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Rachel and Her Dad, the Stripper

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As her second semester comes to a close, Rachel looks forward to the summer with great anticipation after a grueling freshman year of college. She imagines herself lying on a white, sandy beach, feeling the heat of the warm summer sun against her bronzed skin, sipping on a tropical cocktail, and relaxing to the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline.

Her attention returns to reality as her classmates stand and leave the lecture hall now that class has finished. As she walks back to her dorm room, she reaches into her purse and pulls out her pink cell phone, dialing the phone number of her best friend, Tiffany. Rachel listens as the phone rings on the other end of the call.

“Hello?” the girl on the other end of the line asks.

“Tiffany? Hey, it’s Rachel. What are you up to?” Rachel asks.

Tiffany answers, “Oh, not much. I’m just packing to get ready for my trip.”

“Trip? What trip?” Rachel inquires.

Tiffany explains, “You don’t remember me telling you about it? I told you two weeks ago Tim is taking me to Cozumel on a cruise. I am so excited.”

As she reaches her dorm room, Rachel thinks back to recent conversations and recalls Tiffany talking about her boyfriend’s surprise present. “Oh that’s right,” Rachel remembers, “Well, I guess I need to pick something to do this summer since you’ll be gone.”

“Why not go visit your parents? You haven’t been home since Christmas,” Tiffany suggests.

Rachel contemplates the idea, “You’re right. That’s not a bad idea. I think that is what I’ll do. Thanks. Well, I hope you and Tim have a great time in Mexico. Bring me back a shot glass.”

Tiffany laughs, “You bet I will. Bye and have fun.”

Rachel hangs up the phone and dials her parents’ house. She waits and waits as the phone rings. With no answer, she hits the “End” button, and slips it back into her purse.

She lies down on her bed and stares at the ceiling. Since classes have finished, she lacks the normal daily grind of homework and studying. A feeling of boredom quickly creeps across her body as she twirls her long, dark, brown hair around her index finger.

Despite the inability to reach anyone at her parents’ house, she decides to pack her luggage and make the drive, assuming her parents will return home by the time she gets there. She pulls out her suitcase and unzips it on the bed. She opens her closet doors, searches through her dresses, tops, and skirts, and picks a variety of outfit styles, unsure of what she might need to have with her. She lays her selected clothing across the bed and steps over to her dresser.

She slides her top drawer open, grabbing different thongs and panty styles. As she pulls them out, she hears a rolling sound. She looks down and sees her “special toy” lying there in full view.

She laughs to herself, thinking how different things are compared to just a year ago. Up until her senior year in high school, Rachel was very shy and had never gone beyond kissing a guy. She met Brad that year through mutual friends, and developed a strong romantic connection instantly. She thought he was such a sweet guy, despite constantly having his hands all over her.

Gradually, he was able to get Rachel to loosen up and become more adventurous, talking her into performing oral sex and giving him hand jobs. After a few months, he convinced her to relax even further and let them have sex. Relenting, Rachel allowed Brad to penetrate her and something special happened. She had never felt such pleasure before! She began to orgasm almost immediately, drenching Brad’s member.

Subsequent to that night, Rachel began to crave, yearn, and desire sex. She found herself fantasizing constantly, unable to focus on much else. A month later, Brad could hardly handle her anymore — Rachel wanted to do it non-stop. He began making excuses, saying he was either too tired or too busy to participate. To cope with her unrequited lust, she began to watch online adult videos while using her hands to play with herself.

At first, she was caught off guard — she couldn’t believe how large the penises of the male pornstars were. They were nearly twice the size of her boyfriend’s! She watched the facial expressions and body language of their female costars, expecting to see signs of pain and discomfort, but saw looks of extreme pleasure and satisfaction. Rachel became increasingly curious and secretly ordered a couple presents for herself from an online adult store.

Her packages arrived the next day, delivered to her front door. She signed for them, thankful they came in boxes wrapped in plain brown paper with no revealing information. She carried them upstairs to her bedroom, locking the door behind her. She opened the boxes and gazed at her life-like, flesh-colored 8″ x 3″ dildo and her new video, “Teens Like It Big.” She unwrapped them from their plastic encasings and put the tape into the VCR. Holding her lengthy toy in hand, Rachel hopped on her bed, watching the opening credits appear on the TV bursa escort screen.

The first scene opened to a young, cute brunette giving a blowjob to a very well-hung stud poolside. Rachel immediately began getting wet, using the tip of the dildo to play with her clit. When the man penetrated the girl on screen, Rachel slipped the dildo inwards and was overrun with newfound, powerful sensations of pleasure.

She couldn’t believe how much better her large toy felt! She used the dildo to bring herself to climax and experienced the most intense orgasm ever! Rachel collapsed, staring at the sizable plastic appendage in her hand, now convinced that bigger is better.

She shakes her head, ending the reminiscing about past sexual exploration. She returns her “special toy” to the back of the drawer, covering it up with socks. Rachel finishes packing and carries her suitcase down to her silver Mitsubishi Eclipse, lifting her luggage into the trunk. She slides into the front seat and begins her journey back home.

After 3 hours on the interstate, she finally reaches her parents’ house, pulling into the driveway and noticing only her dad’s Lincoln Navigator being present. She opens her car door, steps out, and walks up to the front door of the house. She steps inside, looking around for a sign of anyone being home. Rachel walks around and finds her dad, Richard, watching TV in the living room.

He looks up, hearing her walk in, “Rachel? This is a surprise.”

She greets him, “Hi Dad. I know it must be a surprise. I’m sorry. I tried to call, but no one answered. I decided to come back home for the summer and visit with you and Mom.” She walks over, kisses him on the cheek, and hugs him around the neck.

Richard says, “That’s great, but your mom’s visiting your aunt for a couple weeks. Actually, you almost missed me too. I’m set to head back to North Carolina in the morning. Since your grandparents moved to the nursing home, I haven’t had a chance to go back and check on the old place. Would you be interested in making the trip with me?”

Rachel considers her dad’s proposition, “Go to North Carolina? I think that’d be fun. I’ve always wanted to look around the town where you grew up.”

Delighted to have company, Richard says, “Great! I’m already packed and ready. My plan is to leave in the morning, about 5 a.m. You should go to bed early and be sure to set your alarm.”

She carries her suitcase upstairs to her old bedroom. She looks around and is pleased not much has changed. She goes into the bathroom, brushes her teeth, and takes out her contacts. She returns to the bedroom, sets the alarm, and plops onto the bed, feeling tired after an exhaustive drive.

Richard and Rachel wake up and leave early the following morning, arriving in North Carolina around noon. They spend the entire day touring Richard’s hometown as he shows Rachel where he went to high school, where he went to college, the football field where he played high school quarterback, etc.

After a long day of sight-seeing, they return to Rachel’s grandparents’ house and opt to take a nap before going out to dinner. Rachel lies down in the guest bedroom, while her dad lies on the couch in the living room. Both forget to set their alarms and sleep until 9 p.m. – much later than planned.

Rachel wakes up and glances at the bedside clock. Realizing the time, she rushes downstairs and rouses her dad awake. They bustle to get ready before the local restaurants close.

Rachel takes a quick shower and hurriedly looks through her suitcase, finding only one dress to wear that would be appropriate if they go out afterwards – just in case. She slips into it and fixes her hair and makeup. She pulls out a tiny white thong, not wanting to show any panty lines in her dress, especially from behind.

She looks herself over in the mirror, adjusting her dress — it’s a blue-sequined, form-fitting dress with a small slit up the left side. She keeps readjusting the top, trying to cover up her breasts as much as possible, but not succeeding too well. She wonders to herself how she got such a large chest; it definitely does not run in her family. Her mom is pretty flat-chested, and often looks at Rachel’s chest with jealousy. She makes one last adjustment, and finally gives up.

She pulls out her 4″ stiletto gold heels and slips into them, enjoying how they make her 5’4″ petite frame feel taller. She strolls downstairs and finds her dad waiting by the door, already dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a sport coat. She notices the glossed-over look in his eyes as he makes a full evaluation of her attire.

Richard comments, “I feel underdressed after seeing you in that.”

Rachel smiles, “Thank you. Don’t worry. You look very handsome. That jacket shows off your broad shoulders very well.”

Widening his shoulders and grinning, Richard replies, “Why do you think I wore it?” He finds himself making a conscious effort not to stare at his daughter’s body. Focusing on the task bursa escort bayan at hand, he says, “We should leave now if we want to catch a restaurant still open.”

Rachel walks out the front door toward her dad’s SUV. Richard locks the door and follows her out. His eyes travel down and become glued to his daughter’s ass cheeks in her tight dress. He notices the lack of panty lines, assuming she must be wearing a thong or maybe even less. “So firm….” he thinks to himself. He shakes his head to help erase the inappropriate thoughts forming in his mind.

Both get inside the Navigator and Richard drives to the local Chile’s restaurant. Walking in, they easily find an open table. The waiter comes by and asks if he can get them anything to drink. Rachel is familiar with the drink specials and knows her dad has no problem with her drinking if he’s present, but also realizes she’s underage. She orders two cranberry and vodkas, followed by a smile and a wink at the waiter.

The young waiter’s eyes immediately lower to Rachel’s obscene cleavage and replies, “No problem.” Richard orders his scotch and the waiter finally places the order after some hesitation to leave.

Within a matter of minutes, the young server returns a tray full of drinks, two for each of them. He leaves with a quick glance back at Rachel’s dress.

She positions her cocktails in front of her, taking a long initial sip. “I love this place. It’s two-for-one drinks all the time,” she says.

Sipping his scotch on the rocks, Richard replies, “You’re right. It is a good deal. I guess you don’t have much trouble getting drinks despite you’re age. You seemed to have the waiter in the palm of your hand.”

Rachel giggles, “I usually just smile or wink and that seems to get the job done.”

“I have no doubt about that,” Richard says, “You must have quite a few boyfriends.”

She finishes her first drink, “Actually, none right now. I enjoy being single and like to have my fun when I get the free time.”

Richard sips his drink and responds, “Good game plan. Being single is a luxury most don’t appreciate. I haven’t gone out in such a long time because your mom never wants to. I get stuck at home, usually surfing the Internet or watching TV.”

“Well, that’s no fun,” Rachel empathizes, “We should plan on doing something fun tonight so you can let loose.”

Richard chuckles, “I could use it. It’s nice to be around someone fun rather than your drab Mom. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to talk bad about her; I just need a little change of scenery once in a while.”

Rachel considers her dad’s situation and comes up with an idea, “Maybe you should try to flirt with some women tonight and get back to your old self. It would be ok. I promise I won’t tell. I’m sure you could use the boost.”

“Sounds great,” Richard says, smiling wide. “Thanks for looking out for me. Drinks are on me — my treat. Just in case, I might have to bribe you into secrecy,” he kids.

As he orders another round, Rachel’s eyes rest on her dad’s handsome face, then travel down to his muscular chest and large forearms. She thinks to herself, “I can’t believe Mom ignores him. He’s quite a man.” She looks up as he turns to face her again.

Richard quizzes her, “So, has college turned you into a wild child? I’ve known a lot of girls that changed when they moved away.” He’s unsure if she will tell him the truth, but he knows they’ve always had open communication.

“Honestly, I’m a lot wilder than I was in high school,” Rachel blushes, “I used to be very naive and now I like to have all kinds of fun.”

Richard points to her tight dress, “I believe you. Back then, you never wore clothes like that.”

She glances down at her cleavage, “I know. I’m much more confident now. I don’t mind showing off my assets.”

Richard snickers, “Obviously. I guess if you’ve got it, then flaunt it. You’ve definitely got it.” He stops talking before making a fool of himself by saying something inappropriate, and finishes off his third scotch.

Rachel enjoys her dad’s compliment and wonders if he has been checking her out. “So were you a wild one in college?”

Now, it’s his turn to blush. “You have no idea,” he reveals, “I was probably the wildest one of the bunch. Parties, women, drinking, you name it — 24/7.”

Rachel smiles as she learns more about her dad, “Ahhhh, so you were popular with the ladies, huh?”

With his buzz coming on strong, Richard answers “Of course. I never spent a night alone. They all wanted my co…..,” he pauses, “….risma.” He catches himself before making a highly inappropriate comment.

The waiter returns to the table with the check, unable to remove his eyes from Rachel. Richard puts his credit card in the check folder and hands it back to the young man.

Rachel asks her dad, “Any ideas on what to do tonight?”

“I think there’s a bar next door,” Richard recalls, “I’ve always had good luck there.”

Rachel pictures a younger escort bursa version of her dad surrounded by women fawning over him, “Is that right? Well, then that’s where we need to go. We’ve got to get you some action,” she giggles.

Richard laughs, “I like your style.”

Rachel finishes her last drink, stands up, and steps to the restaurant’s entrance.

As she walks to the front door, Richard notices almost the entire wait staff staring at her, almost molesting her with their eyes. He winks at them as they return looks of jealousy, and walks out the front door behind his daughter.

They both walk to the next-door bar; Richard steps up to the bouncer asking if they’re still open. The bouncer informs him they have to close early due to a new law. Richard asks him what’s still open locally.

The bouncer explains, “According to the new law, the only thing that can stay open is the Alley Cat.”

Richard responds, “Wow, I didn’t know the Alley Cat was still open.” He walks back over to where Rachel is standing.

She asks, “Are they closed?”

“Yes, they are. In fact, the only place open is a….well…it’s a gentleman’s club” he explains.

She giggles, “A strip club? You think you could handle that?”

He looks down at her with a surprised look, “Me? Handle it? Of course I can handle it. You almost sound like you’re up for going.”

“I told you. I’m wilder now,” she says with a devilish grin.

He grins back, “I’m going to call your bluff. It’s not that far of a walk from where we are now.”

Rachel follows her dad two blocks over and around the corner to a place with a large neon sign, saying “The Alley Cat”.

Richard turns to his daughter and suggests, “We might want to keep how we’re related to ourselves. Others might think it’s odd that a dad and his daughter are in a strip club together.”

Rachel nods her head in agreement.

Richard walks up to the bouncer, pays for both of their cover charges, and they walk inside.

The loud beating music, the lowly dimmed lights, the smell of cigarettes and cheap perfume instantly greet both Rachel and her dad. They find a table in the corner of the room and sit down. They look over to the stage and see a redheaded girl dancing around — she’s about 5’9″, long red hair, B cup chest, and has a tiny butt.

Feeling a little buzzed still from the earlier four drinks, Rachel leans over and asks her dad, “What do you think of her?” pointing to the dancer on stage.

He looks in the dancer’s direction, gives her the once over, and leans over to Rachel: “Her face is cute, but her body’s not my type. I like a girl with more curves — more upstairs and downstairs if you know what I mean.”

Rachel giggles and looks back at the girl.

At that point, Richard finds his eyes traveling down to Rachel’s cleavage, thinking that’s exactly what he’s talking about. He quickly looks away before getting caught.

Rachel looks back at him, “If that’s the case, how did you end up with Mom? I’m sorry, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say. It just popped in my head.”

Richard laughs and responds, “I know what you mean. I married her for her personality and because she keeps me out of trouble.”

Rachel nods, as she understands what he means.

All of a sudden they both hear, “Rick?!!”

Richard looks over and sees a slightly older blond stripper, with plenty of curves of her own, wearing a white bustier, walking over to him. He squints his eyes and stares at her face, “Maggie?!” He stands up and wraps his arms around the newcomer as she hugs him back.

“It’s been so long!” she exclaims, and then looks over at Rachel, “I see you’ve still got it. Your taste hasn’t changed a bit.”

He realizes Maggie is talking about his daughter and quickly introduces them, “Maggie, this is Rachel. Rachel, this is Maggie. Maggie and I are old acquaintances.”

Maggie smiles and replies, “Something like that.”

Rachel stands and shakes the dancer’s hand.

Maggie returns her gaze to Richard, “Mmmmm, it’s so good to see you. Why don’t you and your girl come up to the VIP area behind the stage? It’s just like old times — leather couches, complimentary champagne, etc.”

Richard looks at Rachel and shrugs his shoulders, “Well sure….I guess.”

Both Richard and Rachel follow Maggie upstairs, around the stage, and into a dark room. with black leather couches, trays of champagne glasses, bottles of champagne on ice, and a wall-sized two-way mirror looking out over the stage. Rachel sits down on the first smaller couch, while Richard sits on the large middle couch.

Maggie uncorks a champagne bottle and pours three glasses, handing them out.

Rachel takes a long sip, feeling the bubbles tickle her nose. She turns her head and is caught off guard as she sees Maggie hop on her dad’s lap, straddling him.

Maggie looks back at Rachel, “Don’t worry. I’m not trying to take your man. I just miss this guy so much.”

Rachel responds, “That’s ok. I’m not worried.”

Maggie looks back at Richard’s face, sitting lower, “Did you miss me?” she asks. She begins to slowly rock back and forth, making sure to push down against his lap.

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