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Take my breath away

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Here’s another story from the archive I have touched up for your reading pleasure. I’d love to know what you think…


Her eyes opened with the lightness of the coming of spring. Long, curled eye lashes unfurled like the Amaryllis, or as it is better known- Belladonna- fitting as its Italian moniker translates to ‘Beautiful Lady’. She rests uneasy as her senses come back to life, awakened from a deep slumber by a stirring she had not felt in a lifetime.

It felt like hunger, only more profound, more than in her gut. It radiated from deep inside her, sending a tingling sensation over her entire body, pulsing from her core and trickling all the way out to her extremities.

The room was awash in white sunlight, bathing her body in warmth. As the sun’s rays cascaded onto her bed, she could feel the sting of its heat on her feet, then her shins and slowly up over her knees, its advance slow and precise and agonizingly delicious. She was close to shaking as she felt it creep up her thighs and between her legs. Despite the shortness of the journey across the slender legs that supported her petit frame, the wait was interminable. Her breathing was now panting as she begged for the strength not to move until the sun kissed her where she desperately yearned.

Dizzy as she waited for the heat to caress her most intimate flesh, the curtain spoiled her fantasy, halting the sun’s progress. Her thoughts were now alert, her mind alive and her body wanting, she struggled to dip her hips down to be in the sun only to find her body unable to respond.

Invisible restraints held her bound to the fantasy that had been playing out in her mind. Again and again, the scenarios played out in the theater of her imagination. Her body was the stage set against varying backdrops with a revolving cast. The only constant was him- the costar of her desirous mental wanderings.

There she lay, still but quivering as the mise-en-scene now commandeered her imagination. A pink blindfold through which she could see strands of her white-blond hair around the periphery allowed the warm morning light to reveal something of her surroundings. Despite knowing that she was in her room, her eyes perceived unfamiliar environs. Rustling sounds nearby confirmed that she was not alone. Her heart skipped a beat the instant the subtle aroma of his cologne wafted over her nose.

She found his cologne attractive on its own. When infused with his pheromones, she was powerless to resist it or him. His smell liberated her passions while his ropes made her a prisoner to his erotic whims. Lost in the scene as it unfolded, her body instinctively followed the lustful script written by his hands across her skin.

Waiting impatiently, unable to move more than a fidget under the tightly bound ropes, she grew anxious. He was there- she could feel his presence- watching her, scanning her naked body on display for him, laid bare, exposed. Her customary modesty melted as she imagined him surveying her- the intoxication of his smell and the electricity she could feel with his proximity dissolved her trepidation.

The thrill of being totally under his control and under his spell cast a warm glow over her body. The anticipation of his touch turned her squirming into something more like a the slow, rhythmic movements of a dancer. She swayed her hips back and forth for him, shaking her chest hoping to entice him. She could feel her breasts tied with loops which made their ample flesh stand up and slosh about as she performed for him. Her fully erect nipples ached for the perfectly calibrated touch only he knew how to apply.

Breathing him in, her lungs now sharing the same air as his, she craved more, needed more. The distant memory of his touch- both his feather soft caress as well as his vice grip- was unsettling. Remembrances of the taste of his mouth inside hers and the salty hot sweat she licked from his neck made her mouth water. The bandana gag in her mouth was saturated as she tried to swallow the saliva now pooling.

Seconds lasted hours while days passed in the blink of an eye in her fantasy theater. Today was no exception. The agonizing wait was sublime. The more he made her wait, the more aroused she became. She could sense his eyes escort kartal tracing over her, slowly following the path of his desire and she allowed his gaze to be the touch her skin now begged for.

He was careful not to touch her skin as he loosened the rope that bound her left leg to the lower corner of the bed. Using another rope under the back of her knee, he bent her leg and tied it now to the upper corner of the bed. Repeating this same procedure with her other leg, she now found her legs bent at the knees, hips wide open and ankles up in the air. Cinching all of the ropes again, they dug into her skin and pulled her legs open just beyond the point of comfort.

Her skin burned from the friction as the ropes tightened, giving her a pleasurable pain further heightening her arousal. She felt the blood pumping hard at her ankles, knees and wrists where she was bound tightly. Her hands began tingling as she pulled hard against the restraints causing the blood to be cut off slightly.

In her ordinary life, she maintained control in every area. This was reflected in all things including the way she kept her house to the way she related to the people she worked with. Despite her diminutive stature, she was a powerhouse, unafraid of anyone, leaving nothing to chance and generally exerting her powers of persuasion to ensure the results she sought. Her extraordinary success in life, both personally and professionally, was due to her inexhaustible persistence.

And yet it was here, residing in her deepest, most fiercely guarded fantasies that she was his. Surrendering to his lust, yielding to his demands, submitting to his every request was the exaltation of her bliss. In moments such as these, she began to understand how far he would push her to satisfy his ravenous animal appetite and her need for him to take her further. Her threshold was much higher than he knew or that she had ever tested. She wanted more. She needed more. She would beg for more if only she was not gagged. She would get on her knees for him, satisfy his every wish as she wished he would do for her.

Her mind now swirled as her body adjusted. The ache in her pelvis from being stretched apart was now just a pleasant pressure. She wanted his weight on top of her. The pressure on her wrists was thrilling, but she wanted it tighter. She wanted him to take hold of her and squeeze her with his hands, wanted him to leave marks. She wanted him to pin her down as he loomed over her, groping her wherever he wished, pulling and squeezing, tickling and kissing, licking and sucking, pinching and biting her.

From under the blindfold, she could see him approaching again. She could feel the bed move as he climbed up. It was his warm breath on her calves that she felt first causing goosebumps to raise on her thighs. If she could move, even just a few inches, she would lunge at him. If she could talk, she would beg him to touch between her legs, to spread the lips of her swollen mound and drink thirstily. She nearly came as these thoughts raced through her head.

“Eat me! Eat my pussy until I tell you to stop! Suck me and lick me, damn it! Oh God I want you!” she screamed in her mind. A thousand times she had dreamed of him, his head between her legs, her smooth thighs squeezing his head, her fingers weaving in and out of his hair, tugging on it to push his face harder into her. She wanted him to slurp her labia into his mouth and suck hard, like he was trying to suck a thick milkshake through a straw. As her desire escalated, she wanted him to bite her outer lips gently.

She wanted him to slap her mound gently. She recalled the fantasy of him whipping her inner thighs with a riding crop and a leather whip. She could’ve cum if he had only done it a little harder, if only he had kept whipping her, if he had gotten a little higher, closer to her pussy. She begged for this in her mind as her moans now came out as a roar. “Oh god, slap my pussy! Harder! Whip me! Whip my pussy before you eat it!” she cried out, the words jumbled and muffled under the bandana gag.

The feeling of his tongue at the very top of her inner thigh was nearly imperceptible and almost caused her to cum right then and there. A shock wave rang over her whole body. She maltepe escort could feel a warm rivulet of juice spill out from between her swollen, pink lips down the crack of her ass. Lifting her head, she could see the pleasure it gave him to gawk at her spread wide open and dripping with burning anticipation. “God damn it, just touch me. Do anything, please. I can’t stand this any longer. Whatever you want to do, please do it. Take me. Take any part of me. Use me in any way you want…but fucking do it right now, damn it!” she moaned.

Now she could feel the bed shift under his weight as he hovered over her breasts. Leaning down, he breathed on her left nipple. Taking a handful, she gasped as she felt him squeeze as he took her nipple into his mouth. His mouth was delicate at first before she felt a tremendous pressure. She felt the pleasure of this hard sucking and gentle biting all the way down into her toes. Pulling away for a moment, he let go of her breast just before giving it a slap.

The first slap was light and on the side. The next one was harder and right on her nipple. Her body recoiled at first. After the initial jolt, she arched her back and raised her chest up to him as if to beg for another. The next slap was harder and more precisely landed on her nipple giving her a rush of excitement. “Mmm Hmm” she moaned and nodded her head as she raised her other breast up to him.

The sound of his hand slapping her breasts echoed off the walls, one after another, each time she pleading with “MMMM HMMMMM”. The louder she moaned, the harder he slapped. After several slaps, he took a handful of her hair into his hand to which she replied “MMMMMM” under her gag. Now he pulled her hair as he slapped her breasts, alternating between them, the flesh around the areola now pink. After the hardest slap yet, she laughed from under the gag, taunting him to take her further. She was on the verge. She may cum at any moment. She wished he would use the whip on her nipple.

Then she could feel his hand pull the gag out of her mouth immediately followed by his fingers on her tongue and probing down her throat. She welcomed this by sucking his fingers deeply into her mouth. She wanted his whole hand in her mouth. Oh how she wanted his cock in her mouth, poking deeper, crashing against the walls of her throat. She wanted him to bring his whole weight down on her to force his cock into her throat.

As she licked and sucked, he pulled his hand out and grabbed her face. The grip on her hair was hard now. Her hair in his left, he now had his right hand over her nose and mouth and squeezed as he sat down on her chest, the effect of which oppressed her breathing. She felt the gushing of her juices as they flowed from between her legs, her arousal heightened now to a maximum.

In a swift movement, he replaced his right hand with his mouth over her mouth, sucking her tongue into his mouth at first and breathing into her mouth as he pushed his tongue in. He breathed life into her before sucking it out again.

His tongue was sweet, like he had been chewing winterfresh gum. His lips were soft and hot against hers. She kissed him back desperately, fighting for air, his kiss was her only relief.

Sliding his hand down around her neck, she felt the pressure of his grip tighten as they kissed passionately. If he pulled just a little harder on her hair or choked her a little more, she would cum or pass out or both. She could hardly breathe and yet she had never felt more alive.

Raising up off her chest, pulling his mouth away and releasing her neck, she took in a series of deep breaths as he played gently with her soft, platinum mane. Now he traced the contours of her eye brow, nose and cheeks as he leaned down and whispered into her ear. “You are the sweetest, most divine creature. Never before, nor since, has anyone as exquisite as you, my dear, been born. Your body is a sacred and this act a sacrament.”

One gentle kiss met her lips before she felt him take her hair into his hand again. “Harder,” she whispered. Following her request, he pulled tighter and watched her body rise in pleasurable response. “Harder,” she said louder. Harder he pulled. “Harder!” she moaned through gritting teeth. He tugged hard pendik escort bayan on her hair and she cried out in painful joy. “Yes!” she shouted. “More!” she demanded. “Slap me,” she demanded unexpectedly. A moment of hesitation elapsed before she felt a gentle tap on her cheek near her mouth. “Harder,” she said.

This time, his hand was half way on her cheek and half way on her mouth. The sensation was unlike any other she had ever felt. She was exalted. Never before had she ever considered such and exquisite expression of raw passion. His hands were gentle and his strikes without malice.

“Again,” she said. Before he did, he raised the blindfold so she could see his smiling face. Her eyes were drunk with lustful anticipation. He pulled hard on her hair, lifting her head up off the pillow as he slapped her. The force with which he struck her now was enough to jerk her head. The side of her face stung like a thousand needle pricks.

Replacing the blindfold over her eyes, he moved back down her body, taking a handful of breast, sucking on her torso, moving his mouth slowly down below her navel before hovering over her vulva. Her pelvis raised as she moaned the words, “Eat my pussy, please. Now! Eat me! Eat me! Take all of me!”

His mouth and lips were soft and slippery, working from side to side, up and down and then in alternating circles. Pulling her arms and legs tight against her restraints, her body constricted as his mouth sucked and licked her swollen lips, the tension growing each time he ventured closer to her pearl.

Relaxing her body each time he moved away from her center, she let out a frustrated sigh. She held her breath when his tongue and lips circled back. A delighted gasp escaped when she felt two of his fingers slide inside her.

A splash of juice squirted on his fingers as they penetrated her repeatedly, the walls of her vagina tightening around them. He continued to work his lips and tongue as her body was now violently shaking, he words now incomprehensible. Pulling away again, he thrust his fingers into her mouth before she could complain.

It was the first time she had tasted herself. She let the juices that coated his fingers linger on her tongue for a moment before swallowing. Her raw, animal essence was pungent and almost metallic.

Moving his fingers back down between her legs, they were once again inside her. With each penetration, she felt more of her juices spill out and drip down. With his other hand, he slowly began to massage her puckered ass. The generous lube and gentle pressure relaxed her.

Working his fingers in and out of her pussy slowly and methodically, he sucked her labia into his mouth as he probed her ass. Making smaller and smaller circles before delicately sliding the tip of his pinky finger in. Her low groan encouraged him to go further.

As two fingers kneaded the ribbed flesh inside her pussy, stroking her g-spot, he worked his pinky in and out of her ass, ever-so-slightly deeper each time, building like a long crescendo. Swapping fingers, his thumb plunged inside her ass the moment his lips encircled her enlarged clitoris. The juices that poured out of her pussy provided more than enough lube for his thumb to slide in and out with ease.

Pleasuring her from the front and back simultaneously sent waves of sensation over her whole body. Looking up, he winked as he suckled luxuriously, humming as he did so, a sign of his own pleasure. The vibration through his mouth was the ember that set the fire alight, igniting the fuse once and for all. They both knew there was no turning back.

Like watching a fast moving train approach from a great distance, she braced for its arrival. Tied to the tracks, she could feel the rumbling of the earth from beneath her. A growl building in her throat soon became a roar.

She could feel herself cumming with every fiber of her being and over every square inch of her body. She kept cumming as if she would never stop, like a mile-long train rolling over her. He stayed on her, slurping and sucking and licking and swallowing as she came, latching on to her as her hips rocked up and down, her body jerking violently with orgasmic convulsions. With fingers knuckle deep, he continued with his mouth until she pleaded for him to release her.

Wiping her cum from his goatee, he loosened her ties and let her body collapse into a heap. Lifting the blindfold soaked with tears of ecstasy, he brushed her hair tenderly to the side and kissed her forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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