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Sati Ch. 04

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Chapter 04: At The Beach

While Sati was in the bathroom I threw the beach blanket, two towels and some other stuff into this big dive bag I had purchased. Sati came out of the bathroom wearing a shoulder to mid calf seersucker button up cover in very bright and flowery colors and patterns, grabbed a bag and my hand.

“Come on slow coach, let’s hit the beach.”

We stopped at one of the street vendors downstairs, open markets are a feature of Singapore life, and grabbed some fruit for breakfast. Sati picked out what we would need but included a banana which she waved at me with a wicked grin.

The taxi dropped us off at the beach Sati had got us to. It wasn’t very crowded and we were able to find a nice place to drop our beach blanket under the shade of a palm tree. We were only twenty yards from the water and at least twenty to a family of four, two little kids, to our right and an older couple in chairs reading on the other side.

We threw our stuff down and I peeled off my tee shirt and shorts and stood there in just my Speedo, Sati’s eyes checked me out then she unbuttoned her cover up. As she undid each button she showed me a little portion of herself. Then she took off the cover up, her bikini was more provocative than naked could be. A tiny patch of bright yellow material over each breast and a smaller one over her pubic mound. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed my excitement, fortunately no one seemed to be taking any attention to us.

“Breakfast or swim?” she asked holding up the banana.

“Let’s eat the fruit, then get into the water” I replied “then we have time to relax and enjoy.”

We peeled mangos and papaya and feasted on them and then Sati peeled the banana and started licking it. I looked around, no one was taking any notice of us but I certainly was. Sati licked up and down the flesh, her eyes pinned on mine, and then she started taking little bites of it up and down its length. Suddenly she plunged her mouth down over it and pushed it into her mouth. When she bit it off and started to chew. It was then that I knew I was in big trouble. The glint in her eyes and the laughter she made when she had swallowed were so telling.

I had to roll over; even twenty yards away my tented Speedo would have been noticed, maybe.

Some time later Sati asked, “So we going into the water?”

“Now that I have calmed down enough we can go in.” I said jokingly.

We ran down to the shore line and at knee depth both plunged in and breast stroked into deeper water. We swam around out of our depth for a while then Sati grabbed my hand and pulled us to shallower water, in fact to where the water was just below her chin. We turned around and faced the ocean; she pushed her ass back against me and turned her face to be kissed.

I reached down into her bikini bottom and began playing with her pussy lips. Our mouths were very active, tongues colliding and licking all over each other’s face. I found her clitoris and gently squeezed it to full erection.

“If you stop that I will have to kill you.” She groaned.

I kept up my fingering and squeezing until a couple of minutes later she shuddered and almost collapsed against me.

“Wow.” Was all she said.

We got back to the beach and lay down on the blanket.

“I need to swim,” I said, “I’ll be gone for an hour, is that okay?”

“An hour? How far do you swim?”

“A couple of miles, I do it every morning, run down to the beach which is two and a half miles, then swim then run back all before seven.” I said, “Shower, dress and off to class.”

Sati sat up and looked at me “You’re not kidding are you? That’s why you are so buffed, I had wondered about that.”

“I’ve been into triathlons, long and short, for a few years now and have already joined the NUS team. When the time comes they will loan me a bike but that won’t be until the season really starts in November.”

“Okay, so you go swim and I will bostancı escort lie here and think horny thoughts about you especially after that little treat you gave me just now.” She laughed and winked at me.

Later when I returned I grabbed a towel and started drying down. Sati watched my every move and I gazed down at her gorgeousness. What a terrific body, slim, well shaped, perky little breasts, a nice mound, I felt very lucky.

I lay down, “I had better put lotion on you, you are tanning nicely but you don’t want to burn.” She stated.

She started on my face, a little lotion on her hands then onto my forehead rubbing gently up to the crew cut line spreading the lotion and then moving onto my ears. She leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips then continued with her hands all over my face and neck. She squeezed out more lotion into her hands and began spreading it onto my upper chest and out to my shoulders, her touch was exquisite. I looked to the left, the old couple were still reading, then looked right, the family were now down in the water’s edge playing.

Sati spread the lotion out onto my shoulders, and then squeezed out more which went onto my sides. Then she started to move in, onto my chest and nipples, little forays down onto my stomach and then back to my chest, now I had a full grown tent in my Speedo. She quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching then dipped her head in and gently but firmly bit the top of my erection.

Her laughter was infectious, but I had to roll over at which point she slapped me on the ass and said “Cute buns.”

She continued applying the sun tan lotion all over my back then went down to do the backs of my legs, I was totally relaxed and enjoying her ministrations. She lay down beside me and I just lay there and gazed into her beautiful face. We chatted, finding out more about each other. She came from a small village up on the eastern coast of the Malay Peninsula and had two brothers and a sister all younger than her. She was educated by an English lady missionary who ran the school for all the kids in the village which was why her English was so good. Twenty two years old and would be twenty three in January.

Soon it was lunch time so she put on her cover up and I slipped into my shorts and t-shirt. We walked, holding hands, the hundred yards to the little bar with a nice outside patio with a shading awning over it. The owner, cook, bar tender was a very nice Indian gentleman, who took our drink orders, tropical sunsets, and left us two very short menus. I like Indian food and found out that Sati did as well; we decided nothing too hot as it could spoil the rest of the day, some rice and a seafood korma sounded great.

Our drinks arrived in very tall glasses with lots of fruit around the rim; I sipped through the straw and was surprised and delighted with the flavor and strength of the drink. Sati did the same and raised her eyebrows at me.

“You sound English” he said with a pronounced Indian accent “we had a lot of English army people in Delhi when I was there.”

“Yes I am English, never been to India but would like to go there one day.”

“How long are you here for?”

“Three years maybe? Depends how well my studies go.” I said.

“Interesting” he said “Have you decided what to have?”

“We are going to share some rice and the seafood korma” Sati said.

“Very good choice, the shrimp and all the other creatures came in this morning.”

He left and we sat looking at each other and worked on the drinks and the fruit.

Our lunch was delicious and afterwards we walked back to the shaded blanket. We got our books out of the bag, lay down and started studying. We both kept stealing glances at each other and occasionally there would be eye contact and a smile. Around four I closed my book and just lay there looking at her, what a beauty, how lucky was I to have met her and to have been able to interest ümraniye escort bayan her.

“Come on” she said jumping up and reaching for my hand “let’s have one last dip and then head back to your place cos I feel like getting layed again.”

We went into the water and splashed around and had fun, and then she grabbed me by the crotch.

“Okay, time to go” she laughed up at me, “My pussy is taking control.”

As soon as we were in the taxi her hand dropped to the crotch of my shorts and began a gentle dance. I gave directions to the driver, in passable Malay, and in a few minutes we were there.

My apartment is on the top floor of the three floor building, two apartments on each floor, no elevators just stairs. I knew that the other apartment on my floor was occupied by two lady flight attendants who were hardly ever there.

As we climbed up the stairs Sati, ahead of me, kept wiggling her ass and then started pulling her robe up to expose her tight and delightful globes. I just wanted to lean forward and bite that cute offering.

When we arrived at my door I pressed her against it with my full body, and said “You don’t know what demons you have let loose.”

She giggled and locked her mouth on mine, “Show me.”

We continued the kiss as I got the key in the lock and managed to get the door open, I dropped the dive bag and kicked off my flip flops and pinned Sati to the closing door, and we hadn’t even taken a breath yet.

“You are such a tease” I said “but a tease has to pay eventually.”

I reached up and put the keys on the coat hook on the top of the door where I always kept them. Then I turned Sati around to face the door and fed her hands up to the coat hook.

“Don’t let go until I tell you, okay?”

“Uh, okay, but what are you going to do?”

“I’m not going to hurt you in any way but you will enjoy, believe me.”

I pressed myself against her whole body which put my mouth around her stretched arms at about the elbow. I started licking and gently nibbling at her elbow while rubbing my hands up and down her sides, my hips pressed hard against her to keep her in position. She tasted wonderfully of the ocean and then she started to hump her hips back towards me.

“Oh come on, please, get in me.”

“Soon” I said “soon.”

I licked down her arm to her armpit, which was clean, where I lavished licks and kisses, moved across her back to her other armpit.

“Oh shit” she burst out “that is so weird but so fantastic.”

I moved my hands round onto both of her breasts and gently squeezed as I pushed my groin against her lower back. Slowly I unbuttoned her cover up to her waist and slipped my hands inside to fondle her breasts again. Her breathing quickened as I continued to lick and nibble her neck and shoulders. I shifted a little lower to push my hard-on against her cheeks. I slipped the bikini top up to give me access to her erect nipples which I started to gently pinch. Sati rubbed her ass back against me hard.

It didn’t take long before Sati was moaning so I slid my right hand down to her still bikini covered mound, her reaction was immediate, and she pushed her mound against my hand all the way to the door. My hand was trapped and she began rubbing herself against my hand and fingers, it didn’t take long before she started moaning loudly, I extended a finger and found her stiffened clitoris which I rolled until, with a shudder and a gasp she delivered her orgasm.

I took her hands down from the door, her cover up fell from her shoulders to the floor. I pulled my shorts and speedo off and dropped them on the floor.

“Oh Ian, you keep making me find new thrills, this is amazing.”

Still behind her, I directed her to the nicely cooled bedroom, pushed her onto the edge of the bed face down and lowered myself onto her back. I nudged her legs open, lifted the bikini bottom to one side and in one swift move slid inside her very kartal escort wet pussy.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good” she gasped. “I’ve been wanting you in me all day.”

I maintained a slow but very deep rhythm which she seemed to enjoy. I reached under her and felt for her clitoris, as soon as I touched it she began to buck and heave, thrusting her hips back to take as much of my cock as she could get. Another spasm ran through her, I had to pull out or her clutching pussy which would have made me cum and that was not what I had in mind, just yet.

Kisses down her back delivered many sighs and quiet moans. When I reached her butt cheeks I stopped and asked her to get onto the bed which she did dispensing with the bikini bottom at the same time.

I lay on top of her and kissed her deeply, her tongue kept darting in and out of my mouth as mine was doing to hers. Then I rolled off her and turned around so that my face was level with her pussy and her head level with my prick. She immediately opened her legs and pushed her pelvis towards my face while her hands grabbed my shaft and started to rub up and down.

With just my fingers touching her I opened her labia lips and started blowing warm air onto the open area in front of me.

“Damn, that feels really good but I want your tongue now.” She exclaimed.

I pulled her thigh and she rolled on top of me and pushed her hips wide so that her pussy was as tight to my mouth as she could get it. My fingers held her labia open and I dragged my tongue the full length of her wide open slit. She took the head of my penis into her mouth and moaned as I continued to lick inside her without entering her vulva or centering on her clitoris.

Her hand held my shaft upright and her fingers massaged my balls as she worked her lips and tongue over and under the head in her mouth.

She started to squirm as I dipped my tongue into her very wet vulva and pushed in as far as it would go then started swirling it around. Her hips started to buck up and down so that my tongue was in and out of her, her pace quickened until I felt her contractions on my tongue as I pushed it in as deeply as I could.

“Ahhh” she moaned “that is fantastic.”

She took half my length into her mouth but I felt her gag so I pulled back a little, it still felt really good and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more of this action. Her hand and mouth became coordinated rising and falling together and her other hand continued to massage my balls.

As I felt her contractions slow down I searched for her clit with my tongue, another series of moans escaped her as I started to lick, probe and nibble her hardened nub. Her head and hand were working really fast on my shaft and I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Pull your head up and just watch.” I told her.

She felt my cock thicken in her hand and she began to squeeze from the bottom up. I started to spurt and she continued with the milking action, spurt after spurt of cum left me and then I felt her start to shudder again. Another orgasm hit her as she watched my ejaculations finish.

“Please stop now” she gasped “I am so sensitive there now.”

I felt her lick the shaft and head of my penis and then rubbed it against her face and licked again, then repeated the activity a few times. She was using my cock to wipe my cum from her face so that she could lap it up and eat it. This was so hot. After a while my erection began to fade so I rolled her off me and turned around to kiss her.

Our lips lingered for a long time as we both just basked in the afterglow of our love making. She put her head on my shoulder and snuggled her body tightly against me.

“Watching you cum was awesome.” she whispered “I knew from this morning there was a lot but didn’t realize quite how much until I saw it shooting out of you onto my face. And the power of it surprised me with how high it goes, I think there is some in my hair.”

“You were amazing; your hands, your mouth, your pussy, everything quite amazing.” I whispered to her “To think that just a few days ago you had never done any of this, you certainly are a quick study.”

“It’s easy when you like the subject and the teacher.” She giggled.

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