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Stepdad Carl Pt. 05

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We were to stay at my Aunt and Uncle’s place, they had a farm their kids all grown except for a son who was two years older than I was. He and I never really talked he was a rough guy, muscles everywhere, he usually hung out with his friends, I was never invited to hang around with them as I was not the type of guy they hung around with.

I was a small guy thin petite, five nine maybe one hundred and thirty five pounds, but in the last few years I had started to work out, my height shot up, I was now six foot one. My cousin was six two, one hundred and eighty five muscular pounds, his legs and arms were massive, I had never seen him without his overalls and tee shirt with his construction boots on. He always gave me a look like he disliked me, I somewhat feared him and avoided him at all cost.

We arrived at my Aunt’s place just before supper time on Sunday, we did our hello’s then we would have supper unpack our car and sit and catch up. My Stepdad and I sat with my Aunt and Uncle, they informed me I would have to share a room with my cousin, I wanted to sleep in Dad’s bed but we could not push that one. They could tell by the look on my face I was not thrilled about having to share a room with Dale.

On the farm everyone went to bed early, they were all early risers I got my bag out of the car and headed to cousin Dale’s room, it was the typical young guys room, posters of cars, bikini clad women that sort of thing, his room was sparsely furnished, with a dresser desk and a double bed, seems I would have to share a double bed with him as well. I can tell you I was more than terrified but intrigued as well, Dale never made me feel welcome, he never made a point of saying hello to me, If I was lucky I would get a nod from him.

I was in Dale’s room I had just brought my suitcase in, he came in like I would touch his stuff, he had nothing in this room that I could or would actually touch so he was totally safe.

“Dale is it okay if I put my bag in this corner here?” I asked him.

Again he just nodded in the affirmative, Dale sat on the side of the bed, I took off my trainers, and socks, Dale removed his overalls and then his tee shirt, he had on boxer shorts, the guy had a great body, tanned arms and neck, the rest of him was white, his chest hairy, with small nipples, he had a perfect V shape, his legs dusted with dark hair contrasting his white legs. His boxers were plaid flannel, I could not believe anyone would wear boxers like those.

Dale crawled in bed, he left the lamp on till canlı bahis I got undressed, he watched as I took my tee shirt off, I was built now, my skin tanned, my chest hairy on the upper half, my nipples very pointy. I turned towards him as I removed my pants, I had on boxer briefs, they were so comfy and held everything in place, enhancing all my assets. When I went to get in bed Dale was checking out my ass, when I lifted the covers I could see Dale was hard his cock tenting his ugly boxers, I pretended I did not see what I had just seen. Dale lay there on his back, I could see he was playing with his erect penis under the covers, I turned on my side away from him, I knew it would take some time for me to fall asleep, I never went to bed this early.

I was woken up at about midnight Dale was grinding his cock against my ass, my briefs still in place, I could feel Dale’s cock was a good sized one, not as big as Dad’s but very nicely shaped, I wanted him to put his cock in me take my ass with his big tool, Dale reached in and grabbed my cock in his hand, his hands were rough, it felt good and hurt a bit too, Dale eventually pushed my underwear down his cock sliding between my butt cheeks, his cock felt so good on my ass, he pulled away grabbed something then I heard the click of the bottle being opened, he planned to fuck me right here, right now.

He lubed up his cock and put lube on my ass, his finger probed my hole, his fingers were so thick, I had Dad’s huge cock in me so I could easily take Dale’s. I wanted him in me so badly now, I felt his cock against my hole, I knew to bend over push to make his cock slide in that much easier. Dale was gentle and hard at the same time, once his cock was able he slid it in, it hurt a bit but my ass felt so full, he held his cock in place till my hole could comfortably take his pole.

Dale pushed his one arm behind my neck, bending me over so he could get as much in me as he could. Dale started to fuck me, he took it easy at first then his cock slammed into me, I was moaning and groaning, Dale continued to fuck me then all at once he stopped, he was cumming a small sound escaped out of him, I could feel his cock shooting in my hole. I assumed once done he would pull out, he did not he held his cock there, then all at once he started to fuck me again, he did this two more times, he came a total of three times in my ass, guess the guy did not get much action out on the farm. I could feel all of his cum deep inside of me, he wanted to keep his cock deep in me but I was leaking, I bahis siteleri needed to get rid of his cum out of my ass.

I pulled off of him and went to the washroom, once cleaned out I went back to bed, Dale was still on his side facing me, I presented my ass for him to take once more, he slid his cum soaked cock back into my hole. We would sleep like this all night, I woke to him fucking me at five when he was to get out of bed I would stay in bed, I needed to jerk off I had been fucked so many times and had not unloaded my own cock.

We visited family all day but went back to my Aunts that night, I looked forward to sleeping with Dale that night, my hole was sore but I wanted more of Dale’s big cock. Once in bed Dale started to rub his cock on my ass, I turned and pulled the covers back, I had him lay back and took his cock in my hand, I leaned in and licked his knob, his cock jumped he moaned, I slowly took as much of his cock as I could deep in my mouth, my tongue licked and lapped his big pole Dale was going crazy, clearly he had never had a blow job before.

Once he blew his load in my mouth I did my best to swallow it all, cum dripped from the sides of my mouth. Dale just laid there with a huge grin on his face, I pulled the covers back up covering us both, and got back into bed, Dale pulled me in and spooned me, his wet cock on my ass cheeks, Dale quickly grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock with it, he used his finger to loosen my hole. He placed his cock to my hole and pushed his cock deep inside of me, he reached around and fondled my cock, he stroked it hard, I was close, between his cock deep in my hole and his rough hand on my cock my cock blew a massive load, he pulled me in close and rammed his cock deep inside me.

His cock soon blew a load deep into me, Dale held me close, we both dozed off and were soon asleep. I again woke to Dale fucking me he was holding me tight, it felt so good to have his cock deep in my hole, soon his cock was filling me with his creamy cum. He got up and was off to get his chores done, I slept for a few more hours, my ass dripping his seed, I woke a few hours later got up showered, removed the sheets and changed the bed, it was cum soaked, and needed a change.

I saw Dale at lunchtime, he just gave me a sly smile, after lunch he asked if I cared to go to town later that day? I was thrilled to get out of the house for a few hours, we would meet his friends, have a few beers and play some pool. We met at one of the guys parents house they were all away, so we bahis şirketleri had the house to ourselves.

Dale had four friends, Donald tall dark and mysterious looking, Steve shorter than all the rest blonde hair and beautiful facial features, John was the guy most did not notice he was very average, short brown hair no facial hair average build, and Jeff was the follower, whatever the others did Jeff was right there, I found him quite attractive long light brown hair tall slim a perfectly manicured beard and hair all very nice guys for sure.

“My cousin is pretty hot isn’t he? He has filled out so well and he has a great ass, very tight and can suck a cock like I have never seen.” Dale boasted to Donald.

I was shy at first even nervous, what did these guys want from me? Was I to have sex with them all? Donald grabbed his crotch and I could see he had a big cock by what he was holding. Dale looks at me and says.

“Come on suck his cock for him you know you want to, get on your knees cocksucker and suck his cock for him!” Dale ordered me.

I slowly got on my knees in front of Donald, he unzipped and pulled out this beautiful uncut thick cock, I grabbed it and licked the precum off of it, his cock was soon deep in my mouth, Donald was in shock,

“Holy fuck can he suck a cock.” Donald said in disbelief.

“I told you guys he is a great little cocksucker and has a hot fucking ass, nice and tight and can take a cock like a champ.” Dale told them.

Once Donald shot his load they had me strip naked, they all got naked as well, Jeff was eyeing my ass, Steve had his cock pointed at my mouth, Donald got some lube and lubed up my ass, they would spit roast me over and over, one guy would pull out the other would slide his cock in. I was dripping cum from both ends, Dale grabbed my cock and stroked me off, I shot all over the floor, he told his friends how he fucked me three times the first night, he even slept with his cock lodged deep inside of my ass.

We stayed at Donald’s that night I was fucked relentlessly, one guy would cum another was back in my ass, I swallowed so much cum I was in cock heaven. At five in the morning we headed back to the farm.

“Tommy are you okay, we didn’t hurt you did we?” Dale asked concerned.

“Dale that was amazing, I’m good, sore but good, can we do this again before I leave?” I asked him.

“Not tonight but the night before you leave we can.” Dale said to me.

After a long shower I felt much better, I crawled into bed I needed sleep, I woke up to Dale in bed with me naked, his cock deep in my hole, he was about to spill his load deep inside of me, he grabbed my cock and stroked me off. He got out of bed and cleaned up his cock and went back to work.

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