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Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 04

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David was watching TV when his mother got home that evening. He noticed had gotten a haircut and was carrying a large bag from the lingerie store at the mall.

“Wow Mom, you look great. I like the hair. And either you buy very large undies or you bought a lot of stuff today.”

“Thanks hun,” she said with a smile. Truth be told it was due to her son’s appreciative glances that she decided to try wearing some sexier clothing. “I don’t know, maybe I got carried away at the store. There were so many things I liked I couldn’t decide which to put back so I ended up buying them all.”

“Want to give me a fashion show?” said David. He was growing bolder as he was getting used to their new relationship. Carol hesitated as she thought about some of the skimpier things that were in the bag. “I mean, let’s be real, I’ve practically seen you naked already.”

“Fine. If you really want to see a 43 year-old woman in her underwear that’s up to you. C’mon.”

David sat on her bed while she brought her bag into the bathroom and closed the door. A minute later she walked out in nothing but a lacy pink bra and matching panties. The bra concealed much more than it showed but she was truly lovely. David give her a little whistle.

“Thank you. Not too bad for a woman my age?”

“Not to bad for a woman any age,” David said. Carol returned to the bathroom.

A moment later she returned in a black bra and panties combination. This bra really pushed up her tits. David’s heart beat in chest.

“Oh, I like that,” He said.

The next display was even better. Carol was wearing a leopard print set. The bra came down low, barely covering her nipples. As she walked across the room David watched her big tits jiggle. Her breast were really too big for this bra and the motion caused it to slowly crawl down revealing the tops of her large nipples. David was speechless and just stared at this sexy mother. Carol could read his expression. She walked all the way across the room and back and winked at him over her shoulder.

“David honey, I actually need a different pair of panties for this next one. Something white. They’re in my top drawer. Can you bring them to me?”

David rummaged through his mom’s undies and found a pair that were actually rather small looking. Perfect, he thought. He pushed open the cracked door and saw his mother cutting tags off a white bra. She was naked. She saw his reflection in the mirror and quickly put her arm over her breasts and her hand over her pussy. She looked incredible. David notice her glance at his crotch and realized the sweatpants he was wearing were showing his obvious approval. They stood for a long moment looking at each other before he put the panties on the counter and left. pendik escort Rather than retuning to the bed he walked over to her top drawer to close it. Something bright pink caught his eye. He picked it up and looked at it. It was a micro bikini. He had seen pictures of them on the internet but never imagined his mother would have something this scandalous. The bottom was mainly a string with a piece of fabric for the crotch that would barely conceal a tube of lipstick. The top wasn’t much larger, mainly string, and the two pink triangles would have trouble hiding an Oreo cookie.

A moment later Carol walked out. She was wearing a small white baby doll that barely touched her thighs. The thin fabric was stretched tightly across her ample breasts. Her nipples protruded out a half an inch.

“What did you find?” she asked. She quickly recognized the bikini which her ex liked seeing her in. She wouldn’t dream about wearing it out of the house but one day he convinced her to sunbathe in the yard in it. She agreed and enjoyed his appreciative stare when she put on suntan oil. It was later in the afternoon when she noticed the teenage boy next door peering out the window at her. She jumped up and ran to the house not realizing that her oiled body looked even better in motion. Her ex did though and from that time on he frequently asked her to wear it in the bedroom. He even bought a hula hoop for her one time and jacked off watching her try it.

“Let’s see you in this,” David said.

“In your dreams. That thing doesn’t cover hardly anything.”

“Please mom, you’d look so hot in it.”

“David!” she said.

“But you would. Put it on and I’ll cook dinner every night this summer?” Carol paused, realizing he was serious. “And clean the kitchen.” That was a very tempting offer. Carol felt her pussy growing wet from all his attention and the enormous bulge in his sweats.

“Fine, but you’d better hold up your end of the bargain.”

“I will mom. Promise.” Carol grabbed the bikini and walked back to the bathroom. David eyes followed watching her ass that was only partially concealed by her little white panties.

David returned to the bed and sat down. Carol emerged wearing a short white kimono and stood before him.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She shook her head. “To wear one of these things you have to get a wax job. It might look gross but that’s up to you.” She slowly untied the sash and pulled the kimono off her shoulders. David’s heart stopped. His mom was almost completely naked. Her nipples circled the small triangles which were lifted off her boobs by her hard nipples. But what was even more exciting was her pussy.

Since Carol didn’t have a chance to wax or shave David saw her full pubic escort pendik mound covered in blond hair. Two strings started at the tops of her hips and stretched down to the small fabric that covered her lips. Carol was so turned on by being this exposed to her son her lips were swollen and the fabric held them like a pouch. It was easy for David to imagine it being the pink lips of her pussy nestled below her downy mound.

“Well, does it meet your approval,” she asked him quietly. He could only nod, unable to take her eyes off her luscious body. David glanced past her where her mirror closet door reflected her back side. The pink string ran down her crack leaving her curvy ass exposed.

“Why am I the only one in her underwear? Isn’t it fair for me to see you in yours too? After all a man looks good in just his underwear and you always seem to be out of yours.”

David stood up. Carol didn’t move back and they were standing a foot apart. He untied the string of his waistband and pulled down his sweats. Bending to pull them down his legs his head was inches from her curvy tits and he allowed himself to brush his face against one. He heard her sharp intake of breath but she didn’t move. When his pants were off he stood looking at her. She glanced down at her son’s erection. Then back into his eyes.

“Sit down honey,” she said. David did and took a long look at his mothers barely covered crotch before she dropped to her knees in front of him. Again her eyes were locked in on his crotch. She desperately wanted to feel it in her mouth. Her pussy was on fire and she knew she was in very dangerous territory. She grabbed his cock through his briefs. It was hot and hard. She just stared at it for a moment admiring it. She loved the way she could see the ridge. She ran her fingernail along it and David jumped. She smiled.

“Let’s get these off honey,” she said. David lifted his ass off the bed and Carol pulled them down. She had jto work to get his dick out but soon it was free and pointed straight up at the ceiling. She could smell his musk. She loved that fact that he shaved; it made him look even larger and somehow more naked. She pushed his legs apart to get a better look at his balls. The took hold of the shaft and squeezed it. She noticed David asshole tighten when she did it. She slid her hand up to the head and squeezed some more. She could hear his breathing quicken. She touched his anus and David moaned. She loved that sound and continued to play with his ass. For some reason she really wanted to touch it with her tongue.

David looked in the mirror at his almost naked mother kneeling in front of him. She looked at once motherly and slutty.

“Suck it, Mom.” It was a whisper, so quiet. Carol looked up at him with pendik escort bayan glistening eyes. No, I can’t she thought to herself. But her desire was palpable. She looked back at his piece. Her head moved forward and she kissed the head. Carol pulled back in shock of much she wanted his cock. She could practically feel it in her mouth. She leaned forward again and kissed it, this time with soft, wet lips. David couldn’t breathe. Carol knew it was wrong but she couldn’t pull her lips off her son’s cock head.

David was teased beyond control. He needed to shove his cock in his mother’s mouth. Carol felt his hand on the back of her head starting to push down. She tried to resist. Then she felt David reach down and grab her nipple. She moaned and David forced his mother’s head down and felt his cock finally slide across her lips.

Carol felt his hand squeezing her other nipple and realized she was fully sucking her son’s cock without being forced. She felt her pussy spasm. Oh how she needed to touch herself. David pinched and pulled his mother’s sensitive nipples and felt her resistance give way. Suddenly she was sucking on his cock like her life depended on it. She heard herself moan and slurp on his cock. She spit on his balls and rubbed them. She spit again and they were soon coated and slippery. She fondled them and sucked hungrily on his cock. She had forgotten how much she loved to suck a man’s staff. She bobbed her head up and down, feeling him press against the back of her throat. Her desire to touch her pussy was growing unbearable.

David breathed heavily through his nose. He was beyond restraint. He reached down and slapped his mother’s ass. Carol screamed over his hard cock. She had reached the breaking point. He spanked her again and Carol’s hand flew into her bikini bottom. David pushed her head down hard and Carol felt his head push into the opening of her throat. He spanked her again and again with hard slaps. He wanted to punish her for being such a slut. He pushed harder on her head, forcing his cock down her throat. She rubbed furiously on her clit and with his final spank her pussy convulsed in the most powerful orgasm of her life. She loved coming with a cock in her mouth, it was her favorite thing to do.

David watched his mother frantically rubbing herself to orgasm and felt his balls tighten. While she came her asshole twitched and her moans massaged his cock. With David’s huge cock going down her throat she couldn’t breath, nor could she cry out. Finally David’s cock erupted and shot his burning seed into his mother’s waiting throat. Carol couldn’t swallow and David watched his cum run down his cock and cover his balls. He felt her gag on his cock which only milked more cum from his bloated head. David fell back onto the bed and Carol came up gasping for air, her orgasm still vibrating through her body. She lay her head on his thigh and looked at his cum covered cock and balls leaned in and licked his quivering cock clean.

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