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Secrets Ch. 04

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I’m doing these stories one at a time and that way when it is over you should be completely satisfied.

Steve was talking on the phone when Jess got home, so she went and put the alcohol in the fridge and kept her new stuff in her car till Steven went to bed.

Steve got off the phone and met his sister in the kitchen, and she said she would be right back, she had to grab the coffees and Steven told her he has a favour to ask her.

“Alright bro”

Two seconds later she came back handed him his coffee and took a sip of hers and asked her brother.

“What’s up Stevie.”

“Well I was talking to my boss David when you came in told him to take his wife out tomorrow that I would pull a double shift tomorrow to make up for today, and he told me that sounded good, he then asked me if I would come over for dinner, he knows a bit about you and said he would like to meet you.””

“Tonight OK do we need to bring anything or dress up Jess asked.”

“Nope he said just bring ourselves but I’m gonna grab a bottle of whisky I got from downstairs.”

“Alright so how long till we have to be there.”

“Well my boss David told me his wife just got home, so he told me whenever were ready, what time you think we should go?”

“Well bro no time Like the present have you ever met Davids wife.”

“No I don’t even think he ever told me her name, but we will find out since you grabbed our coffees I’ll drive.”

“Alright bro I just olgun porno want to change.”

About 15 minutes later Jess comes down in a stunning black dress and tells her brother that she is ready to go.

Half hour of driving, and they arrived at a nice looking house that belonged to David, Steven rang the doorbell and Jess stood there not sure what to say she hoped that Steven would notice and help her out with that.

David then opened the door he stood about 5 feet 10 inches with brown hair and a skinny body from what Jess could tell.

“Hey Steven glad you could make it so soon this must be the wonderful sister that you told me so much about.”

“Yea David this is Jessica Jess this is my boss David.”

“Pleasure to meet you young lady David said to her.”

“You to David thanks for inviting us you didn’t have to.”

“I know I didn’t but my wife wanted to meet Steven and I wanted to meet you.”

“Speaking of where is your wife” Steven asked.

“She’s just in the kitchen Jess go on in introduce yourself I’d like to have a word with your brother.”

“Alright” said as Jess started walking through to where it looked like the kitchen would be heeellllooo Jess said.

“Right through here a voice came out.”

Jess walked into the kitchen, and she was speechless from the back this woman looked stunning Jess said “wow I feel under dressed.”

The woman turned around and seen Jess standing playboy porno there, “well this is a surprise its good to see you so soon Jessica.”

“Wow you to Sammy you look fabulous.”

“So do you, do you like what you bought earlier sorry to tear you away from what you might have started tonight.”

“That’s alright I will have the house to myself tomorrow since I never played with myself I need to find out what its Like best to be alone for that Right Sammy.”

“That’s true you don’t want your brother hearing you moan for the first time and barging into your room to find out if you are OK, beauty and brains that’s a dangerous combination.”

“Awe thanks Sammy but I at least want to look at everything on me and do some research tonight, so when’s dinner gonna be ready?”

“I remember being that excited sexually its ready now why don’t you go grab the men and meet me in the dinning room.”

An hour later after they had their dinner and drinks well everybody but Jess drank to make sure they could get home, they said their goodbyes and Jess adjusted her brothers driver seat a bit, so she could drive comfortably and with that they were back home.

“Well goodnight Jess tonight was nice but I’m gonna need my sleep for tomorrow love you sis.”

“Love you to Stevie and thanks for that it was nice to socialize again since my friends all moved far away.”

“No problem Jess.”

And with that Steven pornhub porno went to bed he really must have been tired cause Jess could hear him snoring 5 minutes after he went to his room.

With Steven fast asleep Jess went to the garage to grab her stuff out of her trunk and take it to her room.

She then dumped the bags out onto her bed and noticed something different, there was a short pink red and white plaid skirt and a matching plaid bikini top.

I didn’t buy these at least I don’t think I did Jess thought she looked at the receipt and on the back it said.

“You’d get those clothes torn off you when any guy See’s you in them it, would make them horny without touching you from Sammy.”

Jessica then tried that gift on and seen what Sammy meant she looked sexy to the point she wanted to clone herself just, so she could rip it off and really fuck herself.

She then grabbed her cell phone and texted a thank you to Sammy.

Pleased with all the outfits she started looking up female solo masturbation on the internet she watched a few videos and was confident that she could give it a good attempt the next day.

She went to the kitchen grabbed a can of Pepsi max out of the fridge and went back up to her room stripped naked and put a clean pear of panties on and fell asleep instantly maybe even faster than Steven did.

As always thanks to the readers and thanks to my brain for thinking all this I’m happy with what I can cum up with without my dirty mind making it too much to fast it will end with a bang though so be ready for when it happens not yet though got a few more ideas, sorry it took me a bit to get this one done I just didn’t feel like staring at my phone for errors enjoy.

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