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Summer Break

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Big Tits

As with all of the stories I have written this is fiction. I hope you enjoy it… Your encouragement and comments are always welcome.

Summer vacation is special for any teenager. No school for 4 months is what every 19 year old college student looks forward to for many reasons.

I have the unfortunate circumstance of working in a city that I don’t live in. I keep an apartment in one city and our home is in the other. I miss the family life, but it does have a very few benefits.

My daughter turned 19 this year and she has turned into a beautiful woman. Her hips have a nice curve to them now and he breast are developed nicely. At 5’0 ft tall she is not tall, but she is now turning heads everywhere she goes including mine. Summer dresses and halter tops and skirts are summer gear for her now and it quite frankly drives me nuts. She has not learned to be careful about her breasts yet and since most of her summer clothes are loose fitting most of the time she bends over she gives me a very enticing view. Brown hair and green eyes with a gymnasts body I am watching her more and more.

Since she was 12 she has come and stayed with me for one week during the summer for a visit. Mainly I spoil her rotten and she makes me buy all kinds of things for her that her mother would never allow at home.

On our last visit she bought some panties and underwear that were very grown up due to the shear nature. We decided that it was best if she left them here at the apartment just in case her mother didn’t agree with the selection. I have looked at them many times to bring back the memory of the fashion show she gave me when we bought them. Still not shy around me she danced around in this baby blue bra and panties which gave me a full view of her nipples and pussy hair. I was so turned on after seeing this I jerked off in the bathroom about 20 minutes later so my daughter wouldn’t discover my hard on.

Many times she sits in my lap bouncing and begging for attention before bedtime. During the week we spend alone with her I jerk off more times then I usually do in a month. Usually she only wears panties and a halter around the apartment and the feel of her panty covered ass rocking back and forth against my penis is getting harder and harder to take. Last year there where more then a few times I thought she was rubbing me with her ass on purpose to make me hard, but I believed her to be innocent.

This year on the drive down we had a long conversation about boys and life and I told her that I was very open due to my European heritage and if she needed to talk about anything that I would remain open and understanding. I also added that this year due to her increasing years would allow her to do anything at all she wanted. If she wanted to go shopping great, if she wanted to eat chips for breakfast great, if she wanted to walk around nude great, etc… etc… I obviously was hoping for the nude part. I told her that it was her call and I would do anything that she wanted as long as it didn’t involve hurting anyone.

Most of the car ride after that was a bit more quiet. I thought she was maybe suspicious or trying to calculate how much she could milk out of me this year and the second part of that was correct.

Almost as soon as she entered the apartment she went to try on the bra and panty set we bought the year before. I was sitting on the couch when she came out in it. The panties were tighter then before and they looked sexy as hell, but the bra wasn’t close. The flesh of her larger bosom was pushing out under the bra due to it’s tighter fit. My cock was large and uncomfortable as soon as I saw it. Her nipples pushed out against the fabric and were more visible then I remember.

Candice cried out “Daddy this is no good now it is too tight illegal bahis and I only got to wear it a couple of times. It is wasted.”

As Candice twirled for me showing me the tight fit to ensure I knew what she said was true. I was thinking it fit great and judging by the erection I was sporting it was the best outfit I had ever seen her in.

Candice went back to the bedroom while I palmed my erection trying to get some relief.

When she came back out I was in for a better sight. Candice came back in with no bra on and the same sheer blue panties.

“These panties are still not too bad do you think we could find a bra to match them still?” Candice asked me honestly.

“Err yeah honey we can try to find a matching bra tomorrow.” I said hoping for more fashion shows in the brief bikini cut blue sheer panties.

Smiling she returned to the bedroom once more while I rigorously rubbed my shaft. I heard her come back down the hall so I stopped and I was greeted to the sight of her still in the blue panties and a fairly thin white halter top. It was apparent that she was going to wear this to bed which had me hoping that she would sleep in my bed that night. Most nights she spent on the couch, but if the apartment got hot enough my bedroom was the only one with air conditioning so she would stay with me in my bed.

Sitting at the other end of the couch while we watched TV Candice tortured me. When she lifted her left leg or moved them apart I got a clear view of her pussy and ass through the material. I tried hard to focus on her face, but I could see from her expression she knew what I was looking at. When she first noticed she squeezed her legs tight together, but after a bit I could swear she was teasing me by letting me have peaks.

“Candy I am heading for bed are you staying on the couch or coming to bed with me?” I asked hopping for the latter of the two.

“I will sleep in your room it is fairly hot and I need to cool off.” She said smiling a bit too big.

I turned quickly off the couch to hide my massive hard on. A blind man could have seen it, but in my mind I was stealthy.

After washing up I thought about quickly jerking off in the bathroom, but for some reason I didn’t. All I could think about was waiting until Candy went to sleep so I could rub my erection against those blue sheer panties. I have to admit I jerked off in bed a few times while she was in it over the years. One time I even slide my hand down over her panties and jerked off with my hand against her little clit.

With my robe on I stepped out of the bathroom and was met by Candice in the hall. Still in her white halter and blue sheer panties she stepped by me looking at my crotch as she did. I got into the bedroom and set the alarm slipped off my robe and admired my erection before I got into bed. I was sporting a monster tonight and Candice was the reason.

I waited for Candice to get into bed before shutting off the light. I wanted to watch her walk to her side of the bed.

“Good night Daddy.” She said to me as she slipped in under the covers.

As Candice leaned over to give me a kiss and a hug I almost came. Seeing her in my bed looking so sexy knowing what she was wearing was simply too much for me. I then got the shock of a lifetime from my little 19 year old daughter.

“Daddy were you serious about making this my week getting to do anything I want?” Candice asked me as she looked directly into my eyes.

My heart was racing and I knew something was coming that I only dreamed about, but would have never acted upon.

“Of course dear I said it right?” I said hoping the words would be fuck me then.

“Can I see your cock Daddy I really want too – Please…” She said with a truth in her voice that didn’t illegal bahis siteleri really cause me to hesitate.

I pulled the covers down and she looked hard at my erection through my underwear. Slowly I pulled the band down until it got past my balls and she leaned right over top of me.

“Is it always this big?” Candice said innocently.

“I am sorry Candy the truth is when you run around in skimpy panties showing me your ass and pussy I get turned on and my penis gets big like this.” I said trying to be honest without be a pervert. “Grown men love to see young girls it is a extreme turn on.”

“Wow.” Was all she got out. She continued to study my cock.

“It doesn’t mean I am going to try to have sex with you it simply means you are a beautiful woman now and you can turn me on.” I said trying to regain some composure “I love you and I love watching you grow into a beautiful girl so I hope this isn’t going to change how you are with me.”

“So this is like a compliment?” Candice said never taking her eyes off my cock.

“Yeah honey it is exactly that.” I said allowing my penis to twitch a bit for show and I got a good reaction from her.

“So how do you make it go down then?” She said asking the question I didn’t want to really answer.

Taking a learning approach I said “Well honey I have to achieve orgasm by either masturbating or by having sex.”

“You mean jerking it off right?” She said leaning even closer getting her face maybe 12 inches from it.

“Yes, I mean jerking off. When a man strokes his penis it is called masturbating and all men do it there is nothing dirty or wrong with it. It is a way to relieve what I have here now.” I said starting to be more calm about the situation.

“So you are going to masturbate right now?” Candice said now looking up into my eyes.

“Honey I wasn’t planning on it right here in the bed with you, but yes at some point I will masturbate to relieve myself” I said wishing I could start stroking right away.

“Can you show me? I have masturbated myself, but I have never seen a boy or a man do it. I would love to see what you do Daddy.” Candy was now looking at me with a bit of lust which to that point in her life I don’t know that I had seen in her face before.

“Um Cand this isn’t really what I had in mind when I said open, but if you really want and you promise to keep a secret I will this one time.” I said hoping she would agree to those terms.

“Yes I won’t tell anyone please do it.” Candice said as she slide up beside me and then reached over to the light and turned it on for the show.

The room was fairly light already due to it being summer and it never really gets dark here, but the light was a bit of a shock to my eyes and it took me a second to adjust to it.

I took my right hand and grabbed my penis and stroked it up and down a few times very slowly. I needed to pace myself if I was going to give her a good show. She moved right beside me to observe resting her head on my chest. Seeing her face so close to my penis which I masturbated was a huge turn on. I don’t remember a time in the last decade that I was as turned on as by my daughter watching me. She was beautiful and having her move slowly against me was so sexy.

Trying to get a better view Candice Got up on her hands and knees beside me. She wanted to get a better view of my cock and my hand and what she me was a great view of her ass. I fixed my eyes on her crack which I could see clearly as she watched me. Looking back up to my face she realized I was fixed on her ass.

“You really like that don’t you?” She asked likely knowing the answer.

“Yes honey you are beautiful you make me very proud.” I said just about ready to cum.

Candice reached canlı bahis siteleri down her body with one hand and lowed her panties a bit. She had lowed them enough her ass was uncovered and I could see the light hair on her bush from the back. As soon as she got them down she put a finger against her pussy and rubbed it a bit. I exploded from the sight of her hand. Gobs of cum were coming out most landing in streaks up my chest. Candice moved away when it happen watching in amazement as I milked out all I could.

“OMG Daddy that was awesome. Thank you so much. You are all dirty with your cum do you need a washcloth or something?” Candice said moving off the bed pulling up her panties.

“Can you grab me a towel honey I made a fair mess here.” I said catching my breath.

Candice ran into the washroom in a hurry and returned with a towel. Without saying a word she started to mop up all the cum I sprayed onto my chest. Looking only at my penis which was now soft she did a good job cleaning up.

Reaching down with the towel she rubbed over my cock eventually rolling it with the towel over her hand. I am pretty sure that she enjoyed this activity of moving my cock around as she lingered far to long after it was dry much to my pleasure. Having my beautiful petite daughter standing over me wiping the cum off my body after I masturbated for her was a bit much and I could feel myself getting hard again.

“Daddy?” Candice said looking at me still continuing to rub my dick.

“Honey if you keep playing with it you will make me hard again.” I said starting to like the idea.

“Wow will you masturbate for me again if I get it hard?” Candice said now having a firm grip on the hardening shaft.

Seeing Candy standing beside the bed in her blue panties and thin white top stroking my now hard cock made me a bit nuts. I could see she was squeezing her legs together making me think she was horney as hell while she was giving me a great view of her pussy and tits.

“No honey if you make me hard again I am going to fuck you.” I said feeling like my cock had taken over.

Candice quickly stopped her stroking it was already too late I was hard as a rock. Looking at my eyes she just smiled a bit. then she pulled her panties down and pulled off her top and climbed on top of me. Rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft I could feel she was very wet.

“I am tired of you teasing me with this cock so I guess you can fuck me” Candice said shocking the shit out of me.

I was teasing her?

Pulling her up I sucked on her tits hard while my cock only made contact at her entrance. I had dreamed of sucking on these beautiful little tits and here I was in a dream come true. I wanted to pleasure her like I had never pleasured anyone before. I sucked and kissed every part of her including giving her two orgasms while I sucked her pussy.

Finally I sank myself into her slowly. I was in absolute heaven. It had been a long time since I had felt such a tight pussy and I enjoyed the feeling. I worked in so slow as she allowed me into her pussy. Getting all the way in took some time, but I didn’t break a hymen which left me a bit curious (she later told me she broke it with a vibrator) she was like velvet inside as I slid back and forth. She writhed underneath me scratching my back as she moved side to side. Candy was wild and just before I came she had an orgasm which is what sent me over the edge. I pulled back not wanting to get her pregnant and came all over her belly spraying my seed up onto her tits and belly. I rolled off after I took mental notes of what she looked like with my cum running down from her chest to her pussy.

After catching our breath I cleaned off my cum off her young tight little body with a towel. Her nipples were erect as I passed over them with the towel.

Candy said “If you get them hard again I am going to fuck you Daddy!”

I think this will be a series… I already have part 2 in mind. I will write it in the next few days.

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