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Sisterly Love Ch. 12

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Regina and Sydnie-Ann were waiting for me and didn’t like what they saw as I approached them with Becky at my side.

I saw Sydnie-Ann nudge Regina as Becky and I climbed the steps to the school’s entrance. I knew trouble lay ahead, and like the fool I was, I walked right into it.

“Hi Reggie … Hi Sydnie-Ann,” I said.

They all but ignored me and stared hard at Becky.

Becky acted as if she couldn’t have cared less. But then she poured fuel to the already simmering flames and said, “I guess I’ll see you later, Howie. And by the way, you were terrific, you know?”

Then she threw her arms around me and kissed me flush on the mouth, inches from where Regina and Sydnie-Ann were standing open-mouthed.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing with my boyfriend?” Reggie hissed as the anger within bubbled to the surface.

“Who says he’s you’re boyfriend? He just finished eating me out at my place. Would you’re boyfriend do that?” Becky spat each word deliberately into Regina’s face.

“You fuckin’ slut!” Sydnie-Ann yelled and moved toward Becky, but Regina shoved her away. “No, this is me and her, Sydnie … me and her!”

Then she was moving toward Becky, unsure even as she moved what she was going to do once she got there. This wasn’t like her at all, but her sudden fierce, and unexpected, anger demanded that she act, that she punish this … this snotty bitch!

I watched as Becky waited calmly for Reggie’s attack, a condescending smile on her pouty lips, seemingly unconcerned with what was about to happen.

“You bitch,” Reggie yelled, and lashed out with her hand, slapping Becky hard across the cheek. The clear crack of flesh on flesh rang throughout the high school’s entrance.

Becky’s head snapped sideways, and I saw that the arrogance and condescension were gone from her face, replaced by a look of shock, and then a growing look of fury.

Her eyes flashed, and she lashed out in return, her open hand catching Reggie on the jaw, not the cheek as she intended, but still hard enough to turn her head sideways. “Cunt,” she snarled.

Reggie told me later that the slap certainly hurt, but her adrenaline was flowing, and she didn’t feel a thing; except more anger.

I have since come to understand that teenage girls use fighting to make a statement about who they are; and as a means of venting pent-up rage, whether long term family problems or the accumulation of everyday pressures. They also fight over guys from pure, unadulterated jealousy.

Reggie had never been in a fight before, but she had grown up with two older brothers and had taken her share of sibling beatings, and had learned some tricks from them. Now she decided she was going to use all that to her advantage.

She made a fist and drew her arm back preparing to throw a round house right. It certainly seemed a good idea. But she took a fraction of a second too long, and after crowing, “Take this slut face,” Becky slammed into her, and the two of them went down in a tangle of arms and legs.

They crashed to the floor, a mass of hair and fury, scratching and biting and snarling and cursing. They rolled and tumbled, each trying to gain leverage over the other, trying to pin the other down. Their legs were locked about each other’s, holding on, neutralizing; their hands clawing at whatever they could reach. Students poured out of classrooms’ and began cheering for one or the other, not knowing the reason for the fight.

Becky, momentarily on top, got a hand in Reggie’s hair and yanked on it painfully, eliciting a small shriek of pain. Reggie tried to respond in kind, but missed her hair and locked onto Becky’s skirt instead. She threw herself to one side, trying to pull Becky over onto her back, but with a loud tearing sound, the skirt ripped from hem to waist and held there belt-like exposing most of her ass save that skimpy portion covered by her thong.

As it gave way though, Becky lost her balance and stumbled to one side allowing Reggie to push her off.

Free for a moment, Reggie tried to get to her feet. Becky was quickly back attacking her, reaching out and grabbing her legs Reggie struggled against her grasp, trying to rise, and was pitched forward with her skirt bellowing up, revealing the white lacy panties she was wearing.

Reggie slowly got back to her knees and tried to rise, but Becky was all over her once again, bearing her back down to the floor, her hands now locked on flesh, her nails digging in painfully. Reggie struggled against her, trying to curse and yell and scream, but all that came out was grunts as she used all of her effort to twist and turn, and seek the upper hand. Flesh was in front of her face, and without thinking she bit it.

“Ow, you cunt! Becky howled, as Reggie’s teeth dug into her arm. Cursing more, she pushed Reggie away, and climbed to her feet. Her top hung loosely from her right shoulder. One breast was exposed having been jarred out of the t-shirt she wore during a scramble on the floor.

The boys looking latin sex tapes porno on almost all had erections, and several of the female onlookers took note and would compare those notes for the next few days with other girls. I should mention that four girls at my school became pregnant that month, and while I can’t attribute it to the fight, I most certainly think it was a major factor.

Reggie’s attire wasn’t much better than Becky’s. She was virtually pant less and stood there for one shining moment, one breast peeking out from her wine colored top smoothing down her skirt to cover her lacy panties before Becky tackled her from her knees.

Their exertions had both of them sweating however, and her hands slid across Regina’s bared, slippery torso until they met the only thing she could get a grip on – the panties – and latched on.

They slid easily off her hips, revealing her smooth, white ass, and down her thighs, where they tangled up her legs and sent her spilling back to the floor. Becky jumped on top of her, trying to pin her down, as Reggie thrashed her legs wildly, trying to free them from the entanglement of her panties around her knees.

Locked together, they rolled over and over, crashing down the front steps of the school’s entrance and onto a gravely patch of as yet unpaved repair work as several school administrators rushed out of the school toward the combatants.

The girls continued to struggle; their sweat-covered bodies pressed against one another, sliding to and fro. Reggie finally managed to grab both of Becky’s arms by the wrists, and used her weight to pin them down. She wanted to slap Becky hard across the face again, but couldn’t release her hands, so she did the only thing she could think of. She spit in Becky’s face.

“You fucking whore!” Becky hissed, struggling twice as hard. A moment later, she finally broke free and flung Reggie forcefully backwards. Reggie hit the graveled ground with a thud, and lay there stunned.

Becky was seized from behind by a male teacher as she prepared to leap knees first on Reggie’s chest. Reggie just lay there panting for breath, too tired to struggle any longer.

Becky calmed down almost immediately, realizing there was big trouble ahead for both of them. A second teacher and the assistant principle managed to find blankets for each girl and covered their exposed body parts as best they could. Other teachers shooed the onlookers away, including me and Sydnie-Ann. Becky and Reggie were sent to the Principal’s office and their parents summoned to the school.

Oh, I wasn’t allowed to get away from the mess they created. Matters progressed after the arrival of Becky’s mother and Regina’s father, who it so happened, knew one another-ahem- somewhat intimately before they married their current spouses.

Both Reggie and Becky were suspended for three days with additional punishments placed on them by their very pissed off parents.

My mother as summoned to school as well; and that went, not so well for me. But I was now the most notorious man at school, and would remain so until I graduated.

I was grounded for the remainder of my life, according to my mother who promised this to the principal to prevent my expulsion. This, despite the fact there was no threat of expulsion even mentioned–for any of us.

Reggie and I were on the phone for three hours that evening, talking things out like sensible, reasoning adults. Reggie told me that she and Becky had talked for the longest time once they were both home and decided that fighting over me was stupid. Henceforth, (her exact choice of language) I was to be shared between them on an every other day basis.

“Don’t I have a say in that?” I protested.

“Not if you want any pussy in this town, buster,” she replied calmly.

I thought about my mother and Stephie, my sister, and Candy possibly others.

“What about Sydnie-Ann?” I said, testing the waters.

“What about her?”

“Is she off limits?”

“Certainly not. I may bring her with me, or not depending on how I feel at the time.”

“Oh.” It was a short response, but said so many things, and for all intensive purposes, ended the discussion. ________________________________________

I called Stephie that afternoon. After she stopped laughing, I pleaded with her to provide some workable advice and she went off on another laughing spree.

Candy came on the phone. A minute into our conversation she began to laugh and couldn’t stop. Finally my sister came back on and told me to get a ladder as there was no other way out of the hole I’d dug myself into.

Candy came back on: “You dear sweet boy, I have to try helping you out of this–this mess you’ve gotten into. Although I must say there are countless guys who would willingly jump into your shoes at the moment.”

That last part buoyed my hopes–a little.

“Look at the bright side,” Candy continued. “You still have the girls wanting to be with you. In fact, former enemies lezbiyen porno are now friends, friends willing to share you. That’s unusual buddy. Most girls hoard their boy toys.

Your problem, as I see it, is one of sharing the goodies. Now that’s the part that I find bothersome, since it obviously means, Stephie and I will be seeing less of you, and that is a sore point.

“You best figure a way to pay us a visit and bring that thing of yours loaded and ready to fire.”

That set me to thinking – how could I manage to satisfy all these women?

I decided to quit masturbating. I usually did that at least twice a day, more if there was no actual sex taking place.


That evening I overheard a one-side conversation between my mother and her sister, Aunt Elaine, telling her how hot she’d gotten on hearing about the girls fighting over me. “Tell me I’m wrong, Elaine, but how fuckin’ hot it is to see two disheveled teens after they’ve fought over my son my Howie!”

The fervor in her tone gave me an instant boner. It remained that way following that conversation when she came into my room afterward holding a full glass of wine and told me that my aunt would be visiting us the following day and staying for several nights.

“Why?” I asked, knowing the answer in advance.

“Why, you ask? Well, Howard, my son … you may never look at me quite the same after I tell you, but it probably doesn’t matter. I um, I lost my virginity at 15, didn’t do anything too ostentatious; a little grass, a little booze, and got a little bit of a reputation. Probably wouldn’t have amounted to much in today’s world, but back then sleeping with more than one guy was a sign that a girl was a slut and wouldn’t amount to much.

“As far as family was concerned I couldn’t graduate fast enough. Off I went to Iona College in New Rochelle where I roomed with a cousin I had never laid eyes on before –my cousin Victoria. She was three years ahead of me, a senior, and already looking toward grad school.

I was just trying to acclimate and stay out of trouble, i.e., no partying.

Victoria had a friend named Michael.”

“I remember you mentioning that name to Aunt Elaine,” I said.

“Yeah, well, remember I was on my best behavior, but it was soon evident that Michael was a guy that kept testing one’s boundaries, you know?”

My mother was much more talkative that night. Maybe it was the wine, or the girls fighting over me, or something Aunt Elaine said, or would do on arriving the following day. I never found out, but Mom’s tongue was loosened and she kept on going—kept on revealing layer after layer of her heretofore secret life.

“Victoria’s boundaries were far more conservative than mine,” she said and took a healthy gulp from her wine.

“I mean, while Michael could get Victoria to do shots, he could get me to get on the table dancing topless. He had this knack of getting you do the things you secretly wanted to, but felt you couldn’t.”

“Now, about a month into my fall semester, I noticed this guy. He was the T.A. in my Intro to Physics class. He was an upperclassman and hot–very hot.

I started to come up with reasons to talk to him. Intentionally flunked a quiz and figured out when he would be in the office without the professor to bring it to him.”

She paused to refill her wine glass, and then continued. “Wore my sluttiest top for that, but I became impatient and after doing all the subtle hints like rubbing his arm, chewing a pencil, rubbing against him in general, I got tired of the game and told him, in very clear terms, that I was available. He then told me he had a girlfriend.”

She took a long drink and finished off half the wine in her glass. Her eyes seemed glazed.

“I should have put two-and-two together. After all, Victoria had told me she was dating this super smart and handsome guy, but I guess I underestimated how small of a world it is. That is, until I came back to the apartment a few days later and saw him.”

My mother’s hand was clutching a breast, and I realized she was reliving the scene being described.

“Wouldn’t ya know it? I thought he was there to see me. That he had tracked down my address just to take me up on my offer. Nope, he was there to see her. My cousin–he was Victoria’s new boyfriend!

“I could see the wheels running in her head. She would graduate from grad school, marry him, pop out one darling child, and have the life she was always dreamt of. I should have walked away–but I didn’t.”

“Are you sure you should be telling me this, Mom?” I said, as she poured the last of the wine into her glass and took another sip.

It was kind of shocking to hear that she was so uncaring. I didn’t know how far we were into this story, but she was right about one thing. I didn’t really know her.

“I knew a few things about Victoria from Michael, who incidentally seemed to drift away during this time frame. The most important one was that she liseli porno didn’t put out. I’m almost certain she was a virgin. She would, under pressure, give a guy a hand job; but under no circumstances would she consider a blowjob, nor would she allow anyone’s hand under her skirt.

Maybe some lucky guy got to grope a tit now and then–I suspect that Jeffie did. She had great tits; I’ll say that about her. Otherwise I still consider her a cunt. Please excuse the language, Howie, but I hate her to this day.

“Eventually I tired of brushing up against him at every opportunity. It wasn’t getting me anywhere, and so I went for the direct route–I met him in the hallway after class and told him, and I believe this was my exact quote, ‘I will do everything my cousin won’t and I won’t tell anyone.’

This was a very big deal back then. What I mean is the woman was passive and the man did the actual chasing.”

“It didn’t seem to work. Not just then, anyway; then it was Halloween. Victoria had been accepted into the grad school of her choice with a full ride.

I shouldn’t have used that to my advantage, but I did. Hooking up with my ally, Michael, we took my cousin out to party after party. Every time she tried to take it easy and slow down, we sped things up.

It’s a miracle our efforts didn’t land her in the hospital. Instead, she got sick and drunk; fall-down drunk, which was my intention.

“Back at the apartment, we got Victoria tucked away, Michael left Jeffie and me pleading an early appointment. I convinced Jeffie to have another drink with me and we talked about him and Victoria, but it was my cleavage he was looking into as we talked.

“He said it was time he left. I asked for a hug and pressed hard against him when he hugged me. I licked his ear and whispered that he didn’t have to go–it was as if I’d pressed a magic button.

He mashed me into the door as he kissed me. I remember being a little woozy from hitting my head against the door, but I took it in stride.

He kissed me again and again. He mauled my tits and kept saying how much he loved them. I really think he would have kept doing it because my cousin had conditioned him to accept this as all he could get, but I pushed his head down into my tits.

After that I dropped my pants and panties and pressed his face right into my puss.”

My dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic. I knew we’d be fucking the moment she finished her story.

“He wasn’t really good at it,” my mother rasped, glancing regretfully at the now empty wine glass and empty bottle next to it.

“But I rode that tongue to orgasm with my leg over his shoulder. Shit, I shouldn’t be telling you this. Getting way too graphic …”

“Keep going,” I said encouragingly.

“Howie you’re such a perve …” and she laughed then wiped her mouth with her arm and continued with her seduction.

“After I came, I pushed him to the floor and took off his pants so that I could suck him. It was the biggest one I’d ever seen and it may have been the quickest blow job, too. He was just too far gone to last. I remember he came an awful lot. I don’t think I ever saw so much semen from one fuck.

“I rinsed my mouth out with another shot of booze and got him ready for a second blowjob. He was totally caught off guard by it. Once he was hard I stuck a nipple in his mouth and kept him hard, either by sucking or jerking him off.

“When I was finished toying with him, I mounted him put his hardon inside me and had the most satisfying sex of my life. Well, you know, considering how hard I worked to achieve our coupling.

I mean I rode him like a mad woman. I screamed and screeched as loud as I could. Victoria was in the bedroom, passed out. It served her right–all this time with him and wasting his perfectly wonderful cock.”

My mother paused, looking around as if refocusing on her whereabouts. “Where was I? Oh, yeah, he was trying not to enjoy it too much, if you can believe that. He kept saying ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ and ‘shhh, she’ll hear you.’ He stopped saying stuff like that once I started moving faster and he got closer to cumming, I’ll tell you that!”

I realized the guy she was describing was my father, but shocked as I was, said nothing. Even later as it settled within me I let it simmer and remained mute on the subject.

“Once we were done, he told me he had to go, what we had done was wrong. Then he noticed what I was doing and he forgot who he was for the next hour or so.

“You see, I wasn’t listening to him, not really … what I was doing was playing with my wet pussy and tasting our combined juices.

“Suddenly he was rock hard again.

“I had never masturbated in front of someone, but that changed that night. I fingered my drenched puss into submission while he stroked his dick hard. I kept pushing him, too. ‘Is Victoria as hot as me?’ ‘Will she taste your cum from her own pussy?’ ‘Does her pussy taste as amazing as mine?’

At first, he wouldn’t respond, but as I pushed more of his cum out of my cunt then licked it off my fingers, he started to tell me what I lived to hear.

‘No, she’s not as hot and she wouldn’t be a freak like you. She probably doesn’t taste as good, either. And she certainly doesn’t have your mouth.’

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