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Squeezed Together with Sister

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Clit Lovers

When my sister wanted me to join her on a tantric sex retreat in Spain, simply put, I was shocked. Technically, the retreat itself wasn’t focused solely on sex. It was about yoga, meditation, and other spiritually healing things. Sex was just part of the official description.

She had begged me to go during our summer break from college (I’m only two years older than she is). Oddly enough, it was our parents who had persuaded me to go. You see, our parents are hippies too, so to speak, and they’re avid yoga practitioners. So they’re very open minded about this sort of thing.

Why me of all people? You’ve got to be wondering why my sister Emily would pick her own brother to accompany her on a sexual trip like this.

The answer is fairly simple; I had been to Spain once before. That’s the only reason. I had been there with dad a few years ago for a short business trip. Now that ‘experience’ of being a tourist was needed to guide my sister, who had never traveled overseas before, for some sort of sex adventure.

She tried explaining it to me a few times, but I wouldn’t listen, mainly because I didn’t want to hear about sex and my sister in the same sentence.

There were two things that convinced me. First, I was practically blackmailed by our parents in a joking way, that if I didn’t go, I would be severed from the family will (and if I accompanied my sister, I’d received a financial bonus). Second, I was told that there would be plenty of hot babes on the trip, all naked. Oh yes, naked college babes, milf babes, hipster babes, and soccer mom babes. The whole gambit.

So, off we went…


From the start, the trip seemed to go smoothly enough. I took care of all the passports and documents, along with most of the travel arrangements. The rest would be handled by her. We were going to meet a group of yoga practitioners that Emily had become close friends with these past few years.

Emily and I were both amazed by the beauty of the land after we had landed in the airport. Then, we took a short cab ride to a nearby hotel lodge to meet with the group. There was at least 30 people total. The age range was fairly mixed. But I’d say that most of the people were in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. By the looks of things, we were the youngest.

The group was the epitome of hardcore tree-hugging, peace-sign waving liberals. And I didn’t see that as a bad thing. I don’t judge anybody for their political views. That was their philosophy on life. The important thing was, they were really nice people.

To make matters less awkward, Emily introduced me as her ‘friend.’ It was something that I thought was for the best. After all, how awkward would it be to have been introduced as her brother in a retreat which involved sexual health?

But anyway, the hotel lodge itself wasn’t the final destination. We would soon depart on a short train ride to a fancy resort, focusing on tantra and that sort of thing. It didn’t come cheap either. Emily had convinced our parents to pay $5,000 for each of us so that we can spend the week there together. Our parent’s rationale was that it was great for sibling bonding, and that this would really open our minds to new things.

The train came, which was right across the street from the hotel. Since this was in a very liberal area of Spain, locals were used to seeing nudists. And the train itself had a special area for nudists to be nude. That was the area where our group would be staying on our way to the resort.

At that time, the train was set to depart in half an hour.

Now that brings us to the hard part. The most difficult and dreadful part of the trip. As Emily and I met in a private area, away from the others, we were faced the inevitable task of having to get naked.

“Do you want to go first? Or should I?” she asked as gently as possible, knowing that this was going to be difficult for me.

For some reason, I didn’t get the impression that she was nervous about this at all. In fact, it seemed like she was sort of excited about this. After all, she had turned into a real spiritual hipster since spending so much time with this group.

“Are you sure there’s no exception to the nudity requirement?”

She shook her head and gave a light smile. “None whatsoever. Look, I know this is hard, but this is actually very liberating. Trust me, you’ll feel a sense of freedom which you’ve never felt before.”

“So you’ve done this before?” I asked, eyebrow raised.

She blushed a little. “Here and there.”

“Really? Where?”

“At the yoga studio back home. Often times we do it naked with lots of steam. We also use the sauna together. It’s great fun and total relaxation.”

“I’m regretting this trip already. You’re so lucky mom and dad pushed me to be here.”

“Oh, don’t be like that,” she scoffed. “Just focus on the bright side.”

“We’re going to be naked around each other. I don’t see any bright side to that.”

“Hello, dummy, did you see those ladies out there?” she asked in the most condescending canlı bahis manner. “Those are women who’ve toned their bodies to perfection through years of yoga. You’ll get to see them naked for an entire week.”

I really wanted to rebutt her on that, but I couldn’t. She was right. Those women in Emily’s yoga group were very attractive in a milf kind of way. And I’ve always had a thing for milfs.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Plus, wait until we get to the retreat,” she added. “It looks gorgeous and I’ve heard so many amazing things about it.”

Once again, I couldn’t argue with any of that.

“But still, you have to admit, it’s going to be weird.”

She crossed her arms. “Why? Afraid my tits are going to bite you?”

“Of course not. But they might.”

“Well, they won’t. My tits don’t bite. But my cunt will if you’re not careful.”

“Jeez, Emily.”

She slapped my arm. “I’m only joking. You’ll see my tits, pussy, and butt. I’ll see your cock. Big deal. We’ll survive. Soon, this will long be forgotten.”

“I don’t think I’ll forget the sight of you naked.”

“I meant that we’ll forget all about the nudity once it happens,” she clarified. “It won’t be a big deal once we get used to it.”

“And how long do you think that’ll be?”

“Maybe a year.”


She slapped my arm again. “It’s called jokes. I have no idea how long it’ll take for us to get used to our nudity. But I’m sure it’ll be harmless.”

“Okay, so who goes first?”

Emily gave a mock sigh. “Nudity is about confidence in oneself. I am a sexually enlightened young woman. Confident in my appearance. Confident with my spiritual energy.”

“That sounds deep.”

“It’s more than just ‘sounding deep.’ Let me show you what that means.”

In that moment in time, Emily just exuded a sense of powerful confidence as we looked each other in the eyes. Her eyes never looked away from me. In fact, it didn’t even seem like she blinked at all. In a matter of seconds, as if she had practiced this speed before, she stripped off all her clothes. From head to toe, she became nude in the most time efficient manner I had ever seen.

All of her was totally bare. For the first time, I saw all of her. She had the body of an athletic college student. That part was obvious since she always seemed to wear tshirts and tight jeans pants, or small shorts around the house. But now I got to see all her naughty sexual parts.

Her tits, for example, were small handfuls. Upturned and perky. Her nipples were small and a light shade of pink. Her crotch was freshly shaven for this trip. She possibly got a Brazilian wax since it looked so smooth.

Topping it all off, she had a bikini tan line, which I’ve always found to be sexy. Emily was an avid beach goer, so this wasn’t a big surprise. Her whole body had a nice golden tan, but her tits and crotch had a triangular shape of her natural whiteness from the bikinis she’d wear.

There she was. Naked Emily.

She raised her arms. “Like I said, confidence is the key.”

My cock stirred at this point. I prayed it would end there.

“The train is leaving soon,” I said randomly, mainly out of nerves.

“Is that all you have to say?” she replied, giving me a look.

“What do you want me to say?”

She raised her arms again. “What do you think? About me?”

“This is so weird.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

“You look…gorgeous,” I admitted.

She smiled, getting the answer she wanted. “It’s almost time to go. Your turn buddy.”

With that said, I took a deep breathe and removed my clothes, watching Emily’s eyes sharpen and a smile grow on her face.


By the time we were both naked, I quickly grabbed our luggage and shoved it in the train storage area. Then I quickly went inside the train, sitting in the back of the designated nudist area.

This was for a reason. Knowing myself, the fast activity of using my muscles in a strenuous way would keep an erection from coming. Otherwise, just standing around lingering at all those tits and naked bodies would have a natural effect on me. In other words, I didn’t want to stand around with a raging hard cock in front of the other nudists. In fact, I tried my best not to look at them naked, which was difficult because of all the beautiful milfs standing around like nudity was nothing to them. But in the end, my self-discipline saved me from the unnecessary humiliation of being erect.

My sister noticed this fact as she entered the train, coming to the back to sit next to me. She had just been talking to the other members of the yoga group. To Emily, this was nothing. I had seen her through the train window, where she had been standing around outside naked having casual conversations and laughing at jokes with the others. This was easy to her.

Now as she came back to sit, there was a smile on her face, like she knew I was being tormented by my urges.

I scooted over to make room for her. I attempted to take the window seat, bahis siteleri but she stopped me.

“I get the window seat,” she said. “Please, if that’s okay with you. I’ve never been to Spain before and I really want the view.”


Normally, I’d stand so she could move to the window seat. But for the reason mentioned, I didn’t want to stand. Instead, I turned my legs so Emily could squeeze in.

That’s when the awkwardness went to a whole new level. The seats were tiny. For the next two hours, we’d be crammed together. Our bodies would be touching. Sure enough, that was the case as Emily sat, then adjusted herself so that our bodies were smooshed together.

“Don’t be shy about it,” she said, adjusting her hips. “All the other guys here don’t get erect because they’re used to the nudity. You know, the same way a doctor is used to nudity, after seeing body parts all day.”

“This wasn’t something that I had factored in. God, this is going to be a rough week.”

“I have a solution later. But only if we need it.”

There was a mischievous grin on her face as she said that, as if she had ideas planned, as if she already had the solution to my issue. Sure, there was a sexual undertone to it, but I didn’t want to think that Emily had a dirty mind for that sort of thing. After all, this was my younger sister. As hot as she is, she’s my sister. As great as she looks naked, and pretty as her face is, she’s my sister.

I had to keep reminding myself of that simple biological fact.

“Another thing,” she added. “Don’t worry if anyone here sees your erection.”

Now this had gotten my attention (for all the wrong reasons).

“Why shouldn’t I worry?”

“Because I’ve already told them about you. They know.”

I was beyond curious. “They know what?”

“They know that you’re a sex god,” she smiled. “I told them how high your sex drive is because I anticipated that this would happen. It always happens to new guys. But now they think you’re a sex freak.”


The other nudists had boarded the train and their conversations continued. It was like a big group conversation with people talking from distances. Even Emily had exchanged conversations and jokes from the back where we sat. I stayed quiet the whole time, taking a few glances at all the nice tits in the room.

Then, the train finally left the station and we were on our way.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t one of those fancy European trains. No, this was an old train. And by old, I mean centuries old. Only the seats and infrastructure were renovated with modern luxuries. The rest of the train was old and aging.

And that meant, plenty of bumps, shaking, and jolts.

For nearly an hour, I spent the time enjoying the scenic view, as did everyone else, and I also plotted how I was going to avoid an erection in public. This was going to be a real challenge. I was so focused intensely, I had nearly forgotten that my naked sister was squeezed next to me, and that our skin was pressed tightly together.

My state of concentration was interrupted when Emily tapped my shoulder.

“I need to use the bathroom really quick,” she said. “Don’t get up. I’ll just squeeze past you.”

Unfortunately, she did it so fast, that I didn’t even have time to move my legs. Emily just stood and scooted to the side, with her bare ass practically in my face. I couldn’t look away. It was just too enticing. As she moved slowly to make sure she didn’t fall, I caught a glimpse of her asshole and pussy in my face. What a fucking hot sight.


The train made a big jolt, causing Emily to fall back, landing square on my lap. She landed so hard that it knocked the wind out of me. Yep, as if this day couldn’t have been anymore awkward, my naked sister had her back on my chest and her ass on my crotch. Her legs were slightly open and felt the wetness of her pussy on my cock.

She turned her head to look at me. “Oops, sorry about that.”

Then she lifted herself and stood, finally making her way to the aisle of the train where she went back to the bathroom. God, what the hell just happened? The only thing I knew for sure was that her skin felt so soft against my body. And her ass. Oh, that ass. It was a beautiful sight. Soft to the touch. And the wetness of her pussy…

I was officially hard. My cock pointed straight up. Luckily no one had bothered to sit beside us in the back area. It was just me and Emily back there. Most of the people sat in the front and middle area of the train so they could talk.

Not only that, as I looked down the aisle, I saw an older woman on her knees, with her head in a guy’s lap. From the looks of things, she was blatantly sucking the guy’s cock as if it were nothing. By the looks of the other nudists, this was nothing to them either. They were enjoying watching this. I briefly wondered why they would enjoy this, since nudists often frown upon blatant sex.

But then I remembered, these people weren’t exactly average nudists. They were people who bahis şirketleri embraced tantra and their sexuality. This was a tantric trip after all.

I had met those people a moment earlier. Richard and Sara. A mid 40’s couple. They were super friendly, very middle class and proper when they had their clothes on earlier. Now, here they were, naked on a train, the wife sucking the husband’s cock for everyone to see.

The woman lifted her head and I saw a smile on her face. She was enjoying this in an exhibitionist sort of way. But that wasn’t the end. She stood up and climbed on her husband’s lap, riding him.

Other passengers commented on it, how it was such a beautiful thing. How this was a great start to our tantric retreat. How this gave a powerful energy. Most of all, how two people could be so in love with each other after so many years of marriage.

No one thought this was vulgar or crude. It was a natural part of life.

For me, seeing them fuck gave me a raging hard cock. This was lust for me. My sexual desires went to overdrive.

Reality came crashing down when I looked to the side and saw Emily standing there, looking down at my erection with a big smile on her face.

“It appears you’re enjoying yourself,” she smiled.

It was beyond humiliating. I thought about covering my cock with my hands, but touching myself would only make matters worse, so I just let it be. Another person quickly went to the bathroom, so I didn’t have a place to jerk off either. Simply put, I was stuck.

I blushed. “There’s a seat over there.”

“Nope. I like my seat.”

Once again, she gave no warning, so I couldn’t scoot my legs in. She just squeezed her naked body over me to get to the window seat. Her butt was in a much lower position than how she did it before. Sure enough, my raging hard cock brushed against her ass in the process. It seemed like she went slow on purpose to prolong the inappropriate cock-to-butt touching that had just occurred.

“Was that really necessary?” I sighed.

She shrugged. “What? These seats are small, you didn’t bother to move, and we’re both naked. What else did you expect?”


The woman getting fucked began moaning now. Sure enough, another middle aged couple began doing the same thing; climbing on her husband’s lap, facing him, holding hands, then riding his cock. Now two couples were officially fucking in the train ride.

“These people are certainly open minded,” I noted.

The train was so loud, that no one could hear me talk if I spoke with a low volume. Only my sister since we sat next to each other. That way, I could communicate with her in private.

“They’re definitely an interesting bunch.”

A thought suddenly came to mind. A naughty thought (which shouldn’t have come as a surprise, because my cock was still raging). I hesitated asking, but I decided to ask anyway.

“Are they always like this?” I asked. “I mean, is it normal for people in this group to fuck so openly?”

Her eyebrow rose. “Does it bother you?”

She was gauging my reaction. She wanted to know how I felt about this before she gave her response. I just gave her the truth.

“Doesn’t bother me at all.”

She looked down at my erect cock. “Obviously.”

That only made me feel more self-conscious about my erection and I attempted to cover it with my hands.

“Forget I said anything.”

I prayed that whoever was in the bathroom would soon come out, so I can have some privacy to jerk-off.

“Look, these people aren’t perverts or anything,” she attempted to clarify.

“I never said they were. They’re married couples exploring their sex life with others. Good for them.”

She smiled, “I’m glad you’re so open minded about this.”

Now, it was time for the main question on my mind.

“Have you ever…you know…participated in this?” I finally asked.

“Does it matter?”

“I just want to know. It’s not like I’m going to tell mom and dad. Not after this,” I said, referencing my hard cock.

“Fine, I have, sure.”

For some reason, this answer made my cock twitch.

“You have?”

“Sure,” she shrugged. “It’s really no big deal.”

Looking at the seats in front of us, the same couples were still fucking for everyone to see. They fucked at a slow and steady pace, savoring every second, every feeling of it. Channeling their sexual energy. They were yoga tantric hippies alright.

“Who did you do it with?” I asked. “Random people?”

“I feel like you’re judging me.”

“No, it’s just, this is a little weird, that’s all.”

She scanned my face for a second. “Would it make you aroused if I told you that I fucked hundreds of guys because of this yoga group.”

“You have?!” I asked, completely shocked.

She smiled, “I’m teasing. The number isn’t that high. Not even close. Are you getting off on hearing about my sexual encounters?”

I sighed and leaned back, “Just forget we’re even talking about this. God, when the hell is that guy getting out of the bathroom?”

“Why? Do you need to relieve yourself?”

“Yes…I mean…not in that way…”

“Do you need to take a piss? Or do you need to pleasure that stiff penis of yours?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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