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Saga of Littown Ch. 07

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Author’s Note: While this story and its various chapters are primarily incest themed, it will often contain things such as excessive cum, anal play/pegging, and whatever else amuses me at the time. Reader discretion is advised.


Jaime woke up to the feeling of his sister bouncing on his cock. Her tight pussy embraced and massaged him into consciousness. His first sight of the day was her beaming smile and jiggling breasts as she rammed herself onto him over and over.

“Mmm,” Jaime moaned. “Good morning to me.”

Emily giggled. “I knew you’d enjoy it. For some reason you seem to prefer waking up inside me, rather than vice versa.”

“Yeah. Weird.”

Jaime grabbed his sister’s magnificent tits and gave them a proper good-morning fondling. He sucked each of her nipples in turn, then gave them each an extra kiss.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” Emily cooed. “Do it some more.”

“Are you sure? You wouldn’t rather something a little more than that?”

“Like what?”

“Liiike, say… flipping you over and pounding your tight little sister-cunt until you pass out from incest overload?”

Emily kissed her brother fiercely and squeezed her pussy extra tightly around his cock. She couldn’t resist him when he said such romantic things.

Jaime rolled him and Emily over so that he was on top of her. She clung to him and didn’t let their lips separate, or his penis exit her. He began thrusting into her with the savage tenderness that he knew his sister loved. He ravaged her mercilessly, and soon she broke out in a chain of brother-induced orgasms.

Jaime watched his sister’s beautiful face as he fucked her right to the breaking point. Her eyes rolled back in uncontained pleasure, and her smile was wide and directionless. It was amazing what his pure love and a little sexual brutality could do to her. So long as he kept pounding her, she’d stay in mindless sister-slut mode practically forever.

Hours later, after delivering countless orgasms to his sister, Jaime felt the need to cum. He pulled his cock out of Emily’s pussy and shoved it down her throat instead. It was so lubed up with her juices that burying it in her mouth was smooth and frictionless.

“Time for breakfast, Em.”

Emily looked up at Jaime with adoring eyes. She tingled in anticipation of being filled up with brother-cum. It was her favouritest thing in the whole world, other than being filled up with Jaime’s wonderful cock.

A torrent of cum gushed directly into Emily’s tummy. She grabbed Jaime’s butt and held him firmly embedded down her throat as she swallowed the entirety of his huge, sexy load. Her belly swelled and bulged out at the sheer quantity of it all. She was well used to the feeling, but still savoured every second of being stretched out by an impossible quantity of semen.

Jaime pulled out of Emily’s throat and let her start breathing again. He lay down next to her and put his hand on her cum-swollen tummy. Her skin was so supple and warm to the touch.

“It almost looks like you’re pregnant, you know,” Jaime said.

Emily giggled. “Pregnant with a brother-cum baby,” she said happily. “The best kind of pregnant.”

The siblings cuddled for a while. They ran their hands over each other’s naked bodies, and it didn’t take long for them to get horny again.

“We should get up,” Emily said regretfully. “We have to get ready for school.”

“School? I thought it was still the weekend.”

“It should be. But time moves at the speed of plot, so today’s a school day.”

“I see. This shit’s complicated, huh?”

“Little bit, yeah.”

Emily padded naked down the hall to her room. She intended to get dressed, but a thought occurred to her before she quite made it there. Her mom’s door was closed, and it was possible that she and Aunt Krissy were still asleep. She couldn’t resist checking on them.

Emily carefully pushed the door open without making a sound. Sure enough, both her mommy and aunt/daddy were still sound asleep. Christine lay nearer with Krissy spooned right up behind her. Their sisterly similar faces wore blissful, angelic expressions in their unconscious states.

After just watching her parents sleep for a moment, Emily crept closer still. She used all of her ninja skills to approach and pull back the covers without being detected. She had considered playing with Krissy’s cock a little while she slept, just for fun, but that turned out to be unfeasible. Krissy had her penis lodged firmly in Christine’s butt while they sleepily spooned. There was no way to get at it without waking them up.

It was quite a beautiful sight to Emily. Her sexy-ass parents were all cuddled up in an intensely arousing and romantic position. She took it all in, then lovingly pulled their covers back up and tucked them in snugly. She kissed them each on the forehead, then left the room. She still had school to get ready for.


Exiting the bus at Over Eighteen School was a surreal experience for Jaime that morning. He’d been going there for a pendik escort week now, and even though some crazy things had happened in that time, they had basically all been sexy rather than violent. This time was different.

The field beside the school was filled with hot girls and flashing blades. It was a medieval melee of a sort Jaime had never actually witnessed before. Even more confusing, most of the other arriving students didn’t seem at all surprised. Some of them stopped to watch, but more of them simply carried on.

“Em? What the hell’s going on?”

“Hm? Oh, the gang fight?”

“Is that what that is?”

“Well, yeah. What did you think it was? Some sort of modern art?”

Jaime walked closer and Emily followed along. “They’re swinging swords at each other.”

“Mmhm. Just blowing off some steam. It’s good to get it out of their systems. Keeps things more orderly the rest of the time.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“A little, I guess. Every now and then someone gets stabbed a bit, or lightly decapitated. Mostly it’s just good harmless fun, though.”

“I see.” Jaime turned back toward the front door of the school. “Well, I’m going in before someone loses a limb.”

“Psh, that hardly ever happens.”

The flow of student traffic was more normalized inside the school itself. Most of the people around Jaime were hot eighteen-year-old girls, of course, because that’s what his life was. None of them were wielding weaponry of any kind, which was very reassuring to him.

“Are there a lot of gangs at the school?” Jaime asked his sister.

“Yep. Tons. I thought you knew that. Wasn’t it in your welcome brochure?”

“I, uh, don’t think I got one of those.”

“Really? Weird. Oh well.”

“Hey, guys!”

Jaime and Emily turned as Lindsay jogged up to them. Jaime’s eyes locked onto her sweet tits as they jiggled and bounced.

“Lin!” Emily said happily. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good. Another gang fight going on outside, though.”

“Yeah, we saw that.”

Emily hugged Lindsay once her friend was close enough. Their firm, teenage breasts pressed together in a delicious and enticing way. Jaime’s eyes bugged out and his perpetually hard cock strained in his pants.

Emily giggled at her brother’s reaction. She decided it was a good time to give Lindsay a totally platonic and friendly kiss. She stuck her tongue forcefully down Lindsay’s throat, catching her friend by surprise. She even reached around and grabbed Lindsay’s tight butt through her jeans.

Lindsay was caught off guard at first, but quickly warmed to the completely innocent display of friendly affection. She happily made out with Emily and felt her up some, even while her friend’s brother stared slack-jawed at the two of them. Jaime clearly just didn’t understand girl closeness and was taking it as something sexual. There was nothing to be done about that.

The girls finally broke off their tongue-duel after figurative hours of super-hot lesbian action. A single strand of spit remained connected between their mouths until they got too far away. They were both breathing noticeably heavier, and they took a moment to compose themselves.

“Uh oh, Jai’s all hard now,” Emily said, as though she’d had no idea what she was doing.

“Em, your brother’s always hard,” Lindsay giggled. “You should know that by now.”

“You’re right. What was I thinking.” Emily grabbed Jaime’s massive bulge and gave it a squeeze. “If only someone would take care of it for him.”

“Actually, now that you mention it…” said Lindsay. She rubbed her tummy thoughtfully. “I didn’t have a chance to grab breakfast this morning. Maybe we could help each other out, Jai.”

“Are you saying you want me to shove my cock down your throat and fill you up with cum?” Jaime asked.

Lindsay twirled a lock of hair coyly around her finger. “Basically, yeah. I’d get a healthy, delicious breakfast, and you’d get to throat-fuck me until you explode. Seems like a good deal to me.”

Emily leaned closer to her brother. “As your attorney, I’d advise you to take the deal, Jai.”

Jaime nodded. “How can I refuse?”

Without any hesitation, Jaime unzipped his jeans and whipped his hard cock out. He grabbed Lindsay’s shoulder to guide her to her knees, but she resisted.

“Not here, silly,” Lindsay said. “There’s people everywhere.”

Jaime blinked and looked around. Indeed, there were students surrounding them in all directions. Most of the them were looking at his cock. Several girls started shoving hands into their panties and fingering themselves just at the sight of it.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “I guess we should find somewhere more private.”

The girls each took one of Jaime’s arms and led him down the hallway. More girls stopped to stare as they passed since Jaime’s cock was still sticking out and bouncing with every step.

Emily was quite pleased with all the attention her brother’s penis was getting. She already knew it was the bestest, most wonderful cock in the whole escort pendik world, but having confirmation made it all the better. Little did any of those other girls know how often Emily got her various holes stuffed by it. They’d be so jealous if they found out.

All three of them entered a girls’ bathroom together. It seemed deserted, which meant it was sufficient for their purposes.

Lindsay knelt on the floor in front of Jaime. She placed her hands demurely on her thighs and opened her mouth wide. She gazed excitedly at his magnificent, diamond-hard shaft, then up to his face. She winked, then started leaning forward. Slowly, but without ever faltering, she impaled her mouth on his cock all the way to the base.

Emily bit her lip as she watched her friend suck her brother off yet again. She found it insanely hot every time, and she wished she could join in without giving away their super-hot incestuous sibling love affair. All she could do was watch and masturbate, unfortunately. With a regretful sigh, she stripped her jeans and panties off, then hopped up on the bathroom counter to play with her pussy.

Jaime looked back and forth between Lindsay’s soft lips wrapped around his cock, and his sister fingering her beautiful slit. They were each such amazing, sexy girls, and they were both turning him on like crazy. Lindsay especially was giving him an incredible hands-free blowjob. He couldn’t even comprehend the things she was doing with her tongue.

As it happened, Lindsay had been practicing her oral technique. Ever since Jaime had first drowned her with his absurd levels of cum, she’d been getting more and more intrigued by the things she could do with her mouth. Luckily for her, her brother was more than happy to let her practice giving blowjobs. She felt like her skills were improving tremendously, and the cute little noises Jaime made as she sucked him off seemed to confirm it.

Both Jaime and Emily filled the room with their sexual moans. Even Lindsay eventually got so horny she had to shove her hand down her pants and start rubbing herself too. The combined noises of the three teens covered the entrance of a pair of intruders until it was far too late to hide what they were doing.

“Ew, there’s a boy in here!”

Jaime turned his head and froze at the sight of two girls who had mysteriously appeared, although probably they’d just walked in the doorway. Emily tensed up as well, though her fingers kept moving on her clit. Lindsay had a cock in her mouth that prevented her head from turning, so she couldn’t really see what was happening.

“Uh, hi,” said Jaime.

“Get out of here you perv!” said one of the girls. “This is a girls’ bathroom.”

“Whoa, whoa. Relax,” said Emily. “My friend missed breakfast, so my brother’s going to cum into her tummy. That’s all. He’s just helping out and not being a perv or anything.”

The angrier and slightly older of the two girls crossed her arms suspiciously. “Your brother?”

“Um, yeah,” said Emily. “That’s Jaime, and I’m Emily. His sister. The girl being used as a dick-holster is Lindsay.”

Lindsay held a hand up and waved in the general direction of where she thought the new girls were standing.

“I’m Nicky,” the younger girl said. “And this is my sister Michelle.” Her initial shock and disgust at finding a blowjob in progress had swiftly faded in favour of curiosity and arousal. “We were just coming in here for, uh… reasons.”

Michelle still didn’t seem convinced, but her expression softened. “Well, I guess if you and your brother are in here together, whatever you’re doing can’t be too pervy.”

Emily nodded. “Yes, of course. Because brothers and sisters can’t do pervy things around each other. It’s basically metaphysically impossible.”

“That’s right. So I’ll let it slide and let you guys carry on with your… blowjob breakfast… thing.”

“I appreciate it,” Jaime said.

“I’m sure you do. Come on, Nicky, let’s go find another bathroom to make out in.”

“Aw, but Mishy.” Nicky pouted adorably. “I want to stay and watch the blowjob. I never get to see any.”

“I’m sorry,” Emily interrupted, “did you just say you were going to make out? With each other?” Her fingers sped up on her pussy.

“Yeah, so what?” Michelle grabbed her sister around the waist and pulled her closer protectively. “Sisters making out is totally hot, and is a common fantasy that’s barely incesty at all. It’s therefore completely fine and not illegal for us to do.”

“Sometimes we lick each other’s pussies too,” Nicky added helpfully. “And sometimes Mishy gets a big ol’ dildo and shoves it up-“

“Hush, Nicky,” Michelle said. She swatted her little sister on the butt. “We don’t need to be telling people those things.”

“No, it’s ok,” Emily said, her fingers moving faster with every new sexual revelation. “You can tell me all the dirty, sexy things you two do together. I don’t mind.”

“Ok!” said Nicky, who wasn’t used to other people being interested in her sex life with her sister. “Last night pendik escort bayan Mishy tied my hands behind my back and licked my pussy for hours until-“

Michelle clamped a hand over her little sister’s mouth until she stopped talking. “That’s enough, Nicky. Why don’t you… I don’t know, go watch that guy get sucked off or something. It’ll be educational for you.”

“Okey dokey.”

Nicky slipped free of Michelle grasp, then darted in and planted a quick kiss on her big sister’s lips. She then happily knelt down next to Lindsay and watched in awe as Jaime’s cock pumped in and out of the other girl’s mouth. Being mostly experienced with incestuous lesbian sex, Nicky hadn’t seen many blowjobs before, so she was pretty excited at the opportunity.

Michelle sighed and leaned up against the counter where Emily was sitting. All she’d wanted was a quick, simple make-out session with her little sister in a school bathroom. Somehow, things had become complicated. Who could have foreseen that?

“You know, I think it’s pretty crazy hot that you fuck your sister,” Emily said.

Michelle looked at her suspiciously. “You do?”

Emily nodded. “Yep.” She didn’t dare tell this girl she’d only just met that she fucked her brother constantly, since that would be admitting to real, proper incest. Luckily, she also had a sister with whom she’d engaged in sexy times. “My big sister likes to pound me with a strapon sometimes,” she confided. “So I kinda know what it’s like.”

Michelle visibly relaxed once she learned that she wasn’t alone in her sister-fucking adventures. “I appreciate you telling me that. It’s so hard to know who’s going to judge you for something like that.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about any judging with Jai and me,” Emily assured her.

Michelle glanced over at Jaime. “Speaking of your brother… do you always masturbate while watching him do sexy things to other girls.”

“It’s not incest,” Emily said defiantly. “We’re not touching, so there can’t be anything wrong with it.”

“I didn’t say there was.” Michelle bit her lip. “Actually… I kinda think it’s hot that you get off watching him.”

Emily grinned. A kindred spirit at last.

Jaime’s attention was being torn quite dramatically. He had Lindsay sucking him like a vacuum cleaner, and she was going to make him cum at basically any moment. Nicky was right beside her, peering intently at the master-class display of cock-suckery. She didn’t seem to realize that Jaime could see down her shirt, or perhaps she just didn’t care. Her hotness and innocence were a deadly combination that only infused him with even vaster quantities of lust and arousal.

Behind the two nearer girls, Jaime also had an amazing view of his sister’s lovely pussy as she played with it nonchalantly. He was a little worried about the way Emily and Michelle had started whispering and giggling together all of a sudden. Knowing his sister, they had to be discussing something terribly naughty.

Lindsay decided it was time to get her yummy breakfast, so she finished Jaime off with her all-new, super-secret tongue technique. She wrapped her tongue around and around Jaime’s cock in a helix shape, then squeezed and massaged his shaft with her supple organ. It worked like a charm.

Jaime cried out in abject pleasure as he was brought to orgasm. Gallons of semen burst forth from within him, and were promptly deposited in Lindsay’s tummy. Her belly started to blow up like a balloon as she was filled up with tasty goo.

Nicky was unused to the gravitational disturbance that resulted from one of Jaime’s improbably massive orgasms. She was knocked off balance and fell against Lindsay. Jaime’s cock was knocked loose, and a large amount of cum spurted over Nicky and Lindsay’s fronts.

Of course, Lindsay was perfectly happy to have her shirt drenched in cum. She’d been planning on spilling some over herself anyway, and this accident was just a time-saver. More surprising was that Nicky didn’t seem to mind it. She was shocked at first, but the feel of the sexy goop on her tits and the sense of belonging it afforded her quickly assuaged any negative emotions she might have had.

Emily was intensely turned on from seeing Lindsay get inflated with Jaime’s cum, then both her and Nicky get mildly showered in it as well. She was also slightly envious of the two girls. They now got to show their cum-sluttiness thanks to their messed shirts. It wasn’t fair that she didn’t get to just because Jaime was her brother. She was the biggest brother-cum-slut of anyone, and it hurt that she couldn’t let anyone know without revealing their incestuous secret.

Luckily, Jaime caught his sister’s distress with his sibling psychic link to her. He absolutely couldn’t leave Emily out if she was going to feel so bad about it. Thinking quickly, he twitched his cock and fired a pair of extra-strong cum-bursts at her. They caught her on each tit, and splashed out to cover her shirt.

“Oops,” Jaime said. “I accidentally got cum all over my sister’s tits.”

“That’s ok,” Lindsay said. “Accidents happen. It clearly wasn’t on purpose, even though your cum landed only on her, without so much as a drop spilling on the floor. An airtight case of Not Incest, in my opinion.”

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