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Table for Two

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Emily Bailey, on an early summer Saturday evening, was walking towards the entrance of the nightclub called The Zeal. The 20 year old brushed away her dark brown, shoulder length hair, checking one of her silver earrings.

Her green eyes looked down her slim body. It wasn’t often that she got to wear her little black dress. She always liked how it looked on her – sleeveless, with a silver crystal brooch in the middle of the chest, its skirt just covering high thighs. The loose straps showed a lot of cleavage, occasionally even revealing that her firm B cup breasts were held in place by a black push-up bra. The dress also usually made her show a lot of leg. This evening though, she coupled the dress with a brand new pair of opaque black stockings that hugged her trim legs up to about a third of her thighs. This only kept a few inches of her thighs uncovered, just beneath the short skirt. The light tone of her skin made this slice of naked thigh shine in sharp contrast to its dark surroundings, attracting many pairs of male and female eyes. Her legs ended in a pair of black low cut boots. The tantalizing look of her attire wasn’t diminished by their low wide heels, which made the shoes comfortable to walk in. Well prepared for the lower late night temperatures, she was also wearing a short black coat.

Everyone around her could see all of this stylish and very seductive apparel. It would be natural to assume that one particular garment was still hidden from their view. But only Emily knew. A slight breeze from down under kept reminding her that the visible items were indeed everything she was wearing tonight.

She told her password to the doorman. He looked at her with a curious look for a second, looking her up and down. Then he just shrugged, reached into an inner pocket, gave her a sealed letter and let her through.

Emily took the letter marked “Blue Daisy” with Sam’s seal and thought to herself, ‘It’s going to happen tonight, I’m going to turn my life around. I can feel it. I’m ready for anything.’

A day earlier, Friday evening, Samantha Norwood was sitting in a movie theater, snuggled up to her boyfriend. He was playing with her dark blond, mid-back length hair, when she noticed her cellphone vibrating. It was a message from Liz, one of her many friends from school.

Guess who just caught his grl cheatng? Stephen fking moris! He quit her! Told him 2 expect ur txt. Best get him while hes hot right :)?

Samantha smiled, thinking of all the possibilities. The 19 year old never had a problem finding a boyfriend. With an outgoing personality, pretty face, slightly rounded features and full c-cup breasts, Samantha was very popular among the boys. But she also saw herself as sort of a cupid. She had the gift of finding that special someone for a lot of people around her. Especially this time of year, the raising temperatures and waking nature made young people go crazy with hormones, desperately seeking release. This time, she was going to save her classmate and friend Emily Bailey.

Emily was a bit of a loner. Looking a lot like a young Jennifer Connelly, despite her good looks, she only had one short lived relationship with a boy and was getting frustrated with finding the right ones. So the last time they talked about boys, Samantha told Emily about her little operation. She told her how she’d arrange anonymous meetings between two people she thought would fit together. The two would then have some sort of intimate contact. Sometimes the people would leave even without finding out who they were with.

If both people enjoyed the meeting, they’d continue dating. If not, they would go on as if nothing happened. She only arranged the meetings when she knew both parties well and always in a public place, so that any of them could quit anytime they wanted. She called these meetings “special dates”.

Now she was sure she found the perfect guy for Em. Stephen Moris, 20 years old, cute, athletic build. A member of the football club and generally just a fun guy to be around. If Samantha didn’t already have a boyfriend she might be tempted herself. She immediately texted him.

Know about special dates? Theres this really cute grl thats up for a little adventure with u. Is tomorrow evening k?

‘Send to Steph. Now let’s hope he’s game,’ she thought.

Not 10 minutes later, Samantha got the reply.

OK, Ill do it! Tomorrows ok. But I hope its not some psycho!

Samantha knew Stephen wouldn’t pass up this chance. Now she only has to see if Emily is interested.

Found the perfect lover for u. Great looks. Intelligent. Funny. U guys wud be a perfect match! Wanna special date tomorrow?

Emily might take a bit more convincing. When Samantha told her about the dates, she seemed excited, but she wasn’t really the adventurous type. Indeed Emily took almost half an hour to reply.

Hmm. I really don’t think this is for me! So, no, thanks.

Samantha expected Emily to decline, but she also knew the girl was escort ataşehir desperate enough to only need a bit more encouragement. She still had an ace up her sleeve.

Too bad. However, if u agree, id make it so youll be getting very lucky 😉

Meaning that if Emily agreed, Samantha would arrange the meeting so that Em would be on the recieving end of pleasure. Sam knew Emily’s hormones wouldn’t let her pass up the chance so easily. This time, the reply took less than a minute. Samantha grinned as she read it.

I’m in! OMG, can’t believe im really doing this!

‘Got them!’ Samantha kept smiling as she wrote Emily back.

Dont worry, gun b fine. Be at the Zeal 9:25 PM tomorrow, ur password is Blue Daisy. Just sit back and enjoy it. No need to pack panties 🙂

Sam’s uncle was the manager of the Zeal, a fancy nightclub downtown. He was always happy to reserve a table or two for Samantha on short notice, along with a few extra benefits, so she often used the club as the place for her dates.

Now all she had to do was to send a confirmation to Stephen, ‘Oh right, he was asking if she’s a psycho. Em? No way.’

Psycho? No way, shes sweet. Youll love her! She just agreed to meet u! Be at the Zeal 9:05 PM. Ur password is White Lily. Dont be late!

Done. She would arrange things in the club first thing tomorrow.

“So what’s up with all those messages?” her boyfriend whispered in her ear.

She leaned in, rubbing her cheek against his stubble, whispering back, “You know the Sam cupid never sleeps. I’ve outdone myself this time. These two are really made for each other.”

Emily entered the club lobby and saw that the Zeal was actually a classy place with stylish blue tinted lighting and modern, expensive looking furniture. Muted dance beats echoed from inside the club. She stored her coat at the cloak room and anxiously walked through to the main club room.

The music now beating at her ears, she sat down at the bar. Despite the music she managed to order a gin and tonic to take the edge off a bit. She sipped at her drink as she read the letter, written in Sam’s beautiful handwriting.

Greetings Daisy and welcome to Your Special Date!

Tonight is all about you.

All your needs will be tended to by your prospective lover. Feel free to take the prepared seat at the table marked with fresh Daisies in the vase.

By the time you are reading this, your lover should be waiting for you, hidden beneath that table. You can confirm this by checking that the daisy and lily on the table are crossed.

What the two of you do is entirely at your discretion.

Wish you an exciting and memorable experience, Your Cupid

Emily smiled at the drawing of a heart next to the word “Cupid”. Samantha perfected this game of hers to an art form.

She looked around to see which table was theirs. Even in the muted light it was easy to find, since it was the only table with flowers on top of it. It was a large table in one of the alcoves at the back of the room, with a clear view of the front stage.

She tucked the letter away into her purse, finished her drink and bought another one for courage. Then she took a deep breath and approached the table with the drink in her hand. The alcohol helped her relax, but she could still feel butterflies in her stomach. There was a black U shaped sofa around the table with large blue pillows in the corners.

A crossed daisy and lily on the opposite side of the table informed Emily her date was already under the table, waiting for her. It also pointed out her place to sit. Emily noticed that on that side, the table was pushed closer to the sofa than usual. This was probably Sam’s intention, so that the guy can get at her without getting out from beneath the table. And thanks to the side walls of the alcove and the table in front of the place, other people would only be able to see her body from waist up. She still wished she had a bit more privacy, considering what was probably about to happen.

The 18 year old Stephanie Bailey was sitting on the soft white carpet of the Zeal. Wearing her dark blue minidress, she was the spitting image of her older sister Emily. Stephanie’s brown hair was a little longer, but her green eyes and very similar facial and bodily features made the sisters so similar, people often mistook them for each other. With just under two years of age between them, their slim bodies were almost the same, Stephanie being just a little shorter than Emily.

Judging from the noise around her, the club was already starting to wake up, in time for the approaching Saturday night life. She didn’t see the people in the club though, because she was sitting under a table, well hidden from their gazes by its long white table cloth that was almost touching the ground. Bluish light was seeping from behind the cloth, keeping the area around Stephanie close to dark. Waiting for her date in this most unconventional position, she held kadıköy escort bayan Sam’s letter close, lighting it with her cellphone, as she read it again.

Greetings Lily and welcome to Your Special Date!

Tonight you get to be the one to tend to your lover’s needs.

Find the table with a group of daisies in the vase on top of it. There is also a daisy and lily laid down where your lover will sit. If you still agree to your encounter, make an X out of these two flowers, hide under the table and wait for your lover to arrive.

What the two of you do is entirely at your discretion.

Wish you an exciting and memorable experience, Your Cupid

She still couldn’t believe Sam actually hooked her up with a girl. Stephanie did tell her that she liked to fantasize about being with another girl, but she didn’t actually expect it to happen. Now she was tasked with her first lesbian experience and despite the light alcohol buzz from her drink, she couldn’t tell whether she would be able to do anything.

While she was still weighing the pros and cons, she noticed the table cloth started to move. It was her! Stephanie’s heart started beating wildly as she watched the girl’s feet in black boots move along the edge of the table, towards her sitting place on the other end. The boots came to rest. Then the girl’s knees pushed the table cloth inwards towards her as the girl sat down, startling Stephanie and making her move back. The cloth rode up the girl’s shins, coming to stop just under her knees, revealing a pair of smooth dark long socks.

Stephanie just froze, looking at the girl’s legs right in front of her. Despite loud music all around them, she was afraid to make the slightest sound.

Party noises ringing in her ears, Sam tore herself away from her boyfriend’s mouth and looked at the wall clock in her friend’s house.

‘9:28 PM. Emily and Stephen should be meeting just about now,’ she thought.

She wanted to know everything about their date, but knew better than to disturb them. She did what she could, and all she had to do now was wait and let nature run its course. The teenagers’ hormones would do the rest of the work for her. And if the two find out they’re compatible and they want to continue meeting each other, Samantha would take great pride in the wonderful relationship she helped create.

Stephanie sat there, studying the girl’s legs. From what she saw in the dim light, the girl seemed to be the slim type, just like her. The boots and socks fit her legs nicely and mostly out of curiosity, she wanted to see what this girl was wearing on the rest of her body.

She noticed a familiar perfume come from this girl. She closed her eyes as she leaned in towards her knees and sniffed. She was sure now. It was the same one Stephanie was wearing just now, although it wasn’t actually hers. It belonged to her older sister Emily and Stephanie often borrowed it from her.

Feeling her perfume now, Stephanie had to think of her sister. She now barely remembered a time way back, when she thought she didn’t have any siblings. Until the age of five, Stephanie grew up alone with her dad, while Emily was with their mother. Stephanie was glad that their parents managed to renew their relationship, because that’s when she met Emily for the first time.

Her sister was two years older. Stephanie adored her from the start and was glad the feeling was mutual. The little girls became such good friends, no one could ever separate them. But their mom was always in poor health. When Stephanie was eleven, she passed away. Emily was closer to mom than Stephanie and was struggling to come to terms with the loss. Dad tried to take care of his daughters, but he could never quite manage when it came to dealing with emotional issues, even his own, let alone those of two adolescent girls. Ever since then, the two sisters’ relationship was strained. They tried to help each other get through the difficult time, and it’s been getting better in the past few years, but sometimes Stephanie felt like Emily never really recovered.

These days the girls often borrowed things from each other, at least Stephanie did. Wearing Emily’s perfume somehow made her feel more mature. Her sister would often lash out at her for taking her things, but later she always came back to apologize, her consciousness troubled. Stephanie always accepted her apologies. She loved her sister and she knew the feeling was mutual, even if sometimes hidden beneath layers of frustration. So it was normal for the sisters to fight, only to make up and be best friends again.

Stephanie shook her head to get her sister out of her mind and focus on the girl in front of her. She opened her eyes, inhaled the perfume again and smiled. At least now she had something in common with this girl.

She was a little startled when, with a sudden move, the girl’s hands pulled at the table cloth, slipping it up her thighs all the way towards her stomach. Then escort bostancı she laid her hands on her thighs, holding them together. Stephanie could now see the socks were actually long, seductive stockings. She noticed a flash of white skin on the girl’s thighs and bottom. The table cloth also revealed a little bit of a short dark skirt. She liked how it looked on the girl and had to conclude that this girl knew how to dress herself.

At first, Stephanie was startled by the sudden movements, but then she saw the nervous signs. The girl kept fidgeting, her hands and legs close together, fists clenched. After a moment she must have realized this and stopped moving. Just a few seconds later she started squeezing her fingers again, her right leg nervously twitching.

Strangely, this calmed Stephanie down. From her experiences with boys, she expected a different approach. She was afraid a lover would be demanding and forceful with her, but this girl’s body language told her just the opposite. The girl in front of her was probably more nervous than Stephanie. She’s just a normal girl and this is probably the first time for her too. The shift of power made Stephanie feel safer and helped her relax.

The girl’s nail polish was of a common light tone, but it was difficult to tell exactly in the dim light. She wasn’t wearing any rings or bracelets either. But by the slim legs, gentle fingers and smooth skin of her hands, Stephanie could tell this girl was around her age. Was she from her school? This could even be one of her classmates! But there was no way for her to tell which one, so she didn’t even try.

Obviously the girl was waiting for Stephanie to make the first move. She thought about her options. What if she ran away? The girl would see her and so would other people in the club. If she stayed motionless, the girl might look down to check if there’s anyone even there. And quitting now would make all of Sam’s preparation pointless. This girl put a lot of effort to look pretty for Stephanie and it might hurt her feelings if she said no at this point. Stephanie’s adventurous nature also made her curious about being with a girl. Why not try it now? Sam could keep a secret and no one else knows it’s actually her. And if she didn’t like it, she can stop anytime.

As soon as she figured this out, it actually wasn’t hard for her to reach forward with her right hand and touch the girl’s left shin. She felt the girl jump a bit at the unexpected contact, but when she kept stroking her shin, the girl calmed down again. Although this kind of touch was new for Stephanie, she was surprised that stroking the girl helped her relax too. Maybe it was because she didn’t see this as sexual, just a friendly greeting towards another human being.

It came just as natural to her to use her left hand to reach up and touch the girl’s hands. They were colder than Stephanie’s, probably just due to the anxiety. When the girl felt it, she traced Stephanie’s fingers with her hand, then slowly took hold of her hand. Stephanie smiled. They were friends now.

At the same time, the girl’s legs relaxed and her knees drifted slightly apart. The girl’s right hand moved back and covered her crotch from Stephanie’s curious looks. It’s not that she expected the view to be surprising, she just wanted to try if she could handle looking at it. So far, nothing they did made her uncomfortable. She studied herself in the mirror, but she didn’t actually ever look directly at another girl’s intimate parts, certainly not from this position. She still wasn’t sure if she even wanted to get that far tonight, or ever. She pulled her right hand away from the legs and leaned against it as she moved closer. She looked at the girl’s left knee, which, the girl sitting in front of her, was on Stephanie’s right hand side. She touched the smooth stocking material with her lips, while she slowly moved her left hand from the girl’s fingers to the other knee.

After a moment’s hesitation, Stephanie took a deep breath, feeling her sister’s perfume again. The darkness and the familiar scent helped her calm down. She decided she wanted to try going just a little further. She could stop anytime she wanted. So far, she didn’t have a problem with any of this. She crawled closer, gently pushing the girl’s legs further apart and sitting down between her knees. Continuing with the left one, she turned right towards the girl’s left knee. She sat on her legs and took hold of the girl’s left leg, kissing her stockings just above her knee. She lingered the kiss for a few seconds, then sat closer to the girl and started slowly kissing higher up the girl’s inner thigh. When her mouth reached the end of the stocking, and touched the exposed skin, she felt the girl shiver. Her skin was soft, smooth and warm. Its feeling against Stephanie’s lips was new, but also somehow beautiful. Maybe it was because she was entering a very intimate area, but Stephanie felt like she was doing something forbidden, making her unexpectedly aroused.

Encouraged by her feelings and her girl’s reaction, she wet her lips and moved her head further up, rubbing her lips against the tender inner thigh, kissing it until her hair touched the girl’s hands between her legs, holding down the skirt to cover her crotch.

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