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Remember Me River 01

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“If two people love each other there can be no happy end to it.”

-Ernest Hemingway

Her hair was perfect, as it lay on the white satin pillow, and he smiled at the attention to detail that had obviously been paid to get it that way. Her face, pale, but peaceful in repose, now, made him struggle to choke down the memory of her suffering and pain only a few days earlier. She was gone, and he wasn’t yet sure how to feel about it. He was forty five years old now,had two kids in high school, and had spent the last two years watching her melt away in front of him. Those two years had been the worst of his life. He stood beside the open casket at the front of the room, staring at her face. She was gracefully posed, as if on display for the crowd that now filled the large funeral home. Murmuring voices were all around him, but he wasn’t party to any of the numerous conversations. He didn’t know many of these people, some were relatives he had not seen in years, others friends of his mother’s he had never known at all. He looked up for a moment to see his wife across the room, handkerchief in hand, talking to his mother’s sister, his Aunt Sherry, and he nodded when she caught his gaze. She smiled back, and quickly returned to her conversation.

“River?” the voice was deep and masculine. He turned around to see a tall white haired gentleman and his short silver haired wife, hands extended as if waiting for his to shake.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, son.”

“Thank you.” he said courteously taking the man’s hand.

“I’m Bob Hopkins, and this is my wife Ellie.” he said, “We knew your mom and dad, back when they first started in Real Estate, and let me tell you, your mom was…blah blah blah.”

He was surprised at how quickly he had lost complete focus on the sweet senior couple in front of him, but he had heard this similar story all morning, repeated by countless Bob and Ellie’s. He strained to remain in place long enough to find a point where he could excuse himself without being too rude.

“River. Come here for minute baby.” his wife had seen the strain and had come to the rescue.

“Can y’all excuse us for a moment?” she smiled graciously, and wrapped an arm around her husband to lead him away.

“Oh, of course dear.” said Ellie nudging her husband in the direction of the casket. “Just look Bob, she looks so peaceful.” their voices trailed off.

“Thank you.” he said kissing her cheek, when they found a quiet corner.

“You ok?” she asked looking up into his face.

“I think so, but I could use a drink.” he smiled.

“We can go get one after this. Ok?” she touched his cheek lovingly.

“I’m thinking more than one.” he grabbed her fingers and kissed her palm.

“Ok, more than one.” she said before returning to the viewing crowd.

He watched her go and marveled how beautifully she filled out the curves in the black mourning dress she had on. He loved how she had her long blonde hair pulled up into a conservative looking bun in the back. Twenty years of marriage, and two kids, hadn’t tampered with her figure at all. He was proud of her, and she spent a lot of his money in maintaining herself so he would always be. She faded into the crowd and he thought now would be a good time to get some air.

Stepping out into the bright mid-Summer sunlight, he took a deep breath. The air was moist compared to the cold air conditioning inside.

He stood next to the main entrance and watched as several cars turned into the funeral home parking lot. One in particular caught his attention, a dark blue, Mercedes, and he watched it as it made its way around to the back part of the funeral home parking lot, and an empty spot. He heard the engine shut off, and a sudden wave of anxiety rolled up over him, as he realized that he recognized the car.

He saw the hat first, large, floppy brimmed, and white. A delicate hand reached up to hold it in place as she opened the passenger side door.

“Aww shit.” he muttered under his breath.

He knew it was her even before he could see all of her clearly.

“Aww shit, shit, shit.” he repeated over and over, as the familiar quickening took his pulse, and the butterflies set in.

She turned around and opened the rear door, allowing a pudgy, apple faced, little boy to exit. Her sunglasses were large and dark, and he couldn’t tell if she had seen him by the look on her face. Her dress was black, her jacket white and cropped, her long legs were dark with stockings, and ended with white pump heels. A small strand of pearls graced her long neck, and he bit his lip remembering a night he had left his mark on that neck so long ago.

“Goddamn it.” he spat quietly. He felt dizzy. She had always made him feel dizzy. He felt his chest tighten and he tried to calm his breathing, as she lead the little fat boy by the hand in his direction. Soon, the driver’s door opened and a huge blob of a man stepped out, pulling his dark suit pants up around his extensive bursa escort belly. He coughed loudly, and farted, chuckling at her reaction.

“What?” he smiled at her, his beefy face red and sweaty already.

“My God.” she snarled.

“That was funny daddy.” the boy laughed.

“Your mom just don’t get it, does she.” he slammed the car door, and laughed again.

Hearing her voice sent a shiver up his spine. How long had it been? He couldn’t recall. He steeled himself as she walked several steps in front of the blob towards the door. Her fragrance enveloped him, “cherry blossom”, he remembered the name of it even now, as she stopped in front of him. He felt drunk.

“Hello River.” she smiled, “Remember me? How have you been?”

“Bethany.” he said hoping he didn’t sound as nervous as he felt.

“I’m so sorry about Aunt Patty. I’ve been crying for days since I heard.”

“So have I.” he said. Her voice seemed to dance in his ears, sweet and soft, and almost smoky in quality.

“Who’s this?” the blob asked stepping into River’s personal space on his way in the door.

“This is my cousin, River Woods. You remember me telling you about him.” she said, her dark sunglasses never leaving his face. “Here, take little Randy in, I want to talk to River a moment, ok dear?”

“Whatever.” the blob and boy disappeared inside.

“Hello, cousin.” she smiled sweetly.

Removing her oversize sunglasses, her eyes flashed a blue he had not seen in years. Her dark bangs contrasted the creamy skin of her face, and red lips.

‘Damn it.’ he thought to himself. ‘She’s fucking gorgeous. She hasn’t aged at all.’

“What’s it been, ten years?” she hugged him tightly holding on longer and tighter than just a hello. He felt her gracious breasts press into his chest as she pressed the length of her body to his.

“At least ten.” he said, feeling a primal stirring in his cock. He held her long enough to know she felt his hardness growing.

As she loosened her arms around his neck, she kissed him on the lips, quickly brushing the tip of her tongue across his bottom one.

“I’ve missed you.” she groaned. “So very much.”

“I’ve missed you too.” he said holding her.

“Can we get together after this, for old time’s sake.” she said taking his hand in hers.

“Of course, there is a reception in the memory hall afterwards, we can talk then.” he let her go, and lead her by the hand into the building. He was shaking inside himself.

‘This was a dream.’ he thought. ‘She did not just kiss me like that.’

He was sure though, that she had felt him grind on her a little bit, and she didn’t seem to care.

His mother’s funeral service was quick and somber, full of anecdotes, and scriptures, and bittersweet memory. He had sat in the front row, next to his wife, who held his hand, and gave it little squeezes at all the right moments. He choked down his tears more than once, even as others around him let them flow. He knew exactly where Bethany and her family had taken their seats, directly behind him, her fragrance whirled around him, light, and sweet, and also full of memories of its own. He found himself lost in thoughts of a night twenty years before. He was home on leave from the Army, visiting family here in Indiana. His Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mike had given him a couch to sleep on one night. Bethany had come home for the weekend from college. The memory of her then nineteen year old body suddenly flooded his thoughts with images of her flawless skin, and her legs opened in front of him. Her breasts were bountiful in the mouth even then with perfect pinkish nipples. He reflexively squirmed a little in the pew, wondering if his thoughts would betray him to his wife. He glanced at his wife, dabbing at her eyes with her handkerchief. She looked back at him with a puzzled look, and squeezed his hand.

“You Ok?” she whispered.

“Yeah. I think so.” he said.

He looked over his shoulder, he knew Bethany was there, sitting close by. He glanced at her, and she too had her handkerchief in hand. She dabbed small tears at the corner of her eyes, but she smiled when she saw him looking at her. Then, ever so subtle, she pursed her lips, and blew him a kiss. He felt it. Like a hammer to the head, he felt it, and he knew they were going to have a lot to talk about.

The memory hall was a large room adjacent to the main funeral parlor. It was packed with friends and family all gathered around a set of buffet tables. The food and drinks had been organized by a local eatery his mother had frequented, and was pretty good he thought. He sat with his wife at a small table near the restrooms. He looked over at Bethany seated across the room with her family. Her disgust at the pile of plates lined up in front of her husband was very evident on her face. She wiped the boy’s face and hands more than once with a napkin, in fruitless attempts at keeping Bar-b-que sauce off of his white shirt. Occasionally, she would glance over at River, and her eyes would bursa escort bayan catch his. He felt the electricity every time they did. She had taken off the big hat, and he could now see her dark hair had been trimmed into a cute pixie cut. She had always reminded him of a fairy, with her energy and light heart, and her, long, thin, but fit body. He could see that she had kept the body, but not the light heart. He felt a pang of pity for her, but only for a moment. He remembered one other thing from that night so long ago, and he let the pity pass.

“Honey, I’m going to ride with your Aunt Sherry out to her house, Ok?” his wife said drawing him back to the moment. “She says there are boxes and boxes of pictures, your mom left out there.”

“Yeah sure, baby.” he nodded

“You gonna be ok without me here for a bit?”

“Yes, I’m sure I’ll be alright.”

“Ok, you just seem distracted today is all.” she said.

“I’m fine, you run with Aunt Sherry. I’ll wait here.”

He hugged his Aunt and his wife as they prepared to go. Bethany soon appeared beside them.

“Leaving Mom?” she asked.

“Yes honey, if you want we can take the kids with us out to the house and they can swim in the pool. You can meet us out there later.” Sherry said.

“Sounds good.” Bethany said cheerfully.

“Yeah sounds good.” River said kissing his wife’s cheek. “I’ll meet you out there in a couple hours.”

They stood next to each other and waved as they watched the others corral the children together and leave.

“We need to talk.” Bethany said looking into his eyes.

“Yeah we do. Where?”

She grasped his hand and quickly led him to the women’s restroom door, then quickly surveying the thinning crowd, pushed him through in front of her. Inside she found the interior lock and turned it. Then leaning against the door, she let her emotions flood up over her. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and began falling as she threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shirt and tie. She sobbed heavily a moment, and he slowly wrapped his arms around her feeling her surrender more and more as he tightened his hold. He let her cry, saying nothing; just holding her for the moment.

“River, I’m so fucking sorry. I can’t believe this.” she sniffled and looked up into his face. Her mascara had run slightly, but it didn’t detract from the beauty he saw in those sky blue eyes.

“I’m ok Bethany.” he said trying to be comforting.

“But I’m not.” she said. “I’m fucking miserable. That fat fucking bastard makes me sick.”

“I told you ten years ago to think twice on that one. You jumped anyway.” he said accusingly.

“It was the money. I know it was now. I lied to myself that I loved him. I lied to myself I wanted his baby. I’m thirty nine this year, I don’t want to start over, but I hate him so bad.” she grabbed his jacket sleeves, he wasn’t sure in anger or to keep herself standing. “Besides, you were already married by then.”

“I have always loved you Bethany.” he said grabbing her chin and looking her directly in the face. “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy, even if it was with someone else.”

She kissed him, fully, open mouthed, and passionately. Letting go of the entire pretense he kissed back. Pushing her against the wall he attacked her mouth with his tongue, as he pinned her arms over her head. Her moans rising up in her throat gave him assurance that she wanted to be there, with him, and he was done playing silly games. He grabbed her wrists with one hand and held them up, and against the brick wall, giving his free hand the opportunity to roam over the mounds of her breasts hidden under the thin veil of her dress. Her body felt hot to him, and her breath was coming in gasps between kisses. He moved to the side of her neck and traced his tongue along the curve of her shoulder. Her voice was a whimper.

“Oh God.” she whined.

“Is this what you missed.” he growled, once again attacking her lips with his.

She swallowed hard, as he began pulling on her breasts, massaging them ever so gently.

“Please, God Please.” she moaned into his lips.

He let her wrists go, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and he now had both hands to work the flesh of her curves. He touched her everywhere, going back and forth over her breasts and stomach, feeling the silky material warm against her skin. He squeezed her thin waist and let his hands trace the roundness of her buttocks, before drawing them up her back and pulling her into him for another breathtaking kiss.

His cock was pushing hard against the material of his tailored pants. He was fully engorged. He felt the sensitivity increasing in the fat mushroom of his cock head, and it was getting uncomfortable. He grabbed her by her slender neck and pushed her to her knees in front of him. She practically melted in submission. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted to please him by giving it to him. Grabbing his belt and working the front of his pants open escort bursa she gasped at the size of his erection as she pulled his underwear down over it.

“My God, what have you been doing? I don’t remember it so big.” she giggled.

“You like?” he asked.

“Mmmm.Yes. Yes I do.” she purred.

“Good, now shut up and put it in your mouth like a good girl.”

She looked up into his face, wanting to see his reaction as she slowly drew his fat cock into her lips, and let her warm mouth engulf him. She moved him in and out slowly at first, then with more speed all the while using the flat of her tongue on the bottom side. Shock wave after shock wave traveled up his spine.

“Ohhh God.” he moaned never taking his eyes from hers. He felt her moan in her throat, and the vibration felt ecstatic. Instinctively his hips began to thrust in time with her movement. He was no longer thinking of anything but the feeling of her mouths wetness and warmth moving over and around the tip of his manhood.

“Fuck.” he groaned. “That’s it baby. Suck my cock.”

Her hands were on his ass cheeks pushing him further and further into her throat with each thrust. She was moaning, but the sound was muffled by her mouth being so full. He could feel the electric buzz at the base of his spine starting to build in intensity and spread to encompass his balls. He felt the pressure building as the pleasure she was providing his cock with her wanton mouth became too much. He threw his head back, and gasped for air. Soon he could not bear anymore, and rocket after rocket of semen launched up through his fat cock and into her waiting mouth. She didn’t move away, instead she swallowed hard taking in his essence as he quivered in front of her. His spasms subsided quickly, but she continued licking him as she released him from her lips. He gripped her chin and pulled her up to her feet. He was still gasping a little, when he kissed her. She giggled.

“I owed you that one baby.” she said as he kissed her forehead.

“Yes you did.” he chuckled. “Whew, Beth, you are good.”

“I hope it was worth waiting twenty years for.” she said.

“It will be.” he said. “I’m far from done with you.”

He spun her around and pushed her over the wall mounted sink. Pulling her dress skirt up to her waist, he examined the beautiful roundness of her heart shaped ass. Her stockings were black and held up by a black garter belt. Her panties were black and lacy, and he slipped a finger under the edge of one leg running it deep into the crack of her ass. She moaned her approval. He could feel the heat and moisture there. Her scent was driving him now. He could smell her crotch, and when it mixed with her perfume he could not control himself. He grabbed her wrists again holding them behind her. Then again using a free hand he snatched her panties down, and began to stroke her moistness touching every fold. He let his fingers play, rubbing, poking, feeling the slipperiness between her legs increasing. She wiggled and danced in her approval, her moans becoming louder and louder as he lingered over her stiffening clit. Her breathing was becoming harder, and she moaned very loudly as he pushed two fingers into her and pumped them in and out swiftly, touching her front wall with increasing pressure each time.

“Oh god, oh god, oh my fucking god.” she was almost screaming.

“Shh, baby.” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh, oh, River, please don’t stop.” she bucked against his working hand.

He held her wrists tighter, trying to control her movement, but soon her legs could no longer hold her quivering body up underneath her. His thumb found the tiny knot of her anus and he shoved the tip of it against the opening. She exploded in a massive squirting orgasm. Her body opened like a fire hose time and time again, hot pussy fluid flowed over his hand, and ran down his arm over his shirt sleeve. She began crying as she begged him to not stop.

“I’m cumming, oh River, I’m cumming.” she whispered hoarsely between gasps for breath.

He felt the burning in his wrist begin to build but he still tried to keep the rhythm he had been using. He wanted her satisfied. Her body shook again and again, and then went limp over the edge of the sink. He looked into the reflection of her face in the large vanity mirror, and knew she had her fill of ecstasy for the moment. He kissed the back of her neck gently, and sniffed the scent of her hair. The familiar spicy cherry fragrance filled him and he became lost again in time and memory. Her breathing slowed and she attempted to stand up. He held her close to him, turning her to face him. Her face was beautiful to him, despite the smeared lipstick, and runny mascara. Her eyes looked deep into his, and he knew they had crossed a line they had only played near up till then.

“Wow.” he grunted

“Wow.” she giggled.

A knock on the door startled them. They both began scrambling to put their clothing in place again. He stepped in to the stall nearest the door, as she toyed with her makeup in the mirror.

The knock came again louder.

“Just a moment please.” she announced.

“Ok, but please hurry dear.” the voice of an older woman on the other side was desperate sounding.

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