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Sylvia and Judy get down at the Glory Hole

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Sylvia and Judy get down at the Glory HoleWe made sure the owner and customers saw us before we disappeared into the back room. This room had more light, more comfortable places to sit, and porn magazines and pictures to look at. There were some men there, flipping through the magazines. I guess they were the guys who we were going to blow, getting themselves hard.Judy was friendly and talking to them.After a while, the lights went dim, some bad jazz came on, and Judy snuggled up to me. We started making out. I was in my green and yellow uniform. Things weren’t horny for me yet, just weird, but I knew they would get that way pretty soon.A guy walked up to Judy, and she started to rub him through his pants. No hole with a cock sticking out this time.A few more men walked into the room, Then a woman did, dressed as if she were a prostitute. I heard this commotion on the other side of the wall as if people were getting ready for something. Judy had this guy’s dick out of his pants now, making him feel good by talking about it. I didn’t quite feel like being the cum-queen girl scout yet. I wasn’t here to get another merit badge. I wished I were back in my girl scout troop again. I was about to suck dick and have some kind of sex with people I didn’t now. I had done it before, and it always took me a while to get warmed up…Ooops there was a big naked boner, and sticking through the wall was another one…I got on my knees on the pillow by the wall.

“That’s a real pretty cock, baby, can I suck it?”I looked over at Judy. She already had some stuff on her face and another guy’s cock in her mouth. Her school girl’s clothes were off. She was working on guy number two while masturbating and fingering herself. As it usually happened, I got more excited watching that than from seeing all the cocks.With my boobs exposed, I went back to the wall. There was another dick standing at attention for me. I spit all over it and rubbed some other guy’s semen on it. I began to see cum stains splattered down my uniform. That got me hot, who the fuck knows why.”Don’t pull away, baby, I’m not done.”I made a special point of giving these guys and their dicks and especially their dick heads a lot of attention:”C’mon, lover, let little Sylvia be a good girl scout and suck till it’s fucking done… I know you’ve got a whole lot more buzz in your weenie than that. Let me do this’:I did something slurpy on the dick, right around the base of the head. He responded by putting more semen onto my tongue. He couldn’t help it. I knew he would. I made a slurpy noise, with some fuck me sounds in it too, just like I was at the bottom of a milkshake of sperm. I tried to make the sweetest, nastiest sound I could make, without using any dirty wordsHe liked that. He got all moany and quivery on the other side of the wall. I liked it, too. Okay, now this was starting to be fun. I wanted him to come into the room. The cock sucking made me want to do more, especially something to his ass.He said it cost too much for that.He put some of his stuff near my eye, so I carefully wiped it away and looked for the next guy. I didn’t have to wait too long. This guy, who looked like a college professor, was just pulling out of Judy’s puss. istanbul escort His cock, not so big, was all shiny and wet, slurpy and sloppy and jizzy and cummy:”Can I suck that, please? It looks nice..”. I used to lay in my bed at night and think about saying words like this. Now I was out in the world doing it. I was ready for anything.Giving guys BJ’s through a hole in the wall didn’t work every time; c’mon, getting your dick sucked through a hole is pretty strange, and some guys can’t do too much with the idea. I had a limit of six minutes…if the guy couldn’t shoot in six, then I was out of there. Otherwise, we might spend the whole night on one or two men. Plus, my jaw got tired.Judy was taking it from both ends now, God I liked to see her having sex. If anyone else had been watching, they might have seen me act just as slutty as her, but from my perspective, she was a thousand times sexier than I was.Guys were coming into the room and expecting to fuck me. I hadn’t agreed to that, and I didn’t want to do it.I wanted to be like Judy, pumping my hips and my ass, yelling, groaning, jizz loads all over me, I just didn’t want to have to fuck ten guys to get that way.When guys came in the room ready to fuck, I had to look at their bodies and their faces and hair and shoes and I didn’t like that. I broke my own rule and fucked several men even when I didn’t want to. Then I got between Judy’s legs and made a circus sex show out of eating her pussy while some guy who wasn’t too ugly rode his dick up me. I still had a few pieces of green and yellow uniform left, and he told me how hot that got him. I wish I had been as hot. I was now starting to think about what I was going to wear to my voice lesson.The pervo glory hole guys thought me doing Judy was pretty hot, they were stuffing dry, crinkly bills between my tits and trying to shove them in my puss; I can see how that might seem sexy to men. It didn’t turn me on at all, didn’t fit, didn’t go there, but I was happy to keep the money!Sometimes it got hotter when Judy and I would talk to each other:”Syl, look, quick! He’s jizzing on me! On my fucking face!”I would look over, she would have her mouth wide open and his cum would be landing everywhere. That got me hot, and the men hot, too, so we just kind of added it to our show, because anytime the boys got that “hot” buzz, they would just throw money at us. They liked almost anything we did, any kind of show-offy thing, with their cum.I didn’t mind that a bit, it was fun.I was moving all around the room, quite naked by now. My uniform was off in a wad in the corner. When I get turned on, I like to get out of my clothes, one item at a time, until I’m butt naked, lobes to toes, boobs and pubes and everything out there for the world to see. I think my red bushy pussy is quite darling! I would go down on myself if I could!I was masturbating. I like to do that when I’m doing a BJ, otherwise, I get kind of bored. I could feel an orgasm not too far away, and I love that feeling as soon as I know the “O” is going to happen. The man thought that I was making all this noise and fuss over him, and I was experienced enough avcılar escort and gracious and smart enough to let him think that, but it was Judy, watching Judy ride that cock, thinking about getting my face in her pussy just as he popped that got me off that time. One of my Catholic friends told me that I was going to go to hell if I had thoughts like this, especially if I liked the thoughts! She didn’t say where I was was going to go if I made those thoughts into reality. But if I was hurting another being on this planet by going down on Judy, catching a taste of the boy right out of his dick while I was doing it, I couldn’t see how. There were just three of us involved, and me being the little pussy-eater and cum-taster seemed to make everyone pretty happy. This was one of the reasons that organized religion never made much sense to me.it was too much, customer or not, whatever he was supposed to be, I needed to be closer to her. The guy’s cock kept popping out. Judy would do that iconic female gesture, to me, as feminine as unsnapping a bra, and with a flick of her wrist, have the gentleman’s cock right back inside her. She did that little action so quickly, with so much subtlety and grace. I thought, watching her: “It makes my mouth water, it fucking makes my mouth water to see that…’Judy was under some bright lights, and the guy’s cock was big, wet and shiny, and uncut. I wanted to get my mouth around it. When he finally shot, his semen was white, not milky but white. I felt a huge erotic pulse from seeing that, I put my face down and in to collect as much of that white semen as I could. My mouth and lips, Judy’s pussy lips and this guy’s shiny cock were all in the same space at the same time. I was rubbing myself like my hand was possessed. I managed another sweet come for myself on the power of that pulse…and what I did about it! Passionate pussy eating beats religion every time!Judy and I were getting tired after more than two hours. We had enough left for just one guy, and the one man who we chose was a nice Black guy that Judy had done when I was there before. He said he was bi-sexual, but he said it like he was gay. He said his name was ‘Neal”.I didn’t care if he was gay, he had a pretty brown cock. I was feeling pretty lusty by this point.I told you before, I had this picture in my head, as “Sylvia the queen of cock-sucking”? and all the men, like Neal, here, would come and kneel before me in my holy temple of getting their-fucking-dick-sucked. Judy and I had blown Neal through the wall, and then he came into the room at our invitation so we could do more stuff with him. He was so brown and little and all tight muscles and a tiny ass…are girls supposed to get like this? We kept looking at him like he was the fifteen-year-old virgin and we were the guys in the motorcycle gang… I didn’t want him to come too fast, and still, I wanted to taste his cum right away. I guess that’s what happens when you fuck and suck guys all afternoon like Judy and I were doing. Mostly, all afternoon, I had been so focused on her, but now. Judy was different. I knew she loved me, but she made a point to enjoy the whole circus from the moment we şirinevler escort walked in the door:”I can’t wait to fucking taste you…”I put my mouth over his cock and got as much of it in my mouth as I could.”Let Judy lick your ass. I want you to come in my mouth so hard it comes out my fucking nose..”It sounds like crazy sex talk, but at the moment, I meant every word. I was blowing him and talking all about it, too. I liked to do that if I had the time and the guy didn’t feel as if he was paying by the minute!”Fuck my mouth, lover, come on, do it, I love that shit.”I rolled over so I was on my back. Neal had a small one. He was astride my chest with his knees on either side of my neck. His eyes were closed, and he was pumping his dick into my mouth so hard his nuts were bouncing on my chin, but because he wasn’t oversized I could handle it. Maybe my reputation was ruined by all the BJ’s I had done, but, like singing opera trills, I had practiced a lot, so I could do what other girls couldn’t.It was a little hard to make conversation, but I was doing my best.I don’t know how Judy knew that I needed my pussy eaten, but there she was, her head behind Neal’s ass, eating pussy as she invented it this morning. My pussy. It felt nice. I wanted Neal to fuck me, at least a little before he came. Judy and I knew this little cutie-pie was going to pop a big load somewhere, in somebody or on somebody, pretty damn soon.We shuffled around. He slid in my little cooch just like we had been fucking since we were seven years old.All cocks are different, I had learned that much about sex. Neal didn’t have the fanciest set of equipment in the world, but..all the artists and composers be praised…Neal was a bass player, I learned, a stand-up bassist, a classical musician who did it with a bow.Oh! that man fucked me so nicely. Never had him before, but I found ways to get together with him many times after.Judy: “I love it, I love to watch you fuck him, baby, that is so sexy…”My sister, in New York, had written to me about her brief thing with Miles Davis and riding in his red Ferrari. That’s what I thought about with Neal…all the Fords and Chevy’s and pick-up trucks I’d been fucking, yeah mama, but now I was cruising with Neal in his Ferrari, and I don’t think Miles could have done it any better, no matter how much he paid for his car.He fucked me that way, this way, the other way. Ummm hmmm. He didn’t come. He rolled around and fucked Judy, too. It didn’t seem like he was in a big hurry to come any time soon. it took him a long time and when he did he filled my pussy. His come ran out of my cunt and across my butt-hole. I love it when my puss is so full she overflows the pot! Neal was the kind of lover who rubbed his stiff cummy cock against my ass hole and I didn’t even have to say ‘please’! Not every boy does that!I had to throw the Girl Scout uniform away. There was no way I could wear it out of there for five minutes, let alone for that long bus ride across Los Angeles, with the two bus transfers. Nobody bothered us on the way down, but that reeking cum covered dark green cotton thing would get us both an afternoon with c***d Protective Services, the very last thing we needed. I borrowed a long coat from the store owner. He was a little guy with glasses who was hoping to get fucked and blown and everything else, but Judy and I were tired. We had had enough sex for one day. I was grateful for the long coat. I tongue kissed him and groped him through his pants. but I had zero interest in any kind of sex with him. Maybe another time!

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