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Shower Yank

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This story is true. Names have been changed so as not to piss off the participants.


At the end of my high school career, my girl-friend and I took our fully-clothed relationship to the next level. Though we never had sex, we would strip and masturbate each other. Our favorite place to do this was the shower. The first time was beyond belief.

We had just returned from a football game and were dog-tired. Her mom, trusting us as we were both 18, left to go finish up some work at the hospital. I decided to take a shower, and as usual, when her mom was away, Liz decided to join me.

Now Liz was just over five foot tall, and 110 pounds soaking wet. She had creamy white skin, sharply set off by her dark chocolate hair. She was a 32 C cup and very shapely. I myself was slightly overweight, but proportionate, six foot one and muscular.

We were lathering each other when her handed drifted past my cock, and it twitched.

“I didn’t know it could do that!” Liz exclaimed.

“Only when it’s really excited.” I replied.

Just then, she surprised me by wrapping her whole hand around the shaft and stroking. The water combined with the soap was all the lubrication needed and with the excitement of this new stage in our relationship, I lasted about a minute before I shot a huge load, grunting through clenched teeth.

“That was amazing,” were her only words.

“My turn.” I said.

I leaned in for a kiss, and ran my casino oyna hand down her flat stomach. When I reached her pubic hair, I danced my fingers through her curls, exacting a twinge from her. I then ran my index finger slowly through her slit, marveling in the slick, smooth feeling. She began to jump slightly as she felt the intensity. I toyed my finger along the outside of her entrance, teasing her slightly.

Suddenly a moan escaped her lips, and she locked her eyes on mine. Her gaze became intense and she didn’t blink. I slid my finger from her entrance and placed it on her clit. She erupted, convulsing and slamming against me, becoming weightless as she orgasmed.

From that moment, we took all our showers together.

A month later, my mother split from her abusive husband, and we moved to an apartment complex across town. I moved in with my girlfriend and her mom, but maintained a room with my mom as the complex had a swimming pool. That summer we went swimming everyday, and the sight of her in a bikini made me always look forward to the shower afterwards.

One day, we were swimming with our friend Lisa, who was drop-dead gorgeous in her Texas flag string bikini. Liz was wearing a simple read number, and I had to stay underwater at all times to hide my erection. At one point Lisa swam up against me and I know she felt the bulge, but didn’t let on. We played and flirted for a few hours and finally decided to get out.

As we made it back to the apartment, we headed upstairs canlı casino to my room.

“I could really use a shower,” Liz said, giving me a knowing look.

“I’m down,” I replied.

“Me too,” Lisa said, surprisingly. “But I can wait.”

“Damn,” I thought.

“Well, you can come and talk with us while we shower.” Liz said. I was rock-hard before we made it out of the room.

As we began to peel off our swim-wear, I had two choices: a) I could do my best to hide the obvious boner, or b) revel in it. I chose b, stripping off the trunks and doing my best to stick out the head as far as possible. Lisa’s eyes flew open, but she said nothing.

When the warm water hit our bodies, Liz hand was already firmly stroking, and I was doing my best to fake conversation with Lisa and not blow my load so quick. At one point I was mid-sentence and could not keep up the facade, my voice faltered.

“What exactly are ya’ll doing in there,” Lisa finally said. The shower curtain flew back, and Lisa got an up-close view of Liz jacking me off. I had my hands full, one firmly planted on Liz’s right breast and the other cupping her ass.

“Oh my,” was all Lisa could stutter.

“Well, don’t just stand there, I need a hand,” Liz said, completely un-flustered by the sudden interruption.

Lisa was almost as tall as me with short red hair she wore slightly curly. She had a sharp 42 D cup and was the absolute sex crush I had had since the day we met. We became friends, but kaçak casino maintained a friend relationship. I got to suffer through multiple boyfriends, until I met Liz.

All of a sudden, Lisa was naked, having only to untie to strings, and was stepping into the shower. Her hand replaced Liz’s and became a blur. While she was yanking me to the edge, she slammed Liz against the wall, and shoved a hand in between her legs. Lisa was masturbating us both, and doing a damn good job.

I felt the bubbling in my balls and told Lisa, she wasn’t able to hear me over Liz’s moan. We came at the same time, Liz collapsing in the bathtub, and me shooting a load over Lisa’s ass and Liz’s face.

Lisa turned away from me, looking down at Liz. She caressed her face, running a thumb along her jawline. She then ran her hand down and began massaging her breasts. By bending at the waist to reach her tits, her ass nuzzled against my cock, and I could feel it stirring.

Lisa stood and leaned back against me, whispering slightly,

“I’m not on the pill, but you can take me from behind.”

I was up and in before she could rethink. I had never entered a girl from behind, but it was enjoyable. As I worked up Lisa’s ass, Liz leaned forward and began eating Lisa’s lips. I could feel Lisa buck every time Liz hit her clit. I didn’t take long for Lisa to explode, but having just got off, I was far from the edge. That is until I felt Liz’s tongue on my balls. I immediately shot up Lisa’s ass.

We repeated this shower fun many times over the summer, until I started college and Liz found a new guy. Lisa and I still talk and she is very interested in seeing what my wife thinks of shower fun.

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