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Romp in the Hay

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She loved her brother so much. He was older than her, 23, and she was just 19. they got along great and did most everything together. Kitty took a year off of school and was going to go away to the collage a few hundred miles away in a big city. Their town was small and Kitty had never lived in a big city. She was scared to move there all by herself. She especially was afraid to lose her brother.

“You aren’t losing me, Kitty, I will be right here, right here waiting for you to return. I will call you and write to you if you like…”

She interrupted Jarod,

“Of course I want to keep in touch! I wish dad didn’t need your help on the ranch, I wish you could come with me.”

Kitty pouted and lowered her head. Her brother, Jarod, lifted it with one finger and smiled,

“If you keep that lip out there a bird might land on it and shit in your mouth…”

They both laughed. She always laughed so much around him. Kitty hugged him tight and he held her close, they both wanted to stay in the moment forever. However, dad called down the stairs and they finished their morning rituals before they went out to take care of the animals.

She was already dressed and was in the bathroom brushing her teeth as her brother got dressed in his room. He took his boxers off while the door was cracked slightly open and Kitty peeked at him between the door to his bedroom and the frame. All she could see as a well toned, tight as hell ass. She had seen him naked when they where younger and experimenting with the world, but he used to be chubby. Now he was sculpted, as was she, from working hard on the ranch.

She ran the toothbrush on her teeth slower as she stared and soon was just standing there sucking on the end of it. He pulled his jeans up and threw on a t-shirt and she backed away into the bathroom to finish. As she was washing her face he came up behind her, pressing his body against her back in order to reach in front of her to get his own toothbrush. His crotch pressed firmly on her ass and she felt a little tingle go through her body. She never thought of it as sexual but it made her a little damp. This was her brother, somebody whom she loved, not a dirty man off the streets bent on getting in her pants. The thought of a twisted stranger trying to fuck her made her smile and her nipples got hard. She was normally a very dirty girl in bed. (and very rarely did she use a bed at all!)

Jarod smiled down at his sister while she dried her face and he put toothpaste on his toothbrush. He could smell her hair, it smelled like strawberries. He loved that smell. Sometimes he would use her shampoo so he could smell strawberries all night. She did the same bursa escort thing. Kitty would sometimes put a dab of his cologne on her neck so she could smell his scent all night. They never told each other this, or anybody else for that matter. People just wouldn’t understand.

They went out early in the morning before breakfast and started chucking hay from a truck into the horse pasture. It was misty out and a loud thunder grew in the hills beyond. It was the beating of many hoofs. A few whinnies and snorts where heard as the horses drew closer. Soon their black outlines where seen galloping and throwing their heads up and down and side to side as they came. Kitty drove the truck off a few yards away from the sinuous mass of pure strength and wild hearts as they closed in on the food. The stallion trotted around the food, watching his mares and foals carefully, then he pushed into the crowd to eat with them. The matriarch of the group was pushing her way in next to the stallion and they nuzzled each other gently then they continued eating.

Kitty and Jarod smiled as they drove off to the barn to clean up the loose hay off the ground that they spilled from the bails. As they worked, Jarod told his sister dirty jokes he read online,

“A guy comes home from work feeling bad about what he had done there. He lays and ponders his actions for a while. A voice in his head tells him, ‘it is okay, a lot of doctors have sex with their patience.’ He starts to feel a little better then another voice in his head said, ‘yes, but you are a veterinarian!'”

They both laughed, though he tried to keep a straight face to add to the humor. Kitty grabbed a handful of loose hay and threw it at him. He ducked and grabbed some of his own, tossing it at her. They laughed and threw hay, getting covered in it and soon she jumped on his back as he went to get more. He spun them both around and they fell to the ground in a pile of the yellow hay laughing and wrestling.

Jarod pinned Kitty down under him and they stopped laughing. They where breathing hard and their hearts where pounding. They looked into each other’s green eyes and smiled shyly. They had just transformed into virgin lovers, touching the opposite sex for the first time. All the thoughts of being apart drifted away and they where in the moment. Nothing else existed but them, they had each other.

He bent his head down and kissed her softly on the lips. Jarod pulled his head back to make sure she wasn’t going to protest and she lifted her head up and kissed him back. He slid his hands under her and held her tight as they started kissing heavier, passionately and fervently. Their tongues explored, each in bursa escort bayan the other’s mouth. It was unlike any kiss either of them had ever had. This was pure passion, love and trust.

Jarod moved his hands down and pulled her shirt up, moving his fingers to the front to touch her firm, round, perky tits. Her nipples where rock hard as he touched them. Her breasts where so soft and smooth. Kitty arched her back slightly and slid her own hands up his shirt, feeling his bare chest. He was hot and she could feel his heart pounding, hers was, too. Their hearts thumped away in their chests so hard – like the beating of the wild horse’s hooves on the morning damp ground.

They managed to pull each others’ shirts off between heavy kisses and he deftly undid her bra from the front clasp. Her tits fell out and her hard nipples stared up at him. He lay his body on top of hers slightly so she could just feel his skin on her nipples. It drove Kitty wild. Jarod pressed his hips against hers and pushed his hardening cock into her wet pussy through their pants.

He started to unbutton her jeans as he kissed a path from her lips to her jaw, across her collarbone and between her tits. He licked and sucked each pink nipple, nibbling at times. Then he made his way down further to her tummy and hips. When he got down there he had her pants unbuttoned and pulled halfway down her upper thigh. He kissed and bit her hip bones and looked at her light brown fur patch that lay peeking over the underwear and jeans that he was sliding off.

He had stolen glances of his sister in bikini’s and her underwear, but never had he seen her naked before. She smelled so good. Her musk was light and intoxicating, mixed with her perfume and the sweet smell of hay. He reached down and pulled her shoes off and pulled her pants all the way from her body. He took her socks off with care and raised one of her feet to his mouth, nibbling on her ankle and rubbing the foot. She squirmed and giggled lightly.

Kitty half sat up and started to take his pants off. She was a bit more anxious about it and quickly undid the button and zipper. She pulled them off along with his boxers and he helped her a bit as she worked. She also took off his work boots and socks and soon he was as naked as she. His cock was already hard as a rock and it throbbed and ached. The ache felt so good, he ached for her. She lay him down and positioned herself between his legs. He never told anybody but he had dreamt of this very thing so many times. It was hard to tell if this wasn’t another dream.

Kitty also had dreams of her brother but her dreams never compared to this. She lowered her face to his tummy escort bursa and kissed under his belly button, along the light trail of fuzz that led to his manhood. She nibbled on his hip bones like he had done to her and he moaned quietly. She smiled and kissed and licked closer to his cock. Soon she had it, holding it firmly in one hand while she lowered her lips to the tip. He had a nice thick eight inch pecker, perfect for her. She licked the tip in circles and kissed it firmly as her hand squeezed the shaft and moved up and down slowly.

Soon Kitty put more into her mouth and he curled his tows and clenched his teeth as she worked her wet mouth up and down on him. Her tongue licked as she sucked and her other hand started touching his balls, tugging lightly and tickling the underside. Suddenly she moved her hot mouth down harder and took his whole dick into her mouth to where he could feel the back of her throat on the head of his cock. His eyes got wide and he grabbed her head gently. She did it a few more times and he was so close to orgasm. He sat up halfway and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up on him. She straddled him and her wet pussy was laying on his sex.

She bent down and kissed him as her hand reached between their hips. They kissed passionately again, lost in the feeling. She positioned the tip of his manhood to her hole and slid herself down a little on him. She went up and down a few times on the tip of his cock, teasing them both. Jarod grabbed her waist as she slid down further and further, finally taking him all the way inside. She rode him at a medium pace for a few minutes until he grabbed her tight, pulled her to him, kissed her lips ardently and rolled them both over. He lay on top of her, hands under her body holding her shoulders, and he slid his dick in and out, over and over. They looked into each others’ eyes, smiling.

They wanted it to last forever, and in their minds it was, but in reality it was over all too quickly as he started to pound her, his thick cock pushing the walls of her pussy wide open and stretching her cunt open wide. He filled her over and over until he exploded inside her. She, too, felt the electricity building in her stomach and she bucked her hips wildly as she came hard. Her pupils dilated and she was filled with his hot seed.

Jarod pumped a little more, slowly, and every time he did she would whimper and grind her hips against his. Soon they lay still, his strong body on top of her petite form. They fit together perfectly, as if they where made just for each other.

They where even closer now than they had been before, if it was possible. The sex they shared was the ultimate closeness, it made them one. People who love each other should make love, and Jarod and Kitty loved each other deeply, truly, and madly. They would love one another for the rest of their lives and share many more intimate moments like that day in the barn.

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