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Short Story: Homecoming

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Lynn and Jake walked the couple of blocks from their home to his parent’s home. Dale, Jake’s younger brother was getting out of the Army and was coming home today. He had spent the last four years in the Army and none of his folks had seen him for the last two years. He was now twenty two to his brother’s and Lynn’s twenty five. They had wanted to pick him up at the airport but he said he would get a cab. He should be arriving just after lunch.

“I wonder what he will look like now”, said Lynn. She pictured him as the tall skinny eighteen year old she had seen leave for boot camp. “I bet he looks a lot like you and your father.” Both Jake and Terry were tall and very well built. Lynn hoped Jake looked as good as his father when he was forty-five. Actually she hoped she look as good as her mother-in-law when she was forty-five.

As they walked along, holding hands she thought how lucky she was to be married to such a gorgeous hunk with a wonderful family. She had grown up with an Aunt that took her in after her parents were killed in an auto accident. The Aunt was gone now and Jake’s family was the only family she had. She and Jake had been married five years now and no children on the way. Not having given birth to children her body was just as shapely as it was when she married. The shorts and pull over top she wore was testament to the fact that she was just as sexy now as she was then.

The shorts weren’t that short but still showed off her nice round ass and shapely legs to good advantage. The top was low cut and the lack of a bra let a lot of flesh show when she bent over, which she was inclined to do just to tease Terry. Jake knew how she likes to tease his father and got a kick out of it. Lynn knew that Terry couldn’t stop his eyes from glancing down at her breasts and she made sure that he got plenty of opportunities. Her mother-in-law, Dean, wasn’t opposed to showing off a little herself. At forty-five she still turned a lot of heads.

The cab turned into the drive and they all made a run to meet Dale. His Mother was first as she hugged him until he was gasping for breath. He finally managed to hug his father and then Jake. It was then Lynn’s turn. He stopped and just looked her up and down until she began to blush. Terry was paying the driver and Jake and Dean were getting the luggage out of the cab and didn’t see the exchange between the two of them.

She held out her arms for him to hug her. He did but not like he had his mother. One hand was on her back and the other dropped to her ass and pulled her tight to his body. He whispered in her ear, “Dam, I had forgotten how sexy you are!” His lips moved from her ear to her lips and he kissed her!

Lynn jumped back and twisted her mouth away from his just as Jake turned back around. “Welcome home Dale.” Her heart was pounding from the confrontation. Not only that but she could feel her cunt getting moist just from his touch. For a moment she wished she had worn different clothes.

The afternoon went by fast as they talked about his time in Iraq and the Army. Lynn made sure that she managed to stay out of reach of his hands. Jake notice it and wondered what was going on. Like with his father he figured that Lynn was teasing his brother. Lynn didn’t miss the times she caught Dale looking her over. He had certainly filled out since he left home and the bulge she had felt when he had hugged her let her know that he was huge all over.

It was getting late and his parents were getting ready for bed, as tomorrow was a work day. Jake asked him to go home with them as they were still talking. Kissing the parents good bye the three of them headed down the walk towards home. Lynn was between the two brothers and they all held hands as they walked along. She held Dale’s hand mainly to make sure he didn’t grab her ass and get Jake pissed off.

“Is that old club still out on 63?”

Jake spoke up, “Yea, but it is not much.”

“Does it still have the women hanging out down there?”

“Hell brother I don’t know. I’m an old married man now; I don’t need to go there for my women.”

“If I had one as hot as Lynn I wouldn’t go down there either. Why don’t we ride down there and check it out.”

“Its nearly mid-night and I have to go to work tomorrow. dvd porno You can use the car if you like.”

“I might just do that, it has been a year since I’ve been with a woman.” He saw Lynn had dropped her head in embarrassment. “Sorry Lynn, but I really need to find someone soon!”

At the house Jake tossed him his car keys. Dale caught them and looked at the two of them. “I wish you would go with me, it has been a long time since I’ve been in that place.”

“Lynn can go with you, but I have to get to bed.” Lynn turned to look at Jake with a questionable look in her eyes? Dale had turned to her and didn’t see the wink Jake gave her. She wondered what the hell he was thinking.

“I’m not dressed to go down there.”

Jake spoke up; “You look ok to go there, it’s not the Ritz you know.”

Dale jumped right in; you look fine come on.”

“How are you going to pick up a date if you are with me?”

“If I find someone you can bring the car back and I will find a way home.” Since Dale was asking her and Jake was pushing her to go with him she agreed.

Dale left for the car and she turned to Jake. “What the hell are you thinking sending me off with your horny brother?”

“He is just lonesome, just keep him company and out of trouble.” Lynn knew just how horny he was and what he wanted from her are any other woman tonight.

Lynn knew that she attracted a lot of male attention walking in with her shorts. The building wasn’t much but a beer joint and the inside was so dark that you almost had to feel your way around. It being Thursday night the crowd was thin. Once her eyes grew accustom to the dark she could see fairly well. From what she could see there weren’t many women in the place and the ones that were, were with someone or had a lot of miles on them. “I don’t think you have very much to pick from unless that old one over there is you type?”

When they sat down at the booth she had slid in and Dale slid in next to her; not bothering to sit across from her. She could feel his leg touching hers. She made an attempt to move away but he just let his leg follow hers. Not wanting to make a scene she let him sit close to her. The waitress came by for their drink orders. He ordered a beer and so did Lynn. “I’m not much of a drinker; a couple of beers are about my limit.”

Dale was looking around the dark room. A few couples were dancing to the juke box but the only other women he saw were ladies of the night that had seen better days. “It is a good thing you came with me tonight or I might have ended up with one of those,” he motioned at the women at the bar.

Maybe you will have better luck tomorrow night.”

He dropped his arm across her shoulders and pulled her closer. “I like the one I’m with tonight.”

“All that is well and good but if you plan on relieving all your built up pressure then you best be looking other places.”

His arm dropped lower and his hand rest on her breast. She reached up to stop his roving hand. “Come on Lynn, what is a little feel going to hurt? It’s been so long since I felt anything this soft.”

“I don’t think Jake had this in mind when he suggested I come with you.” Even as she said it she wasn’t sure if he wasn’t expecting something like this to happen. Jake was a pretty sexy man and he didn’t mind that she flashed his father; maybe he wouldn’t mind if Dale had a feel or two. She thought Dale was pretty sexy herself and if he wasn’t her brother-in-law she wouldn’t mind a little touch and tickle herself.

Her hand had just stopped him from moving lower, she hadn’t moved his arm from around her shoulders. He had pulled her closer to where her breast was pressing against his side. She felt his hand trying to push across her breast and she held him with both hands. It was then she felt his hand on her bare leg just below her shorts. She reached to stop him and then his hand was covering her tit. “Dale, stop this. Come on let’s go dance and go home, you aren’t going to get lucky tonight and the bar will be closing in a few minutes.” She figured she was better off on the dance floor than she was in the dark booth with him.

He stopped at the juke box and dropped in a coin. He punched several songs, all slow country ensest porno songs. He took her in his arms and attempted to pull her to him. She resisted and kept some distance from him. “Come on Lynn, it’s been over a year since I held a soft warm female in my arms. What would Jake care if you danced with me? If he was here he wouldn’t mind.”

The idea of letting her body be wrapped in his arms didn’t upset her at all. She loved to dance and often did with friends of her and Jake. She sure didn’t keep them at the distance that she was keeping Dale. Relaxing she let him pull her closer until her body was as close to his as possible. Her nipples were now hard and pushing against his chest and she knew he could feel them. I felt good to her also.

Her nipples weren’t the only thing hard; his cock was pressing against her lower body and he wasn’t doing anything to hide his arousal. “Dale?”

“Dam you feel good!” She knew how she must feel to him as he felt pretty good to her as well. She could just imagine how he must feel not having sex for a year. She let her body relax and flow with his. She didn’t even resist when his hand dropped to her ass and pulled her tight to his hard cock.

“You do know that this is all you are going to get tonight?”

“You are so beautiful!”

“You don’t have much around here to compare me with.”

“I don’t care if there were a hundred women here you would still stand out.” She let him do pretty much what he wanted to for the next fifteen minutes until they called for closing time and he led her from the dance floor. By this time he wasn’t the only one that was heated up.

He walked her to the car. As she reached for the door he stopped her and turned her to face him. “I’ve got to kiss you. I’ve been dying to ever since this afternoon.”

She tipped her face up to give him a quick peck on the lips but he was wrapping her in his arms and pulled her mouth to his as his lips came down to claim hers. What followed was one of the hottest kisses she had ever had. She tried to turn her face away but he wasn’t having any of that. His hand held her face until she wasn’t fighting him any more. Once his tongue invaded her mouth all fight was gone out of her. She let her tongue play across his until they were both hot enough to burn.

His hands were all over her body as he had her backed up against the car and his mouth was sucking the life out of her. When his hand moved between her legs she pushed her cunt up to him. She couldn’t ever remember being as turned on as she was right now. All she knew for sure was that Dale had found the piece of ass he was looking for tonight. All he had to do was take it; there wasn’t going to be any fight. He could have had her right there in the parking lot but customers leaving the bar brought them back to their senses. She twisted away and opened the door and slid in. She was still breathing hard when Dale slid under the steering wheel.

He looked at her and reached over and pulled her across the seat to him. His lips found her ready mouth and once again they were in each others arms. He finally broke the kiss. “Lynn I have to fuck you!”

“Not here!”


“I don’t know, I haven’t been parking in years. Take me home.”

“No! Please, I need you!”

“Jake will be in bed.”

He started the car and backed out of the parking lot. His hand slid up under her top to caress her naked tits. Her only move was to pull her top over her breasts; bearing them to his eyes. “I sure hope he is or I might just have to fuck you in front of him!”

Her hand went to his pants where his cock was pushing hard to get out. Opening them she pulled his hard cock out in the night air. “What do we have here? Looks like we have plenty to take care of tonight.” She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Giving oral sex wasn’t her favorite but right now she wanted to give him something to hold him for the trip home.

Her mouth moved down over him as her hand cupped his balls. She gently handled them as her mouth and tongue did its work. A year had been a long time and before she knew it he was telling her that if she didn’t want a face full she needed to stop. Never in her life had she let Jake cum in her mouth czech amateurs porno but now she only sucked him deeper. She wanted only to please Dale. Maybe subconsciously she was hoping that Jake might be up and that Dale wouldn’t get what he wanted so badly.

All she knew for sure right now was that Dale was about to unload a years supply of cum down her throat and she was ready for it. He almost lost control of the car as he felt his climax start. Breaking and pulling to the side of the road he leaned back as she sucked the juice from his hard cock. “OH YES, YES. SUCK ME LYNN!!!!!” Then he lost all control as she sucked the life out of him. Not only was this the first time she had cum in her mouth, it was her first time swallowing.

Slowly she kissed around on him until she had cleaned him up. As he softened she tucked him back in his pants. “If any one ever hears about this I will kill you myself.”

Both had time to straighten up before they went in the house. She showed Dale where he would be sleeping and headed up stairs. “You are coming back?”

“I need to check on Jake.” She knew that Dale was temporary satisfied for now and that she could get away with not coming back down the stairs. She eased the door open and saw Jake asleep on the bed. With the few drinks he had in him she knew he was out for the night. She made a trip to the bathroom and changed from the shorts to a short night gown. It was thin and one of Jake’s favorites. I couldn’t help but be as it was so sheer that it covered up nothing at all. She didn’t have to think long as she kissed Jake on the forehead and eased out the door, shutting it quietly behind her.

The bed side light was on as she opened the door and slipped in the room. Closing the door behind her she turned to see Dale naked on the bed. The cover was turned back and he lay watching her as she entered the room. His eyes took in every beautiful curve of her body under the thin gown. “I wasn’t sure you would come back…”

“Is that the reason you are naked on the bed?”

“I was hoping you would.” She stopped next to the bed and pulled the gown over her head. She stood naked before him, not at all shy as she let her brother-in-law look his fill.

“I told you I would be back. I try to keep my promises.” She lay down next to him and he took her in his arms and kissed her. His kisses were just like before and it wasn’t but a moment before she rolled on her back and reached for him. “I’m here for you.” He moved over her and slowly entered her hot wet body.

“Oh yes, it feels just as good as I thought it would.” She was hot and wet as he slid deeper until he was resting on her. He just hesitated a few second before starting to fuck her. Her legs came up around his waist and pulled him deeper in her. She rode his cock with each stroke until she could now feel him growing in her.

She had been crying now from the first drive into her. She loved the feel of him fucking her as she could feel each ridge of his big cock caressing her cunt from the inside. She was fighting her self to keep from screaming out her climax. Even with the climax driving through her body she still knew that Jake shouldn’t wake up. It was almost more than she could stand when he climaxed and filled her pussy full of his juice.

For several minutes she held him close to her, his cock still embedded deep in her pussy. He felt so good that she didn’t want him to pull out. It was when he kissed her again that she realized that he was still hard. “Again?” He nodded and she lifted her legs around his hips and pulled him down deeper. “Don’t stop a good thing now.” He didn’t, for the next hour he fucked her until she lost count of the time they climaxed. It was late when she kissed him and eased from the room to go to Jake.

She tried to ease in the bed but Jake woke. “Just getting in?”


“How is Dale?”

“I think you can say that he is more than happy to be home.” She was out before Jake could ask anything else.

She woke to find she wasn’t dreaming. She was being fucked hard and fast as her eyes struggled to open. Expecting to see Jake over her she was surprised to see Dale as he was riding his cock in and out of her pussy. Worried she asked, “Where is Jake?”

“You slept late, he is at work.”

She wrapped her arms around him. “How long are you going to be home?”

“Until I find a job, hopefully it will be close around here.”

She pushed her pussy up on his cock, “That would be good; I could get to liking this!”

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