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Tales from the Backyard

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The following story is based on a conversation/play session I had with one of my followers. It’s straight forward and to the point and involves daddy/daughter fucking.


The hot summer sun was pouring down on me as I lounged around in our pool. We had a large lot where my wife and I had been able to build our family home. We had married young, we were both 20 when we met in college in, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit (though I don’t know why with the story I’m telling), an orgy that was organized by one of the local sororities. But that’s a story for another time.

Today, as I was saying, I was lounging on the shallow end of our pool to cool off. I had my eyes closed facing up when I heard the sliding door open; a smile creeping across my face as I pictured my wife coming out to join me.

As I slowly opened my eyes to look in the direction of our home I was surprised to see my daughter strutting out. She was wearing a, let’s just say, series of strings that were called a bikini out of courtesy. It looked like one of those The Bikini numbers I’d gotten for her mom once and that she would wear on vacation whenever it was just the two of us.

I made sure I did not react to her revealing apparel, she was an adult after all and could wear what she wanted.

“Oh, hey, daddy!” she exclaimed as she saw me. Though I have the sneaking suspicion she already knew I was out here.

As I saw her strutting on her bare feet towards me and around the pool I couldn’t help but reach down to my trunks to adjust my quickly hardening cock.

“Hey, honey. That’s… an interesting bathing suit.”

“Interesting?” she replied to my comment. “Hot, more like it! Mommy go it for me,” she said as she stood by the edge, her hands on her hips looking down on me as I looked her up and down seeing everything as the bikini left nothing to the imagination. “Do you like it?”

“I…” I cleared my throat and dropped my gaze past her body and down to my almost fully stiff dick and back to her, “yeah. I do. Very much.”

She giggled at this and bit her finger as she stepped into the shallow platform of the pool next to me; the water barely reaching above her ankles. “Good. That’s the right answer,” she said as her gaze took in my body and fixated on my encased cock. “And the right reaction,” she said giggling again.

I smiled back at her knowing exactly where this was heading and I had no problem with it. A thought did pop into my head and I wondered if her mother was somewhere hiding watching us. I wondered if it had been her idea and my cock jumped in my trunks at the thought of my wife watching her little girl and her husband fucking.

That’s when my daughter stood in front of me, legs on either side of mine with my eyesight having a perfect view of her smooth, barely covered cunt and she lowered herself onto my lap.

When she was settled in she put her arms over my shoulders and came in close to my ear and whispered, “I’m wet, daddy.” She pulled away after this and kissed me gently on the lips as her firm tits pressed against my chest and she made a purring sound that made my cock jump again, this time finding resistance against her barely covered pussy.

“Mmmmh, I can bursa escort tell, baby,” I whispered back. “I can feel your breasts pressing against my chest. Was that your intention?” I asked as she lightly teased her lips against mine between kisses.

“Maybe,” she purred again as she pulled my face down to one of her barely covered tits. “I want you to suck and bite them, daddy. Please, Daddy?” she begged.

A smile crept across my face again, “Anything for you, my beautiful, little princess,” I said as I wrapped my lips around her covered nipple and began to tease it over the cloth. Though that did not last long before my finger pulled the top to the side and I began to tease her areola with my tongue.

I heard her moan at this as her arms wrapped around my head hugging me close and I continued tonguing her nipple. “I’m so eager for you,” she said. Then surprised me with, “Such a little slut for Daddy.”

My cock, straining against my trunks was becoming uncomfortable and my little girl lost in her lust did not notice as I pulled them down and kicked them off freeing myself for the world to see. And with her wanton words I began to feel her begin to hump onto me; my cock pressing against her pussy as her weight kept it pointing down. I wondered if she could feel it was bare skin against her now.

At some point I switched to her other tit and wrapped my lips around it. Both tits now free for the world to see I release your other nipple to say, “You are my little slut, aren’t you, princess?”

“I am, Daddy…always hungry and wanting you…to be Your little toy,” she said as she furiously rubbed her pussy lips over my cock-shaft, purring and so wet.

Her eager movements as she not-so-dry humped me caused the pool to splash and her barely there bottoms to begin to slide to the side exposing her bald, tight cunt to me. Her purring just serving to make my cock even harder than it already is. “Daddy loves you hear you purr, baby.

“Tell daddy what You want, baby. I want my little fuck-toy to tell me what She wants.” Her bare lips now rubbing directly on my dick; no way that she can’t feel me on her.

“I want You to be my Daddy Beast and make me take Your cock deep inside,” she purred into my ear. “I am feeling so very naughty, daddy. I want it a little rough and wild.”

Those words… those wanton words coming out of my daughter, my baby girl, served as a switch for this daddy to become a Daddy Bull. I wrapped one hand around her neck and squeeze gently while my other hand took hold of her ass and lifted her up in the air hovering her over me, allowing my cock to stand at attention, finally; pointing up in it’s hardness while still showing off it’s curve.

With your eyes pointed downward towards me I can see and feel her gasping for air. A wild look coming over her eyes and a smile painted on her face. Consent. Turn on. My daughter is a slut and she’s MY slut.

With all those realizations I began to lower her onto my cock, her tight pussy opening up to the head of my dick, “Is this what you want, my pet?” I ask. “Is my fat, daddy-cock what you want in your cunt, my whore?” I pause at this last statement. She’s already referred to herself as a slut; I wonder what her bursa escort bayan reaction will be to being called a whore.

But I don’t have to wait for long. She moans and looks down at me, wriggling, whimpering for me. “Yes! Yes, daddy! I want to be Your little fuckpet,” she screams through a tightened throat. “I want you to overwhelm me. You make me wild!

“I want your big, fat daddy-cock deep inside me, owning me!” With her lusty words she reached a hand to mine around her neck and urged me to squeeze even more cutting off her breathing.

But enough is enough for me. No more of holding her up, teasing her. I release my hand from around her neck and the hand holding her up by her ass and opening her up to me and I let her full weight drop onto my dick fully impaling her and filling her up.

I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix before being fully in her; a few inches still protruding from her cunt. And with the feeling of my cockhead hitting her cervix she instinctively jumped up trying to get off me but I once again wrapped my hand around her throat and my other at her waist…

“Where do you think you’re going, slut?” I growled at her.

“Nowhere, daddy. Promise!”

With her answer I began to saw my cock in and out of her cunt. Yes, cunt, because today it’s a cunt. Not a cunny or a pussy, but a cunt. Belonging to me. And attached to my fuck-toy daughter.

And I started to pound it in and out of her forcefully and without mercy. I tighten my grip around her throat at intervals cutting off her air supply for a few seconds and then letting her breathe and scream.

“Do you like making fuck noises for Daddy, honey?” I panted as I fucked my DAUGHTER.

“Yes, daddy!” you scream. “I am very noisy when Daddy fucks my cunt. I love when You fill me and make me take every inch deep inside!” I feel her and see her gasp every time I release my tight grip on her throat. Panting. Her cunt gripping tight on my cock inside her with every spasm.

“Fuck, honey,” I say between breaths, “I’m so fucking hard for your, princess.”

I love hearing your scream for me, calling me Daddy. I get harder thinking about the neighbors hearing what a slut my daughter is. But this position is awkward and so I lifted her off my cock. Besides, I want to be able to see my dick slide into her sloppy, slutty, soaking pussy. So once she was off me I got out of the pool and carried her out as well. Grabbing a towel on the way and spread it out on the lawn next to our pool and I tossing her along with it like a ragdoll.

“Get on your knees my daughter-whore.”

Splayed out for me on the towel I hear her moan and see her pussy contracting, pulsing at the emptiness, wanting my cock to fill her up. But when I see her slow to react at my instructions I grab her roughly and flip her over. “I said, on your knees, slut!”

Her giggles enraging and turning me on all at the same time as she began to wiggle her ass and hungry cunt up for me.

I knelt behind her and I reached over taking a fistful of hair hair as I lined my cock up at her entrance.

Without warning I pulled her head up and back as I plunge my fat cock into her hungry cunt and I heard her yelp in escort bursa pain, ecstasy, lust.

“Who’s my fuck-toy?” I whispered into her ear pounding into her and waiting for my answer.

I could feel her tremble at my words. Her cunt making wet, sexy, fuck-noises that fill the atmosphere. “I love it, daddy!” she screamed as I felt her pussy try to grip my cock even tighter to keep me in place but not being able to as I continued my merciless pounding getting deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“I love it! I’m Your little fucktoy, Daddy! All YOURS!”

I let her lean forward again, have her support herself with her arms as I grabbed onto her shoulder for leverage while my other hand continued to grab onto your hair. I pounded away, making her scream while I rode her like I was taming a wild mare.

Again, I thought, I love hearing my daughter scream.

“Scream, whore. I want to hear my whore-daughter scream with pleasure from the fucking her daddy is giving her!”

Not know if from actual pleasure or from following instructions she screamed holding me deep inside her. She drove herself back in rhythm to my pounding. “Daddy! My cunt is Yours! Fuck me hard, daddy! I will be your little whore! All for You, daddy!”

Feeling her tight pussy contract around my cock I couldn’t help from grunting out, “Fuck baby, I’m so close. Daddy is so close to cumming!

“Cum for Daddy, baby. I want my plaything to cum for me. It makes Daddy cum so much harder.”

“I have been, daddy! I haven’t stopped cumming!”

I once again wrapped my hands, both of them now, around her throat and pulled her up against me, lifting her arms off the ground. My thrusts so powerful they made her knees come off the towel making her airborn.

“Daddy! I’m cumming again!!” she screamed as she pressed back onto my cock and her pussy gripped tighter to take more of me and to milk me dry. “You, daddy! I want all of Your cum deep inside me! I want You to make your slut’s belly swell!” she wailed between breaths whenever I allowed it.

I could feel her cunt tighten around me with each spasm of her orgasms and her deep intakes of breath.

“I feel you, Daddy! I feel you swelling in me!” she panted as her cunt gripped hard on me. “I never want to let your cock out of my pussy, daddy! Your cock is now mine! Give it all to me!”

Not holding back any longer I let a flood of cum coat my daughters inner cunt walls. “Daddy is cumming, baby! Daddy is cumming in your young, tight pussy!

“I’m pumping my seed into your soaking cunt!” I screamed.

“Mmmmmmh…Yes! Yes, daddy! Fuck me deep and fill me up with Your cum!”

Before my final spurt I pulled my cock out and my eager little daughter-slut quickly turned around to take the final spurts in her mouth but in her hurry wasn’t able to get it in there but rather over cute, pretty face.

“Fuck,” I panted. “Baby, you made daddy cum so much. You made daddy cum so hard!”

“Oh, daddy! I made a big mess! You drive me crazy,” she said as she rubbed some of my cum into her face and the rest scooping into her slutty mouth. “I love the feeling and every bit of you, daddy.”

And as I stood there looking down at my sweat and cum-covered daughter I saw out of the corner of my eye, by the sliding door, my wife; my slut wife with her jeans undone and her hand down her panties. All I could do was smile to myself knowing what the next steps were going to be.

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