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Summer Employment Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 Elizabeth

Victor Thomas: College student, age nineteen
Brian Thomas: College student, age eighteen
Tuck Tucker: Owns three restaurants, age fifty-five
Elizabeth Tucker; The Witch, Tuck’s second wife, age Thirty-two
Betty: Bookkeeper, petite, meek, age thirty-seven
Trudy: Office worker, age twenty. Large eyes are her distinguishing feature.
Vera Tucker: Tuck’s first wife and mother of his daughters. Age forty-three
Eric: Restaurant Manager and fiancée of Caroline Tucker
Caroline Tucker: Tuck’s older daughter, age twenty-three
Sarah Tucker; Tuck’s younger daughter, age Twenty-one
Melinda: Housekeeper in Tucker home, Black, goes by Missy, age Twenty-eight
Salvatore: Tuck’s cousin, Manager of Tuck-South.

I stood next to the car and drank my coffee while waiting for Mrs. Tucker. She appeared, dressed in a short summer skirt and tight top that accented her breasts. Not wanting to be berated by her sharp tongue, I lowered my eyes. Anyway, Tuck was with her.

“What do you think of my young wife this morning, Victor?” Tuck asked from the backseat. “I picked out her outfit and made her wear it for you.”

I froze, not knowing if an answer to his question was required. Sneaking a look at them in the rear view mirror, I saw that he was smiling; she was scowling.

“I saw how you were eyeing her yesterday,” Tuck continued.

“Stop this right now,” Mrs. Tucker scolded her husband. “He’s an employee for Christ’s sake!”

Tuck was relentless. “Do you know how I got Liz to marry me, Victor?”

This was becoming embarrassing. Had he started drinking early this morning? “No, Sir,” I felt obliged to answer.

He leaned forward and spoke in a low voice. “I’m hung like a horse,” he said.

“TUCK! Shut the fuck up!” Mrs. Tucker shouted at her husband.

Fortunately, we were arriving at the office. I followed them upstairs. They went into their respective offices and I reported to Trudy, who was going to show me the duties I’d be assuming on Friday and Saturday. She took me behind a partition and showed me a variety of equipment that I’d be operating.

“You look like someone who got laid last night. Was it anyone I know?” she whispered.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, neither confirming nor denying that I’d gotten lucky.

“Was it one of the Tucker sisters? I hear they’re hot little sluts.”

“Definitely not,” I said, embarrassed to be having this conversation with her.

“It wasn’t….?” she asked, pointing in the direction of Mrs. Tucker’s office.

I shook my head, amazed that she would even consider such a thing. Trudy gave up and began my training. In addition to sending faxes to vendors and the restaurants, distributing incoming faxes, and sorting the mail. Trudy showed me how to answer the telephone and forward calls.

It was a few minutes past ten when I answered a call from a woman with a frantic voice. “My produce hasn’t arrived. Did that little tramp forget to order it again?”

“This is the Tuck Company. Who’s calling, please?” I asked the caller.

“Victor? Is that you? This is Vera Tucker. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“I’ll find out about your produce, Mrs. Tucker,” I said and reported the problem of the missing produce to Trudy. Unperturbed, she stepped outside the partition, where she could see Mrs. Tucker’s office.

“Elizabeth, Vera didn’t get her produce.”

I was right behind Trudy when Mrs. Tucker came out of her office. Her face was pale and she had trouble speaking. “It’s not…it’s not there?”

Betty appeared, waving a facsimile that had just arrived. “Tuck-South got a double order.”

“How could this happen? Why wasn’t I told?” Mrs. Tucker shouted, becoming unraveled.

Betty tried to explain that she’d only discovered the error that moment, but Elizabeth Tucker was way beyond listening to reason.

Tuck came out of his office, looking disheveled, like he’d just woken up from a nap. “Tell Vera she’ll have her produce in thirty minutes,” he said to Trudy. He looked sympathetically at his current wife before addressing me. “I’ll go with you, Victor. We’ll take the van.”

We left without looking at Mrs. Tucker. I drove the van and Tuck directed me to Tuck-South, which was nearby. During the short trip, Tuck talked incessantly in short sentences.

“She’s one uptight bitch, isn’t she? What she needs is a good fucking. I guess it’s my responsibility to give it to her. May I give you some advice, Victor? Don’t abandon the mother of your children for a younger woman. Don’t become a drunk. It causes problems. I’ll have to sober up and fuck my young wife. Are you listening to me, Vic?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’ll learn some valuable lessons this summer, Vic. Pay attention, and you won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made. I can’t teach you what to do, but I can sure as hell teach you what not to do.”

“Yes, Sir.”

His candid rambling had me wondering what I’d gotten myself into. What a pathetic mess he’d made of his life. bostancı escort bayan I didn’t know which one to feel sorry for, Tuck because he was going to have to sober up to make love to his wife, or his two wives because they were obviously at odds with one another.

Tuck got someone to help load Vera’s produce order into the van, and sent me on my way to the mid-town restaurant. “Tell her not to be too hard on Elizabeth, then come back and pick me up,” he said.

I drove as fast as I dared, and got to the mid-town restaurant before eleven A.M. Vera met me at the back door, obviously still upset. Like the day before, she wore a long skirt and lacy blouse. Even in her disagreeable mood, she was an attractive lady. It was easy to see where her daughters got their shapely bodies. After I unloaded the order I volunteered to help set up the salad bar, and my services were accepted.

“Thank you for saving the day, Victor,” Vera said when everything was under control, and it was time for me to leave. It was nearly one P.M. when I got back to Tuck-South. I could tell that Tuck had had several drinks. He introduced me to the manager, a cousin named Salvatore. Sal asked if I’d eaten. I told him I hadn’t. Tuck put away two more drinks while I was having my lunch. Then he had me take him to the house on my way back to the office.

Tuck was in another talkative mood. “We’re having a family dinner tonight, and you’re invited,” he said when I dropped him off at the house.

Elizabeth Tucker had lost some of her haughtiness when I got back to the office.

“Did you tell Vera it was the produce company’s mistake?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I said, wondering if she knew I’d lied to her. From the critical look she gave me I gathered she did.

She must have known that I’d delivered her husband back to their home because she didn’t ask about him. Perhaps she didn’t care.

Trudy continued to train me to operate the equipment in back of the partition. There was nothing difficult about her duties, except knowing how to respond to disgruntled callers. At six P.M. we closed the office, and to my surprise, Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker sat in the front seat with me on the ride home.

I was cautious not to mention the invitation Tuck had extended to me. And since she didn’t say anything, I assumed he would forget about inviting me. We parted, she to the house and I to the cottage. I went inside and discovered the sheets on my bed had been changed.

Thirty minutes later I heard both Fiats arrive.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock on my door. I opened it to see Missy dressed in a black uniform with a white apron.

“Come in,” I said, wanting to investigate if she was wearing panties under the uniform.

“I can’t. You’re to come to dinner at the house.”

“Don’t you want some mouth to mouth?” I asked and watched her grin, sheepishly. She stepped inside. We kissed, and I rubbed the inside of her thigh.

“Don’t go any higher. You’ve got to get ready,” she said, standing still as my hand went higher.

“Who told you to fetch me? Was it Tuck?”

“No, it was the missus. You best stop now,” she said as my finger parted the lips of her pussy. She was already wet, and my cock was growing.

“It was the missus?” I asked, inserting my finger into her pussy.

Missy put her hand on my wrist, and moved it downward. “The missus told me to say you need to wear a jacket and tie.”

Reluctantly, I let her move away from me. “Thanks for changing my bed.”

“It was the least I could do, seeing as how I helped mess it up,” she giggled.

“Will I see you later?”

“You might, if I don’t have to work too late,” she said as she stepped outside, and left me watching her walk away. She didn’t turn until she reached the back door of the house. Her grin became wide and toothy before she disappeared inside the house.

I showered quickly and got dressed in the only summer suit I’d brought with me. Missy and Elizabeth Tucker were busy in the kitchen when I entered the back door. I was surprised when Mrs. Tucker smiled and told me to join the others in the next room.

Tuck ask what I wanted to drink as soon as I entered the room. It was an informal room with a wet bar, a large television and a few chairs. Soft music was coming from speakers at each corner of the room. I told him I’d have whatever he was having, and was given a very strong mixture of scotch and water.

“You know Eric. That’s Caroline and Sarah, but don’t ask me which one is which,” Tuck joked. I said that I’d met both of them, but didn’t know which was which either.

Sarah, the younger one, came over and took my arm. “I’m Sarah and you’re to be my escort for the evening.”

“I’m honored to be your escort for the evening,” I said, feeling her hand stroke my arm.

“Don’t get your hopes up, Victor. I don’t put out on the first date,” Sarah said, loud enough for the others to hear her.

I was embarrassed, but when I saw that Tuck was unfazed by his daughter’s remark, ümraniye escort I became bold. “That’s all right, Sarah. I don’t mind waiting until our second date. Are you free tomorrow night?”

“I only date younger men the third Tuesday of the month,” she said, handing her empty glass to her father for a refill.

“Tuesday’s are bad for me, but I may be able to make an exception.”

“Oh, I just remembered. My stepmother scheduled me to work that day. Do you have any pull with my stepmother, Victor?”

I was aware that Eric and Caroline were watching us.

“Not yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I do,” I said, wondering how much longer Tuck was going to permit our banter to continue. From the way Caroline and Eric were laughing, I could see that they were enjoying our give and take.

“Next week is the third Tuesday of the month. How much pull will you have by then?”

“I’ll have to work fast. How much pull do you think it will take?”

Tuck handed Sarah her fresh drink and asked me if I was ready for a refill. He seemed oblivious to our small talk. I wondered if he noticed how his daughter was stoking my arm. “No thank you, Sir,” I said, declining the offer for a refill.

“It depends. Are you a fast puller?”

“I’m a pretty fast puller,” I boasted, just when Mrs. Tucker came into the room.

She looked me over sternly before announcing that dinner was being served.

“Elizabeth, Victor wants to take me on a date next Tuesday, but I told him that I have to work that night. He said he has a lot of pull with you. Does he have enough pull for you to schedule someone else for my shift?”

I was mortified! I tried to get Mrs. Tucker’s attention to let her know I’d made no such claim. But she didn’t look my way. “You know how your father feels about changing shifts, Sarah. It just isn’t done,” she said, as she led the way to the dining room.

“I thought you said you were a fast puller,” Sarah scolded me, making me want to shrink into the woodwork.

Sarah passed the flag to Caroline, who took up the cause and the sisters taunted me all through dinner. I couldn’t tell if they were just teasing me, or they were trying to humiliate their stepmother. Eric took my side, but Tuck was no help.

I wondered if Sarah surmised there was something going on between Missy and me. Every time Missy came into the room, Sarah was all over me, asking where I planned to take her on our date, and admonishing her stepmother for not yielding to her demands for a shift change.

I didn’t like the way Mrs. Tucker had to defend her reluctance to change the schedule. For one thing, Sarah had no intentions of going on a date with me. For another, I didn’t like the way Missy was glaring at me. Didn’t she know Sarah and Caroline were just having fun? Hadn’t she seen this type of behavior from the sisters before?

I was glad when the evening came to an end. Tuck had disappeared before dessert was served. I thanked Mrs. Tucker for inviting me, nodded to Missy, and followed Eric and the sisters outside.

Caroline wrapped her arms around my neck, and I was surprised to see Sarah do the same with Eric.

“Are you really a fast puller?” Caroline asked.

“I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m better…” I said, borrowing from the country song. Does she know how hard I’m getting? She kissed me, and I noticed Sarah was doing the same with Eric.

Caroline broke the kiss, and looked down at where my cock was making my pants protrude. “I’d like to see if you can push as well as you pull,” she said before kissing me again.

Almost on cue, the sisters changed places, and Sarah’s mouth was pressed to mine. “I get off at eleven. Do you want to meet me at my house or do you want me to come here?” she asked.

Was she serious? I pulled her to me, and stuck my tongue in her mouth. From the response I got, I decided that she wasn’t kidding. “I don’t know where you live.”

“I’ll be here at eleven-thirty,” she said, breaking away from me and following Caroline to one of the cars. The car was roaring away before I knew what was happening.

Eric walked half way to the cottage with me. “You’ll get used to them soon,” he said.

“I’m not going to be here long enough to get used to this,” I said. We laughed together and he admitted that I could be right.

“Keep your chin up, kid,” he said as he shook my hand. I heard the other Fiat start, and roar away before I got inside the cottage.

I tried to read a book, but couldn’t concentrate. Would Missy show up, or was she disgusted with the way I’d acted at dinner? At midnight, I gave up and went to bed.

The next morning Missy met me at the back door with the usual coffee and muffin. “I couldn’t get away last night,” she said, apologetically.

“That’s okay. There’s always tonight,” I said, hopeful that she would come to the cottage.

She grinned, and I was almost sure that meant she was looking forward to our night together as much as me.

Mrs. Tucker came out of the house alone. escort kartal I opened the passenger’s door, but she pointed to the back seat. I had to close the door I was holding open and open the one she’d indicated. We rode the short distance to work in silence, and when we got there, she jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs. I followed, admiring the way her ass swayed from side to side.

“What’s wrong with Mrs. T this morning?” Trudy whispered.

“I would be speculating if I hazard a guess,” I whispered back, refusing to say more.

We went about our work. She quizzed me on each phase of her job to make sure I could handle her duties.

“You have everything down cold. I guess I can take Saturday off,” she said.

“You know how Tuck feels about skipping a shift,” I said, repeating what Mrs. Tucker had told Sarah the evening before. Trudy made a face. “By the way, who else will be here on Saturday?” I asked, fearing that I would be alone.

“Don’t worry. Betty will be here with you, but don’t count on her to help you. She’ll be terribly busy catching up on her own work,” Trudy said.

“Catching up? You mean she’s off today and tomorrow?”

Trudy saw what I was getting at. Mrs. Tucker and I would be alone on Friday. “Stop worrying. She won’t bite. If it’s slow on Sunday I’ll let you take me to lunch at Tuck-South.”

“I’m the only one that has to work seven days a week,” I lamented.

“Yes, but you’ll be alone with one of us the next three days. If it’s slow you’ll have lots of fun.”

Trudy did her best to put me at ease. I didn’t mind being alone with Betty, and I was looking forward to being alone with Trudy. It was Friday that concerned me. I’d do anything to avoid being alone with the Witch.

Tuck called and asked me to come to the house to pick him up. I left the office at eleven-thirty and drove him to the mid-town restaurant. He invited me to have lunch with him; which I gratefully accepted. After I ate he sent me back to the office.

Well, I couldn’t complain about the meal plan. I was getting plenty to eat and although it was always the same menu, I was able to have something different every day. I’d noticed two things; Vera Tucker was not there and Tuck hadn’t ordered anything to drink.

I waited all afternoon for Tuck to call for me to come back for him, but we didn’t hear from him. Trudy didn’t have any answers, and I didn’t dare ask Mrs. Tucker about her husband.

At six P.M. Trudy wished me luck, saying she would see me on Sunday. I told her to have a good time on her days off. Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Tucker was ready to lock up. Again, she rode in the back seat. Nothing was said between us. When we arrived at the house Mrs. Tucker got out of the car before I could open the door for her. I couldn’t help but watch as she strode to the house.

I checked my cell phone for the first time in days and discovered my brother had left a message. Thinking that it would be good to tell someone about the strange place I found myself in, I returned his call.

I described the various members of the family, and how I’d been ridiculed at dinner the evening before. My brother chided me when I told him that I was expected to work seven days a week. “Better you than me,” he said. I told him to fuck off and hung up.

Anyway, Missy was at the door with a tray of food for me. She sat down at the table and watched me eat.

“The missus is eating alone,” she told me.

“Tuck hasn’t shown up?” I asked.

She shook her head. “She may go to bed early and ask me to answer the telephone if it rings.”

“You’re coming back later, aren’t you?” I asked, anxiously.

Missy took my hand, and held it to her breast. “I will if I can. But like I say, she may ask me to listen for the phone to ring. If Mr. Tuck calls, you’ll have to go pick him up someplace.”

“Try to come back. I missed you last night.”

“I missed you, too. Maybe I’ll come back anyway, even if she asks me to listen for the phone,” she said, bringing the back of my hand to her lips, and holding it there.

“Don’t get into trouble, Missy. He may call early. I’ll go after him, and then we’ll have the rest of the night together.”

“Okay, I’ll do it your way. I hope he calls early,” she said, releasing my hand, and getting up to leave.

“Don’t leave yet. I haven’t checked to see if you’re wearing panties.”

Missy leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. “I’ve got to go. She may want coffee. Anyway, I’ve got panties on. When I come back I’ll wear my swimsuit. You can check me all over.”

Not wanting her to get into trouble with Mrs. Tucker, I let her go. As I finished my meal I thought about my brother, and how he’d always laughed at me. I called home and he answered on the first ring.

“It’s you again?” he asked. “I thought it was Sean. We’re going out tonight and…”

“You’re going out with the guys? Let me tell you what’s happening here. The housekeeper is coming back after awhile, and we’re going to fuck until daylight. She was here the other night…”

“You’re making this up,” he said, interrupting me.

“Let me tell you about the setup here. Last night the boss’s two daughters were here for dinner. They both kissed me goodnight, and the younger one is coming to see me on Tuesday night.”

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