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Step-Daughter Lets Her Daddy In

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Lani (short for Melani) missed her Step-daddy. She had always called him Daddy because she’d grown up with Quinn when Quinn married her mum. At the time, Lani was only two years old, had never met her real father and had developed a special bond with Quinn. He was a professional tennis player and spent a lot of time touring. But now Quinn had agreed to join Lani and her husband on their holiday. Lani’s husband, Stewart, was keen on tennis so they all got on fine.

Lani and Stewart got to the Barbados villa first and the following day Quinn arrived. She greeted her step-Daddy with a hug and a tight bear-hug from him which she loved. Although he was age 42, (Lani was 20), Quinn was slim with tanned skin and dark features. The closeness of him reminded her of his strength, his masculine smell.

The 3 of them sat on the sun-drenched terrace beside the pool to catch up on family news. At one point, when Stewart had gone to get more drinks, Quinn said, “Every time I see you, Lani, you become more beautiful. Stewart is a lucky man. I hope he’s looking after you?”

“Most of the time.” She joked. “And how are you with Mum?”

He looked up at the sky. “We’re drifting apart. Your mum is seeing someone else but I can’t blame her with me being away so much. I need to have someone like you, Lani, a woman who understands me.”

“You mean a woman who’s good in bed, Daddy.” Lani felt surprised that her statement was so bold but she knew him well. Her mum had once confided to Lani that Quinn liked unhurried sex, dominant in bed and wanted it often.

Quinn laughed. “And is my step-daughter good in bed? … or is that question not permitted?”

Lani uncrossed her legs and pushed her bum slightly forward to the edge of the plastic chair. The effect was to give her Daddy an ogle up her short loose skirt. “Me, in bed, sex?” She noticed his eyes had glanced at her legs and he must have had a view of her white knickers. “With the right man, I’ll do anything.” She couldn’t explain it but she wanted a sexual connection with her Daddy and the vibes suggested he wanted that too.

Stewart returned and the conversation changed. Later, while they watched Quinn leisurely swim the crawl up and down the pool, Lani told her husband what had been said. Stewart inquired, “Do you think he fancies you, sexually?”

“I suppose so. After all, I do look like Mum. He sees in me the way Mum used to be.” She looked at her Daddy stroll out of the pool. Quinn’s swim trunks stuck to his groin to indicate his bulge. She had time to admire his firm abs and bum. She wanted to hug him again. On impulse, she got up, took his towel over but dropped it as Lani put her arms around Quinn’s shoulders while she stood on tiptoes. Her round, small mouth with full lips, her slim upper body, tear-drop boobs, large hips and shapely legs gave her confidence. Her height of 5’4″ was no match for his 6′. He lifted her, hugged tightly and they kissed. At first, her lips touched the side of his mouth but he moved his face. She couldn’t help but kiss him, lips to lips, more like stroking, caressing of lips for several seconds. She had this sudden desire to wrap her legs around his hips but Stewart was watching. Daddy let her down slowly, picked up his towel and they came over to sit with Stewart.

After lunch, Quinn went for a siesta. Lani and Stewart sat in the shade. He asked, “Did my wife enjoy the kiss with her father?”

“Does it make you angry? More detail might NOT be good for you.” She felt sexy.

“Oh, you think I can’t handle it. I saw you both. It looked like you were enjoying yourselves.”

Lani and her husband sometimes made up fantasy scenarios to boost their sex romps. She smiled. “Daddy and I kissed, tongues, exploring each other.” She knew they hadn’t French kissed or done anything other than touched lips together. “He also whispered into my mouth that he’d seen up my skirt at my white panties. I told him I wanted him to see them from the way I sat. It seemed to turn Daddy on because I could feel movement in his swim trunks. Did you see his bulge?”

“No. What else did Quinn say?”

“He asked how many swim costumes I had here. I said 7 and did he want to see them? He nodded and we kissed again. Then Daddy whispered he’d want to watch me try them all on.”

“For fuck’s sake, Lani. What did you say in reply?”

“I said I wanted him to watch me try them all on … for him … and he could help me change into each one.”

Are you a liar?”

Lani felt the dampness in her panties. Tonight, she could tell Stewart more stories and they would make love. But her mind had images of her father caressing her. She needed to cool off and quickly stripped off her clothes and dived naked into the pool. Stewart followed, also naked and she noticed his enlarged semi-erect cock.

A few hours later, as the sun dipped, Lani made them all an Italian pasta dish. They ate on the terrace and talked about art and politics but Lani’s thoughts always came back to her daddy as she imagined what it would feel like to have him kiss her like a lover.

Then Quinn said, “I’ll be up at 6 tomorrow. What illegal bahis time do you two wake up?”

“Late,” said Stewart.

“I always make a cup of tea,” said Quinn. “If you’re awake, I’ll bring in some tea for you.”

“We’ll still be asleep at 6.” Stewart chuckled.

Lani had a thought. “I might be awake.”

“If you’re awake,” said Quinn, “and want tea … switch on your sidelight and I’ll bring in two cups. I have a request, however, something you must do in return.”

During the 4 second silence, Lani’s heart missed a beat. “Something you want?” she asked.

“When I bring in the tea, Lani must be naked in bed.” Quinn kept a straight face.

She had no clue whether this was a joke or not. “Seriously? Why?”

Daddy raised his eyebrows. “It’s a requirement for serving tea.” He paused. “Having brought you tea, I shall push you over, Lani, to the middle of your bed and I’ll slip in beside you.”

Stewart clearly didn’t believe it. “Tea for 3,” he said while scrunching his eyebrows.

She lowered her voice, “And what if I disobey and wear a top and panties?”

“A simple punishment will take place. I’ll spank you.” He sipped his wine. “You’re no longer a child and, as an adult, you’re agreeing to this penance if you aren’t naked when I bring the tea.”

Lani tried to control her breathing. Was she excited or appalled, she needed time to process. Her side-glance registered that Stewart was looking at her breasts. The blouse she wore this evening was white, tight and thin material. It didn’t need her to look down at her chest – with no bra, she could feel her enlarged nipples were stretching the fabric and it must be obvious that she was aroused. Her eyes swivelled back to Quinn but she wanted to make sure she’d heard correctly. “You’ll slap me?”

“It’s a clear condition on me bringing tea to your bed,” Daddy said as if it were a normal daily occurrence.

“And then what?” she croaked. “Afterwards … after my punishment?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” As an after-thought, Quinn said, “And no sex between you two tonight. Agreed?”

“You can’t … ” Lani faltered as she felt the tension in her body. “You can’t tell us when to have sex.”

“Tonight I can. I want you fresh for 6 tomorrow. And if you DO have sex tonight, I’ll know … I’ll be able to tell.”

Lani was aware this conversation was really between her and her daddy. Stewart kept quiet. She bit her lower lip, kept her eyes on Quinn and nodded her agreement.

Quinn switched the talk to something else as if nothing insane had taken place and a short time later he went to bed to sleep off the jet-lag from his plane journey.

Lani and Stewart swam in the pool with the underwater lights on. She needed cooling off. They floated side by side holding on to the edge of the deep end. Stewart said, “Is your father really going to bring us tea and get into our bed next to you with you naked?”

“Only if we switch on the light.” She breathed out to try and stop her stomach doing flips. “If Daddy comes into our room, Stewart, I don’t want you to leave. Understand? You’re to stay.”

“Sure. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I love Daddy but a father shouldn’t go any further than hugs.”

Stewart nudged her. “What about that deep kissing, Lani, when you took the towel over to him? That wasn’t a hug. I could tell you wanted to wrap your legs around his waist as he lifted you.”

“That was a mistake.”

“It seems to me,” said her husband, “he wants you. And it’s going to be more than exploring tongues.”

Lani felt her insides go to jelly. “That’s completely unacceptable. I can hold him off if you’re with me.”

“Well … he’s going to ogle your bare body. I’ll fight him off if he makes a move on you.”

She wondered how committed Stewart would be. She said, “I got something to tell you. When we’re in bed, later.”

An hour went by before they were in bed together facing each other. Stewart had asked twice what she needed to say. She turned off the light. “I spoke to Daddy.”

“When?” whispered Stewart.

“When you were doing the washing up.” She liked these fantasy stories they told each other. It drove their desires to higher limits. “I went to Daddy’s room. It was dark but the night sky through the shutters was enough to see he was still awake. I sat on the edge of his bed next to him. He put his hand on my knee and caressed it and then he stroked up my thigh until he reached my panties.”

“Did you say anything?”

“No. Not immediately.” She took her time to continue. “But after playing with the seam of my panties I asked him what he wanted. Daddy told me to stand … to stand next to him. He put his hand again on my thigh. He touched me, Stewart. He touched my pussy. Do you mind?” She was aware that Stewart had got aroused.

“I don’t feel threatened by your father. You’re not going to run off with him. I don’t mind if he touched your pussy.” He ran his finger underneath his erect cock and over the tip, the dark gland, which seeped pre-cum. “What else did your father say?”

Lani watched Stewart and said, “Daddy illegal bahis siteleri made me stand still while he pushed his finger under my panties. He said I was wet. I liked his finger edging in and out of me. Does that bother you?”

Stewart began to caress his cock. “If you’re okay then I’m okay.”

“Tomorrow morning, Daddy wants to fuck me. He told me that. You’ll have to be a voyeur, Stewart.”

Stewart had wet his entire cock with pre-cum. Lani leaned over and placed her own hand on his balls. She said to her husband, “Will you let Daddy fuck me?” Her hand covered the base of his cock and she opened her mouth to take him in. The movement of her head had Stewart groaning. She stopped, licked his cock gland and spoke to it, “I wonder if Daddy’s cock is bigger than this? I want Daddy, want him to hold me down and come inside me.” Lani resumed her sucking.

Stewart moaned, “Yes. I want your Daddy to fuck you bare.”

“He could give me a baby.” Lani took her mouth away and masturbated Stewart while she talked. “I want to do this to Daddy. Make him come like you … like this.” Stewart shot a rope of cum over her hand. He continued to jerk for another 10 seconds before he lay back exhausted.

“You’re a good storyteller, Lani.”

They settled down to sleep but sleep for Lani was difficult. She kept telling herself she didn’t need to switch on her light at 6. Because to do so meant she might have sex with Daddy. Had she misread the signals from her father – did he simply want to slide into bed and cuddle? And, anyway, he would keep on his own PJs, wouldn’t he? And yet, he’d kissed her by the pool and that wasn’t a father/daughter kiss. Their lips had massaged each other.

Lani let her hand wander under her T-shirt to squeeze her nipples which hardened immediately. She reasoned that if Daddy wanted to kiss her again she would go along with that. But how much further would she allow it to go? Suppose he caressed her breasts just like she was doing now, tweaking her nipples, what would she do? And if she went that far, suppose he took her hand and placed it on his cock? Judging by the shape of his wet swim trunks, he packed a large cock.

As Lani imagined the shape of her father’s cock, her hand went under her knickers. Her pussy lips were moist and she withdrew her hand quickly. Daddy’s instructions were clear – any sex tonight and she would be punished. She’d never been slapped on her bottom. How would she react? It was clear she wanted to please Daddy so she’d take her penance like a good girl and do exactly what he wanted. What if pleasing him meant actual sex with Daddy? She decided the furthest she’d go would be a hand-job on her father if that’s what he wanted. To go any further, to have full sex with him, would be incest. The very thought of such a taboo was thrust out of her mind. It’s not going to happen, she decided. Besides, Stewart wouldn’t let it happen – to be fucked by Daddy until she screamed her orgasm – her husband would stop it.

At last, she went to sleep. The next she knew it was 5.30 am. As her recollections of the previous evening and night invaded her mind, it was impossible to go back to sleep. Lani went to the bathroom. Back in bed with Stewart still asleep she watched the dawn light behind the shutters slowly turn the room from dark to a dim pink. Then she heard the kettle start to boil in the kitchen. For the first few seconds she froze but she switched on her light. Stewart woke and mumbled, “He’ll cane you if you’re still wearing your top.”

“Shit!” Lani sat up, pulled off her T-shirt and whispered, “I bet he doesn’t come in. It was all a joke.” The wait seemed to drag on. Should she open the door or was the gap at the bottom of her door enough to show the light? she worried. But the door clicked open and Daddy entered carrying 3 mugs. He wore a small towel around his waist. Her heart thumped as she watched him put the tea on the side table. The sidelight caught the ripple in his abs, the flex of his muscles above his knees looked lovely, thought Lani.

He came over and stood next to Lani. “Morning.” His tone was low. “Relax on your back,” he said.

Lani turned from her side position and tried to stay calm. Slowly, Quinn peeled away the single sheet covering her body. Lani didn’t have to look to know her nipples were hard. Daddy paused to look. “Good girl.” Then he drew the sheet further away to expose her hips. “Oh! I see my little girl has kept her knickers on.”

“I took my top off as you instructed.” She looked down her body and couldn’t believe she’d forgotten to take off her knickers. “Sorry, Daddy.” She bit her lower lip.

Nothing moved in the suspense that followed. “There’s no excuse, Lani. Specific instructions need to be obeyed.” He paused. “You know the penalty. Stand and keep your hands by your side.”

For a moment, Lani had no strength, but then she pushed herself up and stood next to her father. A slight tremble ran through her which she hoped she’d disguised from him. He ran his eyes down her body, lingered on her tear-drop breasts and continued down to her legs. She wore her usual bedtime loose canlı bahis siteleri French knickers, black satin, with a lower fringe of lace which hung unrestrained around her hips.

“Bend over,” he said, “and place your elbows on the bed … feet apart.” It was a matter-of-fact statement as if this were a usual occurrence, to be obeyed, with no discussion.

Lani felt like a child, her father to be trusted to make the right decision. Her body, however, broke out into goosebumps, her bum firmly in the right position to receive punishment. She’d blocked out her husband from all thought to the extent that she didn’t know where he was and didn’t care. All her focus was on Daddy.

Quinn found a flip-flop of hers and came back to stand alongside Lani. She felt his hand cup her bottom. “You need to stay still, Lani.”

The initial shoe contact was a tap against the fabric-covered part of her bum. A second later, she had her first slap, the smack of the flip-flop cracked the silence. A slight sting was all she felt but as the spanking progressed, the pain and heat increased. Lani bore the punishment by making herself think of Daddy’s body. She could see his towel-covered hips next to her and longed to see him bare and wondered what he’d look like down there.

Quinn asked Stewart to get some skin cream from the bathroom which he did. With herself still bent over the bed and Daddy’s hand against the back of her neck, Stewart was told to rub the cream gently into the area of redness. Then Quinn said, “I see you had sex last night. There’s spunk on the sheet. Lani? Remember what I said?”

She closed her eyes. “It wasn’t me.”

“Did you help Stewart?”

She nodded. Her bum felt hot but didn’t hurt.

“But I said no sex. So you’ve been a naughty girl again.” Quinn sat on the bed and pushed her hair away from the side of her face. He said to Stewart. “Take her black satin off.”

Lani moved her legs to help her husband to pull her knickers down and chuck them aside. She felt slight dampness in her pussy – it felt incredibly sexy to have two men involved with her.

Quinn brought his hand around from her ear to her chin and lowered his voice, “Is my little girl ready to take the second punishment?” She nodded into the cup of his hand. “Your husband is going to feel you first.” Daddy paused. “Is she aroused, Stewart?”

It felt to Lani like Stewart’s thumb pushed along from her anus to her pussy lips, the search found the moisture and increased it to make her lips swell. She edged her legs wider. Stewart’s voice wavered, “She’s moist. What do you want me to do?”

Quinn reached for his cup of tea and took a sip. “Dip your finger inside her … I want to taste her.”

Lani couldn’t believe how casual her Daddy was. He put his tea down as Stewart twisted his finger into her pussy and brought it out. From his sitting position, Daddy said, “Extend your finger over here.” From her side vision, Lani saw her husband offer his finger to Quinn’s mouth and Quinn sucked it. “My daughter tastes of honey. But your sex act last night, Lani, means your penalty begins with a further spanking from Stewart. After which you’ll be fucked.” He paused. “And Lani … unwrap my towel and put your elbows either side of my waist.

There was no time for Lani to process the instructions from her father. He must have signalled to Stewart because just then the first slap hit her bottom, the side which hadn’t been spanked. She shifted to undo the knot of Daddy’s towel and pull it aside as the second smack hit her. Daddy’s cock hung loose, at rest across his thigh. Lani held his cock and rested her head on his leg as Stewart continued the slow spanking until Quinn called a halt.

In the fogginess of her brain, she tried to wrestle with who was going to fuck her. It mustn’t be her father, she decided. “Daddy,” she whispered as she fondled his cock. “Let me satisfy you like this.”

“You can get me ready, Lani, but I decide what happens next. Stewart can rub cream around the area where you’ve been spanked.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll make you come.” Already, she saw her Quinn’s cock begin to enlarge. “Can I kneel now?”

“Not yet. Your punishment hasn’t finished.” He leaned back on the bed and spread his legs to give her better access. “Tell me what you like about my cock.”

Lani kissed the tip. “The head of your cock is a lovely shape, bigger now, getting fatter.” She kissed and licked it. “It’s too big to get it all inside my mouth. And these balls … heavy. Plenty of spunk in there.”

“It likes the way you handle it.” Quinn pulled her hair to one side. “Stewart will get you ready to be fucked. Won’t you Stewart?”

“Sure.” His voice sounded obedient and he eased her legs more apart.

The position she was in – her face in Daddy’s lap and her bottom sticking up in the air – meant that she was perfectly placed to have Stewart explore her pussy. “I don’t have much experience with cocks,” said Lani to her father. “I’ve only sucked one. But yours, Daddy, is different, wider.” She opened her mouth and let Daddy in. Stewart began playing with her pussy. Lani bobbed her head down until his cock touched the back of her throat. She came back up for air. “I want to have you come in my mouth.” Quinn’s hand gave pressure to the back of her head and she took him in again to let it slide across her tongue.

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