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Sis and I at College Ch. 03

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For reader clarification: This is the fourth in this series of stories. Little Sister Surprises and Sis and I at College Part 1 and 2: We continue to develop our sexual relationship preceded this installment which is what this series focuses solely on. Much more went into our relationship than sex but for the sake of brevity and to save from recounting what most would find mundane that has been left out. This all occurred in the mid 70’s when the pill was first widely available and there were no STDs with the implications of today’s. Amy reviews sections and we try to keep it as accurate as our memories allow. Actual names have been changed.


It just keeps getting hotter

Over the next few weeks of the semester things kept getting better and better between Amy and I both sexually and in our brother sister relationship. We seemed to end up together nearly every Saturday night after we had ended our evenings out with our friends or dates. We enjoyed discussing everything from politics to sports and with our special bond the conversations were more fun than I had ever had with even my best friends. Amy had plenty of guys in pursuit of her and she was enjoying the attention but was still insisting on spending a lot of time at my place. I have to admit I took more than one date home early because I knew I had Amy’s hot body and erotic mind waiting for me.

Amy’s show that she had put on for Michelle opened up a whole new level of friendliness with the neighbors. When I returned the pie Michelle had made for Amy after the show, Michelle was openly flirty and it was obviously approved by Bill since he was present. However, nothing else had transpired except the warm greetings whenever they saw Amy or I coming or going and most of our play was so late that their bedroom lights were off so I had not attempted to actually open the blinds so they could watch us fuck as I had led Amy to believe had happened in the incident that sent the whole train of events into motion.

Amy called me during the school week and asked me if I had a date for the coming Saturday. All I had on my agenda was spending some time with Karen the single mother who I had occasional trysts with. Amy had not been around Karen since the first night they met but wanted to go over to Karen’s with me to see if she could baby sit while I brought Karen to my place.

“This way Karen and you can fuck without worrying about her daughter hearing or seeing anything.” Amy continued with a little laugh, “I know you will find a way to repay me!”

I found it so sweet that Amy was willing to sacrifice her Saturday night but I promised her the repayment would be special. I called Karen and she was in agreement as long as her daughter was comfortable with it. When we arrived at Karen’s that night her young daughter immediately took a liking to Amy who was at her bubbly ex-cheerleader best. After a rundown from Karen on what her daughter liked, bed time and other assorted things for Amy, Karen and I headed to my place.

Karen and I arrived at my place and after a couple glasses of wine for Karen and a few beers for me we were plenty relaxed. Karen made the perfunctory call to check on her daughter and when her motherly worry was assuaged it was clear she was ready to make the transition to total slut. Karen was used to having to control herself to some degree when we fucked in her apartment with her daughter asleep. Here she was not and she was all over me on the couch. She was incredibly passionate with her kisses and her hand were all over me. It did not take long before my cock was throbbing to be released from my jeans. Fortunately I had planned well ahead and had everything ready to go or we would have simply been fucking on the couch.

I had us both remove a clothing item every few steps as I led her to the bedroom. The closer we got to nude the hotter she was getting. Her hands were all over me and my cock whenever I got close enough for her to grab me. I knew with her skills with a cock that if I let her handle mine too long that my plans would go by the wayside. I was careful to keep her moving after each item was shed and the trail from the living room was telling as her panties were the last thing to go as she stepped into my bed room.

When she stepped into the bedroom she let out an excited gasp as she noted what I had set up for her. Karen liked to be dominated and bondage was a huge turn on for her but our play had her house had limited that sort of thing to mostly pillow talk. I had gotten some soft rope and had some my older neck ties for her wrists and ankles.

“Oh my god this is going to be fun,” she exclaimed. “It looks like I am going to have to give you whatever you want.”

I had her blindfolded and spread eagled on the bed as quickly as I could tie the right knots to secure her without creating discomfort. (I tied what is called live animal knots for their ability to be undone with a quick pull when practicing bondage and for anyone who gets into B & D it is taboo heat porno a must to know. I had learned it from tying the horses we had at our country home). I then started to tease her with a makeup brush I had bought just for the occasion. I ran it lightly over her body from head to toe but avoided her nipples and her pussy leaving her arching her hips every time the brush moved up her leg or down her stomach.

Now that she was unfettered by not having a daughter to worry about she was not only moaning loud enough to let the whole neighborhood know how good she was feeling but letting them know she wanted more.

“Please give me your cock,” she moaned, “I need to feel a cock in me!”

I continued to tease her and her volume and thrusts just kept increasing. I stopped running the makeup brush over her and moved so that I was laying with my head between her legs and her pussy was perfectly positioned for me to give it gentle and slow licks as I continued to tease her.

She screamed, “Fuck me now. My pussy is so ready for you. I can’t wait any longer. Please fuck me!”

I was throbbing so hard that I couldn’t take it anymore and I slid up between her spread legs. I had intended to tease her a bit more but her pussy was so wet and her thrusts with her hips so strong that my cock just slipped in as of its own accord.

Karen typically had always taken awhile to get to her first orgasm but the restraints were helping her let go. She was thrusting as hard as she could within in the limitations of the restraints and soon was cumming with violent thrusts against her bonds and my body on top of her.

I had thought her volume was impressive while I was giving her head but she was enjoying her orgasm so much she must have felt she should share it.

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” she screamed, “Keep fucking me baby. I want you to cum in me so bad. Oh please cum in my pussy. Please, please let me have it!”

I could feel her body tensing and her thrusts were becoming even more forceful. I finally forced my mouth on to hers to reduce the volume. That just made her try to moan and talk louder through my kisses and spurred her to buck even harder and faster. I fought cumming but it was hard to control myself with such a hot woman under my body and under my control. I knew that it was only a matter of time and I had more plans for Karen so I reluctantly pulled out of her.

“I am going to let you up but only so you can turn over,” I told her as I loosened the neck ties and allowed her to roll over. “Now raise your ass just a bit so I can slip these pillows in and get your pussy and ass right where I want it,” I instructed as I got her positioned.

I made an extra pass over the ropes and ties to make sure that when she struggled they would not cut off circulation. Just as importantly I checked to make sure they were secure and would leave her at my mercy. I had made a trip to a sex store when my graduate assistant stipend arrived and bought several dildos and miscellaneous items. I foraged through my new treasurers until I found a vibrating dildo that was not too thick nor long. Before I put it to use though there was some warm up to attend to.

I had also secured a leather paddle, a small diameter bamboo cane, a riding crop and a whisk which I placed at the end of the bed. Karen was breathing heavily as she sensed something different was about to take place and I must admit I was titillated by the thought of working on Karen’s nice ass with the various items I had bought.

I took the whisk and started on the bottom of her feet and worked my way slowly up the back of her legs. I stopped and lingered whenever I saw her ass twitching or heard moans. The light touch of the whisk seemed to be re-energizing Karen and her firm round ass was starting to thrust and rotate within the limits of her bindings. I continued up her body and ran it out over her outstretched arms and then back to her back and down towards the crack of her ass.

When I trailed it down the crack of her ass and then down across her pussy the effect was visible on her. She was shaking and the moans were almost unintelligible. I continued to flick it over her pussy and asshole with a light touch and I could tell it was having the desired effect.

“Oh god, Steve whatever you want to do to me you can,” Karen gasped out between moans, “I am so fucking turned on!”

“Oh, I will Karen believe me,” I told her firmly. “We are going to find out just how bad of a little girl you are,” I continued as I moved to the bed to find the riding crop.

I ran it lightly across her now tensed up and arched ass for a few passes and then suddenly I slapped one cheek and then the other with the leather crop. The effect on her level of stimulation was instantaneous. I had thought she was as turned as she could be but now she was thrusting her ass up and down almost as if she was somehow riding a cock. I continued to run it over her ass and the following with the slaps teach that bitch porno of the crop on the cheeks of her ass.

I took the cane and lined it up so it would hit both cheeks of her ass right where the round was at the bottom of her ass. I gave her a light tap and even that caught her by surprise and she gave an involuntary gasp to the change in sensations. I continued working it lightly but every so often adding a bit more force to the tap. Finally I told her I was going to have her count out the taps on her ass as I gave them.

The first one was about as hard as my hardest during the buildup and it brought a turned on, “One!” As I continued in number I increased the force and finally by the tenth one I noticed a reddening on the cheeks but Karen seemed to be enjoying the increase in force.

“Fuck yes stud,” she screamed and it was easily loud enough for my neighbors to hear if they happened to be in their bedroom. “I am your cum dump baby. Anything you want you can have,” she continued.

I had never done any anal with Karen and for some reason we had never even discussed it. However, I took the small vibrating dildo and turned it on, and lubricated it. Karen was going crazy with desire and not knowing what I was up to especially given her open ended invitation was fueling it even more. I took the lubricant and placed some right on her asshole while I watched to see how she reacted. She moved her hips in a way that could only indicate that she wanted something in that hole and very quickly if possible. I placed the dildo at the opening to her ass and the vibration made her thrust her ass up in a way that pushed the dildo into her. I moved it gently back and forth while she continued to over encouragement with her moans and screams of pleasure.

By now the amount of noise she was making really had my curiosity up about whether Bill and Michele were taking in the audio. I went to the window and parted the blinds and sure enough the lights of the bedroom were on. Their blinds were drawn but the window was cracked open which I was sure allowed them to hear every moan and word since Karen had ratcheted up the volume.

The vibration was working without my help to keep Karen turned on but I was so hard and turned on I had to give my cock some relief. I proceeded to get between her legs and started to guide my cock in her pussy. As it slipped in I could feel the vibrator in her ass through the walls of her pussy and it was an unexpected pleasure. It obviously was for Karen as she bucked as hard as she could against me while continuing to beg, moan and scream almost continually.

“Fuck yes, Fuck yes,” she screamed as she came harder than I had ever felt her in all the time we had been playing and it continued as I pumped her. “I just keep cumming, please keep fucking me,” she begged even as I felt convulsions going through her body.

I came far quicker than I think Karen would have preferred but there was no controlling it. As the wave of pleasure washed over me I unloaded into Karen’s dripping wet pussy. I laid on top of her for a bit while I enjoyed the sensations going through my cock as my balls emptied their cum.

When I rolled off of her I realized we were both soaked in sweat even though it was cool in the room and Karen was motionless as she lay there. I could see my cum dripping out of her pussy and hear the vibrator still running in her ass. I slid it out of her ass and Karen came back to life momentarily.

“You have no idea how good that felt Steve,” she gasped as it came out. “I have never been into anal sex but that was so unbelievable. I could feel it in my pussy and every time you thrust your cock into me the vibrator went deeper in my ass. I just had an orgasm that was so different from the ones I usually have,” she bubbled.

I told her to lay there just a minute still tied spread-eagled while I went to my bathroom and wetted a wash cloth with cold water. I returned and ran it over her body to remove the sweat layer with the idea I would work her back up to another round. When I finally finished and untied her hands and feet she rolled over and raised to one elbow.

“If I were wanting to get remarried I would be chasing you so hard,” she said with a wry smile. “I have always liked our time together but that was so mind blowing. I have never been able just totally let go even when my daughter isn’t in the apartment but when you blindfolded me and tied me up it just let me release my inhibitions. Every sensation just seemed to be that much more intense and it just kept building.”

“I had no idea how much you could move even tied up as tight as I had you,” I replied. “I had more things planned but there was no way I could not fuck you.” I continued, “Karen you just do it for me in every way.”

That last statement was so true and I found myself realizing that I probably felt more for Karen than just the pleasure of our sexual relationship. She had always indicated team skeet porno to me that she was not looking for a relationship and that had fit quite well for me. I didn’t want to ruin a very wonderful moment by testing the waters with her but it turned out I didn’t have too.

“Now that I have met your sister and see how clearly she adores you I am starting to think you are more than just a hard cock with a nice body attached to it,” she giggled. “I love men who are family oriented and treat their siblings like how you act around Amy.”

“I had no idea it was that obvious,” I said even as my mind raced wondering if she was seeing through Amy and I’s secret. “My family has always been good about communication and being raised by a liberated women I guess I might have a different view than some of my peers.”

“I thought she was just helping make sure her big brother kept his fuck on the side,” she said with a laugh. “But the more I am around you two it is so obvious that she loves you and adores you and vice versa. If I ever have another child I hope Kristen and her sibling will be like you two.”

I was pretty sure she wasn’t on to us but Karen was just advanced enough sexually that I didn’t want to read too much into that either way. I let it go and changed the conversation to how sweaty we were and that we should shower. Karen noted she had not brought her shower items with her and she was so exhausted that it was probably best if we headed to her house. I knew this was just round one for me and told her I was going to grab a quick shower before we left

We arrived at her house to find her daughter and Amy engaged in a lively child’s card game. Kristen carried on to her mom at great length how Amy was the best baby sitter of all time and Amy seemed to be having a good time too.

Karen tried to pay Amy for her time but Amy smiled at her and said, “I am sure my brother will take care of that and besides I really like Kristen. She is just so smart like her mom. We had so much fun that time just flew.’

I had watched Amy make Karen putty in her hands the first time they met but with her flattery of both Karen and Kristen left Karen even more under my sister’s spell.

“Please come over any time you want. If you want a home cooked meal or just share a glass of wine Kristen and I would enjoy your company,” Karen offered. “If not for your brother I would have very limited social life between grad school, my part time job and Kristen. We don’t have many people we both like to be around besides your brother.”

Karen must have thought she was being a bit over the top as she quickly added, “I know a beautiful young woman like yourself has better things to do than hang out with a mother and a child.”

Just as quickly Amy replied, “Karen I would love to do that. You are both very special. Kristen was so much fun and what time I have been around you I really like how you conduct yourself. I hope you really want me to come over because I would be thrilled too. Besides you need me to babysit this wonderful daughter of yours while you and my brother have more time together.”

Karen was now the lead member of the Amy fan club if you excluded me. She hugged Amy and Kristen followed suit and I thought neither was going to let go of her. Karen finally disengaged and hugged me.

She whispered in my ear, “Maybe you and I should spend more time together alone? I really had fun this evening and I enjoy your company even just to talk.”

“Karen you can count on it,” I said with a smile.

As soon as the car was out of sight of Karen and her daughter and we were on a darker side street Amy was over at my side with one had rubbing gently against my hardening cock.

“I am expecting a really, really good reward for helping you get laid,” she said as the stroking got just a bit harder. “Did you and Karen find some interesting things to do?”

“I would tell you about it but it was practice for what I have planned for you tonight. She said it was the best fucking of her life and I intend to make it even better for you,” I said as I moved my right hand to between her legs.

“I have something to show you,” she said as she moved my hand away and struggled to slide her jeans and panties down to her mid thighs. “Give me your hand,” she said and put it between her legs. “Notice what you don’t feel?”

Amy had shaved her pussy and the smooth feel of the lips of her pussy sent a little rush through me but the effect of my touch to her newly shaved skin was even greater on Amy. She had pushed herself back in the seat and I could see from the look on her face she was completely lost in the sensations. I had originally just planned to duplicate my play with Karen but her newly shaved pussy deserved something special.

“Take your jeans and panties off,” I ordered her which she did immediately. “Spread your legs I can see that shaved pussy!”

She removed them and opened the glove box so the light would show her beautiful pussy lips which were already swollen and wet from her arousal. When she slid close to me to find my cock with one of her hands I put my hand on her inner thigh and started up towards her pussy. She was wet with pussy juice half way down her thigh and every little movement of my hand on her pussy made it even wetter.

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