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Shantel ran up the stairs dropping her stuff at the bottom of the wooden staircase. It was her last year of high school and senioritis had hit my daughter harder than a hailstorm on a glass mansion.

“Ok young lady,” I hollered after her sarcastically, “you’re eighteen now which means you have to pick up your own stuff around here.”

I shook my head grabbing her purple bookbag and hanging it on the designated hook on the wall. I walked into the living room and looked at her brother.

James was playing GTA on one of the flat screens and yelling at one of the people he was pulling a heist with. He looked exactly like me when I was young.

Tall, dark, and handsome. We had the same lopsided smile with a deep dimple in our left cheeks, amplified by our smooth chocolate skin. He was two inches taller than me at 6’4 as I was only 6’2. My family was always fit we ran in marathons together and stayed active in most sports.

My son is a wide receiver on his college football team and my daughter was awarded multiple scholarships for her skill as a volleyball player.

I was proud of my children and wish their mom had stuck around long enough to see how they grew into such magnificent human beings.

“Pops you comin we need you on the sticks asap,” James looked back at me his fingers moving furiously on the controller.

I handed James his beer and put my headset on grabbing my controller and looking at my screen.

“What was y’all doing?” I ask looking at how terribly this had gone so far, this is the last time we use your friends James.”The men on the other side of the headset began yelling about how they know this game and to just hold on. I laughed and shook my head as my son scowled at me.

“Y’all are bout to get killed by the police. What are those fools doing,” Shantel’s voice came from behind us as she leaned over the back of the couch studying our game.

Without meaning too i glanced at her large breasts. She had grown up to be all the reasons i had been attracted to her mother and it frightened me. She herself was about 5’8 with most of that being her long endless legs. Though we were all fit Shantel had curves like her mother. Her hips were heart shaped and matched the toned slopes of her butt perfectly. She had large plump D sized breasts which I had learned after reluctantly going into Victoria’s Secret with her.

The boys were endless in their desperate plight for her affection. However I had raised my daughter well and she focused most of her time on school and sports. As well as them being afraid of both her brother and I as we were very protective of her.

I was happy that my son was handsome and the women he picked up were beautiful but I was not prepared for my little girl to be as stunning as she was and this terrified me.

“They’re his friends,” I laughed looking back at the tv quickly, “everyone on my crew knows how to drive.”

She laughed flinging herself over the couch to sit between us, “Except James. He has always sucked at driving, in video games and real life.”

Shantel shoved her brother’s shoulder. He scowled and looked away.

“Shut up girl I know how to drive. Just cause I go faster than the speed limit doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver. Huh Pops?”

“Well can you go faster than the speed limit now son?”

Shantel laughed leaning against me. I looked down at her and smiled, “See, dad thinks you suck.”

I nudged her back laughing with her.

“Y’all suck,” James shook his head and noticeably increased his driving speed.

After finishing the heist and collecting our money I hopped off of the couch stretching.

“What do y’all want for dinner?” I asked knowing their answers would be little to no help.

“I’m not picky dad,” Shantel batted her long eyelashes at me and smiled. She had a round face with a wide smile like her mother though she didn’t get my dimple.

“Do we still have that steak we could do fajitas,” James pitched. I rose my eyebrows in surprise not expecting his helpful response.

“Fajitas sound good,” Shantel shrugged nodding in agreement with her brother.

I blinked looking at both of my children, “Is it cold in here?”

They both shook their head no looking at me with confused faces.

“Why daddy,” Shantel asked.

“I think hell just froze over,” I laughed before shaking my head and heading towards the kitchen.

“Nah Pops she’s the one who is indecisive,” James reached over and began tickling his sister. She laughed squirming beneath his touch. His hands gripped her hips lingering for a second before he pulled away.

I looked at James who side glanced at me then back at the television. What was that, I wondered as I walked into the kitchen.

Shantel lept from the couch and skipped behind me. She had always been a bouncy girl from the time she could walk she seemed to skip instead it was adorable earning her the name Skipper throughout our family.

“I am not indecisive,” She pouted, “I just don’t need to make decisions when I have two strong men to do it for bursa escort me.”

I shook my head turning a smile in her direction, “What happens when you move out and are on your own. Then what?”

“I’ll just call you,” She shrugged as we rounded the corner into the Kitchen. I laughed and walked over to the fridge swinging the silver doors open as she pushed herself onto the counter.

“If you call me every time you need to make a decision you might as well not move out.”

“That’s an option,” she nodded her agreement and picked an apple from the fruit bowl on the island beside her.

“Do I get that option Dad,” James rounded the corner and leaned against the open wooden threshold.

“No, you already moved,” I laid the steaks on the counter and pulled peppers and onions from another bowl next to the cooking utensils, “C’mon y’all make yourselves useful and wash your hands.”

Shantel’s pouty voice emerged behind me, “Daddy can I wash the dishes instead of cooking.”

I turned to look at her, she widened her deep brown eyes and pushed her full bottom lip out towards me. Her lips were beautiful she was beautiful. I blinked turning away from her, “Yea sure.”

“Do I get that option,” James tried one more time sauntering his long body towards the sink.

“Nope your sister already called it.”

I heard Shantels raspberry blow towards James.

“Damn Pops I see who the favorite is,” he exclaimed sarcasm lacing his deep tone.

“Has it ever been in question,” I retorted chuckling.

“Ouch, I felt that burn over here,” Shantel laughed.

“And I smell them pits over here,” James wrinkled his nose, “Did you shower yet Skipper or are you just praying for a miracle?”

“Dad was praying for a miracle and got you instead,” she jumped down from the island causing her shorts to ride over the round slopes of her toned ass. I glanced at them jiggling lightly as she walked away not caring to pull the fabric back down. I stared too long, longer than any man should stare at their daughter and turned back to the stake in front of me. My eyes caught James still watching his sisters ass bounce away, before shutting off the water and ripping a paper towel from the roll.

I didn’t know if I should scold him or not since I had been guilty of watching her as well. I decided against bringing it up this time, but my thoughts returned to the tight grip he had on his sisters hips when tickling her on the couch. Was James attracted to his sister? Then an even more disturbing thought pushed to the forefront of my mind, was I attracted to my daughter?

The knife sliced through the raw steak easily as James reached beside me for the green bell peppers. I heard the soft whistle of water running through pipes and the steady rhythm of the shower being turned on upstairs.

“After this you wanna catch another heist or I could whoop your ass at 2K,” James’ eyebrows raised with his question as he too sliced through bell pepper.

“Boy you can’t even beat me in a real hoop session,” I replied, “Grab a skillet.”

His long frame easily reached the hanging frying pan “Ahh you don’t even have hops anymore old man. Look your knee is bothering you already.”

“Man your game is worse than your jokes,” I grabbed the skillet from my son and placed it on a burner watching the blue flames come to life.

“At least I can still play a game old man, when was the last time you made a basket, ’92?”

“Put your money where your mouth is son and I’ll meet you on the court.”

“Bet,” James replied laughing.

We worked together nicely and soon the strips of steak and seared veggies were sizzling their way to the plate.

“Skipper! Dinners done,” I called up the stairs hearing Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” bumping from her room.

“Coming,” she called back shutting off the music.

James was dishing the fajita’s onto a plate and I went to the fridge to grab a couple more beers.

“Mmm smells good,” Shantels voice rang from the door. I turned to look at her and damn near dropped both beers. She was wearing a thin white spaghetti strapped shirt that was very see through and wet from the water in her hair. Her brown nipples peeked through the fabric and the dip in the shirt showed the rest of her breasts very clearly.

The shirt raised up just above her belly button revealing her toned stomach and the piercing she fought me for when she was seventeen. Diamonds dangled to the waist of low cut- shorts- I guess they were shorts, maybe boxers. Either way they were tight and hugged her rounded curves forming to the shape of her young pussy.

“Jesus Shantel,” James croaked his voice raised in pitch, “Could you put some fucking clothes on?”

She looked down at herself and her eyes widened, “What’s wrong?”

I peeled my eyes away from my daughters toned body and onto the marble flooring.

“Daddy,” her pleading tone pressed my eardrums, but I was focused on keeping my blood even.

“Yes, babygirl,” I answered without looking at her instead choosing to grab my plate.

“Do bursa escort bayan I need to put more clothes on?”

I looked up first at my son who’s stare said yes, then finally at my daughter who’s round eyes looked almost hurt by her brothers accusation. She turned 18 three weeks ago and since then had been using less fabric and more makeup, though she didn’t need it.

“Maybe throw on some pants,” I suggested and a new top, I thought.

Her bottom lip sprang forth again and her eyes lowered, “Oookaay,” she groaned turning to go back down the hall and up the stairs.

“‘Scuse me,” James mumbled walking away without grabbing his plate. I knew he was headed to the half bath downstairs and my earlier inquiries were confirmed. I also knew that I wanted to do the same thing after seeing my daughter dressed, or lack thereof, like that.

Therefore both of my dreaded suspicions were confirmed and I swallowed against the anger I felt towards myself. To think that way about your own daughter is surely enough to send you to hell, but I couldn’t get the picture of her perky tits topped with stiff brown nubs out of my head.

I took my plate to the living room and listened to Shantels footsteps thunder down the stairs. Picking up the remote, I flipped from one channel to another finally stopping on ESPN the Cavs were playing the Heat and I cracked open my beer to take a sip. Shantel crossed in front of me, she had put on another pair of- could almost pass for underwear- shorts, but these didn’t cling to every part of her the way the others did.

“Better dad,” She chirped as she bent to set her plate on the coffee table in front of us. Her ass remained in my face and bending over caused the shorts to ride up and reveal the perfect butt that I had created. For a moment I imagined grabbing her round cheeks and spreading them. How long did it take to set a plate on a table?

She arched her back as she rolled up and then glanced over at me throwing a smile towards me. A smile unlike her cheeky ear to ear smile, one that I had only seen on her mother. I cleared my throat and gave a half ass response.

“You know I am amazing, but I’m not a glass maker. I can’t see the T.V. Skipper.”

Her smile fell, “Sorry dad.”

I patted the cushion next to me and smiled back at her feeling bad for some reason, “It’s ok just sit down.”

She plopped down on the cushion and tucked her feet under her butt bending to grab her plate. She took my advice and only changed shorts leaving the shirt, that left nothing to the imagination, on. I shifted feeling my dick growing harder in my pants. My jaw clenched and I tried to focus on relaxing so as not to become obviously hard in front of my daughter.

James came back and fell onto the couch beside his sister his eyes staying intent on the t.v.

“Where’d you go,” Shantel asked looking over at him.

“Had to take a shit,” he responded still keeping his gaze glued to the game

“Eeewww, nasty,” she chuckled again shoving her elbow against him playfully.

“Yes, can we have some table manners,” I chidded.

“What table,” James shot back.

To make a point I stacked my feet on the glass coffee table in front of us.

“Ahh,” James smacked his teeth his lopsided smile returning, “Man that don’t count.”

“It does in my house,” I raised the beer to my lips again and took a long swig.

“Yea yea,” he waived his hand nonchalantly. Shantel bent to set her empty plate down and then snuggled against me pressing her barely covered breast against my arm as she laid her head on my shoulder. I focused my mind on the game and not on the soft breast with a hard peak that was squished against my bicep. After James set his plate down she stretched her legs across his lap.

We were used to this, when the kids were growing up Shantel had always dominated our space stretching over us on the couch sleeping on our shoulders. It was truly a normal experience, but this time the air could be cut with a knife. I felt James’ tension as we both concentrated too intently on the t.v. not really even watching the game. From the corner of my eye I watched Shantel rub her feet together on James’ lap and I saw him sit up straighter bending his knee to push her foot away from him.

“Ain’t you supposed to be doing dishes Skipper?” his voice was low, almost inaudible.

“Jeeze, way to snitch,” she jeered sliding her legs off of him and sitting up. Her arms raised into the air and she threw her head back as she stretched feigning a yawn, she pulled her arms down behind her jutting her chest out and causing her plump breasts to jiggle. With a heavy sigh she stood up bending over again to pick up the plates and empty beer cans on the table. This time both James and I openly looked at her bent body.

She stood up and our heads snapped back to the screen. What is happening, I thought to myself. Not only were her brother and I both openly enjoying my daughters charms, but my daughter seemed to be teasing us with them. The plates clanked as she stacked them then slid around escort bursa her brother to walk to the kitchen. James looked over his shoulder then once he was sure she was out of earshot he turned towards me.

“Pops, what the hell is happening,” he turned towards me his eyebrows raised in disbelief.

I didn’t want to have this conversation, “I don’t know son maybe your sister is going through a faze or something.”

“A faze? Dad she’s rubbing her feet against my dick!”

I turned my head towards him, “She what?”

“If I’m lying I’m dying Pops,” he shook his head, “You need to talk to her.”

“What am I supposed to say to that,” I mused out loud.

“Maybe tell her ass to knock it off,” he shook his head, “We don’t do that weird shit.”

“Were you not just whackin off in the bathroom to your sister,” I asked turning my head back to the screen. I could feel his eyes burning into me.

“I was taking a shit,” he answered in a grumbled tone, “That doesn’t excuse the fact that she ain’t wearing no clothes, sticking her ass in our face, and rubbing her feet on my dick.”

I knew he was right and I knew that this was something I would have to address, “I’ll talk to her tomorrow when she comes home from school.”

Spring’s morning rays peered through the slits in my blinds and I sat up, the remnants of my dream playing out in my head. Shantel’s tight body shaking with pleasure beneath me as I made her cry out from my tongue. I looked down at the tent in the blanket and shook my head with disgust. “Not my little girl,” I groaned.

As if on cue I heard the everyday beat against my door, duh duh-duh-duh duh duh-duh.

“Daddy,” her voice called from the other side and I saw the handle turn.

“Just a seco-“

She walked in before i could tell her to wait, reaching for a pillow beside me. It was too late and she looked at the large tent with wide eyes.

“Oh my,” she said not averting her eyes. She drew her bottom lip between her teeth and slowly released the plump flesh, “sorry daddy.” Her voice was low and husky, almost…lustful.

“Uh, give me a second,” I grumbled covering my member with the pillow.

“I just…wanted to see if you wanted to go for a run. I’ll go…I’ll go wake James up,” her cheeks were flushed and she licked her lips before turning away. I noticed she was wearing a teddy bear t-shirt that I had gotten her during her sophomore year of high school. The t-shirt barely covered her round ass and strained to not ride up to her hips and reveal the light pink underwear she was wearing. My dick jumped beneath the pillow at the sight of her turning away from me.

“Close the door,” I commanded behind her and watched it swing close listening for the soft click.

I pulled the covers off of me and swung my legs over the edge of the bed shaking my head and replaying the image of her walking away.

“Stop,” I growled out loud and pushed up to go uncomfortably towards my bathroom.

From across the hall I heard yelling.

“Fuck Skipper! Don’t you knock!”

“Shit what happened,” I mumbled out loud and looked down at my boxers willing my member to go down.

“My bad James I didn’t expect you to be being nasty in here!”

“Jesus shut the fucking door,” James yelled at her.

I pulled some basketball shorts up on my waist, walked to my door, and opened it.

“What’s going on y’all,” I yelled stepping out to see Shantel with her hand over her mouth laughing a little.

“What were you thinking about bro,” she asked and turned towards me, “he’s in here choking his chicken.”

“Jesus Shantel stop barging in on people,” I responded rubbing my forehead.

“It’s not my fault you guys can’t keep your hardons down,” she chided swaying her hips towards her bedroom. “Get ready for a run,” She chuckled before closing the door behind her leaving her brother and I in her wake.

Each of us stayed active daily and tried to run every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas when we had decided the food would be allowed to take over. Spring was upon us and the bright early sunshine enlightened by new birds chirping happily around our trail made mornings the best time to run. Our feet pounded the pavement at a steady pace, having ran marathons together before, we had a synchronization that had been built at a young age for them.

The morning air was chillier than it had been these past couple of days and at 6:00 the sun had just risen to invite life into the trees surrounding our paved nature trail. As the sound of rubber on concrete kept pace with the heartbeat drumming against our ears Shantel began laughing.

“You guys wanna race,” she asked nudging her elbow against my forearm.

“You don’t have a prayer,” James chided, “and Pops’ knee has already given out at the thought of trying to catch me.”

My son was cocky and brought me back to the time that I was in college basketball before my ACL tore twice. It was a painful experience, both physically and mentally and I remember Cadence, their mother, being the only one there for me at a time where I felt helpless. Shantel had grown into a spitting image of the woman I had fallen in love with. A smart, ambitious, and determined person willing to try new things and wanting to experience life.

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