that I don’t see you again too soon.”

“How about just as friends, not doctor and patient? You were VERY friendly, that’s for sure!! In fact, I can’t recall anyone who has been MORE friendly. You really deserve a reward for being so friendly and I should have suggested it when I explained that my husband will have to manage with blow jobs for a while, while I get a vibrator like you suggested and learn to enjoy sex. Maybe I could be friendly to you the way you were friendly to me- sort of hands on … or LIPS on.. OK?”

I refused her offer, and then refused it again… but the third time I knew she was SINCERE and wow was she ever sincere. She treated my cock better than I do myself, and seemed to consider it the most important thing in the world while she was ‘taking care of it’.”

This story is almost all exactly true, so I need to tell you “the rest of the story”. She spit out some of my semen and later injected it into her vagina- and became pregnant, with me as the father (which she could and did prove with DNA testing).

When I argued that I did not FUCK her, she explained that I could do that any time I wanted to, once she had cum a couple of times from oral sex. So my wife divorced me and I had to pay child support… and I moved to another State… but she followed me.

She explained that I MUST love her because nobody had done as much for her- plus I fathered her child (our child) and she was a beautiful child. So we did get married, and it is working out well, but wow how life can make a sudden sharp turn that you really don’t see coming.

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