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Stormy Monday

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It was a dark and stormy night, and the electricity inside the Parker house was every bit as intense as the electricity that was booming outside with each bolt of lightning.

Twenty-year-old Laura Parker was lying back on the sofa watching television with her parents that night, after deciding that it was storming too bad for her to go out. She was home for spring break from her college in a Southern state, where she was a sophomore.

Laura had been invited by some friends to go spend the week at the beach, but she had declined, preferring to spend the week at home. She really didn’t have the money to spend partying in Florida, and she did have some studying to catch up on.

However, the main reason she’d decided to spend the week at home was sitting on the other end of the sofa, her 48-year-old father, Jim.

Laura was the youngest of Jim and Veronica’s three children, and the only daughter. As a result, she’d always been Daddy’s little girl. But a few months earlier, Jim had made a drunken confession that had stirred up forbidden desires.

It had happened over the Christmas holidays, when they had all gone to Jim’s parents’ house for their big holiday bash. Usually Jim was the life of the party, but he’d been surprisingly subdued that night. Toward the end of the evening, when everyone was loaded, Jim had walked outside alone, and Laura had followed him.

She’d caught up with him and asked him what was wrong. He told Laura that he and Veronica were having problems. She was drinking too much when she was off work, and that they had quit having sex, that she had decided they were too old for sex. It had been nearly a year, and it was getting him down. He had tried to get his wife to see a doctor about her loss of sex drive and about her drinking, but she had insisted that he was the one with the problem, that he was just a horny old goat who was obsessed with sex. And, as far as she was concerned, she didn’t have a drinking problem.

“I’m not even 50 yet, and she’s calling me an old goat,” he’d said at the time. Then Laura had said the magic words.

“Daddy, if I had a man as sexy as you, I’d let him have anything he wanted any time he wanted it,” she said, slipping her arm around his waist and her head on his shoulder.

And she meant it. Jim Parker at 48 was still very sexy in her eyes. He was handsome, with mysterious brown eyes, dark wavy hair that had a sprinkling of gray at the sides, and a well-trimmed mustache. He was well-built, a shade under 6 feet tall, and while he had a slight belly, a concession to the years, he also had the sweetest butt Laura had ever seen on a man, and she’d seen plenty.

Laura’s comment had gotten Jim to looking at his daughter in a new light, and he liked what he saw. She was a little taller than average, about 5-foot-7, with a slender physique. She was pretty with a nice all-over tan, the result of a monthly visit to a tanning booth. She had big dark eyes, full lips and dark brown hair that fell straight nearly to her waist. However, she had two assets that set her apart, even with all of that. She had the most perfect pair of fat, rounded tits and a butt that just begged to be grabbed.

She was, as they say, eminently fuckable, and a lot of guys had done just that since her first boyfriend took her virginity when she was 15. Those who hadn’t fucked her fantasized about it, and Jim was no exception, although he had always castigated himself inside whenever those thoughts crossed his mind. Still, he had always been a little envious of her many boyfriends, because he knew what they were getting, a very succulent piece of prime pussy.

As for Laura, until that moment, she had never consciously thought about her father as a man with the same needs and desires of other men. But she’d always adored her dad, and the words were no sooner out of her mouth than she realized that she’d like to fuck him, probably always had, deep down, and that he’d probably like to fuck her as well.

For the rest of the holidays, then, she’d flirted with him, he’d flirted back, and as a result, his mood lifted considerably. Laura also began to give him teasing looks at her body, walking around the house in her pajamas or loose t-shirts, so he could see her juicy tits bouncing freely, and baggy shorts that might offer a glimpse of her skimpy panties. She would give him lingering hugs, and one time she could swear she felt his cock get hard. She was pleased to find out that Jim was quite nicely hung, in the 7-inch range and quite thick.

Nothing happened right away, but Laura returned to college with erotic thoughts of her father on her mind. She returned home for a weekend visit in mid-February, and they had resumed their flirtation, with a great deal more intensity.

Jim had been messing around in the kitchen late the Saturday morning of her visit, when Veronica asked him to go upstairs and wake Laura up. Jim knocked lightly on her door, then opened it and was greeted by the canlı bahis sight of his daughter’s naked breasts rising and falling with her rhythmic breathing. He had known Laura had magnificent tits, but he’d never realized how beautiful they really were. He stood there transfixed, and he felt his cock grow hard in the gym shorts he routinely wore around the house.

Then, slightly embarrassed, he backed away behind the door, and told Laura in a louder voice than usual that she needed to get up, that it was almost noon. Laura opened her eyes with a smile. She’d already been half-awake, and when she had heard her father trooping up the stairs, she had positioned her blankets to show off her tits. She had looked through slitted eyes as Jim had stood and watched for a few seconds longer than any father should at his daughter’s naked breasts, and she’d thrilled when his cock had begun to grow in his shorts. She slid a hand into her panties and found that she was hot and very wet.

A couple of hours later, Jim was in the kitchen putting dishes in the dishwasher, while Veronica was taking a nap, when Laura crept up behind him and suddenly dug her fingers in his ribs, gaving him a brisk tickle that caused him to splash water all over the place.

“You’re going to get it now,” he said in a teasing tone, and chased her into the living room, where he caught her and wrestled her to the floor. He used both hands in her ribs, tickling her furiously as she laughed and squealed hysterically. But Jim’s hands quickly found Laura’s unfettered breasts, and before he knew it, he was fondling them briskly through her shirt. Laura’s laughter died down as she felt her father’s hard-on burrow into her butt. They were both minimally clothed, both in t-shirt and shorts, since it was a balmy early-spring day, and they could feel the heat radiating from each other’s body. Laura had just showered and she smelled divine.

“I think you like this game,” Laura said mischeivously as she reached behind her and squeezed Jim’s rock-hard cock.

“Well, you started it,” Jim replied, noting that Laura hadn’t made any attempt to move his hands from her tits and that she was in fact humping her hips back against his dick. “But we’d better quit before things get out of control.”

“Awwwwww,” Laura gave a mock pout. “It was just starting to get good.” Then her tone turned serious as they stood up from the floor, their chests heaving with pent-up desire.

“Daddy, I meant what I said back at Grandy’s,” she said as she put her body up to his and looked in her father’s face. “Anything you want, any time you want it.”

“Soon,” Jim replied, as he stared at Laura with a hot look in his eyes.

“Whenever you’re ready,” she whispered. Then she kissed her father on the lips, slipped her tongue into his mouth and gave his cock a final squeeze before traipsing back upstairs. Jim followed his daughter all the way with his eyes, wondering how long he could hold out.

Again, Laura returned to college with nothing more happening between them, but they both knew now that it was just a matter of time. Jim had actually started getting hard when Laura told them at the dinner table the next afternoon, right before she left to return to college, that she was planning to spend spring break at home.

They’d sort of waved at each other in passing when she got home for the week, since he’d had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, which was his normal shift, and Laura had gone out with friends Friday and Saturday nights.

But now it was Monday, a stormy Monday, and he was off work until Wednesday afternoon. So when the weather turned bad late that afternoon and Laura announced at dinner that she was staying home, they both knew the time had come. In fact, as he was clearing away the dinner dishes, he had idly sung just a snippet of one of his favorite old rock songs, Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the Night.” The meaning was lost on Veronica, who was already on her third gin and tonic, but Laura looked over at her father and licked her lips lasciviously, and he winked back.

After dinner, Laura went up and took a shower, and when she came back she had on her favorite night clothes, a loose-fitting, short-sleeved top and baggy shorts. Jim had also changed into his night clothes, a t-shirt and a pair of ragged sweat pants, in deference to the slight chill from the storm outside.

Veronica was sitting in her chair, sipping a drink and reading one of the latest best-selling fiction novels, lost in her own little world. She was, and had been, oblivious to the sexual tension that had been building between her husband and her daughter, unaware of the fact that by pushing Jim away, she was driving him into Laura’s waiting arms.

So they were sitting back watching an NBA game on TV as lightning and thunder crashed outside, and a hard rain pelted the house. Laura was laid back, her head on the left arm of the sofa, her back to her mother. She stretched like a cat, and as bahis siteleri she did she lightly ran her toes up and down Jim’s side, sending shivers up his spine and making his cock begin to swell.

Then she pulled her knees up and subtly opened her legs, just enough to let a gap form between her leg and her shorts, enough to give Jim a peek at her naked pussy. Jim stole a glance over and slowly smiled as he saw Laura’s juicy cunt on display, her prominent outer labia open like a budding flower. And he could see that she was already wet with arousal. Jim’s cock sprang up hard in his sweats and he had to cross his leg to shield it from Veronica’s view.

Laura smiled seductively at her dad, and idly rubbed her index finger across her lips and into her mouth slightly, simulating sucking a cock. Jim groaned softly as he watched the lewd actions of his horny daughter. He watched as she licked her finger then slid it up to her open cunt and began to stroke her clit.

The clinking of ice in an empty glass diverted their attention, and they both feigned innocence as Veronica got up and walked unsteadily back to the kitchen to make herself yet another drink. While she was in the kitchen, Jim got up and walked to the cabinet under the staircase where they kept blankets and pulled out a big comforter. As he passed in front of Laura, she reached up and gave Jim’s cock a quick feel, then licked her lips as if savoring the thought of what they were going to do later. He just motioned with his head toward the kitchen, then nodded his head, sending the unspoken communication that when Veronica went off to bed, it would be playtime for them.

Laura was still lying back when Veronica returned to the front room, sat back down and resumed her reading. Now under the blanket, Jim and Laura began to really get into their teasing. Laura put her feet in Jim’s lap and he began to massage them, lightly and sensually. Laura rolled her eyes back and she felt the heat in her pussy build. She was loving the build-up, but the wait was agonizing. Jim ran his hands slowly up her soft, smooth legs, while Laura’s feet began to massage Jim’s stiff cock through his sweats.

Hidden by the blanket, Jim’s hand reached the edge of Laura’s shorts and he slipped his fingers in, getting his first touch of his daughter’s hot, juicy cunt. Laura had to bite her lip to keep an audible groan of pure lust from escaping her mouth as Jim worked two fingers at the outside of her pussy, then up to her swelling, throbbing clit. While Jim’s hand was busy in Laura’s shorts, Laura’s right foot worked its way under the waistband of Jim’s sweats, where she lightly rubbed his leaking cock. Jim felt waves of pleasure race through his body as his daughter slid her foot up and down his rock-hard length.

The more her foot worked over Jim’s cock, the hotter Laura’s pussy became as she realized that her father had a very, very nice cock, bigger than most of the cocks she’d had in her sexual career. She couldn’t wait to get her hands, her mouth and her pussy on it.

“Daddy, I’m cold,” she said, and as she did she sat up on the sofa and moved over next to Jim, ostenibly to cuddle under the blanket. Veronica glanced up and smiled drunkenly. She thought it was so sweet to see father and daughter share a loving moment.

Well, Laura cuddled all right. Once she got up next to her father under the blanket, she slid her hand into Jim’s sweats and wrapped it around his cock. Jim squeezed his eyes shut as Laura softly stroked him, and rubbed the pre-cum all over the bell-shaped head. Jim’s left hand returned the favor, slipping under the waistband of Laura’s shorts. He cupped her mound and rolled her clit around with his middle finger, then slid two fingers into her soupy snatch, lightly finger-fucking her.

Laura’s breathing was ragged, and she hissed through clenched teeth as her father expertly fingered her cunt, bringing her close to a climax, then backing off. They were both staring across the room at Veronica, willing her to finish her drink and go to bed. It was getting past 9 p.m., her usual bedtime. She had to get up at 6:30 in the morning and prepare for her secretarial job, and she always needed a good nine hours to sleep off the effects of her drinking.

At long last, they heard Veronica’s glass tinkle as she drained the last of her drink. They quickly removed their hands from each other’s pants and acted quite innocent as she exclaimed that she was headed for bed. She gave Laura and Jim a good night kiss, not even wondering why the blanket covered the bottom half of their bodies. Veronica walked to the kitchen sink to put the glass away and trudged slowly up the stairs to bed.

“I’m probably going to stay up and watch this other game, so it’ll be awhile before I come to bed,” Jim said as his wife climbed the stairs. She just kind of shrugged her shoulders and made a sort-of “whatever” sound. There was a second game, a late West Coast game, coming on, and Jim was known to stay up bahis şirketleri late and watch games on his nights off. He figured that, plus the sounds of the storm outside, would provide all the cover he would need to fuck his daughter’s brains out without awakening his wife.

As soon as they heard the bedroom door shut, Laura and Jim were on each other frantically as they came together, their lust at long last unleashed. Their mouths were pressed together and their tongues slashed at each other, as they wrapped themselves in a hot embrace. Laura’s nipples seemed to bore holes in Jim’s chest as they made out hotly on the sofa.

Laura climbed onto Jim’s lap, straddling him as she bent her head down to neck with her father. His hands squeezed and fondled her tits through the cloth of her shirt. Pulling his mouth from hers, he lifted her shirt as she reared up to give his lips and tongue access to her breasts. He sucked and licked Laura’s nipples as he filled his hands with her tit flesh. Her hips were making a jerking motion as they dry-humped each other.

“Mmmmmm, God, Daddy, I want you so bad,” Laura panted softly. “Take me up and fuck the hell out of me. You can do anything you want to me, just fuck meeee!”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Jim growled in a low voice thick with passion. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked, then I’m gonna fuck you again. Over and over and over.”

Then they kissed again, madly, wantonly, with utter abandon. When they broke their embrace this time, however, Jim took a deep breath, then rolled out from underneath Laura’s body. Laura stared at him hotly, as he struggled to regain his composure.

“Go on up to your room, and I’ll meet you in a minute,” Jim said in a shaky voice. “I’m going to pee and check on your mother.”

As expected, Veronica was already sawing logs, dead in the bed. Jim felt his cock lurch as the implications became clear. He really was going to do it. He was going to fuck his slut daughter and fuck her but good. And he had not one ounce of regret. In the weeks since Laura’s last visit, he’d made a last-ditch effort, one final attempt, to reignite a sex life with his wife, and she had simply brushed him off. So his conscience was clear, in his mind. He’d tried, and he wasn’t going to try again. He’d take his lust to someone who appreciated it.

Laura was standing naked in her room when Jim quietly opened the door and entered. The only light in the room came from the small desk lamp next to her computer, and it gave the room a dark, seductive mood, fitting for what they were about to do. Jim drank in the sight of his daughter’s naked body, the round, full tits hanging on her chest, the long, flat stomach, the rolling loaves of her butt, the long, dark hair falling to her waist, and finally, the thatch of pubic hair that framed her swollen lips.

Laura’s body was cocked to one side as she stared at Jim when he entered. He quickly pulled off what clothes he had on and they came together, both naked at last, ready to consummate their forbidden love. She thrilled as she watched her father’s cock swaying in front of him, standing proud and tall.

Jim felt a shiver course through his body as he came in contact with Laura’s hot flesh. Her stiff nipples dug into his chest as they wrapped their arms around each other and began to kiss feverishly. But they’d already done their share of necking, and he had something he dearly wanted to do before he got his daughter down on the bed.

Pulling away momentarily, he dropped to his knees and put his face right up to Laura’s steaming pussy. He inhaled her female aroma as he quickly slid two fingers in her wet hole. Laura threw her head back as her father began to finger-fuck her briskly, while rolling her clit with his thumb. He moved his fingers around then spread them, opening her up to his gaze.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. “You have a beautiful pussy.” And it was a pretty pussy. Laura shaved back her pubic bush just enough to get it off her legs, and she kept it trimmed a bit so that her thick labia were on prominent display, but otherwise she left it alone. She’d shaved it off one time, and hadn’t liked it. She’d gotten a razor burn, and she hated the hassle of always keeping it shaved. No one had ever complained, and now here was her sexy father telling her she had a beautiful cunt.

Jim fingered Laura for just a few more seconds then slashed his tongue between her lips and curled it up around her throbbing clit. He pressed his way in and brought his whole mouth up to her hot hole and began to give his daughter the benefit of his years of pussy-eating expertise. He loved to eat a woman’s pussy – it was what had first cemented his relationship with Veronica so many years ago – and he was good at it. He sucked Laura’s labia into his mouth like a small cock, then bored his tongue as far as it could go in her cunt.

Laura spread her legs slightly to give Jim a little bit easier access to her crotch and he moved forward slightly so that he was all the way between her legs. He lavished Laura’s pussy with licks, kisses, sucks, then slid his tongue upward and circled her pink asshole with the tip of his tongue.

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