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Reconnecting with My Sister Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 1 – Just Visiting

I wake up to my phone going off. I am tired and sore. Every muscle in my body hurts. I moved in to my new home yesterday and was up late unpacking my stuff. Much of it will be replaced in the coming weeks. What looks great in a fancy downtown New York condo looks like crap in a backwoods Colorado log cabin. A cabin I designed and had built for me on a bluff overlooking a valley. It’s a gorgeous home and property, the views are amazing.

The thing is ringing again, I shout at the metal and plastic phone, “Shut up!”

It doesn’t listen. The call goes to voicemail. My phone rings again. Son of a bitch!

I pick up my phone, swipe, and shout, “What’s so fucking important?”

Donna says with a shocked voice, “Well someone is rather crabby this morning. It’s 10:00. Get your ass out of bed and answer your door. I have coffee, juice, and donuts.”

I smile, “You had me at coffee. I will be right out. Oh, the door is open by the way. Come on in.” I hang up.

I am still asleep, I put on my shorts and an old t-shirt with holes. I step into my sandals and take in a deep breath of clean air. I left the heat off last night and opened the windows for a good breeze. I stumble my way downstairs and open the door. I told her to come in, why is she outside still? Donna hits me with a hug and a kiss. We sit down inside at the kitchen table. The movers put the furniture in place. I can offer my sister at least a place to sit down. Coffee sounds like a good idea.

Donna says with a smile, “I’m so glad you came back home. I missed you so much. Oh damn, did you drink too much last night? Your shorts are inside out, you didn’t answer your phone, and you look a truck ran you over.”

I stand up and take off my shorts and flip them inside out and put them back on. They are on the correct way now.

Meanwhile, I account for myself, “I left New York at 5:00 AM, seven hours between two flights, watched the movers unload, and stayed up till 4:00 AM unpacking.” I turn fire engine red. “Oh fuck, I didn’t have underwear on, sorry.”

Great start, 30 seconds in and you are flashing your SISTER! What a dumb ass I am.

Donna looks unphased, “I have had boyfriends before, you all look similar. Drink and eat, you have a lot more to do. I am here to offer my services. I bet I can do the kitchen, dining room, and living room. You can do the bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, gym, and your office. Your office will take half the day,” She says playfully. “I bought breakfast and stuff for making lunch and dinner, you won’t have to stop.”

I take a donut, it’s fresh and soft, oh so good. She knows I like bakery.

Now that I have woken up, “Ok, now what do you want? You aren’t doing this because you like me. Last I remember, me leaving fourteen years ago was good news to you. I do enjoy your homemade Christmas cards. Your daughter calls me every two weeks. From the video chats, she sure has turned into a beautiful young woman.”

Donna is defensive, “You were my favorite brother, I was mad at you for leaving me alone with mom and dad. Trish is an awesome person that I’m very proud of. She’s the main reason I am here. She is eighteen and won’t date. I think she has a crush on you, so I developed a plan.”

I say with disdain, “Oh, this should be rich. Can I just give you a blank check now? It will probably hurt less.”

Donna gives me a stern look, “I am not pimping my daughter. She refuses to talk to me about sex. Every other month my friends get together for a party. We are going to have a sex toy party for Trish on Saturday. All my friends talk about is men, so I am hoping this will draw her out. Between the embarrassment of the toys and the frank conversation of their recent experiences, I hope she might open up to one of us.”

I am confused, “So why are you here again? It doesn’t sound like you need me for that.”

Donna looks at me like I am dumb, “It’s my turn to host. I live in a run down 700 square foot apartment. You live in a gorgeous 4000 square foot log cabin mansion overlooking a valley and river. This type of house wins awards just because of the interiors. Your exterior is like an extension of nature, it matches perfectly. Your fireplace is gorgeous and warms the room. The views are magnificent.”

Donna sniffles, “I am jealous as hell at how successful you are. I’m a failure at everything. Yes, I want to take advantage of your success and show you and your home off to about a dozen attractive and successful young women. Doctors, lawyers, business owners. And not one of them is currently married. Most, like me, have been married and divorced, some several times. Just once, I want to know what it’s like to be them.”

I stun her by saying, “Ok.”

No fighting, no haggling, no negotiating, just an off-handed OK. That was a hell of a lot easier than she expected. I know bursa escort she was expecting a fight. I can see it in her eyes. Since it went so easy, she is confused now.

Trish told me that her mom was fighting some self- confidence issues, so I am going to do all I can to help. It’s a big part of why I moved back. However, I don’t want her to know that. Donna is weird sometimes. She hates when people help her. She just told me how she isn’t thriving, yet I bet many people would help her if only she let them. It’s hard to be her brother, I can only imagine what it’s like being a friend. I have plenty of money and a great job. I could help but no, not Donna.

I did not explain to Donna why Trish does not talk to her. She has been talking to me for years and I bet she is far more knowledgeable than my prudish sister. She sure is in for a surprise. I dare say daughter has more experience than mother. I want to meet her friends. This is a fantastic way to meet a bunch of single women in their 30’s. The odds are slim I will date one, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to look.

Donna comes over and embraces me in a hard hug. I wince in pain. My body is sore. Sitting in a plane seat, sitting in an airport waiting area, and then unpacking boxes are all things I don’t do. My body is sore.

Donna looks at me with concern, “What?”

I explain, “I worked very hard last night and I’m very sore. I need a hot shower to limber up, I’ll go take one now. I will be back in thirty minutes.”

Donna has a big smile on her face, “Take off your shirt and get on the floor. I can help. Mom and dad are both having muscle issues with their arms and backs. They can’t afford the massages they need every other day. I took a class and am a natural.” She has a confident look on her face.

I give her my skeptical look. Whatever, I lay down. She has oil in her purse. She takes it out, and oils me up. She then proceeds to work magic. I have had many massages before, but none were as completely soothing as what Donna just did to me. I think she squeezed the muscles slightly as she pushed on them. All I know is that in two minutes I was putty in her hands. Afterward, I feel spectacular.

With a renewed focus and energy, we get going on the house. It took me a week to learn where things were in the kitchen but there is a system, so once unlocked, it all made sense. I would have done the living room entirely different, I kept it her way, because it grew on me.

True to her word, Donna made sandwiches and chips for lunch and heated up a frozen lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. Paper plates and plastic silverware were provided so there are no dishes. Smart woman.

It is late at night and it’s a long drive back home for Donna.

I say to Donna as I pick up a bottle of wine and two glasses, “You are staying the night. Too late to go home now. It’s too far, it’s dark, and the unfamiliar winding roads are dangerous at night. Call your daughter first.”

Donna calls Trish on her phone, explains the deal, and that she will be home in the morning. While they talk, I open the wine and pour two glasses. I then start a small fire in the fireplace. Gas assist lighting is cool. A couch and two chairs are by the fireplace, we both sit on the couch.

Donna is blunt at times, “I’m sleeping with you tonight. The only thing I miss about Ralph is snuggling up with him on a chilly night. The smell, comfort and heat of a man just has no substitute. You can rest your hands on me but no playing. I just want to be held and fall asleep.”

Donna now is blushing, “My friends are going to want you. You are too perfect. Money, house, profession, cute, and from what I saw today, hung like a bull. What can I tell them about you? Girlfriends? Kinks? Preferences?”

I flippantly reply, “Unavailable. I don’t want a setup or just sex. I want someone I care about. I want a friendship that grows into more. I want my life to be organic, not manufactured. I have no interest in your friends.” That wasn’t 100% true but she doesn’t need to know that now.

Donna pushes, “You could have a lot of fun. They aren’t looking for a relationship. They like cute guys with big cocks. You would be an instant star.”

I am annoyed, “Have you been listening to me? That is exactly what I don’t want. I want to run into a woman while buying milk. Over a few weeks, I see her a few times. We start a conversation. We go out for dinner, go dancing. Then maybe I bring her home to ride the pony. If she likes my horses, then maybe she stays the night.”

Donna giggles, “I didn’t realize you meant real horses. Is she B, C, D, or bigger? Blond, brunet, redhead? Tall, short, think, curvy, chunky, bubble butt, huge ass? Makeup, high heels, shorts, dress, tube top, bikini? What does she look like?”

I am shocked, “Do you think that if I find a woman that will do all that I described, I would also have a set description? No! I am a simple guy, it doesn’t take much to please me.”

Donna is frustrated with me, she bursa escort bayan changes directions, “Ok, use me as a baseline. How do I rate as a woman? I want to know where I went wrong with my ex.”

I am afraid of this path, “I don’t think we should go down this path. It leads places you don’t want to explore. It also reveals things you are not ready for yet. We will get to it when you are ready. Let’s talk about your work.”

Donna laughs in my face, “Nice try. Spill the beans. What do you know? I have no clue and I think once I know I can work on my issues and move on with my life. I’m stuck now. If you know something, it can only help me. Please.”

I sigh but carry on, “I did warn you. I want to make sure you remember that. Continue?” She nods her head yes. “Ok, yikes, how do I say this in the nicest way I can? The problem is nothing physical. You have clean skin, nice big boobs, curvy body, medium height, pretty face, lovely full long auburn hair. The kids at school call you a MILF. No, the problem is nothing physical. You are one stunning woman. Any man, including me, can see your obvious … assets. For you, it’s your puritan view of sex. They’re out of date.”

Now I feel horrible. Donna can’t look at me, she is too embarrassed. I hit a chord too strongly. Oh my, she is going to hate me now. This is just what I feared.

Quickly she turns in a rage of hate, “How the fuck do you know this? I want to know NOW!”

I sheepishly reply, “Um, no you don’t. Please trust me and don’t ask anything else.”

Like lightning, her hand reaches out and grabs my balls.

Donna rages, “Tell me or else!”

Softly, I explain, “Your daughter.” Her hand releases in surprise. “She may not talk to you about sex, but she sure does talk to older men. She talked to your ex for a while and has talked to me for years. Very little of our conversation has been about sex. If she had a question, I answered her as honestly as I could. She could … on second thought, never mind.”

Donna spits out, “I am so glad you did not finish that statement.”

I reach over and hug my sister hard. She needed it.

I try again, “So, about work. What are you up to?”

Donna seems bored now, “Oh not much. I can’t find a job putting my art history degree to use so I go from decent job to decent job. Never getting ahead and not falling behind. I live in a bad apartment but in a good neighborhood. We don’t eat Raman noodles every night, but meat isn’t always the entre. You know, standard middle-class America.”

I query, “What about massages on the side or full time?”

Donna just says flatly, “Portable tables are expensive. Advertising is expensive. I’m not qualified to work in a therapy facility, and I won’t have sex with my clients like the other places do. I am not a whore. Rumor says I wouldn’t be very good anyway.”

I sigh, “Ok, let’s go to bed. This is going down-hill. I told you that you didn’t want to know. Tomorrow, don’t you dare confront your daughter. You will ruin your relationship. You have no idea how it has tormented her knowing and not saying anything. Every time you grounded her she never once said anything out of malice. She’s a good girl that was raised the right way by a wonderful mother.”

I get a big hug for that.

We both strip to our underwear and I get in bed first. Once set and facing away from Donna, she reaches over and pulls me, so that I am now facing her. Now she gets in bed and spoons with my body. She purrs like a cat, I never knew that. I quickly fall asleep and slept great that night.

I do have reservations of sleeping with my sister. I understand her need and what she said. However, eventually she will touch me, or I will wake up with my hand on one of her body parts. Then, where are we? For now, it’s easier to just go with it and keep her happy.

Chapter 2 – The Next Day

I normally get up early. I quickly dress and run to the store. That’s a 40-minute trip. I know Donna is leaving but I need stuff for a few days anyways. I get home and start making breakfast. I know that will wake her up. She loves eggs. Doesn’t matter how they are cooked, she loves eggs for breakfast. I use the French press for coffee and bake omelets.

Sure enough, a few minutes later she comes floating out of the bedroom. She looks very happy this morning. Her anger is gone.

Gasping at her I say, “Wow, you look quite happy this morning.”

Happily, she explains, “I told you I love sleeping with a man. The orgasm helped.”

I look amazed at her, “You masturbated this morning?”

Donna looks embarrassed, “No, last night you got me off by playing with my tits.” I look at her shocked. “I woke up and your hand was near my breast and I had wicked non-puritan thoughts. I placed your hand on my breast and even in your sleep, you knew exactly what to do. You took your damn sweet time, but then, you were asleep.”

See, it happened already. Oh my, I made her orgasm. I can’t believe she is OK with this. escort bursa I just made my sister orgasm!

I must have looked funny as I say in surprise, “No shit, I had no clue. I didn’t even dream about it. Well, not that I can remember. A little creepy servicing my sister but, we shall survive. Coffee, eggs, potatoes, sausage, and OJ. Eat up.”

Donna never had coffee from a French press and loved my potatoes. The fluffy omelet was the star as expected. After breakfast, she takes off and I have a two-hour conversation with her daughter, prepping her for her mother.

I spend the rest of the week working on the house and prepping for their party on Saturday. Maids clean up and I have hired a local personal chef to cook for the day. I want to wow them. While my cooking is good, it’s not exceptional. Lunch, appetizers, dinner, and dessert will all be prepared by the personal chef. That should knock their socks off.

Donna won’t call me, but I talk to Trisha daily now. She is very excited. I tell her not to take crap from her mother or she will deal with me. Trish says her mother is acting strangely but very happy, she isn’t worried.

Chapter 3 – Party Time

The women all came up in two huge SUV’s. They pull up and I tell them to stay in the car and to follow me in my Porsche. It takes us ten minutes to get to our destination. I point to the top of a nearby cliff, that is my house, but I’m headed to my neighbor’s. I own four horses and he stables them for me. He has a horse-riding business; four extra horses are easy money for him. I take the whole group out. I use my horses and I rent several more for the others.

We spend just over two hours riding horses through the beautiful mountains and forest. I follow the stream for a bit and show off some of the prettier views in the area. I can hear a car coming up the mountain, the chef must be arriving. This is an early fall. Baseball season is winding down and it’s turning cooler at night. The aspens are turning yellow. This is the best time of year to be out riding.

I get kisses all around when we finish. Everyone had been horseback riding before, but never for as long or in as nice of an area. They were all blown away. We go back up to the house and my Chef – Chef Linda – is there. I told Chef Linda’s boss over the phone that we would be out riding and to just walk in. The door is always open, and the kitchen is straight ahead of the front door. They are free to use anything I have. I described my kitchen appliances. She has laid out a spectacular lunch. The chef looked amused that all my guests are women. They look at her a little stunned. Chef Linda is very beautiful. Easily the best of the bunch.

Donna explains their plans for the night and Chef Linda eyes me seriously. I explain that she is free to join them if she can spare the time.

We sit down, and they all start talking about their boyfriends, the city council, the scandals, who is sleeping with who, etc. They are having a fabulous time gabbing. I was not. Trisha gave me the hand signal that she is bored (we discussed this ahead of time). I go to my bedroom and she goes to the washroom. I come out in modest trunks and she comes out in a scandalous bikini. Her bust is way too big to hide behind postage stamps. She smiles big, she is showing off. I had no idea Trish was so … stunning. She is going to be trouble. As we walk out, all eyes are on Trish, I am long forgotten.

Trish is a thin athletic looking woman. She is in college and has had a few boyfriends. She has light brown hair that is down to her waist where it slightly curls. She has a round face with wide spaced eyes that are huge and almost glow a light brown. She has a thin small nose and sparkling teeth to help round out her beautiful face. She is pretty to everyone. Her most intoxicating feature is her bubbly personality. She is the center of every group or party. Everyone wants to be her friend. This group although older are no different.

We walk down the back hallway leaving the chatter behind. There is a cave under my house. This is the most spectacular room in my house. I expanded it and cut out part near the cliff. Now I have an awesome view of the valley while swimming in a heated pool. It’s an indoor pool but all venting goes outside. The pressurized doors keep the humidity out of the house. The glass is part window, part side of my pool, and part side of my house. At the ends, it is a floor to ceiling window. In the pool, it extends below the water line so that underwater, you can see outside.

Because it is a natural cave the roof and walls are uneven, even jagged in places. I rounded off some dangerous spots. It’s real stone and I like the deep rich colors. I added heat and lights, but the place is amazing naturally. On one side there is a window that looks out on to the valley with a spectacular view from within the pool. The other side has towels and chairs.

We both jump in. I swim laps while she uses the diving board. She times her plunges when I am near. It’s not long before a bunch of ladies follow us to the pool. They are all amazed at the view and the room in general.

Donna speaks for all of them, “Wish I knew about this, I would have brought my suit.”

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