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Something in the Water Pt. 09

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This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy.

“Patrick’s been busy since we saw you last week.” Susy sat on the sofa in Dr. Epman’s office. Again, the doctor himself was nowhere to be seen. Instead, his wife, Paget, watched Susy and Patrick with interest. “He was in a fistfight today. The other day, he did something to his big sister, and she wouldn’t even tell me what it was. But I could tell it wasn’t any good. A mother knows.” Susy ticked off events on her fingers as she ran down her list. “Yesterday, he did … things to his tutor.”

“Things?” Paget smiled in a slight professional way and cocked her head. “What things?” Her inquisitive eyes, enlarged by her glasses, moved back and forth from Susy to Patrick. Her hands lay still in the lap of her crisp sheath skirt. She pressed her knees firmly together.

“Well …” Susy’s cheeks darkened as she thought about the things she saw and heard them do. “I understand that boys Pat’s age need to … let off steam. But the tutor was old enough to be his mother. And as his mother, I know that’s not in the least okay.”

“I see.” Paget nodded, her brown ponytail bobbing behind her head.

“He’s continued to be too touchy with me as well.” Susy continued ticking off items on her fingers. “He’s eighteen for goodness sakes, he shouldn’t be touching his mother. Also, his friend Roy was unspeakably rude to me.”

“Did he do something, Mom?” Patrick’s face went from chagrin to panic in a millisecond.

“I slapped that boy and sent him on his way.” Susy crossed her arms over her large chest and set her jaw firmly.

“I only punched him today because he said mean things about you.” Patrick adjusted his glasses and looked over at his mom. “He said bad things, Mrs. Epman.” Patrick turned his gaze to the pretty counselor sitting across from them.

“Did those bad things, per chance, have to do with him compromising your mother in a sexual way?” There was a little twinkle in Paget’s eye.

“My goodness, Mrs. Epman.” Susy put a hand to her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Lannit. But we have to be honest here, and you know boys that age.” Paget turned her half-smile toward Susy. “You’re a beautiful woman, it’s only natural that they would look at you that way.”

“My gosh.” Susy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Look, I think I know why this is happening.” Patrick moved his hands as he talked, becoming more animated. “There was a meteor. And Roy said something about guys’ sweat. And the senior boys, most of us have bigger …” He glanced at his mother. “… gadgets. And women in town are getting bigger too. And –”

“Patrick, that’s enough.” Susy dropped her forehead into her hands, mortified. “We don’t discuss your gadget or my weight. I put on a few pounds. It happens.”

“No, Mom. It’s not just you.” Patrick was talking very fast. “Look at Mrs. Epman. Her boobs are … different than last week.”

“What has gotten into you, Pat?” Susy’s eyes narrowed. She was this close to smacking her own son across the cheek.

“I see what’s going on here.” Paget stood and walked across the room to Susy and put a hand on her shoulder. “I’ll finish the session privately with Patrick. I know just what to do. Please wait out in the foyer.”

“But –” Susy said.

“Please, Mrs. Lannit.” Paget squeezed Susy’s shoulder gently. “I’ve discussed Patrick’s case with Dr. Epman, I know exactly what to do.”

Susy stood and walked to the door. She looked back over her shoulder at Patrick and Paget. Both watched her. Paget had taken Susy’s place next to Patrick on the couch. Susy opened the door, stepped out into the waiting room, and closed it behind her. She found a magazine, sat in a chair, and waited.

“You’re a clever boy.” Paget turned toward Patrick and put a hand on his knee. “You figured out that sweat serves as the catalyst.” Her smile brightened as she talked, full of expectation. “Although, I very much doubt there’s a meteor involved in all this.” Paget stood back up, took off her heels, and placed them next to the sofa. “But it’s not just guys’ sweat.” She removed her glasses, placed them on an end table, and then bounced on the soles of her bare feet. “Women too.”

“What?” Patrick’s jaw dropped as he watched this mild-mannered lady jog in place on the hardwood floor. His eyes fell to her boobs, bouncing in unison under her blouse and bra. They were bigger than last week, Patrick was sure of it. “What are you doing?”

“This needs to come off.” Paget was struggling to move her legs in her sheath skirt. She dropped the skirt to the floor and placed it on her shoes. She then jogged again, her bare, white legs tensing and releasing with every step. “I didn’t lie … to your mother, Patrick.” She was now huffing and puffing a little. Her blouse hung over her black lace panties. Underwear female agent porno that were once reserved only for her marital bed were now in plain sight for this teenager. “I did … discuss your case with my husband. But then … I had a … revelation.” Her forehead glistened with sweat and her ponytail danced behind her as she continued to jog in place. While bouncing, she pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it onto the sofa. “I found something … better than any … drug. As … sweet as … life itself.”

“You need to stop, Mrs. Epman.” Patrick watched this professional, married woman exercise in her black lace bra and panties. He couldn’t pull his gaze away from her bouncing chest. His pants had become mighty uncomfortable as his dick fully engorged. “I won’t be able to help myself.

“You like my … tits? That’s what boys … your age call them … right?” Paget’s smile was a little strained as she exercised, but still pretty and friendly. “Tits?”

“Boobs?” Patrick, without thinking, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down around his thighs. His dick sprung free. The smell in the room was rich and enveloping.

“Boobs?” Paget stopped her jogging and dropped to her knees. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. “You are such a polite boy, Patrick Lannit.” She reached out and held Patrick’s long penis with her left hand. “You have such a beautiful penis. Look how the head flares, just so.” She ran her right index finger over the head, pulling off a drop of precum. She put the finger in her mouth and her eyelashes fluttered. “So good.” Paget pulled Patrick’s pants and underwear down to his ankles and gently spread his legs. “Will this be your first oral sex, or is this something you did with the tutor?” She leaned forward and licked up the remaining precum on his cock. A little shudder went down her spine.

“Tutor.” Patrick couldn’t help but feel that he was about to cheat on Donna. It was ridiculous, he knew, in so many ways. They had been together only that one night. And she was married to the indomitable Mark Farmer. Donna wasn’t his girlfriend or anything. They weren’t going steady. She hadn’t put his pin on. But still. “Maybe we … oh … wow.” He sighed as the pretty counselor slid the head of his dick past her soft, pink lips. “The … meteor.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” Paget popped the cock from the side of her mouth. It was so substantial. She licked down the shaft and it felt like it went forever until she found his large, heavy balls. She’d never grow tired of this, and she was in the perfect position for mothers to keep bringing her their sons. “Don’t worry about the meteor, Patrick,” Paget said between licks of his left testicle. With her left hand, she stroked the massive penis. So far, Patrick was the skinniest of the patients she’d blown. This was a good thing, in her mind. He was cute and innocent. Paget liked them that way. “Whatever happened here in Portsmith, we are the luckiest people in the world.” She sucked in his ball and rolled it around her mouth.

“Your … husband.” Patrick looked down at the wedding ring touching his dick. The little silver band had so many diamonds. Dr. Epman must have a successful practice to buy such a thing for his wife.

Paget removed the testicle from her mouth and licked back up the veiny shaft. “Forget my husband. You really are a thoughtful lad, aren’t you?” She kissed the dark head. “Worry less. You’ll have more fun. Now put your hands on my head.”

Patrick cupped the back of her brown hair with both hands.

“Good. Now pull me back onto your penis.” She felt the pressure on the back of her head. She resisted for a second, just for fun, but Patrick pulled harder. She wanted him to want it. Resistance gone, the thick penis was back in her mouth. She bobbed her head, slurping and moaning. She needed more of that teenage cum that she craved. Day and night, it was almost all she thought about now.

“Mrs. Epman … wow … you’re going to make me …” Patrick burst in her mouth.

Paget was ready for the euphoria, and kept her mouth suctioned on his penis, draining him down her throat. The first couple times she’d done this, she wasn’t ready for the orgasm that went with swallowing her patients’ semen, and it had been difficult to clean and explain to the waiting mother. But now, Paget was nearly a pro. She swallowed everything, and rode that amazing high as lights swirled before her eyes and electricity delighted every nerve.

It took some time for Patrick to recover, but when he did, he looked down as she still lovingly sucked on his dick. “Mrs. Epman?” He removed his hands from her head. “I’m done.”

Paget looked up at him, with that pole still in her mouth, and winked. She pulled her head back and licked her lips. “Well done, young Mr. Lannit. Now, I want you to behave this week. No more fistfights, no more groping your mother.”

“But I –” Patrick said.

“Shh.” Paget put a finger to her lips. “If female fake taxi porno I hear you behaved all week, I’ll suck you again. I might even let you see my tits. Would you like that?”

Patrick pulled up his pants. His impulse was to mount the woman right then, but he fought for control of his body with the lizard part of his brain.

“Oh, you prefer boobs.” Paget gave him a mock pouty face. “Would you like to see my boobies next time?” Paget stood, collected her blouse and skirt, and dressed herself.

“I think it’s time to go.” Patrick buttoned his pants, tucking his still hard dick into his waistband.

Paget looked down at the watch on her wrist. “Right you are. Fifty minutes on the nose. Run along now.” She put on her heels and waved him toward the door.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Epman.” Patrick stood and quickly retreated to the door. “Thank you.”

“Patrick Lannit, always so polite.” Paget straightened and waved goodbye. “See you next week.”


The ladies waited in their meeting room in the church basement. They sat in a semi-circle on metal folding chairs, waiting for the presentation.

“I’ve never talked to scientists before, have you?” Linda leaned over to whisper in Molly Neilson’s ear. It was quite an honor to sit next to the pastor’s wife. Although, Linda wasn’t sure she deserved that spot. After all, she’d picked up David a little while ago after a fight at school. Minutes after pickup, she’d given herself to him in their family car. Her vagina still leaked the sperm her son had deposited there.

“I have not.” Molly shook her head and brushed her blonde hair off her forehead. She eyed the three outsiders at the front of the room. Two women and a man talked quietly. “I didn’t catch what this is about. Did you?” Molly’s nipples had started tingling the second those three government people had walked into the room. It was so strange. Odd cravings rose inside of her. It was all she could do to stay seated. She wanted to rip her sweater, dress, and bra off and let her breasts hang free. Which was insane anywhere, but especially in her husband’s church, with a large cross looking down on them from the wall.

“Water readiness preparation?” Linda shrugged. “Or something like that, I think.” She suffered from the same feelings as Molly, but these were familiar to Linda. She looked to her left where Olivia sat, squirming in her seat. These feelings were just like the first time she met Olivia. She looked around the semi-circle. Patricia, Samantha, and Rose filled out the semi-circle. These were all fine members of the community, and some of the most devoted friends to the church. Linda reached for the cross hanging from her bracelet. She had started to doubt that God was as committed to them as they were to God.

“Do you feel strange?” Molly whispered. Her heart thumped in her chest. She looked up at the embroidered phrase on the wall; An Oasis of Faith at a Busy Crossroad. An image arose in her mind of an oasis of milk bubbling up in the desert, where she would feed all the non-believers and convert them to Jesus. Molly frowned, but that was wrong, somehow.

“I feel good.” Linda looked at Molly. The short woman practically bounced in her seat. Linda noted the pretty woman’s generous curves, and that she hadn’t yet bought herself new clothes. Molly’s once loose sweater was now pulled tightly over her boobs.

A few miles away, Axcix watched through her sentry feed. She sat at the bottom of the lake, her mechanisms whirring with tension. The alien didn’t bother to watch most events as they happened, she liked to sift through the data afterward. But she made an exception for what was about to happen to those meddling primates. Six females should be enough for one, two, three … A storm of bubbles rose in the water around Axcix. Folly. There were only three now. Where had the other two outsiders gone? Now that the event had started, she couldn’t change course. This could lead to more problems.

“I think maybe I should go lie down.” Molly could feel her vagina leaking. Were her breasts leaking too? She’d weaned their youngest a few years ago. What was happening?

“It’s starting.” Linda leaned close to Molly and breathed in. She smelled delightful. But Linda focused on the front of the room as the small woman with gray eyes, blonde hair, and a formal swing dress walked to the center of the semi-circle.

“Hello, ladies.” She gave them all a perfunctory smile. “I’m Dr. Gertrude Cobb, and these are my colleagues, Mr. Richard Smith and Miss Wendy Gonzalez. We’re here exploring the interplay between meteorological phenomena and human health.” Gertrude’s smile turned more genuine as she enjoyed her own pun. They were not there to study the weather. “We have a few questions for you all. Mr. Smith will pass out some mimeographed copies of a questionnaire for your perusal.”

“I don’t feel so good, Linda.” Molly put her left hand on Linda’s shoulder. She glory hole secrets porno needed to feel something solid. But human contact served only to excite her further.

“Hang in there, sweetie.” Linda patted Molly’s thigh. She watched Richard walk toward the ladies with a stack of papers.

Gertrude’s assistant Wendy had a dark complexion, black hair, and a somber expression on her face. She stepped up next to Gertrude and whispered in her ear.

Richard passed a paper to Rose and Samantha, but then when he offered one to Patricia, all hell broke loose in the church basement.

“I can’t stand it,” Patricia yelled. She stood, tore open the front of her fine blue dress, and jumped on Richard. The two of them toppled to the ground in a writhing heap.

Seeing this, Rose and Samantha stood with a frenzied look in their eyes. Rose pulled her blouse over her head and with trembling fingers tore her bra off and tossed it aside. Her boobs were large, with small dark nipples. Both women dove on top of Patricia and Richard.

“Drink, drink, drink,” Patricia murmured. She had her swollen, alabaster boob pressed firmly onto Richard’s mouth. The man struggled for a second against the women, but then his body went limp.

Gertrude and Wendy stood with their mouths hanging open in horror. Olivia and Molly rose to their feet and raced toward the outsiders, discarding their clothing behind them as they ran. Gertrude and Wendy didn’t move. They were suspended in disbelief.

“I didn’t think –” Gertrude couldn’t finish her thought as the half-naked pastor’s wife bowled her over.

“No, no, no.” Wendy turned to run, but Olivia, dressed only in her skirt now, caught her from behind. Now everyone but Linda was on the floor.

“Miracles never cease.” Linda stood slowly, her heart racing. She removed her blouse and bra, set them down on her chair, and then surveyed the room. Patricia had given way to Rose, who now had her boob in Richard’s face. Olivia had already snared Wendy, cradling the scientist’s head in her lap. Olivia fed the woman from her small breasts. The only one still struggling was Gertrude. Molly straddled the woman’s hips and was trying desperately to get her breasts into the doctor’s face, but Gertrude pushed back at Molly.

Linda strode over, kneeled down, and grabbed her own left tit. She positioned herself over Gertrude’s face and squeezed milk so that little droplets rained down into the woman’s open mouth.

“Uuuugghhhh.” Gertrude’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her whole body coursed with pleasure, and the need to escape quickly vanished. Molly took advantage and swiftly pulled Gertrude up into a sitting position.

“Yes. Oh, please. Yes.” Molly still straddled Gertrude’s hips and fed her tenderly, stroking her hair. She looked down to see the cross she wore around her neck resting on the doctor’s relaxed forehead. Molly cooed softly and watched this woman of science gulp and slurp at her enlarged nipple. That Molly’s dry breasts were now suddenly wet again was truly a miracle from God. And she just knew that what the church ladies were doing to these outsiders was a form of baptism, welcoming them into the community.

Linda stood over Molly and Gertrude. Her muscles tensed with frustration. She needed to feed someone, but everyone was busy. Rose was now suckling from Patricia’s breasts. Samantha fed the comatose Richard. Olivia continued to feed Wendy, and now had her left hand under the woman’s dress between her legs, obviously bringing her off with her fingers. And Molly and Gertrude continued, with Molly on top, holding the doctor firmly to her bosom. Linda turned around and walked back to a chair. She removed her skirt and sat down.

Soft murmurs and the wet smacking of lips on breasts filled the church basement. Linda really needed to feed someone. With her left hand, she lifted up her heavy left breast and placed her own nipple in her mouth. With her right hand, she pulled her panties to the side and began stroking her vagina. The warm milk that flowed into her mouth was magically sweet and carried with it a surreal high. She watched the corruption of these scientists and brought herself to orgasm after orgasm.

An hour later, the ladies began to dress again. Some had taken everything off during the melee, others still had a few things on. Everyone was calm and a bit spacy, like a strong buzz from too many martinis. The church women talked it over and decided that the scientists would no longer stay at the hotel. Wendy had formed a tight bond with Olivia over the past hour, and she pleaded for Olivia to take her home. So, Linda invited her to stay in Ryan’s old room with Olivia.

Gertrude was flustered and stuttering and no one could make much sense of her. Molly said that it was the Lord’s will to invite the stranger into one’s home, so she would put Gertrude in their spare bedroom. No one seemed to think or care what happened to poor Richard as he still lay on the floor.

When Richard woke some time later, he was confused and groggy. It almost felt like he had a hangover. He slowly stood and straightened his jacket and tie. For some reason, the collar on his shirt was wet. And it smelled … really good. The basement room was neat and tidy. Someone had put all the chairs away and the floor smelled of cleaner.

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