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Random Relations Ch. 03

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Helen strode over to her daughter and slapped her face.

“Slut!” She hissed, pointing at Alison who lay curled up on the floor like a contented cat. “Get her out of here. Now!”

“But mum…” Elaine protested, flinching away from another blow.

“No ‘buts’ young lady. Do as you’re told.” Helen demanded, back-handing the other side of her face.

“…I love her!” She insisted, warding off the next blow with the hand that held the bottle. It slipped from her grasp, flew over her mothers shoulder and detonated against the wall like a grenade.

“You what?” Helen stared at her daughter as though she’d just been slapped herself.

“We’re in love.” Alison said, raising herself on one hand to look Helen in the eye. “It’s not like we’re just fucking around.”

“You mind your language my girl.” Helen warned, striding across the floor to pick Alison up.

“Get the fuck out!” She demanded, plucking her from the floor like a rag doll and flinging her onto the sofa with little effort.

“Please mum.” Elaine said tearfully.

“Not another peep out of you.” Her mother ordered, gathering clothes off the floor. “Get to bed.”

“It’ll be okay babes.” Alison soothed. “There’s always tomorrow.”

Elaine burst into tears and fled upstairs.

“You should know by now.” Helen said. “That tomorrow never comes.”

“That’s why I always seize the moment.” Alison said, provocatively parting her long legs.

“Impulsive little mynx aren’t you?” Helen sighed. “Don’t you have any control over that?”

Alison giggled, stroking her smooth lips. “Sometimes. But It’s been very naughty tonight – are you going to spank me again?”

Helen gave her a cold smile. “Tell me.” She whispered. “Do you plan on fucking your way through my whole family?”

The memory of finding this tramp with her husband was the injury which had caused their break-up and now she had added the insult of being caught with her daughter. Helen had slapped every part of her she could lay hands on the first time and intended to repeat the lesson. She poured herself a half-glass of wine from the last of the bottle and watched the slutty bitch through slitted eyes.

“That wine has a very fruity flavour.” Alison laughed, rolling off the sofa to kneel on the floor, arching her back to present herself for another lesson.

“Answer me bitch.” Helen demanded, taking a sip of from her glass. She detected a familiar bitter-sweet after taste and wondered what else the kinky slut had been up to.

“Ready when you are Mrs Woolmer.” She simpered, wiggling her buttocks and burying her head in the cushions.

“So that’s how you want to play it?” Helen tossed the remnants of her drink down her throat with a flick of the wrist and wiped her mouth. ‘I bet you are!’ She thought, rolling the sleeves of her shirt up her well muscled forearms.

The first blow went some way to easing the frustration she felt at how the evening had gone with her recalcitrant spouse. The second and third brought her rage to fruition and began to leave its mark on the younger girls flesh.

Alison screeched into the cushions and arched her back as the pleasure-pain ripped along her spine. She tried to keep count, but became disorientated under the furious assault, pleading in earnest as the game became deadly serious.

“Please…OW! NO! Oh please…Mrs Woolmer…OW! Don’t…please no…OWWWW!”

The first spanking she’d received upon being caught with Steve’s cock in her mouth was a mild admonishment compared to this. A great weight settled onto the small of her back and a hand pressed her head into the cushion, muffling her cries as the pain in her buttocks intensified.

“Bitch! Bitch! Bitch…!” Helen punctuated each blow as revenge made her eyes gleam with feral lust as she laid into the soft cheeks relentlessly; only changing hands when her arm ached. No matter what Alison did she couldn’t wriggle free, and when the beating descended onto her vulnerable pussy she realised she didn’t particularly want to. The fire in her cunt raged out of control and no amount of juice would quench it.

“…Bitch! Bitch! You dirty bitch!” Helen exclaimed, realising she wasn’t giving her the beating she deserved – she was beating her off!

Alison raised her head and moaned as the beating stopped and the weight lifted from her back. Damnit! She’d been so close!

“You enjoyed that – didn’t you? Whore!” Helen hissed venomously into her ear.

“Oh no Mrs Woolmer!”


“No honestly, it hurt so much. Thank-you!”

“I can smell how much it hurt. Now get your clothes on and get out!”

Alison got up slowly, her knees wobbling like a new born faun. She slipped her skirt and T-shirt on without bothering to put on her sodden underwear, which she simply stuffed into her purse under the watchful eye of her antagonists wrath.

“Don’t fuck with me again young lady. Understood?” Helen snapped over her shoulder as opened the front door.

“Or Elaine will find out exactly who was fucking her father.” bursa escort She whispered.

“Yes madam.” Alison said, rubbing her sore buttocks demurely as she went out, the cool night air sobered her thoughts but did nothing to put out the burning sensation in her loins.

Helen smiled to herself as she watched the chastised girl’s buttocks twitch pertly away.

“Know your place my dear.” She whispered, closing the door quietly. She looked up the stairs and took a deep breath adding, “and that goes for you too,” while pondering the merits of using the paddle or the strap for Elaine’s lesson.


Alison wiggled homeward with a light heart and warm glow between her legs. The Fraser’s dog barked manically as it caught her honeyed scent drifting by in a perfumed cloud and she laughed gaily, making her way to the short-cut home through the park. She made a bee-line for the open gate and strode into the moonlit night with the confidence of youth. The trees seemed to lean together as she walked by, whispering secretly of things they’d seen. All Alison could hear was leaves, rustling in the breeze and a delicate sigh, carried almost imperceptibly to her ears. She stopped, her eyes swivelling wildly as she tried to see who was there but the night yielded nothing more menacing than a carelessly discarded empty packet tumbling by. The sound drifted past again as she prepared to carry on walking. It seemed to come from behind a shadowy clump of bushes to her left. Cautiously, she stepped off the path and made her way towards them. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Alison’s could murder a whole pride of them!

Hardly daring to breathe for fear of giving herself away she peered round a tangle of branches and discerned a crouching figure, about 10′ away, head down with their back to her. She smothered a giggle with a hand over her mouth as she realised they were urinating with some relief. Another sigh wafted past along with the steady splash of liquid on the grass. The view became obscure as clouds drifted across the moon, forcing her to step a little closer. The sighs of relief became moans of arousal as the stranger wiped herself and began to rub more vigorously between her spread legs.

‘You kinky cow!’ Alison thought, kneeling in the undergrowth to watch more closely as the moon peeped from behind the clouds, revealing all to her horny gaze. She twiddled her clit softly and dipped a finger inside her pussy, smearing juices over her flesh as she saw the stranger begin to fuck herself quickly with three fingers, jabbing them in knuckle-deep.

Alison did the same, cursing to herself as the moon passed through some broken cloud, providing a stroboscopic show. The hand flashed up and down in a stop-start relay as her sexual desires grew lurid, spraying the sodden grass with musk. The scent aroused her memories of Elaine.

‘She’ll freak when I tell her!’ Alison thought, pulling her shirt up to play with her nipples, the cool air making them tingle and harden.


Elaine was already freaked to her limit as Alison crouched in the bushes thinking of her.

“Oh Mum Stop, please stop!” She begged, wriggling helplessly on the bed she was tied to.

“You know…what I want you…to do!” Helen gasped, brandishing the thick leather strap like an exultant gaucho over her head before cracking it across Elaine’s blood-red buttocks.

Elaine knew all too well and was damned if she was going to scream out. She was damned if she didn’t. It was only a matter of time before she broke down. She’d listened in panic to her mother administering rough justice on her friend. She’d considered fleeing, but where could she go? To her father? No. She simply bit her lip and endured to the bitter end. Her mother always said it was for her own good and whenever she complained the beating intensified, so she stifled her complaints the best she could and hoped it would be over soon.

“I’m not doing this…because I want to.” Which wasn’t quite true.

“It’s for your own good!” Again, not the whole truth. Helen always enjoyed doing this, especially to her no-good husband. She wondered if he’d screwed the little mynx on purpose to get a harder beating than usual, but decided he’d been too cocky this time. The look of amazement on his face when she’d left brought a grim smile of satisfaction to her face as she remembered. The memory added urgency to her blows.

“I know you want to…” She panted, landing another blow to her daughters quivering buttocks.

“Scream!” She demanded, raining a flurry of blows onto her flesh.

Elaine kept her lips defiantly closed and endured by keeping a picture of Alison in her mind, wondering what she was doing now.


At that moment Alison was enjoying an untrammelled view of the woman’s pussy getting reamed by three busy fingers, flashing into the juicy hole, as she joined in unnoticed.

‘I wonder if Mrs Woolmer’s as hairy as that?’ She mused, fingering herself diligently while pulling harder on her nipples.

The thought bursa escort bayan made her mouth water. A fresh trickle of juice dripped from her open cunt onto the ground and she tweaked her clit playfully as she imagined sucking on Elaine’s mother.

That was the fantasy she couldn’t share with anyone but Helen. Her offhanded disdain was like catnip to her pussy, making it wet and juicy as she fantasised about getting more than just a spanking.

‘Maybe I should try fucking my way through Her family.’ She thought wryly. Joe had burned enough holes in her blouse to suggest he was more than willing!

The cloud shrouded her view once more and she contented herself with listening to the woman moan with pleasure. She stifled her own by biting down on her lip as her clit throbbed with desire, despite having cum twice already that night under Elaine’s skilled tongue. Alison didn’t consider herself a slut. She just had a healthy desire for as much sex as she could get. Male or female; black or white; big or, well, not so big – definitely not small!

‘Oh Elaine.’ She thought wistfully. ‘I wish you were here to help me cum!’


Elaine wished her friend was there too, for very different reasons. The relentless beating was taking its toll, cracking her resolve. She imagined Alison held her hand, soothed her brow, told her it was going to be alright.

“Oh Ali’!” She whispered.

“What did you say?” Her mother demanded. The strap whistling dementedly through the air to land; smack! Between her parted thighs.

Elaine bit her lip hard to stop herself crying out, gagging on the coppery taste of blood, as the pain wrecked through her awareness, threatening to shatter the only thing which kept her from screaming out loud.

“Tell me!” Helen shouted, slapping the strap repeatedly onto her daughters crack.

Elaine desperately held onto the memory of Ali’s tender touch and shook her head.

Her daughters stubborn refusal made something snap inside Helen. “Tell me!” She screeched, flailing wildly over Elaine’s buttocks and thighs. The strap landed indiscriminate streaks of pain across the back of Elaine’s body until the blows blended together into a shrieking harmony of sheer agony. Hot tears scalded her flushed cheeks, adding a piquant counter-point to the exquisite suffering she continued to endure.

“Insolent slut!” Helen roared, unable to believe her daughter could defy her so stubbornly. It only served to feed her rage into a frenzy of strokes that smashed Elaine’s resistance.

The scream swelled like a tsunami in her throat until it surged past her lips in a cascading discordance, rendering her helpless to the implacable will of her mother’s fury. A wordless wail of noise ricocheted off the bare walls, rising and falling around the small, dingy room.

“Louder!” Helen exhorted, sneaking a hand under her skirt as she placed her blows carefully in order to extract the most pleasure from the moment.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Elaine screamed until her throat hurt. Not from the pain, although it was beyond anything she’d ever felt. Nor from the humiliation of finally giving in to her mother, though that was as bad as it gets. She screamed because she could no longer see Ali’ in her minds eye and was now at the mercy of her mother’s petty jealousy.

“OH YES!” Helen crooned happily, getting the reaction she wanted, pinching her arousal into a blissful little peak.

“That was very good, my little bad-girl.” She sighed, sucking her fingers clean.

Elaine burst into tears and sobbed her heart out, unable to stop herself after all she’d been through.

Helen laughed and said, “Awwww, shall I kiss it better for you?”

‘Yes, you can kiss my arse. BITCH!’ Elaine thought angrily, hating her with every fibre of her beaten body.

She shivered as drops of cool oil drizzled over her instead, soothing her hurt but not dampening the fiery rage burning deep within her soul.

Helen looked at the latticework of welts criss-crossing her daughters body and wondered if she’d gone too far. She began to rub the oil into her tender flesh, concerned that she’d alienated the only person who’d stood by her through this dark time in her life. She knew she was a bitch, but she loved her daughter deeply and didn’t want to lose her to that slut. There was only one thing she could do now and didn’t hesitate.

“Alison doesn’t love you.” She began, caressing Elaine’s ample buttocks.

Elaine screamed and shook her head violently in denial.

“It’s true!” She insisted, straddling her thighs. “She doesn’t love anyone but herself.

“Y-You d-don’t kn-know…” Elaine protested.

“I do know.” Her mother interrupted brusquely, leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“I know because I caught her with your father. The little bitch only laughed when she saw me and went right back to sucking him off!” She held Elaine tight as she tried to throw her off.

“TH-THAT’S N-N-NOT T-TRUE!” She howled furiously. “Y-YOU’RE ONLY S-S-SAYING TH-THAT!”

“It escort bursa is true and I’m not just saying that. You must believe me Eli’.”

Elaine paused for breath. Her mother never called her Eli’ unless she wanted something. Obviously she wanted her to believe what she was saying. But was it true?

Helen sensed her daughter’s hesitation and pressed her point home with a gentle kiss.

“I wouldn’t lie to you about something so important darling. I’ll prove it by taking you to hear the truth from his own lips.”

Elaine winced as she felt her sore arse getting squashed under her mothers crotch. She pulled her head away and bounced vigorously on the bed, trying in vain to shake her off.

“Silly girl!” Helen scolded, clamping her thighs tighter to keep them locked.

“Deep down you know i’m right.” She whispered. “Say you’ll come and I’ll untie you.”

Elaine stopped her futile wriggling and lay still.

“Okay.” She said in a small voice. “I’ll go with you.”

Helen smiled and loosened the bonds around her wrists, keeping her thighs locked tight as she watched her daughter slip free, anticipating the sudden reflex of her body as she tried to throw her off.

“I’m way ahead of you young lady!” She crowed, gripping Elaine’s wrists as she tried to hook her arms around her neck to throw her off.

“Lemme go – Bitch!”

“Not until you accept – the truth!”

“You’re a liar – and i hate you!” Elaine yelled, twisting herself round in her mothers slippery grip. The oil enabled her arms to squirm loose and she clawed at anything in reach in a blind rage.

Helen dodged her daughters flailing nails deftly but heard her shirt tear as they ran through the thin material. She gasped, taken by surprise at the strength behind the blow, then groaned, in pleasure more than pain, as Elaine’s knee hit her smack between the legs.

“NO – I’M NOT!” She panted, catching hold of Elaine’s arms and using her considerable weight advantage to pin her down.

Elaine wriggled furiously and bit hard into her left breast that dangled temptingly close.

“OW SHIT! Helen wrenched herself free, leaving her breasts exposed to further abuse as her bra tore open.

“Ali’ does love me!” Elaine insisted, trying to break free. “It’s you who loves nobody but themselves.”

“No! You’re wrong.” Helen replied furiously, pulling back to avoid her daughters snapping teeth. Her crotch slid down Elaine’s thigh with an arousing rustle of silk that made her clit tingle.

“Get off me – you fat cow!” Elaine gasped. “Go on – Fuck off!”

Helen retaliated in the only way left open as her hands were full with containing her daughter’s struggles. She leaned down and kissed her full on the lips to prevent any further profanity.

Elaine’s eyes bulged in shock as her mother’s lips smothered her mouth, silencing the flow of invective. The taste of those lips combined with her mother’s spicy perfume had a profoundly disturbing effect on her and, to her horror, she found herself becoming aroused.

“NO!” She coughed and spat defiantly into her mothers face as she pulled away, refuting the emotion.

Helen gave her daughter a quirky grin, licked her lips and kissed her again, quickly sliding her tongue between her teeth and back out before Elaine could snap them shut onto the intruder.

“I do love you.” She panted, working her moist crotch over Elaine’s thigh.

“You’re sick!” She said, spitting directly into her mothers open mouth and struggling harder to free herself.

Helen spat right back into her daughters face and lay between her legs, rubbing her clit furiously.

“No more than you!” She whispered seductively. “Or your father. Do you how much he likes to be fucked? – fucked in the arse! – No, I don’t suppose you do.”

“NNNNNOOOOOO!!” Elaine screamed again and writhed furiously beneath the implacable weight of the Freudian fantasy her mother was subjecting her to.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss!” Helen sighed, bumping and grinding her cunt as she felt her orgasm begin to flow.

Elaine felt the heat spreading though her cunt and knew she was losing the battle. Her mothers will was simply too strong.

“I hate you.” She whispered again, though the words lacked conviction as her juices began to flow.

Helen sensed she’d gained the upper hand and pressed home her advantage, determined to do anything to prevent that slut taking her daughter away from her. She kissed her neck softly and whispered, “You – and I – are one.” Her tongue beguiled the soft skin behind her ear. “How can you hate me?”

“You don’t love me.” Elaine persisted, considering the implication that she couldn’t hate her mother without hating herself.

Helen sat up and pressed her daughters hand to her breast. “I love you with every beat of my heart. Can’t you feel it?”

“Words!” Elaine dug her nails into the soft flesh. “Just words. If you loved me you wouldn’t hit me like that!”

“I only beat you because i care!” Helen cried, absorbing the pain in her heart and the pleasure in her pussy in equal measure.

Elaine looked at her mother uncertainly. She did care about her in her own way – more than her father ever did for sure. Perhaps she was telling the truth after all?

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