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Redheaded Step-daughter

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Redheaded Step-daughter

While growing up the only one of my three stepchildren that wanted to go fishing was my youngest stepdaughter. The oldest daughter had no use for it as well as my stepson. Cheryl, the feisty redhead would beg to have me take her fishing, and that we did. She finally grew up, got married and found a husband that loves to fish, but only with his brother.

One day, the family was all together and we got to talking old times. Cheryl brought up how we used to go fishing together and what fun she had. She then asked when are we going to do that again?

At thirty-three years of age, she turned out to be a cutesy redhead with that coppery colored hair, white-white skin and freckles and the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen. After she gets off work she heads to the gym where she spends an hour-and-a-half working out, so she is well-toned, but has this round butt that makes my knees weak.

I told her I was ready to go fishing whenever she was. We could take a ride to the north end of the Keys. She got this excited look on her face and agreed it was a date. She checked her schedule and said Saturday was perfect. The others were invited, but nobody else wanted to go. Saturday it was. She would stay with us Friday night and we would leave early the next morning.

It was 3 AM, the alarm next to my bed sounded and I thought to roll over and go back to sleep, but I could hear the patter of her feet. She was up and getting ready. I reluctantly rose to my feet and headed to the bathroom where all my clothes for the day were laid out. The boat was packed the night before, a quick stop for bait and we were on our way.

We stopped for breakfast and we were finally pulling away from the boat ramp at the break of sunrise. The sun was coming up over the water, it was breathtaking. I opened the throttle and began cruising out to the reef. Shortly, the GPS alerted me that we had hit my fishing spot and I idled to where the tide and breeze would push us over the reef.

We got the fishing poles out and I began rigging them, putting bait on her hook. I turned to hand her the fishing rod and almost fell to my knees. I didn’t know who this gorgeous girl in a bikini was that got in my boat. She had a pink baseball cap on with her strands of a red ponytail pulled through the hole in the back, sunglasses made for a movie star and a bikini that wasn’t overly small, but it showed her rounded butt, and almost perfect figure off to a tee, SHE WAS HOT!

Cheryl went to the bow of the boat to fish while I remained towards the rear. She had just dropped her line over and she had a fish. She’s screaming for me to help her, it was a dolphin and was giving her the time of her life. I went to help. She would lift the pole and reel down to the fish, as she did she would bend over giving me a perfect glimpse of her white freckled breasts.

She screamed at me to pay attention and get the net, all the time she was laughing. We landed the fish and laughed, she said she was pooped. We caught a few more fish, but the sight of her tits had caused an erection. For me that’s not easy to hide, especially in an elastic waistband bathing suit. I stayed in the back to avoid her seeing my hard-on. We got into a school of yellowtail and she could handle bringing those up by herself.

After a few hours the sun was starting to heat up and she broke out the sunscreen since she’s so light. She began rubbing it on her body and turned and asked me if I would rub some on her back. I sat on the seat in front of the center console and had her sit on a cooler with her back to me. I slowly began rubbing the sunscreen into her white smooth skin, reveling at the freckles across her shoulders. I guess I was in la-la land because she turned laughing telling me it was rubbed in enough.

We decided to move and try fishing in shallow water. I looked on my GPS and saw an inlet and bay. It was protected and appeared to be a perfect spot. We both broke open another can of beer. She came back to the console and sat on the bench seat next to me. I would glance over and notice her tits jiggling when we would hit a wave. She caught me looking and just smiled.

We finally reached this inlet, it was surrounded by mangroves, but unknown to me it was a popular location for boaters to park their boats and swim. We slowly eased in and there had to be 10 other boats. Cheryl handed me another beer and said look, pointing to a larger boat where there were several people, all were naked. I looked around and discovered this must be a nudist area. Everyone on each boat had no clothes on except Cheryl and I.

She looked at me and asked what we should do. I didn’t know how to respond to my step-daughter. bursa escort YES, I WANT TO SEE YOU NAKED MORE THAN ANYTHING! No – I couldn’t tell her that. So I shrugged and asked her what she thought. She mentioned something about when in Rome do as the Romans do. She peeled off her T-shirt. 50 ft. from us there was a boat with four people in it. One of the fellows yelled for her to take it off slow.

I knew the beer had got to her, me too for that matter. We’re not much on drinking. She screamed back jokingly that she didn’t have any music. All of a sudden he turned up this boom box with a sexy rock song playing, it was as though we were in a strip joint. Cheryl began to gyrate slowly, she turned her back to him and slowly removed her bikini top, but held it over her breasts, still dancing slow to the music. I certainly had a hard-on now and there was no hiding it, my shorts were sticking straight out. They were all naked in the other boat.

Cheryl would tease them by easing her top down, turn and face them then cover herself. The guys were going mad, even the two girls in the boat were egging her on. She held the thin strips by each end across her tits then without notice she dropped her top, bent over and wiggled her tits at them. I almost came in my shorts. If she removed the rest I knew I would.

She continued to gyrate to the music. She would turn her back to them as she eased the waistband of her bikini down far enough for them to see the upper half of her well-rounded cheeks. They went wild. Unknown to me they had hit the trolling motor and was getting closer to get a better look. They were only about 10 ft. away by now.

Cheryl was enjoying the attention. I was enjoying the sight of her tits dangling and her sensuous dancing to the music. My eyes were glued to her. One of the guys yelled asking if her carpet matched her drapes, she smiled and told him he would have to wait and see. She continued to lower her bikini, turning at the right time so they would get just a glimpse and she would pull it back up. She finally turned her back, slipped her bikini over her rounded ass, lowering it to her knees, dropped it to the floor and stepped out of it.

She turned around and struck a pose for the other boat. The people went wild, even those on other boats began to cheer and clap. She began waving to all of them. The people in the boat next to us took a couple of snapshots with a digital camera before we knew what was happening and then rode off.

Cheryl came to the back of the console where I was under the T-top and asked why I was still dressed. She was a little tipsy, and I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful tits, her luscious ass and the tuft of coppery red hair that covered her pussy. I told her that I was her step-father. She laughed, and mentioned that was bullshit, that I wasn’t undressed because of my erection, and pointed to the bulge in front of my shorts.

I’ve not been slighted in that department. I’m rather well endowed with a 9″ erection and rather thick. It’s been both a blessing at times and a curse, right now I wasn’t sure what it was. Then she got very serious and asked if she caused that. I plainly said “Yes.”. She left, went to the cooler and got another beer and drank it down.

She came back to where I was and asked if I wanted her to put her clothes back on. I shook my head no. She asked if I liked what I saw. I nodded in the affirmative. She smiled. With that she reached over and tugged the waistband of my shorts open and in a child-like gesture peeked into my shorts. “Shit where have you been hiding that?”. She quickly tugged my shorts to my ankles. In doing so my cock sprang up and hit her under the chin. That caused her to laugh. She exclaimed, “gotta watch it, that thing could knock you out!” and laughed again.

She was now on her knees and eye to eye, so to speak, with my cock. She held it with both hands and looked up in my face and told me she had never seen a cock this big, much less hold one. She was in awe. As she held it, it pulsed and she finally opened her mouth and engulfed the head, sucking it then tonguing it slowly, just as slow as she had danced. My knees buckled and I had to grab on to the seat and dash to keep from falling.

Seeing that freckle-faced naked girl with her hat and sunglasses still on, wrapping her pink lips around the head of my cock, was about the best sight I’ve ever seen. I told Cheryl that we shouldn’t be doing this, she responded, in a bit of a slurred speech, “I won’t tell if you don’t!” She told me to look around at all those people in the boats having sex. I did look and sure enough there were people on decks everywhere having sex. Wow, I never witnessed anything bursa escort bayan like this before.

Cheryl stood and walked to the front of the boat. There is an elevated area that goes to the bow. She got on her hands and knees, on the bow pad, spread her legs and began gyrating that beautiful round bubble-butt at me. I could see her pussy lips spread and glistening. I could see her tits hanging and swaying to and fro with the movement of the light wave action. I could see her pink nipples and her bunghole in the light of the sun.

I finished stepping out of my bathing suit/shorts and walked up behind her, the height of the deck was perfect. I placed the head of my big cock against her little sphincter, to which she moaned. I then slid the head down slowly oozing precum all the way. I got to her pink hole and took both thumbs and spread them a bit and pushed just the head between her lips. I could feel the warmth surround the end of my cock. I held it in hand and slid it down her lips touching that hardened clit, she jumped.

Cheryl reached under and took my balls in her hand and urged me forward, telling me to put it in her. I needed no other encouragement. I pushed and the head slipped inside her, spreading her lips open, hugging my cock. I eased back a bit and as I pushed forward she pushed back trying to get more of me inside her. She was hot, it was a tight fit. I urged her forward up on the deck and crawled under her, I pulled on her ass so I could get my tongue in her pussy as I laid on my back. She dropped her pussy right into my face and sat up staring at me as I ravaged her twat with my tongue.

I reached up and took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and tweaked them as I licked her pussy and sucked and flicked her clit. Her head had rolled back and she was moaning out loud. She began to convulse, shaking, grinding her hips into my face, holding my hair and rocking back and forth as she climaxed over and over again. Then she went limp, leaning forward on her hands.

I slid up the pad to where my cock was inline with her pussy. I reached under holding it to that waiting, dripping hot hole – aimed it at the opening and slid a few inches inside. She looked me straight in the face and as she eased down deeper and deeper on that big cock she hissed, “you fucker – give it to me now.”. With that she lowered her hips down until I could feel it hit bottom. There was still more to go, but I didn’t want to hurt her.

She began rocking, then bucking on my cock, sliding back and forth, I knew it was hitting her clit just right. She became erratic in her bucking and I knew she was cuming. I pulled her forward so her nipples were in my mouth, raised her ass up in the air. Holding her round cheeks I began pumping her from underneath as she climaxed. I started with a steady rhythm lifting my hips off the deck pushing into her, rubbing that clit more with my cock at a perfect angle. I picked up my pace and began slamming it into her as I sucked first one nipple then the other. I looked into her face. She had her eyes squinted closed, her mouth was gaping open with spittle dripping from the corner of her mouth, she was in another world.

I knew I was getting close, I rolled her over on her back and spread her legs as far as they would comfortably spread, pulled her to the edge of the deck where I could stand and get the leverage I needed. I draped her knees over my arms and began a back and forth fuck in a steady rhythm. She was moaning, I was watching my fat cock spread her redheaded pussy open, As I pushed forward I watched as those lips would almost close as I pulled out to the tip. It was like making and watching my own porno movie at the same time.

I eased it in again and the lips hugged my cock as it made its way into the depths of that hot pussy, I held it there. The waves must’ve picked up, I could feel the boat rocking some. I pushed very slowly in until it bottomed out, still leaving two inches or so outside. I heard a movement and turned to see the people that were in the boat had climbed aboard our boat, it wasn’t waves after all.

One of the girls reached under and cupped my balls as her boyfriend got under with her to watch my cock spreading that redheaded pussy wide open. The other couple had gone to the bow where the guy began kissing Cheryl on the lips and his girl was sucking Cheryl’s nipples. Cheryl began going wild. She wrapped her arms around his neck and was kissing him for all he was worth. The girl under me got at an angle where she could run her tongue under my cock as it slid in and out.

I could feel the cum brewing and the girl sensed it too. My pace began to quicken, my breathing was fast and I was now humping escort bursa Cheryl for all I was worth. The girl whispered in my ear with this sultry voice for me to pull out when I cum, she wants to watch it. That was all it took, I pulled out as the first load shot up hitting the girl on the side of the face. The girl next to me grabbed my cock and began pumping it until it shot a second load hitting the guy under the chin. The girl under me then took as much in her mouth as she could fit and sucked me dry. I fell to the floor, I was spent like never before.

I eased into a sitting position and slid back to the seat behind me, away from the crowd. The guy that was kissing Cheryl now swung into place and shoved his cock in her, never letting loose of that kiss, and buried it to the hilt. I was in a position that I could watch him fucking her pussy like a piston. What a sight. I wished I had a movie camera for this whole affair.

His cock never slowed down, he pumped and after breaking the kiss told her how delicious her red pussy looked and that he couldn’t help but fuck her. She went wild and kept saying “Oh Yes then fuck me fuck me!”. That spurred him on. He pulled out, Cheryl propped herself up on her elbows and he shot his cum all over her tits. As he was shooting his load, one of the girls got between Cheryl’s thighs and began licking her pussy while pushing a finger in and out of her. Cheryl came again and again and finally had to push the girl away.

The other guy was quite polite and asked if he could have a turn, as he was quite infatuated with red hair. Cheryl told him to lie on his back. He did so and Cheryl climbed on top of him lowering herself all the way to the hilt. I was directly behind with a view like none other watching her slide up and down his pole. It caused my cock to stir and my friend came over and took it to her lips again, helping it grow.

She asked me to sit up on the seat and she straddled me face to face. Sat on my cock looking me right in the eye. She asked me if any girl ever taken all of me. I shook my head no. She started riding my cock up and leaning forward whispering in my ear that she was going to take every bit of my cock in her hot delicious pussy. I almost shot my load right then. She was sexy. Each time she bounced on my cock I felt it going deeper and deeper until finally I felt her pubic hair and mine intertwine. She started grinding her hips on me. She looked me in the eye, her eyes open wide, she whispered that she was cuming. I could hear guttural sounds coming from her. She whispered, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck!” and she collapsed on my chest. I could feel her pussy convulsing and gripping my cock.

She finally stood and the other girl came over and asked if she could try, she explained she had never had a cock that size. I assured her I would be careful. I looked over her shoulder and Cheryl was still on top of the other guy giving him hell.

I picked the girl up and laid her on the deck next to her boyfriend, I spread her legs, stuck my head between her legs and began licking her wet pussy, depositing more saliva to lubricate it. She was ready. I pushed it in slowly and her eyes rolled back wide open, I eased up, she said no don’t stop, that was incredible. I began rocking back and forth easing in and out of her pussy, she was moaning, giving me encouragement, telling me to go deeper.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me as I shoved forward and she began climaxing, I was almost to the hilt. I picked up my pace and began fucking this girl for all I was worth, Cheryl was looking down at my cock while she was riding this other fellow. I began pumping in and out faster and faster, then harder and harder and this girl let out a scream telling me to shove it all the way. I came, I began building another climax. I pulled out and Cheryl reached over grabbing my cock and began jerking it. I felt the rush of cum and looked down to watch it shooting all over this girls pussy and stomach.

Just then Cheryl began riding the young man hard, slamming her hips down while the young man was arching himself up to meet her demands. I knew that both were on the edge. I reached over and pushed my finger up to the first knuckle in Cheryl’s ass and she went off. She froze mid-stroke in the thro’s of an intense orgasm, the man was continuing to arch upward pounding her pussy. He pulls his cock out and it shoots cum all over her red pussy hair and up her stomach.

We were all covered in cum, completely spent. We decided the best way to clean off was to go for a dip, so in the water we went. We said our goodbyes after that and off they went in their boat and we headed back to the ramp to load ours and head home. Once home everyone was thrilled with the fish we caught, we were thrilled with the time we had. Someone in the family asked if we were going to do this again and Cheryl looked at me and winked and exclaimed – “you bet!”.

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