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Sex with My Wife’s Mother

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Unbeknownst to me, my mother-in-law, much like my sister-in-law has an insatiable appetite for me, the son-in-law and brother-in-law.

Hi, I’m Joe. In my previous story, Sex With My Wife’s Sister, my wife, Susan, caught her sister, Kate, my sister-in-law, giving me a blowjob and, ever since, our marriage has been on the rocky road headed straight for divorce court. Yes, of course, she blames me more than she does her sister, as well as she should. I’m a cad. I’m no good. Only, we guys are easy. In hindsight, I think it was more the fault of Kate teasing me than it was my fault accepting the bait of her flashing me her tits.

Nonetheless whose fault it was, my wife said that if I’m willing to try and fix what is broken, she’d give me another chance. Some chance with that always hanging over my head for her to use whenever she deemed fit. The first thing I must do is to come clean and apologize to her parents, my father-in-law, Bob and my mother-in-law, Ruth, for disrespecting them by cheating on my wife with her sister, their daughter, Kate. It’s an unusual request but based upon all that her parents have done for us and since it was their daughter with whom I was cheating on my wife with, it’s an understandable request.

In my follow up story, Daddy’s Dirty Daughter about the confession I made to my father-in-law, I’ve already come clean to him about what happened between Kate and I. I confessed to him that I was cheating on my wife, Susan, and having an affair with his daughter, Kate. I’m a bastard, I know, for having sex with sisters and for ruining their relationship and tearing apart their family, a family that has treated me more like a son than a son-in-law. It was wrong and I know that now. Only, at the time, I was only thinking with my penis and not with my brain.

My father-in-law, Bob, forgave me, I think. I mean, he didn’t actually come right out and say that he forgave me, but after telling him everything that I did with his daughter, I left him with a huge erection. It was disturbingly weird and I was uncomfortable knowing that I had sexually aroused my father-in-law by telling him about the adulterous sexual escapades of his daughter. Unbeknownst to me before, I suspect that he lusts after his daughter now. What man wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous.

Now, I understand why he told me no matter how uncomfortable the details, he wanted to know all that I had done with Kate and I told him. It makes sense now and I can see that he just wanted to live vicariously through my sexual dirty deeds by imagining himself with his voluptuous daughter. In my story, Daddy’s Dirty Daughter, I confessed every lurid detail from ogling her tits to cumming in her mouth with her last and final blowjob.

Nonetheless his weird and inappropriate questions about his daughter’s sexual escapades with me, her brother-in-law, especially about blowjobs, I didn’t have a choice but to cooperate with his demand that I tell him everything. He wanted to know if I had cum in Kate’s mouth and how many times she blew me. Although I was more than uncomfortable sharing that personal information with him, her father, I was willing to answer whatever he asked. I just wanted to get it over with hoping that my total confession would dissuade him from pulling out his gun and shooting me. Only, I didn’t realize that he was getting off on hearing the intimate information about his daughter’s sexual affair with me. Admittedly, that was too weird.

Still, it’s a tough pill to swallow having to tell all to my wife’s parents, as my first step in fixing our marriage. I like her parents but to confront them with the information that I’ve been having sex with their 27-year-old, baby girl, Kate, behind their backs is nearly as bad as being caught by my wife receiving a blowjob from her sister. I’m beyond being embarrassed. I’m mortified and I hate myself for my actions when I dwell on it, which I try not to do. Yet, if my making a confession to her parents is the first step that I must take to fix my marriage, then I’m willing to give it a try.

The funny thing is when I was having hot sex with Kate, I never thought of the repercussions of my actions should we be caught. I only gave a care if my wife caught us. I didn’t even consider how crushed her parents would be with discovering that I had been cheating on my wife with their other daughter, Kate. Now, I feel like such a jerk. I should have fooled around with a co-worker or a woman I picked up in a bar, instead of with my sister-in-law, of all women. Had I done that, no one would have known about my adulterous affair.

It’s obvious that we guys think too much with our penises, but if you saw Kate in person or read my story, Sex With My Wife’s Sister and read my follow up story Daddy’s Dirty Daughter, you’d understand why I did what I did. She has the body and the face to make a gay man turn straight and a priest forsake his vows. She could give an erection to a dying man. She was my Helen of Troy and I was her Achilles. I was her Marc Antony and she was my Cleopatra. Well, fake taxi porno you get the picture.

I cleared the air with Kate’s father yesterday and today’s the day that I’m telling all to my mother-in-law, Ruth. Actually, Kate’s father suggested that I not mention blowjobs or that I came off in Kate’s mouth more than one hundred times to Ruth. He said that his wife doesn’t give blowjobs, the poor man, and that she’d find it difficult to forgive me knowing that I did that dastardly deed with her daughter. I can’t believe he volunteered that information about his wife. I’d be embarrassed to tell anyone that my wife doesn’t suck my cock.

He also suggested that I tell his wife that Kate and I made love only the one time. Moreover, he suggested that I not use the word fuck in front of his wife because, in his words, she was a delicate flower. Okay, basically, I’m coming clean about my relationship with my sister-in-law to my mother-in-law by not telling her the complete truth, in the way that I confessed the complete truth to her husband. It doesn’t make sense for me to continue the charade by not telling my mother-in-law everything, as I did with my father-in-law. Yet, being married to her for 35-years, I’m sure that he knows his wife better than I do and I shall honor his wishes and abide by what he has suggested I do to beg the forgiveness of my mother-in-law.

Trying to remember back all the times I was with Kate, she must have blown me a hundred times, at least, and every time I shot my warm, gooey load in her mouth and every time she swallowed. We must have fucked more than two hundred times, yet, Bob, my father-in-law, wants me to tell his wife that she never blew me and that we made love once. Whatever, if this is what I must say to get myself out of this mess, then I’ll tell her exactly what he wants. I just want to get this part of my life to end. I just want this nightmare over with so that I can go to the next step of trying to assuage my wife’s disappointment and lack of trust in me.

To be honest, I’m on the fence about coming clean and showing remorse for all that I did with my wife’s sister. Since our illicit, adulterous affair is now or will be out in the open, once I talk to both her parents and tell them all I’ve done with their precious, little daughter, I’m leaning towards leaving Susan and running off with Kate. I think I love her. I know I love her.

Only, with my luck it was only about the sex for Kate and she doesn’t love me. With my luck I’ll make my true confession that I’m in love with Kate and when Kate says she doesn’t love me, I’ll lose both sisters and be booted from the family for good. Susan would never allow me to see my children again.

I haven’t talked to Kate, yet, about my true feelings for her. I haven’t fully explored the possibility of running off with her, yet. We mentioned it in passing a few times when we were in the throws of making love, but I don’t think either of us was serious then, that is, until now. Now, I feel that I’m in love with her and am ready to begin a new life with her.

Her parents have Kate sequestered somewhere. I haven’t seen her or talked with her since she was caught with my cock in her mouth. I miss her terribly. I think I love her, I really do and I’m terribly horny without her.

The relationship I have with Susan was rocky with her not giving me any sex, since before the birth of our daughter, Amy, and now, it’s worse, much worse. I’m no divorce lawyer, but I’d call what we are experiencing now irreconcilable differences. The magic, if it was ever there, is gone.

I was told that Kate wasn’t home when I visited my mother-in-law, Ruth, to make my confession and take my lumps for my admission of guilt for having had sex with her daughter. I was more nervous having to talk to my mother-in-law than the dread I felt in anxiously awaiting talking to my father-in-law about our affair. I had no idea what I was going to say and how I was going to say it, especially since my father-in-law has advised me what not to say to his wife.

Ruth greeted me at the door and kissed me on the cheek before ushering me into her living room and we sat in opposite places than I did when I met with Kate’s father yesterday. She sat facing the rear of the house and I sat facing the bay window that had a view of the front lawn and the street in the distance. Kate’s mother is a very attractive woman. I only wish Susan looked as good when she is 52-years-old.

Had her hair been dyed more red than blonde, she’d resemble a cross between Rachel Welch and Anne Margret. Certainly, she wasn’t lacking their bust size. Her tits are huge. Susan has a saggy B cup, her sister, Kate, has a shapely C cup, and their mother easily has a D cup. I could only imagine what her big tits would look like hanging down in my face. God, I’m incorrigible. Here I am ready to purge myself of all my wrongdoings and hoping for forgiveness for the adulterous affair I had with her daughter and I’m having sexual thoughts of my mother-in-law by family stroke porno imagining her naked tits. What is wrong with me?

“Robert tells me that you wanted to talk,” she said with a smile.

She always calls him Robert and never Bob or Bobby. Everyone calls him Bob and his mother still calls him Bobby.

“Yeah, well, Susan, uhm, ah, well—”

“Before you start, I’m parched. Would you care for a cocktail?” She looked at her watch before looking at me again and smiling. She has a nice smile and when she walked by me, I checked out her ass. I never noticed, but she has a nice ass, too. Certainly, she doesn’t look her age. If I didn’t know she was 52-years-old, I would guess that she was 44-years-old. “Robert and I always have a little something this time of the evening.”

I pulled my handkerchief from my back pocket and wiped the perspiration that collected on my forehead at my hairline. I was surprised; shocked actually, that Susan’s mom was a drinker. The strongest drink I thought her parents drank was tea.

“Yeah, sure, I can use a little something.”

“What may I get for you?”

Suddenly, in the way she asked me that question, ‘what may I get for you,’ reminded me of something that Kate would ask me. I imagined Kate appearing before me wearing something sexy, just an apron, one with her tits peeking out the sides and that was not long enough to cover her shaved pussy and nothing else, and asking me that same question.

“Joe, the way you are staring at me, you look hungry. What may I get for you?”

“How about a hot pussy sandwich?”

Gees, there I go again. What is it with my attraction to the women in this family? I’m married to one daughter, having an affair with her other daughter, and now I’m having inappropriate thoughts of their mother. I’m just glad Susan only has the one sister. Stop it! Just stop it!

“Uhm, a little scotch if you have some, neat with just a splash of water. That would be great. Thank you.”

She made herself a dry martini with an olive. I’ve never seen her drink before. I took a long sip of the scotch and it went down easy, too easy. It was smooth. It tasted expensive and it tasted nothing like the swill that I can only afford to buy, Cutty Sark.

“So, you were saying, Joe, before I interrupted you,” she said sitting back across from me. It was then I noticed her legs. Ala Katie Couric’s shapely legs, she had nice legs for an old broad.

With my new found courage received from a quick surge of the warm alcohol flowing through my veins, I looked her in the eye. This being the first time we were alone and chatting, I had really never looked at my mother-in-law as a woman before, that is, until now. I never realized that she had beautiful blue eyes. Kate and Susan have brown eyes and their father has brown eyes. Even though I really like Kate’s big, brown eyes, I couldn’t help but notice Ruth’s bright blue eyes. I always regarded her as Susan’s Mom and not as a woman. She looked good, real good, for a woman who was twenty years older than me. I should look as good when I reach her age.

“You look nice by the way,” I said feeling confident enough and relaxed enough to pay her a compliment. “I like your hair and that dress makes you look skinny. Have you lost weight? You look like you lost weight.”

“Well, thank you, Joe,” she said beaming while looking down at herself. “I have lost a few pounds recently. I’ve been trying to lose weight to fit in my bikini for the summer. Robert hasn’t even noticed. He never pays me any compliments, that is, unless it’s related to the food that I cook for him. I think that if I served him his dinner naked, he wouldn’t even notice.”

Bikini? She wears a bikini? I’d love to see my mother-in-law prancing around in her bikini. Suddenly, I envisioned Ruth serving me pot roast while naked. It was then that I wondered if her pussy was bushy like Susan, shaved like Katie, or trimmed. I could almost feel her big tit resting on my shoulder as she served me a big slice of the hot meat.

“Is that enough or would you like more?”

“Instead of you giving me more pot roast, allow me to give you some of my meat,” I imagined saying to my mother-in-law as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. “Yeah, baby, suck my cock.”

What the fuck is wrong with me? There I go again fantasizing about my mother-in-law blowing me, even after her husband specifically told me that she doesn’t give blowjobs. I’m not in trouble enough having hot sex with my wife’s sister, now I’m thinking about having hot sex with her mother. Maybe, I need to see a psychiatrist. Maybe, I have a sex addiction.

“Well, I don’t know about you, Joe, but I’m already ready for another,” she said getting up from the sofa and reaching her hand out to take my empty glass for a refill. “May I get you a refill?”

“Yes, thank you,” I said handing her my empty glass.

This time she returned with a two olive martini. Maybe that’s how she keeps track of how many drinks she’s female agent porno had. When the olives displace the alcohol over the top of the glass, she stops.

The first drink calmed my nerves and the second drink relaxed me. I wasn’t as nervous anymore, that is, until I was about to blurt out what I had to say.

“I’ve been having an affair,” I said while watching for her reaction. “And the one I’ve been having the affair with is—”

“I know,” she said. “Kate told me you two have been intimate for some time, now.”

Oh, God, now what? I can’t believe she knew all along. I was shocked, blown away. Is that good or bad that she knows? I can’t read her.

“I’m so sorry. It just happened.”

“Don’t apologize, Joe. You’re a good man. Kate is the daughter you should have married,” she said with a sigh. “Susan was never right for you from the start. She doesn’t love you, at least, not in the way that Kate does. Susan always loved the one she couldn’t have, the one she went to the prom with, but he ended up getting another girl pregnant and you were her rebound. She used you to make him jealous, but it all backfired.”

She floored me. I never knew any of that about Susan. Moreover, in one sentence she basically told me that Susan doesn’t love me but that Kate does. My mind was reeling. I was so excited about the thoughts of being with Kate instead of Susan that I had trouble focusing on what more I wanted to say to Ruth. She already knew everything. Maybe, I do have a chance with Kate after all. I don’t know if it was encouraged by the alcohol or by what Ruth said or a combination of the two, but suddenly, I had tears streaming down my face.

Ruth got up to sit beside me. She patted my leg before giving me a hug. As I said previously in my story, Sex With My Wife’s Sister, we guys are born with tit receptors all over our bodies and I could feel her big tits against my arm. They felt wonderful, so big and so firm. They made my cock throb with passion for her.

Unless she was wearing an armored bra, they felt massive. It took all the control I had not to return her hug for the hope of keeping her warm body next to mine. I wanted to feel her huge melons against my chest, but I controlled myself from doing so. She was my mother-in-law for Christ sakes, Kate’s Mom, and a step away from being my Mom, so to speak.

Before she returned to her seat, she made herself a third martini, this one with 3 olives. Man, she was sucking these things down. It was then that I wondered if she was nervous. Did I make her nervous being here in her house alone with her? Was she thinking amorous thoughts about me? Hey, you never know; if she’s anything like her daughter Kate, unlike Susan, she could be attracted to me.

Without a doubt, the olives are her way to keep count of the drinks she’s had. I wanted to secretly remove and eat an olive without her knowing, but there was no way that I could do that, unless she got up to use the restroom, which she suddenly excused herself to do and what I brazenly did, removed one of her olives and ate it, when she went to pee. I’m such a cad. I figured her limit was three drinks and I was curious to see what she’d be like after having a fourth martini.

When she sat back down on the couch she flashed me a bit of her white panty. In all the years I’ve known Ruth, this was the first time that I caught a glimpse of her panty. Seeing her panty suddenly, increased my sexual thoughts about her. I saw more of her thigh than I ever had. Then, she gave me a second view between her legs when she crossed her legs and a third view when she uncrossed them and crossed them the other way again later.

I didn’t know, I couldn’t tell, if she was flashing me accidentally or was teasing me, but whatever she was doing was working. I couldn’t remove my eyes from her white panty every time she flashed. It was a detraction that stole the focus of my thoughts and it took me a few moments to remember what it was I was talking about and what it was I was thinking.

Every time she moved, every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs, her skirt climbed higher and higher up her shapely thighs while exposing more of her panty. I never realized that Ruth was so hot. Then, when she sat with her legs uncrossed, her skirt had risen high enough that even though her knees were tightly pressed together, I had a clear view of a triangular patch of panty just above her thigh. Just as I had difficulty looking any where else, other than between my mother-in-law’s legs, I couldn’t focus my thoughts enough to speak.

I was careful not to have her catch me looking. If she was going to show, whether it was accidental or accidentally on purpose, I didn’t want her to abruptly end the show and pull the curtain. Then, when she parted her knees a bit, I could actually see her camel toe. Oh, my God, my mother-in-law’s slit was clearly visible and covered only by a bit of thin, shear, cotton fabric. I could feel my tongue licking her pussy through her panty. I was getting aroused being flashed by my mother-in-law. I could feel my cock stirring a bit. Without doubt, the martinis were relaxing her enough that either she didn’t care that she was flashing me her panty or was totally unaware that she was. It was more fun to believe that she didn’t care that she was flashing me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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