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Seducing Rob Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Adding Kathy to the Mix

Over the course of the afternoon, my plan to seduce my younger brother had come to fruition. He had just taken my virginity and we were laying in my bed discussing our sexual experiences. Rob was quite obviously intrigued by my bisexual experimentation with my best friend Kathy. In fact she was due to come over any minute.

Just then, the doorbell rang and Kathy stood outside waiting for us.

“Is that Kathy?” asked Rob.

“It should be. Rob were you serious about wanting to be with both of us together?”

“Are you kidding? Of course I was. Why are you thinking of asking her to join us?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go to your room and get dressed. I’ll go let her in and see what kind of mood she’s in.”

“Sure,” he said and off he went. I quickly put my green bikini back on and threw my new terry beach cover-up over it. As I ran down the stairs I heard the bell ring again and in my mind I was thinking of how to arrange a three-way party with Rob and Kathy. While Rob and I discussed it briefly, I didn’t tell him (or Kathy for that matter) how long and how often I had dreamed of being with the two of them together.

Approaching the door, I concluded that suggesting “Strip Poker” or “Spin-the-Bottle” would be way too obvious. However, my friends and I (including Kathy) have played “Truth or Dare” many times with varying degrees of nudity and sexual activity resulting. As I plotted how to get both Kathy and Rob playing “T or D”, it occurred to me that Rob may not be physically up to the task given that he had just erupted into me twice in the past hour. I concluded that his stamina was his problem and opened the door.

“Hi Kathy! Come on in. I was just getting ready to head out back by the pool.”

“Hi Lynn. Sounds great, but I didn’t bring a suit. Can I borrow one?”

“Sure, I was just going through my new ones upstairs I’ve got them all laid out,” I told her. “Come on up, we’ll take a look.”

“OK, great,” she replied.

Then after a short pause, I said, “I uh just finished uh modeling them for Rob. You know like we talked about.”

“You did!?!? Even the one that we cut the lining out of?”

“Yep you were right, it drove him crazy,” I responded as we walked upstairs. “I’ll tell you what happened later. He’s still home and I don’t want him to hear us.”

“Ok, but I’m dying to hear.”

As we entered my room, I was instantly glad that I had neatened up the bed a little before going downstairs. I picked up the white tank suit from where I had hung it by my window in the sun. Finding it dry, I held it up for her and said with a giggle, “Here, try this one on.”

“Oh sure, now let me see, are you trying to put me on display for your own viewing pleasure or is Rob part of this plan?”

“Well to be honest, I guess I was thinking it would be for both of us! I know it drove Rob a little crazy when I wore it for him and I’d love to see you all wet in it myself.”

“You know, Lynn you’re very fresh. But, I suppose you also know I can’t refuse you. Am I supposed to tease him with it or something? I can’t believe you haven’t got some kind of ulterior motive.”

“Just leave that to me and follow my lead. Are you as horny today as usual?”

“Lynn, baby you know me well enough by now to know that I’m always horny if you’re around.” Then Kathy began to unbutton her blouse. As she got to the last button and pulled it out of her pants, I took over for her and pushed it off her shoulders. Then I reached down and unbuttoned her pants and knelt down as I slipped them down over her hips. She had already kicked off her sneakers, so I slipped off her socks and then ran my hands up her legs slowly until I reached her panties.

As I pulled them down slowly, I couldn’t resist kissing her lower stomach gently. As her thin blonde bush came into view, my tongue couldn’t resist briefly exploring her slit. To my pleasure, I found her aroused and wet. Then I stood and slowly removed her bra. After kissing her slowly for a moment as she stood naked in front of me, I reached for the bathing suit and knelt down in front of her again motioning for her to step into it.

“For a moment there, Lynn, I thought we were going to have a little fun this afternoon,” she commented.

“The afternoon is far from over. And I’m hoping for some fun too,” I replied as I adjusted the suit, tying the neck and pulling the hips to a revealing level. “Let’s go out back and see if we can get a rise out of Rob.”

I should explain that the pool behind our house was surrounded by a six foot white privacy fence and that the house and yard were up on a hill compared to the rest of the neighborhood. The result was a degree of privacy that led me to dream many times of sunbathing nude or skinny-dipping with friends. In the past, it was my brother’s presence that always made me hold back. Now I was hoping that he would join us and that we would all end up nude and in the water. I decided to leave my cover-up behind and Kathy and I ventured down the hall in our suits. Rob’s door was open now and it appeared he was gone. On the way tecavüz porno out back, we had to pass through the kitchen and we found Rob pouring a coke for himself.

“Hi Kathy. Do you two want a drink?” he asked.

“Hi Rob, sure I’d love one.”

“Me too. We’re going out back for some sun, can you bring out two cokes for us?” I asked.

“Yeah, no problem. Do you mind if I put on a suit and join you?”

“No, not at all, it’s a beautiful day. Come on out.”

Kathy and I went out back and I began to tell her what happen earlier. I had gotten as far as stripping off the white suit for Rob when he appeared at the gate with our drinks. While I was telling Kathy my story, I noticed her arousal growing. Her nipples were clearly visible protruding through the white suit. Also, judging by her squirming, I’m sure we would see a damp spot if she opened her legs a little.

“Here you go,” said Rob as he handed us our drinks. He almost tripped as he handed Kathy hers and his stares at her hard nipples were obvious to us both.

“Thanks, Rob.”

“Thanks, Bro, pull up a chair we were just chatting.”

“Sure, ok. Can you pass the suntan lotion? I’m not as well tanned as you are, Sis.”

“Go ahead and lie down, I’ll lotion you up.”


As I massaged the lotion into the muscles on Rob’s back, I began thinking of how I could get the conversation going in the right direction. “So Rob, tell us about your latest girlfriends. Who are you going out with now?”

“No one steady right now. Julie Chapman and I caught a movie last weekend.”

“Oooh she’s cute. She’s only sophomore, right?” (Rob was a junior and Kathy and I were seniors.)

“Yeah, but she’s more mature than most,” he replied.

“‘More mature’ huh? What does that mean? She puts out for you?”

“Hey be nice!”

“Ok, sorry. Kathy, my hands are getting tired, can you finish him up?” I had finished his arms and back and motioned for her to do his legs.

“Sure Lynn, no problem. Rob, you don’t mind, do you?” she asked.

“Uh no I don’t mind.”

As Kathy began applying the lotion to the backs of his legs, she picked up the conversation where I had left it, “Well, I, for one, think asking if she put out for you is a very legitimate question. And, I have to admit, I’m very curious about the answer.”

“Well, if I’m going to kiss and tell, I’m not going to be the only one…”

“I have an idea,” I said. “Do you guys want to play Truth or Dare?” Rob and Kathy both turned and looked at me with blank stares. “Well, if you’re both too chicken, then we can just skip it,” I added. Instantly, they both insisted they were not chicken and that if the other wanted to then they would. I grinned and looked at Rob, “Ok Rob, Truth or Dare?”

“Well, I guess I should say truth since you both have a question on your minds. She didn’t put out all the way, but we had a little fun after the movie.”

“Well, that little tidbit was nice and maybe I’ll ask for details later, but that wasn’t my question. I want to know if you’re a virgin.” Obviously I knew the answer and knew that his status in this area had just changed since we had just taken each others virginity only an hour before. I just wanted to make sure that the incident was still in the forefront of his mind and make sure that Kathy’s curiosity was piqued.

He looked at me with a piercing stare as he said, “No, I’m not a virgin anymore. Now it’s my turn. Lynn, Truth or Dare?”


“Are you a virgin?” I’m sure he knew that Kathy and I were close enough to know each other’s status in this area and that the answer I had to give would come as a complete surprise to her.

“Ah no, I’m not,” I said as Kathy immediately snapped her gaze to me and threw the obvious question my way without need of any words. “Kathy, truth or dare?”

“Don’t bother. Truth and I am still a virgin and feeling very out of place all of a sudden.”

“Well, as I said to Rob earlier, that was a nice little tidbit, but it wasn’t my question. Do you find Rob attractive?” I knew she did and she knew I wouldn’t let her get away with not telling the truth.

“Ah well yeah, you are kinda cute, Rob,” she said as she glance at Rob. “And, by the way, Truth or Dare?”

“Well, given all this interest in everyone’s virginity or lack thereof, the last thing I want is a follow-up question, so I guess I’ll take a dare.”

“Oh goodie,” said Kathy, “I dare you to passionately French-kiss your sister for one whole minute. I’ll keep time.” I don’t know how much Kathy had put together from our conversation this afternoon. She knew Rob had seen me naked. And she knew that my status in the virginity department had changed since the last time she and I spoke about it.

I just looked at Rob and said, “Well, here I am.” Rob got up and came over to my lounge chair. He sat next to me and we began kissing as Kathy had requested. It seemed much longer than a minute, and I was sitting in his lap by the time Kathy called time.

After taking a deep breath, Rob then turned back to Kathy and presented her with travesti porno the T or D challenge. “Dare,” she responded while staring him down.

“I dare you to jump in the pool and get that suit wet and then come back up here and turn around slowly for one minute.” Kathy knew the suit was revealing, but Rob and I knew full well from experience that, when wet, the suit was completely transparent.

“Oh man, I knew I shouldn’t have let you talk me into this suit Lynn.” I just smiled back at her and winked.

“Well?” said Rob.

“OK, OK, down boy I’m going.” She slowly got up and dove into the pool. Then she swam back to the edge near us and looked Rob in the eyes, “You do know that I’m going to get you back for this, right?”

“When it’s your turn, you can do whatever you want,” he replied.

“Believe it,” she said as she climbed out of the water. She walked over to us without looking down and Rob made note of the time. Then she turned around in the most un-sexy way.

“No, no, no. This will not do,” I said as I got up and went over behind Kathy. I grabbed her hands from behind and put them up behind her neck and then reached down to her hips and swayed them from side to side as I slowly turned her around a little. Then I went back to my seat and told Rob to start the time over again. Kathy didn’t object and in fact took my hint and continued to sexily sway her hips as she turned around slowly again and again. Just as it had with me, the suit had turned completely transparent revealing her hard little nipples and dark aureoles. Her pussy was completely exposed as well showing her thin little bush. Rob was entranced as she turned, taking in every curve and crevice as it became exposed.

“Oh Kathy, you look so sexy. Look at yourself,” I said. Her eyes had been closed as she turned, but when I said this she opened them and looked down at herself. When she saw the extent of her exposure, she put her hands down and covered herself. I immediately got up and went behind her again. I reached around and put my hands over hers (one was covering her breasts and the other was covering her pussy). At first I just held her close and then I whispered into her ear that she was beautiful. I began to turn with her and when we were turned away from Rob, I used my hands to squeeze her hands and caused her hands to squeeze her breast and pussy. She moaned softly and as we turned back around I moved her hands away, once again revealing her body for Rob. As we turned, I continued whispering in her ear, this time telling her that Rob was staring at her nipples and that they were so hard and delicious looking. As we came around again, I brought our hands up to cup and squeeze her breasts for Rob.

“Oh, Lynn, you are so bad,” she said softly.

“Want me to stop?” I asked.

“No, don’t go, stay here.”

“OK want to see how hard we can get him?”

With a giggle, she just said, “Sure.” I let go of one of her hands, leaving it to caress its breast by itself, and reached up behind her neck to untie the string. While not offering any resistance, she asked, “What are you doing?”

I whispered back to her, “Giving him a show. Please let me.”

“OK.” With her permission to proceed, I put her hands back up behind her neck and reached back around to her breasts. Giving them a squeeze first, followed by a soft pinch to her nipples, I proceeded to role down the front of the suit exposing her breasts and nipples to my brother. Once exposed, I reached back up and gently cupped them while pinching her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. Rob was in a trance staring at us and Kathy was leaning back into me. I stopped turning around and just swayed back and forth facing Rob. With one hand I continued to push down Kathy’s suit. I made sure that one hand kept up the pressure on her breasts as I ground my pussy into her hip. When I had her suit down to her waist, I slowly reach inside with my hand and caressed her pussy hairs softly.

“Oh god, you’re going too far, Lynn,” she said.

“I’ll only stop if you promise not to pull your suit up.”

“OK,” she said.

I let go of her body and turned her toward me. Then I gave her a full body hug and kissed her passionately in front of Rob. We sat down and I reminded her that it was her turn.

“Good, now you’re going to get it. I dare you to do a slow strip tease and then sit in Rob’s lap and kiss him again for another minute.”

I did notice that she didn’t even give me the choice of taking a question, but I liked her dare enough not to care. If she thought it was going bother me she was wrong. “Sure thing,” I said to her, then I turned to Rob and said, “ready, Bro?”

“Hey, whatever you two girls say. I’m not complaining!”

I stood up and went into my best and sexiest dance as I pulled off my bikini top. Then as I rolled down the bottom, I turned around and bent at the hips to show them both my ass as I pulled off the bottoms. When done, I turned back around and walked over to Rob completely naked. This time, however, I straddled his lap and sat facing him instead of sitting ‘side-saddle’ like tumblr porno last time. He was sitting Indian-style and as we settled into each other I could clearly feel his hard cock inside his baggy shorts.. (I was real happy to see that he ‘recovered’ from our earlier antics.) When I began kissing him, he placed his hands around my back and hugged me towards him. I assumed this was because Kathy was watching us and he didn’t want to appear to eager to grope his sister. But it was groping that I desperately wanted. I pulled his hands around to my breasts to let him know that groping was okay with me. Then as we kissed I did my best grind, making sure to maximize contact between my pussy and his cotton covered cock. When Kathy sounded time, we both moaned our disappointment.

I got up and sat back on my own lounge chair and looked at Rob and Kathy. I knew it was time for them to make contact. I looked Rob, and said, “Truth or dare, bro?”

“Well, the way this afternoon has been going, I’d be a fool to say anything but ‘dare’.”

While giving Rob his dare, I turned and looked at Kathy. “Ok Rob, I dare you to lay Kathy down, remove the rest of her suit and lick her pussy until you give her an orgasm.”

“Hey, this is his dare, not mine. Why isn’t he getting undressed?” protested Kathy.

“Good point. Okay Rob, same dare, but first stand up and do a striptease for us.” I couldn’t help but giggle at this prospect.

“That still results in me getting naked when it’s not my dare!”

“Kathy, we both know you’re ready to burst right now, and if he doesn’t do it then I will because you’re looking too delicious to just leave there sitting alone. Besides, I’ve fantasized of seeing you with a guy between your legs for years.”

I sat next to her and pulled her towards me, kissing her deeply. I laid her back on her lounge chair and knelt next to her continuing to passionately kiss my best friend. As our tongues played tag in her mouth I slowly lowered my hands to her breasts and gave her already-hard nipples a quick pinch. I broke our kiss to take a breath and looked her deep in the eyes and asked her if she was ready.

“Lynn, you’re out of control today. I’ll do it, but believe me, this game isn’t over and it’s my turn next.” As she said this, I felt her hand between my legs and a finger quickly sunk deep into my pussy in a short-lived, teasing exploration. I stood up and spread some towels on the grass next to the pool deck. Then I took Kathy’s hand and guided her to the towels laying on her back with her head in my lap. (I wanted a good view for the show myself.

“OK, little brother it’s showtime! Let’s see what you’ve got hidden in there. Take ’em off and get over here.”

“Sure thing Sis. Here goes nothing.” Rob got up off his lounge chair and stood in front of us. He began by going into some ‘muscle-man’ poses, but he’s more the lean runner-type physique and didn’t have the body-builder body needed for the poses he was trying. I told him to lay off the posing and show us what he’s got. He couldn’t resist a little more teasing though and turned around to drop his shorts with his back to us. Seeing it for the second time, I was even more impressed with how tight his ass was, and couldn’t resist letting out a ‘Very Nice!’ He wiggled his tush at us a little and then turned around, bringing his hard cock into full view.

Kathy was definitely staring at his manhood intently. I leaned down and whispered to her, “I had it inside me two hours ago and it felt soooo good, Kath’.” She looked up at me slowly with a questioning look in her eyes. I just looked back and nodded at her. We returned our gaze to Rob who had begun to crouch next to Kathy. I nodded to him and he reached for the top of Kathy’s suit which was bunched around her waist. My hands had been caressing Kathy slowly all over her torso, but I was now concentrating on her breasts. As Rob began to tug on her suit, she lifted her hips to allow him to pull it down.

Rob let out an audible moan as my friend’s pussy came into view and slowly said, “Oh Man! Kathy, your body is so hot!”

Then he continued to pull her suit down and off. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked. As he asked, I gave her nipples and extra pinch each just to make sure she was. Kathy just raised her knees in the air and spread them wide. As Rob began to caress her inner thighs and lick his way slowly towards her pussy, I gently took her head off my lap and let her lie flat on the ground.. Then I crawled over her and dangled a nipple across her face as I began to suckle on her hard stones. She began to return the favor on my nipples and I reached down to spread her legs wider for my brother.

The sight of my brother with his face buried between my best friend’s legs was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. At first he was slowly running his tongue up from her virgin hole to her clit and back, over and over. Then he started pushing his tongue deep into her as he held her lips open with his fingers. Kathy looked so sexy all spread open and as I watched him eat her out I had the irresistible urge to help him. I gave her nipple one last nibble and crawled forward slowly kissing her as I went. As I reached her pussy, I whispered to Rob that I needed to taste her too. He moved down a little to give me room. I sucked her little clit into my mouth and heard her moan as she went to work on my pussy as well.

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