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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 08

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The giggling and outright laughing of feminine voices in the hallway outside my apartment was mostly unintelligible. They were clearly amused by what Ann had said to me as she left but their exact thoughts about my being forbidden to masturbate would remain a mystery to me. That didn’t make it any better! How could I face them knowing that they knew that Ann wielded such a power over me?

Not that we were friends or even acquaintances. A casual good morning or hi as we met in passing was all that had ever transpired between us. I didn’t even know their names, just that they were both very pretty. One was blond and blue eyed, a typical Nordic beauty. The other had jet black hair and surprisingly her eyes were blue too. Her complexion was also fair, my guess was she was Irish. Just the thought of their being privy to my dirty secret bothered me. What were they thinking about me? I lost track of time kneeling, naked and hard in the middle of my sparsely decorated living room. When the phone rang it was well past eleven-thirty.

I answered, wondering who would call this late, “Hello.”

“Still hard?”

It was Ann, obviously. Knowing Ann it could have been Carol. She might have called her to brag about her latest adventure. “Yes.”

“Does it hurt?”

“A little. Why did you say that with my neighbors right there? Did you do that on purpose?” I think Ann could sense a little anger and maybe hurt in my voice.

“I wanted them to know that your cock belongs to me!”

“Why? Haven’t I been faithful to our agreement? Haven’t I proven my loyalty to you? Isn’t letting Carol know every little thing enough?”

“I’m sorry. Yes you have, Frederick. I guess it’s part of my addiction. Think of it this way, everybody has a sex life. Why not talk about it? There is one more thing.”


“I thought you might like it!”

“Why? What ever made you think that?”

“Didn’t you like it when we had phone sex with Carol?”

“I guess.”

“You either did or you didn’t, Frederick, which is it?”

“OK, yes…, I did.”

“And you’re still hard now?”


“So, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve been thinking about what I said and what those girls think and you’ve been hard ever since I left. Does that sum it up?”


“Yes what?”

“What do you mean?”

“Say it, Frederick, say ‘yes, mistress’.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Now say, ‘my cock is yours and all my cum, Mistress Ann’.”

“My cock is yours and all my cum, Mistress Ann.”

“One more thing, Frederick!”

“What is that?”

“If I want to share aspects of our relationship that is my prerogative as your mistress, understood?”


“This is not negotiable, Frederick.”

“Yes, Mistress Ann.” I hadn’t defined it in my own mind but somehow deep inside I knew I was sexually submissive to this woman. There was nothing she had done that I hadn’t enjoyed even when it embarrassed me and I knew I wanted to continue seeing her.

“It’s time for bed, Freddy. You should take a cold shower if you need to.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Would you like to meet for a late lunch tomorrow, say two o’clock at Tee Jaye’s?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“If that property over by the campus is still available we can talk about making an offer. Good night, Freddy!”

Ann hung up before I could respond. I did as she suggested. The shower turned from pleasantly warm as I washed to cool and then uncomfortable as the hot water from the small water heater ran out. My cock shriveled and my balls tried to hide. When it was too uncomfortable I got out, dried myself off and went to bed. Not before wiping down the shower walls and cleaning the soap dish though.

Wednesday morning I went to the office and looked up the property Ann was interested in. I prepared a folder with everything we’d need to make an offer and then spent the rest of the time reviewing new listings and making cold calls. When one-thirty rolled around I went to Tee Jaye’s. The waitress offered me a table near the front door. I asked for a booth.

She took me to the far side of the dining room. “How’s this?”

“Just fine.” I agreed as I slid in. “Coffee, black, please.”

“Coming right up, sir!”

She brought a menu with the mug of coffee.

“Could I have another menu please. I”m waiting for a client.”

“Of course.”

Ann arrived as the waitress returned with the second menu. Seeing me she didn’t wait for the waitress and joined me in the booth. “Still on the market?” she asked hopefully as she eyed the folder.

“It is but it has only been on the market a few days. If you are serious we should get down to business.” We spent the next hour and a half hashing out the details of her offer. Once completed I asked for escort bostancı the bill. “I should get this on the table this afternoon.”

“The sooner the better!” Ann was excited about what might be her first investment property. “Carol says she has the photos developed. She wants you to come back for step two. Can you get there by five?”

“Maybe,” I replied, “would it hurt if I were a little late?”

“Business first, Fred.” Ann responded, “Get there as soon as you can.”

Ann and Carol were talking in her office when I arrived. “Ann says she made an offer on a rental property.”

“That’s right.”

“I think I’m ready to take the plunge, could you find some for me to consider?”

“I could, there might be a problem though.”


“I’m not sure. I’ll ask my broker. You’re friends and interested in the same kinds of properties. It might be a conflict of interest on my part.”

“That would be a shame.”

“Let’s see what the broker says.” Ann suggested. “We can take it from there.”

Carol changed the subject. “I do a lot of work for department stores, Fred. They like pictures featuring their clothing and other merchandise in scenes that are recognizable around the city. This evening I’d like to get some shots featuring tennis equipment. Go in back and see Ashley. She has a tennis outfit for you.”

Andy was in back with Ashley. He was already dressed in a white polo shirt and white shorts. He was wearing black Converse All-Stars. I put my hand up like a director framing a shot. “What’s wrong with this picture?”

He laughed. “The shoes? Carol doesn’t like me to wear the white ones until we get to the location.”

“She thinks of everything, doesn’t she?”

“More than you know, Fred, more than you know!”

Ashley handed me a shirt and shorts. “You can change in the makeup room if you’re bashful.”

Andy didn’t say anything but I saw the smile on his lips as I went to change.

The five of us went to a local park with all the usual park features. Tennis courts, picnic tables, benches, gardens, Carol used most of them as we moved quickly from one area to the next. It took less than an hour to make the grand circuit and once back at her van she asked as she packed up. “I’m also doing mens underwear for a Sunday insert. I don’t usually use new models for underwear but Brad can’t make it tonight so what do you think? Are you up for a challenge?”

Ann piped up, “Of course he is! Aren’t you, Fred?”

I saw Andy’s bemused look out of the corner of my eye. “I guess.” I responded less than enthusiastically.

“Good! That will be a big help. If I had to wait for Brad it would put me behind schedule. Ashley,” she instructed, “when we get back get Fred the pieces he’ll need, you know, white crew neck, white v-neck, and white Jockey’s.”

Ashley nodded and said she understood as she finished putting the equipment in the back of the van.

Ashley escorted me to the make-up room and gave me three packages of new underwear. “How did you know my size?”

“I’ve been doing this for Carol for ten years, it’s just experience. Wear the v-neck first.”

When I had changed and left the make-up room Carol was already taking pictures of Andy. It didn’t occur to me that he didn’t use the make-up room to change.

Carol stopped what she was doing and gave me a quick once over. “This won’t do!” Andy had that strange smile on his lips again. “Fred, models don’t have lot’s of unsightly hair all over their bodies! Ashley is going to have to shave your thighs from the knees up.”

She didn’t give me a chance to respond. “Ashley, take Fred to the make-up room and tidy up his legs.”

I resisted as Ashley took my hand to take me into her make-up room. Ann took my other hand and together they led me. “Don’t be shy, Fred, it’s just like getting a shave at the barbershop, in fact, Ashley, you better give him a shave. His five o’clock shadow is getting a little heavy!”

The photo session was just like the outdoor one. Do this , do that, look this way, smile, be serious, Carol knew what she wanted and was very efficient.

At the end of the session Carol said, “Fred, you can keep the underwear. Once it’s open it can’t be sold so it’s yours if you want it.”

I got dressed and gathered up the underwear. Ashley gave me a shopping bag. “You did very well, Fred. You’ve modeled before haven’t you?”

“Never.” I said trying to suppress a smile, embarrassed by the compliment.

“Well, you did do well. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you in the future!”

I thought she was talking about more modeling sessions. She was I guess but she also was referring to something else and I was too dumb and too naive to realize it.

As we were leaving Carol ümraniye escort invited us to a cookout on Saturday.

“Are you free, Fred?” I’m sure Ann knew that for her I would be but she did ask politely.

“Yes, what time?”

“Would four be OK? Andy will be smoking brisket.”

“Sounds yummy!” Ann declared, “What should I bring?”

“How about baked beans and a desert.”

“Perfect. Fred can bring some beer for Andy and him and some wine for us.”

“Excellent, enjoy the evening.” Carol said as she winked at Ann.”

As we walked out Ann put her arm around my waist. “That didn’t hurt a bit, did it?”

“Not at all.”

“See, I told you Carol was all business in her studio. I’ll meet you back at your place.”

As soon as we entered my apartment Ann was all over me. She kissed me long and hard. “That was hot!”


“You know, posing in your underwear.”

“It was? I thought it was just modeling.”

“What about when Ashley shaved your legs?”

“I was trying not to think about it. Especially when she got right up next to my crotch. I think she took her time for her own amusement.”

“I’m sure she did.”

“I’m just glad you already shaved my balls. I would have lost it if she wanted to shave any closer than she did.”

“Then I’ll just have to keep you nice and smooth myself!”

“I guess you will.” I smiled at the thought.

“I’m going to get changed, you know what to do.” I ducked into my bedroom to strip as Ann went in the bathroom to get comfortable. I went to the kitchen to pour some wine but couldn’t. I made the mistake of buying a little better vintage and I didn’t have a corkscrew. I was kicking myself for being so stupid when Ann came into the kitchen. “What’s the matter?”

I explained the problem. “Just ask your neighbor if you can borrow theirs.” She said solving the problem in her mind.

“I don’t think so, I don’t want to talk to them.”

“Why? They seem nice.”

“Ya…, but, it’s embarrassing.”

“Because of what I said? Just go see if their even home and if they are ask them, silly.”

I went to get dressed. “Where are you going?”

“I’m getting dressed.”

“Well, I guess you should. I don’t want you getting arrested.”

“Thank you.”

“Wait, I’ll go.”

“Like that?”

“What’s wrong with my night gown?”

“It’s a night gown.” It was a very nice, long, emerald green gown with spaghetti straps. It covered her but really didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I’m sure those young ladies have sexier sleep wear than this.” Ann said as she opened the door and walked a crossed the hallway to knock on their door.

“Hi, my name is Ann. I’m visiting my friend Fred, your neighbor a crossed the hall, and we have a tiny little problem.”

“Ah…, hi Ann. Ah.., what can we do to help?”

“We need to borrow a corkscrew if you don’t mind.”

“Just a minute…, Caitlyn…, She turned and yelled, “Do we have a corkscrew? . “Fred’s friend wants to borrow it.”

“Fred? Fred who?” I heard from deep in the other apartment.

“Our neighbor!”

“Oh…, our neighbor. Let me see, I think we do.”

I was listening from behind my door which was nearly closed.

“Why didn’t he ask us himself, Ann?”

Now I knew I was going to be embarrassed again. “Fred doesn’t have any clothes on.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re ready for bed. Nice gown!”

“You think so?” Ann raised the hem showing her stockings and the straps to her garter belt.

Oh, yes, very sexy!”

Ann answered the question. “Yes and no. Actually when we are together, alone, Fred is always naked.”


Caitlyn brought the corkscrew to the door. “Say, aren’t you the lady from the…”


“And you don’t allow…”



“It works for us.”

“I’d like to hear about this.”

“Maybe…, someday…, you never know!” Ann brought the corkscrew back as I scampered out of sight.

“See, that was easy.” Ann chided as she came back. The girls were watching but I was hidden around the corner.

“For you, easy. For me another embarrassment.”

“I think you really like it, Freddy! “Little Freddy doesn’t lie.” She was right, I was almost hard and my cock was bobbing up and down.

She handed me the corkscrew. “Pour us some wine.” She was seated in my chair when I brought the wine into the living room. I had a milk crate with a small piece of plywood to use as an end table. I handed a glass to her and sat mine on the makeshift table before kneeling at her feet.

“We’ve got to get you some furniture, Freddy.”

“I don’t have the savings to spend on furniture right now.” I admitted.

“The store has a thirty-six months same as cash deal plus kartal escort bayan I can get you a great price on something that hasn’t been selling or is discontinued.”

“Maybe, what if I don’t like it?”

“What do you care when the lights are out?”

“Good point.” With my head resting on her lap I could feel the stockings and garter belt straps under her gown.

“Are you wearing panties?”

“You’ll find out soon enough!”

I stroked her hip and belly as she took another sip of wine feeling the stockings and belt and what I thought were panties.

“I have a rocker you could borrow.” She mused, “It belonged to my grandmother but I can’t have it at my apartment.”

“Why not?”

“The girls might get curious and ask too many questions. They’re not old enough yet.”

“To talk about a rocker?”

“It was modified by my grandfather. They used to keep it in their bedroom.”

“That’s not unusual, I have seven aunts and uncles. My grandparents had a rocker in their bedroom too.”

“I don’t think it was like my grandmother’s!”

“Why? What could be so unusual that you don’t want your daughter’s to know about?”

“Freddy baby, am I your mistress?”


“Are you my sex slave?”

“Yes.” Now I was massaging one foot intending to work my way up as the other teased my cock. “Back then my grandfather always referred to my grandmother as his ‘queen’ and he was her loyal servant.”


“It wasn’t until he died that I learned the truth about their relationship. They were so cute together that none of us suspected.”

“Suspected what?”

“You never think of your parents and especially your grandparents as sexual beings but they were or you wouldn’t be here.”


“Well, it turns out that my grandmother liked to ‘queen’ my grandfather.”

“Queen?” It was a term I had never heard. These days you’d Google the word and get an education. Back then you need a special book from an adult store or know someone who knew and let you in on the idea.

“She liked it when he ate her out.” Ann explained graffically , “Especially when she was pregnant or while she was nursing which was a lot of the time.”

“And you don’t want to explain this to your daughters?”

“Not until they’re both at least eighteen.” As she said this she slid off the chair and rolled me on my back without spilling a drop of her wine! She raised her skirt and straddled my head. “Your queen requires your services!”

Even in the dim light I could see the panties and a garter belt she was wearing that matched her gown. I licked and kissed the bare skin on her thighs, my nose grazed her wet, swollen lips as my mouth explored back and forth. Each pass made me more and more bold. She finished the wine and began guiding me holding my head with both hands as my cock grew harder and harder without a single touch from her. I pleasured her crotch through the thin fabric of her panties and sensed she was growing more and more excited with each lick and kiss. Her hips made mini thrusting motions.

When her breathing became shallow and rapid she announced. “I want you in me!” She gasped as she slid down my chest. Without even removing her panties she pulled them to one side to mount me. Hot and wet her pussy slid easily over my cock as she impaled herself.

Trapping one arm by my side and using an over hook on the other she pulled me on top with a move that would have impressed my wrestling coach! “Fuck me, Freddy! I need a good fucking!”

I made long, slow, steady strokes as I kissed her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and insisted, “Harder, Freddy! Fuck mama! Pound mama’s pussy” Faster, oh, please, fuck me!” Ann didn’t seem to care who might hear her when she was aroused. Her legs tightened with each stroke, eventually she shuddered thrusting her breasts upward, throwing her head back as she went over the edge. I felt it too and made one last deep thrust as the cum I’d saved for her flowed in one hot jet after another until I collapsed in her arms.

Her legs splayed obscenely under me, my cock slowly wilted as she stroked my head. When she caught her breath she teased, “That’s a good boy! Did Freddy get all tuckered out fucking mama?”

As I recovered my senses I kissed her. “That was incredible.”

Ann reminded me, “We’re not done.”

I kissed her neck and chest and then licked a tit. “Lower, Freddy baby, lower.”

I pulled the skirt of her gown up to her breasts and kissed her belly. “Lower,” she urged.

I knelt between her splayed legs pulling her sopping panties away from her gaping cunt. She brought her knees together and I slipped them off revealing her gooey slit. I licked and kissed her thighs and crotch but left her cum filled hole for last, teasing her as she like to tease me, waiting for her to beg for relief or command me to serve her as her loyal servant. “My cunt, Freddy, suck my cunt!”

“Yes my queen.” I wasn’t sure if it was love or just lust but I knew I was Ann’s as long as she would have me!

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