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Sit Back and Relax – Alt Ending

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Perhaps one of the things I look forward to most as an adult calling out of work sick and taking the day to relax. Especially so when you have someone fun to spend the day with. That was exactly what I planned on doing today. I had arrived early like I usually do and about 45 minutes later I heard the knock on the door that I had been waiting for all morning. I rushed over and opened the door to let you in. Seeing you never gets old and neither does touching your body. We exchanged greetings and talked about our day a little bit as we walked over to the couch in my small cottage.

As we sat down we talked a bit more about our lives and what has been going on. When I sat on the couch I made sure I was rather close to you so I could rest my hand on your leg. Lately the mere act of touching you had been enough to start my juices flowing. Who could blame me, you have some incredible legs. We talked about our lives and work and everything in between. I used whatever chance I could to move my hand further and further up your leg. You noticed but I think you were enjoying the attention as well.

Then the conversation turned to last time we met up and you mentioned how much you liked the massage I gave you. I told you I will take any chance I can get to put my hands on you. Just like that you got up, looked at me and without a word sat back down on the floor between my legs. Back pointed towards me. I immediately reached down and began to work my fingers into your tight and firm neck. Kneading them over and over. I loved the feeling of having your body in my hands. This went on for a while and after that I ran my fingers through your hair and massaged your scalp. Then back down to your shoulders, really grinding my thumbs into your muscles. I could tell you were enjoying yourself and the attention.

By this time my canlı bahis pants were beginning to bulge a bit. My mind had turned from thoughts of massage to thoughts of fucking you. I suspect the same had crossed your mind because you took it upon yourself to turn around and sit there on your knees looking me in the eyes. You didn’t say a word but you reached up and undid my belt, then the button of my jeans and finally pulled down the zipper. Your hand pressed against my cock which was still covered by my underwear. Finally, you reached up and pulled down the elastic band down over my balls. My cock sprang free, jumping into the air. But that didn’t last long, you quickly corralled it with your hand and brought it to your soft lips. Slowly those lips parted and you sucked the head inside. I lay my head back and closed my eyes and concentrated on following your tongue as it delicately traced circles around the head of my cock. Your hand fell to the base of my shaft and gently cradled my balls. Slowly you teased me as you took more and more of my cock into your mouth. Your tongue pressed firmly into my shaft and moved up and down.

It was then I reached behind your head, almost involuntarily, and pulled you deeper over me. You took as much as you could and held it there. Then slowly you pulled back to the tip and I pulled you back down again. After that I kept my hand behind your head but let you do the moving. You bobbed up and down for what seemed a good 5 minutes. My cock was solid stone.

When you were done you stood up and started to wiggle out of your jeans, pulling your underwear down at the same time. You stopped with them around your knees and then turned around to your ass was right in front of me. My left hand reached up to your hips and my right hand gave your ass a very firm slap. Reaching around you grabbed bahis siteleri my cock and pointed it towards the ceiling. Then you began to sit down, carefully positioning it between your pussy lips. As usual you were soaking wet from what we had done so far. When the head of my dick was between your lips I pulled downward on waist and guided you down. My cock slid inside you with ease. At first you just sat there. My hands were still on your hips and I was enjoying your warm pussy which was enveloping my penis.

My hands ran from your hips further up your body. I pulled your shirt up in the back and undid the clasp of your bra. Oddly there was something strangely erotic about fucking you with our clothes still half on. With your shirt still on you couldn’t take your bra off but it was loose enough that my hands found their way up underneath to caress your breasts and pinch your firm nipples. Your pussy felt amazing as you started to bounce ever so slightly up and down. When your nipples had their fun I ran my hands down your body to your legs. I forced them open a bit more and my hand slid down to your warm wet vagina. My fingers found your clit and I rhythmically stroked it back and forth. You pulled your hair to one side and my mouth made its way to the back of your neck to plant warm kisses on it. With one hand on your clit my other hand wrapped around your stomach and helped force you onto my cock with every bounce. My hand firmly planted on your clit I could feel your pussy lips spread apart, surrounding my cock. Perhaps my only regret about our position was that I couldn’t watch my penis spreading your beautiful pussy in two.

For what the position lacked in visual excitement it made up in physical contact. My hands were all over your body. For a while I held you by the hips and directed every thrust and bahis şirketleri push. Your ass bounced up and down as my hips met every motion. My left hand reached back down to your clit and rubbed it with each thrust. I could feel your pussy squeezing around my cock. My right hand meandered its way under your shirt, past your breasts to your neck. Slowly and gently at first but then with increasing pressure I wrapped my fingers around your neck and applied pressure bit by bit. The harder I fucked and thrust into you the more I tightened my grip around your neck. My arms were wrapped around you and I was in complete control of everything. Every thrust, every movement. I pulled you further and further down onto my dick.

I could tell by your gasps you were close to cumming. I quickened my pace and continued to rub your clit while I pounded into you from below. I could hear you begin to cum as much as I could feel the guttural sound you were making in your throat. You stopped bouncing to enjoy the wave of pleasure washing over you but I kept right on going. I stopped massaging your clit and felt the warm sensation of the extra wetness you released. The sights, the smell, the sound… they were all too much for me. I took my hand off your neck and cupped your breast and forced my penis into your body as deeply as I could. I pulled you down, impaling you on my shaft as I delivered the contents of my balls into your willing pussy. Shot after warm gooey shot landed inside you until I was empty and you were full.

We sat there, satisfied with the moment for a little bit. We caught our breath and gathered ourselves. Finally, you stood up and turned around then straddled me again. Your vagina pressed against my semi rigid cock and you laid against my chest. The smell of your hair against my face and the softness of your skin made me a very happy man. After a few minutes I could feel my cum slowly dripping from your pussy and down my shaft. Plenty more of that to fill you with for later I thought to myself as we drifted off for a nice little nap…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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