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Summer in Winter

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I sat on the back porch, sipping coffee and looking out across the snow-covered acres toward the river. Laden with bulky cargo boxes, a barge passed slowly by on the water. Yet while I watched the barge until it passed out of view beyond the tree line of the thick woods to the south, my mind was elsewhere.

I did not think about the barge, or the cold, or even the favorite hazelnut coffee I was drinking.

“What are you thinking about?”

I looked up, startled from my thoughts, to find my fiancée about to mount the few steps onto the porch. She has always enjoyed a mid-afternoon walk around the neighborhood, and this December day was no exception. It was warm enough that she did not need to wear a heavy winter coat, which meant that I was treated to the sight of her in a tight-fitting turtleneck top which visually enhanced the swells upon her chest and even made the outline of her bra quite apparent.

My erection seemed to harden even further, if that was possible.

“Just thinking about the summer vacation,” I admitted, attempting to nonchalantly sip my coffee but almost certainly failing to portray a mundane expression. Then again, there is something about having a long, hard, almost painful erection tenting one’s jeans which makes a mundane expression impossible to achieve.

“Thinking about the sex part of it, no doubt!” She laughed as she stood beside me, jostling my hair for a moment. Without thinking about it first, I leaned into her, my head pressing against escort bostancı a well-formed breast, which seemed to only make my erection even more prominent against my jeans. My fiancée cradled my head to her chest, stroking my cheek as I hooked an arm around her waist.

The thoughts of the summer vacation continued to fill my pornographic mind until she stepped away. “I’ll be back out in a few moments,” she announced before disappearing inside the small house we shared.

I could not fathom why I was so horny. Rarely had I ever experienced such an extreme level of arousal, such a prolonged state of pornographic thought, not even when photographing the many young women of the metro area trying to become known as the latest up-and-coming Internet porn starlets. But at least the focus of my thoughts was the woman who shared my life.

I thought of the previous evening, when we had covered each other with oil and then made love before the roaring fireplace. The way the firelight illuminated her slickened body was quite visually appealing. The way our slippery bodies moved against each other made the evening even better.

Eventually, I would need to thank by boss for that idea, for it had worked with young Julia and Janae for their lesbian photoset, and it had worked with my fiancée and me in our loving romp as well.

I heard the inside door open, followed by “Think summer!” Then, as I turned my head, the screen door opened, and my jaw dropped with surprise.

My ümraniye escort fiancée stepped out of the house wearing only a bikini. But not just any bikini – she wore the skimpy baby blue barely-covering-anything bikini she had worn throughout our summer vacation, the bikini which could easily and rapidly be removed simply by pulling on the strategically-placed strings, which I had done with fingers and with teeth more than a few times throughout the vacation.

She wasted no time, certainly because she was essentially unprotected against the cool winter air – a fact made all the more noticeable by the hardened bud tenting each tiny triangle of her bikini bra. Assuming a kneeling position between my spread legs, she unzipped my jeans and extricated my hearty erection. Her eyes locked with mine, she suckled my tip, causing me to tremble.

I gave in to my need. My hands on either side of her head, I pushed her down upon me, and she eagerly accepted me, moaning around me as she shuddered from the cold. She reached for my hands and removed them from her head, but she gripped my hands tightly in hers as she quickly established a fast pace, her head bobbing obscenely, the sounds of fellatio unmistakable as she applied her expert skills to the fullest.

I was so horny, in such an extreme state of arousal, that it did not take long. She sensed when I was about to explode, and suddenly leaned back, disengaging with me, gulping air as she released my hands and quickly kartal escort bayan stroked me. My head tipped back, my eyes must have rolled into my skull, because I could not see anything as my white-hot love fired into the air accompanied by my barely-restrained primal groans. My entire body shook, which caused the chair to squeal in protest, but I was just barely aware of anything but the pleasure consuming me from the groin outward.

“You’ve really made a mess of me this time!” I heard her laugh when my senses finally began to return to normal. My eyes slowly focused as I gazed upon my fiancée. The streaks of white upon her face and dripping off her chin onto her chest were obscenely beautiful. The sparkle in her eyes made the vision quite artistically beautiful.

“You must’ve been incredibly horny,” she commented as she used a finger to draw my seed to her mouth. It was indeed a sexy vision, to see the love of my life covered with white.

“Yeah,” I replied. “That was exactly what I needed. But you must be getting rather cold. Go on back inside before you catch a cold.”

“Yes, dear,” she responded with a wink, disappearing inside as she wore the vision of the summer vacation.

I returned myself to a socially-acceptable state, then reached for the coffee… only to find that at some point, the mug had either fallen or been knocked to the floor of the porch, its warm brownish contents mixing with the thin layer of white snow.

“Cold and warm,” I whispered to myself a thought forming in the back of my mind.

I grinned, a devilish plan in place. I stood and stepped off the porch, gathering as much of the cold snow as I possibly could.

After all, if she could bring summer to winter, I could bring winter to summer!

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