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Spy vs. Spy

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Today my name is Kasia Nowak. My real identity doesn’t matter. It hasn’t existed for a long time.

I’m in Silesia because of Patryk Vasily Solokov, a Russian economics professor and activist who defected three years ago. My employer wants to know who he’s been communicating with. His file indicates that he’s a vain man with a penchant for sleeping with his students, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get in.

Patryk is in Poland for the global finance conference at the academy. He went straight to his hotel from the airport. He’s been hiding out in his room the entire trip, except on Tuesday when he left to moderate an event.

He’s a careful man. He eats a light breakfast and fish for dinner, and a porter brings him a fresh pack of Ziganovs and a selection of newspapers in the mornings. I pay the kitchen manager to tell him they’re out of decaf and set up camp at the coffee shop next door.

Patryk comes in at 7:03 a.m. Right on cue. I sit at a table in the corner engrossed in a copy of his latest book. He buys a decaf espresso and takes note of me while standing at the register. I twirl my hair idly and pretend I don’t see him walk up.

“You must be bored reading this big, pretentious book.”

I look up and blush. He sits across from me.

“Oh no!” I cover my face and peek through my fingers. “I feel like a crazy fan.”

“Don’t be embarrassed.” He takes my hands in his and lays them on the table. “It is remarkable, to meet a girl as beautiful as you who can understand such complex subjects.”

I look away bashfully.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Did I say beautiful? I meant stunning.”

“You are a very charming man.”

“That is what they say.”

I remove my hands and fidget with them in my lap.

“I’m sorry. I am too forward.”

“?? ???????? ??-???????”

“I don’t understand.”

“My ataşehir escort hotel makes the most wonderful zurek. Tastes like Easter morning, I swear to you. I would love to hear the opinion of a true Polish woman.”

“I don’t know…”

“What’s your name?”


“Kasia. You must. Do you want to be responsible for breaking my heart?”

I laugh.

“Well… okay. But only if you answer all my questions about game theory.”

“I would much rather talk about you.”

“I’m afraid I am not very interesting.”

“That can’t possibly be true.”

Patryk helps me into my coat, and I don my sunglasses for the brief walk next door. He gregariously waves at the concierge and we go upstairs hand-in-hand.

He’s all over me the second the door closes. I play the role of the shy ingénue who is swept off her feet by his raw sexuality. He takes me in his arms and engulfs me. My kisses are shy at first. Then I move against him like a woman awakened.

Patryk takes off my glasses and pulls my sweater over my head. I carefully step out of my wool skirt. I stand before him in my bra, nude tights, and knee-high boots. I cover my chest awkwardly and look at him with big doe eyes.

“Bend over,” he says.

I tentatively place my palms on the bed and spread my legs. He runs his hands over my smooth ass. I’m dripping

Patryk pulls my pantyhose and underwear down to my knees and rubs my pussy. I fall to my elbows. He takes off his shirt and drops his pants. His tip brushes my labia.

“Naughty, naughty girl,” he says.

He slaps my ass and roughly shoves his cock inside me. I gasp. He snatches a fistful of hair.

“You like the boys?”

He lets go and I fall onto the sheets. He takes off my boots, my stockings, my panties. I beckon him with my finger and he climbs on top of me with a kadıköy escort grin. I wrap my legs around him. He cradles my head in his arms and fucks me hard.

Patryk fumbles while trying to put me on top and slams his elbow into my nose. I can feel the blood streaming down my chin.

“Kurwa! Shit!”

“I am so sorry!” Patryk hugs me and kisses my forehead. “There’s a lot of blood. You should clean that off.”

“No. No.” I throw my arms around his neck. “Don’t stop. I need you inside me.”

He kisses me and pulls away.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I cannot have sex with someone bleeding. Not even someone as pretty as you.”

“It’s okay, I’m not hurt.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“Big baby.” I lick his throat. “Make it up to me.”

I go to the bathroom and clean up as fast as I can. I dry my face and walk back out. Patryk is pointing my gun at me. I slowly raise my hands.

“What’s happening? Why do you have a gun?”

“Who sent you? Russia? United States?”

“What are you talking about?”

“No bullshit. Sit down.”

I get on the bed and watch him closely. He throws his belt at me. He’s still hard.

“Your feet.”

“Patryk, why are you doing this? Are you angry with me?”

“Stop lying or I shoot you. Feet.”

I cinch the belt around my ankles and sniffle sadly. Patryk takes the gun and slaps me across the face. I rub my jaw.

“No more lies. Why are you here?”

“I’m a student at the academy. Please, don’t hurt me.”

He gets up in my face and I mentally brace myself. There’s nothing he can do that I haven’t prepared for.

“Were you going to kill me?”

“Really, you have me confused with someone else.”

“I don’t think so.” He cocks the gun. “On your stomach, hands behind your back.”

He sits with his knee on my neck and tightly binds my wrists with a bostancı escort bayan USB cord. He pulls my head back by my hair.


“Please. I’m scared.”

“You’re good, I’ll give you that. But I am better.”

Patryk rubs the gun between my thighs. I shudder involuntarily.

“You are naughty girl.”

He rolls me onto my back and strokes my clitoris with the cold metal. My pussy is dripping.

“How dangerous are you?”

“Why don’t you untie me and find out?”

“Now we’re getting somewhere. Who sent you here?”

“You should kill me.”

“Don’t be so eager for death. It is coming for all of us.”

“???????? ?? ???? ??-??????.”

Patryk smirks and strokes his cock. He pushes so deep inside me I feel him in my guts. He pulls out slowly. I arch my back and point my toes. I grind my hips against him. I’m so turned on. I can’t help myself.

“This is what you do?” He grabs me by the throat. “You have sex with men and steal their secrets? Are you whore or spy?”

He rotates and swirls his cock inside me. I pant and moan and writhe in my restraints. His grip tightens around my neck. He keeps the gun pointed at my head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He stuffs his boxers in my mouth and squeezes my cheeks.

“Lies. No more talking.”

Patryk slaps my pussy over and over. I cry out in pleasure but I don’t make a sound. He flips me over, lies on top, and fucks me from behind. He wraps his arm around my torso and pushes my face into the bedspread. I lie limply and feign exhaustion.

He pulls out and forces my legs apart. He crouches down and jabs his fingers inside me. His nails scratch but I love the feel of his rough skin.

I seize his neck between my thighs and put him in a sleeper hold until he passes out. I calmly wriggle my wrists free. My skin burns from the rubber.

I get dressed, use Patryk’s finger to unlock his phone, and download the contents. I put my sunglasses on and disappear into the day. It’s time to leave Silesia.


Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 29: Spy vs. Spy”

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