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Stacy Puma Ch. 04: Catfight

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Stacy awoke to knocking on her door. Groggy from her late night of watching movies she tried to ignore it. It persisted. Growling under her breath the Apache Princess crawled from bed and got dressed. Namely fuzzy slippers. Nothing else. She slept in the nude and everyone knew it.

Squinting as she unlocks her door to prepare for sunlight she opens the door wide. Shading her eyes with her hand she groans.

“Griffin? I was sleeping.”

Her brother stood tall in his sweats and tank. At 5’8 he was ready for his run.

“Let’s hit the trail. Get dressed.”

He was used to her parading naked so it didn’t faze him in the least. Not proud of himself but he actually like looking at his sister. She was smoking hot after all. Still he tried not to let her know that.

“You didn’t go with me yesterday. You can fly solo today.” She turns around and wiggles her way back to bed. He watched her sweet little heart shaped ass all the way through her dinky apartment. As she collapsed on her mattress with her legs dangling over the foot she lay there on her back, hands over her eyes. Legs wide and offering him a direct look at her pussy. She didn’t care. He was harmless.

“Sorry about yesterday. Had to work half a shift for a call off. Wore me out.” He enters discovering one of his coffee cups on a TV tray. Deciding to leave it he frowns.

“Speaking of wore out? Can I go back to sleep now Griffin?”

“Not yet. I need to talk to you.” He steps to the foot of her bed and looks down at her thighs. Inhaling deeply he uses his knee to nudge her mattress. Directly between her draped legs.

“So talk. I’ll try not to snore.”

“We need to find you a job. I could use some cash for the power and water.” He stares down at her cute arrowhead pubes.

“I have a job. Just need a ride to the bank.”

He looks confused suddenly, “When did you get a job? Bree said you went looking yesterday.”

“If you must know I’m a webcam slut. Guys pay me to fulfill their online fantasies. I’m good at it and my own boss.”

He creases his brow at her and rubs the sparse hairs on his chin.


Tortured by her desire to go back to sleep she raises her legs and kicks at him. Nearly sacking his balls he snatches up her ankles and holds her legs wide. This woke her up. With a queer expression she shakes her head.

“Little awkward Big Brother.”

“Get over it. What made you get into that scene?” He holds her legs firm and sways them from side to side.

“I like turning guys on. Anything wrong with that?” She gazes up at him with a troubled look.

“Guess not. Just don’t get into trouble. I might not be able to rescue you. Get dressed I’ll take you by the bank.”

“Gotta release me to do that Griffin.”

“Oh! Yeah. Sorry.”

“Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to fuck me.”

He frowns and lets her ankles go in order to turn away. In fact he was getting an erection right in front of her. He needed to channel his thoughts elsewhere.

“How much money have you made doing that?”

She puffs her cheeks and sits up on the mattress, “$800.00 for two and a half hours.”

“Say what?” He turns back around to look at her with shock.

She palms her breasts to hide her nipple hard on from the cool morning air coming through her left open back door.

“Does that mean you plan on getting your own place?” He reacts.

“Griffin?” She expresses grimly.


“Why do you have a raging hard on? Really?”

He looks down at his tented sweats and hisses, “Get over it. You may be my sister but seeing you nude has that effect on a guy. It’s not like I’m going to use it.”

“Better not. I’ll bite it off.” She stands up and shoves him back with a chuckle.

He laughs at her and leaps toward her wrapping his arms around her from behind. Giving her a bear hug he literally lifts her off of her feet. as he sets her back down she growls, “Eww! I can feel your thing touching my ass.”

“Ruining a perfectly good hug.” He sways her about in his arms. He adored his sister.

“Not natural Bro.”

“Probably not. So, about that place of your own?”

“You would miss me too much. This job won’t last forever. I’m just having fun right now. I can toss you some cash to help out though. I’ll give you half of what’s in my savings.”

“So, $400.00?”

“Hey, you can add and subtract. Good for you Griffin.”

He decides to release her and step back. Stacy in turn twists in step to face him. She squints angrily at him and charges her brother. Pushing him back until he topples on to her loveseat behind him. She crawls into his lap and jabs him with her fingers ferociously. She was indeed a Puma. She was fighting back. Wrestling he grabs her wrists and shows his strength by holding her arms outstretched to her sides. Her breasts primed directly in front of his face.

“Don’t even think canlı bahis about it Griffin.” She read his mind.

She fought back the only way she felt capable. She began hopping on his lap exceptional rough. Her impacts crushing his erection. His balls were bruising forcing him to grit his teeth.

“Now who’s making this awkward.” He hisses loudly.

“Then let me go Asswipe.”

He chuckles at her expression which bordered on laughter. They used to wrestle all the time when they were younger. Now that she was a grown woman this felt wrong. Still, Griffin Puma was an aggressive bastard. He hated to lose.

Playfully acknowledging that neither was giving in through a flare of eye contact and a stern expression Griffin rolls her over on the loveseat and lays on top of her. Their hands clasped and resisting the others admission of weakness. Stacy snapped bites at him as intimidation. He avoided each attempt. Crawling higher on top of her his crotch was directly over her pussy. Pressed hard against it she expressed awe.

“So wrong Griffin.” She laughs.

He pulls her arms over her head and collides their chests. Her breasts crushing against his. She found her moment and literally bit his neck. Snarling he pulled back and drug her to her feet. Turning around he wrestles her back against him and launches them toward her bed. Arms hugging her tightly to keep her from fighting back. She lands face first on top of her beaver hide blanket and hisses.

“I’m going to pee Griffin. Stop.” She laughs.

She felt his erection on her ass cheeks. Biting her hair he tugs her head backwards.

“No fair.”

Torturing her he dry humps her ass and forces her to bury her face into her blanket. She loved wrestling but not when she was naked. That was too intimate for her. Especially with her brother. She knew he was just goofing off. Two could play that game.

The second he loosens his grip she battles her way under him until she was on her back. Fighting stopped as she looked directly into his eyes. He hesitated to admire her big brown eyes. Weirded out by her next move Stacy pulled herself up and kissed her brother on the lips. A two second trap of passion she pulls back and whispers, “Fuck me Griffin.”

His eyes bulge and he edges over her supported by his knuckles on the mattress.


With a feigned expression of yearning she caught him off guard and kneed him in the balls.

“Mother fucker!” He bellows and reaches under him to hold his bruised scrotum.

Pushing him off of her she uses her feet to topple him over on to the floor. Standing over him with one foot to each side of him she flipped him off. Pointing at him with a triumphant look he reaches up and retaliates. Grabbing her calves he buckles her legs until she falls forward. With unexpected consequences. Her thighs landed right over his face. His mouth wide open and her pussy trickling from wetness. She literally sat on his face. Laughter destroyed her reason. There was only one true way of defeating her brother. With a deep breath she relaxes her muscles and pees. Choking with disgust he throws her over on to her side.

“What the fuck Stacy?”

“Win some you lose some.” She laughs and stands up to waddle outside and down her steps to the outhouse. She relieves her bladder and smiles to herself.

“That was fun.”

Griffin comes trudging down the stairs using one of her t-shirts to wipe his face of urine. Opening up the bathroom door he tosses it in at her.

“Asshole!” She laughs.


Both of them acknowledged their love for one another.

“Hey Griffin?”


“Give me ten minutes. I’ll go running with you.”

“Hurry the hell up.”

He took his clothes off outside under her makeshift shower and rinsed himself off. As he stood there naked Stacy exits her potty and looks at her brother. His cock was rock hard. Eye brow raised she found herself admiring it just a bit too long. Griffin turned and looked at her.

“My balls hurt like hell.”

“Awww! Poor Baby. Don’t ask me to kiss them all better.”

He grins shaking his head under the water.

“We’re pretty fucked up aren’t we?”

“It would be even more fucked up if Bree saw both of us naked right now.”

“She went grocery shopping. But, yeah she would probably leave me.”

“Woohoo. Then I could move back into the house.”

“Not gonna happen. Go get dressed. I’m gonna change my shirt.”

She starts to walk away then pauses halfway up her stairs.

“By the way. We might want to head West this time. I kind of had sex in the Park yesterday. In front of a bunch of joggers. Might run into them again.”

“What? Public indecency? Are you nuts?”

“You have no idea.” She giggles and heads up into her apartment.

Ten minutes later Stacy meets Griffin at his side door. She wore black stretchy hot pants and a white tank. Her areolas were totally visible bahis siteleri through the shirt. Her shorts creeping up into her cameltoe. As ever her butt cheeks barely hidden by the shorts.

Their run kept them occupied.

Three hours later Stacy Puma kicked back on her loveseat and fired up her laptop. Utilizing her TV tray as a table. Getting online she created a chatroom after her usual coaxing. Today she felt like going solo. Xander was a sweetheart but she didn’t want him to get too close to her. Her gathering of viewers were pretty much all new. Only one man,”Walkingtall6’4″ found his way to her again.

“Can everyone hear me?”

The observers acknowledged their earshot and enjoyed her nude visuals. She decided not to hide this time. This would be a more intimate showing. Holding up her dildo and her Magic Wand vibrator for them to see she winked.

“Letting you guys off cheap today. $200.00 and I get off on these bad boys. Start shelling out the change.”

In a matter of minutes her cell app records the amount and transfers it to her savings account.

“Here we go Boys.”

She retrains her webcam on her pussy and begins by rubbing herself wet. Once lubed she inserts her dildo. Fucking herself with it to a symphony of squishing noises. When ready she revealed her vibrator and hummed it to life. Applying it to her clit she terrorized herself until she became a screamer. The noise was so loud it could be heard outside.

Unknown to her Griffin was in the garage below her curling dumbbells when he heard her cries. Puzzled he worried she might be in pain. Setting his burdens down he races out back and up the stairs. Her door was wide open to capture the breeze. Hurrying inside he saw her contorted body from the side. Her dildo ramming deep as her moans destroyed her personal space. Griffin was frozen in time. He stood there until she had a devastating orgasm. As soon as she began convulsing he moved closer. Walking right up in front of her as her eyes were sealed to the world. She was gorgeous at that moment. Dildo inside her held by trembling fingers. Her vibrator dropped into her lap still buzzing.

Griffin Puma was rock hard all over again. He had never seen his sister this way. Every dirty little thought he ever had was merged at that particular moment. Without a thought he sat down beside her. Feeling his approach brought her senses in tune.

“What are you doing here? I’m putting on a show.” She whimpered.

“I can see that.” He reaches down and lifts her magic, wand again applying it to her clit. The sensitivity drove her insane. This was even more wrong than earlier. It got worse. He removed her hand on the dildo and started fucking her with it. The audience was going wild. They had no idea who her buff intruder was.

She eyes her webcam, “This is my brother. So wrong Guys. Don’t do this at home.”

Laughter erupted amongst the men.

“Gee! Everyone likes you.” She huffs at his insertions. Settling back to enjoy her assistant.

He felt awkward letting them see his face. He could easily be putting his career on the line. All it would take is someone to recognize him. Admiring his sister he suddenly didn’t care. This was too hot for words.

Her moans led to pleading eyes. Teary and joyous at his attentions. The vibrator was rapidly brewing up another wave of convulsions.

Hearing the men call out what they wanted to see made Stacy hesitant. She didn’t like failing her viewers. She always promised them anything they wanted she would not deny. Yet, this would and could go terribly wrong. They wanted her to seduce her own brother.

Her hand slid over into his lap. Directly over his erection. He was still wearing his running shorts and they were hard pressed to hide his tent pole. Stacy encircled his girth with her fingers and lightly stroked him. Griffin sat amazed by her unexpected maneuver.

Breathing heavily Stacy prepared to have another orgasm. Her fingers tightening around Griffin’s cock. In a bolder move Stacy removed her hand and slithered up under his waistband digging deep for the real thing. His throbbing beast in her grasp she stroked him beneath his shorts. Griffin huffed at her insistence.

Losing control Stacy screams and gushes a flood all over the dildo and Griffin’s hand. He expressed a whistled exhale at her spill over. That was a beautiful sight to behold. Scooting closer to her he shut the vibrator off and cast it to her side of the loveseat. Giving her room to breath. Still her dildo slipped in and out at Griffin’s direction.

Her eyes begging she reaches over with her opposite hand and helps Griffin along until he lets her pull his shorts down enough to see his cock freed. With a smile toward the camera Stacy forced her upper body to outstretch over Griffin’s lap. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed his cock. The sensation of her lips sliding up and down brother his free hand up to caress her hair. Holding her bahis şirketleri long raven locks from her eyes and keeping it from concealing her bobbing face. Let these bastards see her throat muscles constricting and fighting to force him deeper down her throat. No tonsils was a blessing indeed.

Removing his hand on the dildo he assisted in removing his shorts entirely. Her mouth never left his cock the entire struggle. She fed like a starving calf. Peeling his tank top over his head Griffin was nude as well.

Ping after ping the messages slipped through. Voices mixed in adding their thoughts on the siblings. All Griffin kept hearing was “Fuck your sister.” He wasn’t ready for that. He wanted her to really beg for that. In the meantime he would torture her. Lifting her by her hair clutched tightly in his grasp he crawls out from under her and pulls her up from the loveseat. He then awkwardly reaches around her and lifts her lower body up in front of him. She squealed loudly at his roughness. Legs in the air she was held upside down.

Sitting down slowly he had her pussy right under his chin. Her balancing act had her holding the couch cushion as she resumed sucking his dick. Legs held wide Griffin retrieves her dildo and encourages it back inside her pussy. Fucking her upside down. The webcam capturing the stunt.

In and out of her with his right hand. His left hand slapping her ass. Again and again his palm swats her until it becomes red. Her cries muffled with her mouth full and loving it. Finally, Griffin removes the dildo and attempts to penetrate her ass hole. A snug fit even being so lubed up by her sloppy puss. Still, he managed to sink the lifelike dildo three inches inside her ass. The insertions slow and stunning.

Griffin felt his balls readying to fire at will. Tilting his head back he cums in his sisters mouth. Her lips frothing around his beast. Griffin then chose to eat her pussy while the dildo tagged her ass. Her body convulsed and bubbled up another orgasm across his face. Griffin was drowned before any sorrows.

Removing the dildo he carefully stood up once again and twirled her body in his arms. Holding her firmly as she swallowed his cum in a viewership endeavor. Seating them she straddled her brothers lap reaching under herself to guide his cock inside her. Stacy fell forward kissing her brother hard on the lips. Her hips gyrating on his cock like a champion rodeo rider. The passion was inhumanly intense. Griffin’s right hand squeezing his sisters breast while his left again utilizes the dildo to re-enter her ass. Stacy Puma took it all.

Griffin Puma gave it his all.

The viewing audience adored seeing her deep penetrations. In and out. Out and in. Her pink pussy tugging and stretching with each exit. Scalding hot cum trickling all over his balls. The ride intensified. She broke from her kiss and planted her hands in her hair. Griffin raised forward and devoured her nipple. The rodeo was working up a ball of sweat. Feverish reactions. Hair tossed about in a maddening manner. Massive hands either feeding her ass hole or slapping her cheek.

Two Pumas in heat clawing at each other in a fit of hisses and growls. Moans and cries of ecstasy. Time ran out on her cell yet they continued on. Worth every cent. Nobody let them know. They eagerly awaited to see how this would turn out.

Dildo forsaken and thrown away Griffin cradled Stacy and stood up. His dick never once vacating her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let him take over. Making sure to turn the webcam to face the bed Griffin stumbled toward the mattress and toppled over on to it. Fucking her missionary to a round of screams that made her throat scratchy.

The viewership could see his penetration. It was pure perfection.

The Pumas lost it at the same time.

Snarls echoing. Nails clawing. Wrestling and trying to assert control over each other. Stacy lost.

With a murderous scream she shook the glass. Her final orgasm left her a limp mess. Eyes rolled back and face twitching. Griffin found the need to pull out and pepper her thighs with his cum. Once finished he staggered back to the laptap carrying it and the webcam to the bed. He hand held the webcam to capture Stacy’s expressions. The orgasm so intense she had zero muscle control. Arms and legs jerking. Face ticking. Breathing erratic. Eyes rolled back into her head white and looking possessed. Toes curling. Pussy hole literally taking breaths on its own. Open. Closed. Open. Closed.

“Shows over Gentlemen.” He shuts the laptop down and pulls the plug on the cam.

Hearing a car door slam Griffin winced and got dressed quickly. Sneaking down to work out with his dumbbells once more. His girlfriend Bree home from a day of shopping. She did notice his lingering erection but merely winked at him.

Griffin would fuck Bree that night for two hours straight.

The cats squalled all night long.

Stacy Puma sat up in the darkness.

Numb from her mistake.

“So stupid Puma. So stupid.”

She couldn’t stop thinking about her brother.

“I should have charged those guys $500.00.”

Next time she would.

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