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Taught To Enjoy It By My Brother

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The boy that I was with had begun kissing me, his lips hard against mine, and eventually I felt his hand against my breast. We were sitting in the back of his car outside my house. Mum and Dad were out but I knew my older brother, Paul, was inside the house. I pressed against the hand showing him that I didn’t mind its presence, inviting him to go further until I eventually could feel him undoing the buttons of my blouse. I was horny but the boy was infuriatingly slow and uncertain.

Finally his cool hands were caressing the top of my breasts and then plucking up courage his hand moved around to undo my bra. As he did I wondered if Paul could actually see into the dark interior of the car from the house. The boy tried and tried to undo it. It was frustrating and eventually I put my hands behind me and did it for him before curling down in his arms again. His hands cupped my tits and his caressing of my bare skin was heating me. My nipples were hard and pleasantly ached and my pussy was pulsing softly. I moved my face to be kissed again so that I didn’t have to look at him or make conversation and ground invitingly up against his hand. He was irritatingly slow and soft in his approach. My hand went to his lap and I pressed against his cock. It had to desired effect and he plucked up the courage to slide down to my lap too.

I slid further down in the seat and he rubbed my mound over the top of my trousers. He seemed to be getting better, making me hornier. I wondered again if my brother was watching. I was scared he was in some ways, but the idea of making him jealous was good. My trousers were open now and I felt a hand slide furtively inside my panties. I lifted eagerly to give him better access and slid my trousers and panties down further, putting my arms round him and kissing him. His fingers found me. I knew I was damp and pushed up further to him as his mouth pressed against mine.

His finger burrowed between my folds and then he stuck it inside. It was okay but I wanted my clit rubbed, instead he simply pushed it in and out. It was both arousing and frustrating. So near yet so far. I couldn’t get him to do what I wanted. I couldn’t tell him. I began to get drier and it began to feel uncomfortable. I needed my clit rubbed. I needed a good wank really, not this. Eventually I gave up on him and knew I had to get rid of him. I squirmed out of his grasp and pressed his cock. He wanted that and opened his trousers. Still with mine around my thighs I took him in my hand and pumped his hard cock. He didn’t last long. His spunk spurted out all over my face and his trousers. Both of us now were in a rush but for different reasons. I pulled up my trousers and fastened the zip as he was busily rubbing his own trousers clean then tried to fasten my blouse. I wanted to be in bed. I wanted to use my own fingers now that he had ignited my need. I knew he was happy now, he wouldn’t object. Kissing him quickly I ran up the drive into the house.

Inside the hall I realised I had fastened the buttons up to the wrong holes and was trying to redo them when my brother Paul suddenly appeared. I blushed deeply as we looked at each other in silence for what seemed like ages. “You’ve been acting like an 18-year-old slut again haven’t you?” Blushing scarlet I shook my head and mumbled “No.”

“Then why are your clothes so dishevelled? You’re like a bitch on heat aren’t you?”

“What am I supposed to do? Ask you or Dad?” I shouted in frustration. “Don’t get stroppy with me Sis!”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the lounge. There was nothing I could do but make sure I didn’t fall over. He dragged me in front of the sofa and sat down. I stood before him shocked and unable to react as he grabbed my trousers. Without the button fastened my zip gave way and they came down my thighs. As I bent to retrieve them I was pulled over his lap, my hands on the floor. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t get at his hands or even get to my feet as he held me like a naughty child over his knees. I felt my panties being pulled and my trousers fell around my knees. The smack stopped me totally. It was such a shock. My mind hadn’t been working and what he would do hadn’t occurred to me. Another smack and I began to cry out. I felt demeaned and angry but he didn’t stop. Gradually tears came to my eyes with the pain and my anger subsided as I simply adjusted to realising I was not being able to do anything and that he had a right to do what he was doing.

Finally he stopped. I felt as though I was in my own hot little world. My naked buttocks felt hot and tingled excruciatingly. I was breathless and squirmed on his lap still held down. His hands palmed my burning cheeks. They felt good against me, soothing. I just lay there, sensations of heat and touch filling me. Gradually I became aware that his hand cupped my lips, just gently holding and squeezing a little. Until then I hadn’t really thought of what he could see, how open I was. My brother was touching my sex. My brother that I had fantasised about doing this very thing as I had fingered myself thinking of him doing that. escort bostancı It was my brother and I should stop but I didn’t. My entire mind was focused on his hand and my pussy as I lay in my little mental dream.

“You’re wet little Sis.”

“Ooooh. Yeees. Please. You’d… better… stop.” Instead his fingers began toying with my lips. They slid in my nectar, slid around inside my slippery lips, up to my clit. I jerked. His finger continued to play around my clit, over my lips, coming back, each time coming back. Oh it was good. Was it a dream? I could feel my juices running. With my head hanging over his knee it seemed as though it was happening somewhere else. Other boys hadn’t done this. Other boys had made me aroused like this, my brother knew how, my brother was doing it. Soon I was panting. Something pressed against my opening while his finger tips played around my clit. Teasing me, teasing me dreadfully. I pushed back onto it, onto his thumb. I pushed it inside me, inside my tight virgin pussy until it stretched me so wide and filled me.

“Is that what you want Sis?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes.” I felt it sliding out and pushed back frantically before it slid back in again far easier now. I was lubricating profusely and squeezing against his thumb as his fingers continued their sweet ministrations. Oh those fingers were so good and they were becoming firmer and firmer. Soon I had no control. I found myself jerking wildly wanting more, wanting to be carried further and further until I crashed into the abyss. Suddenly I was there, body rigid then bucking frantically, being held in place, his fingers and thumb moving faster and faster. I heard gruntings and cries, only gradually realising they were me. As I calmed I became aware that I was gently moving against his fingers and thumb wantonly now. Usually I would stop now but I didn’t want to stop with Paul.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh god yes. Oh yes.” My voice was so breathless. “Good, you owe me, just remember that. If you get horny in future Sis you are to tell me, understand? I don’t want you being a slut out there with others.”

“OK Paul. OK.”

“What do you feel like now?”

“Oh really good. Like a slut. Your slut.”

“Do you like being your brothers slut?”

“Yes. Oh yes.” He began to arouse me again. He played me like an instrument, his fingers felt so wonderful. He took me up to another peak, keeping me just on the edge until I begged and begged in the most disgusting manner for him to allow me to cum again. He wasn’t like the others, he knew what he was doing, I knew that he could do with me as he wished. My brother had the knack, certainly with me. I wanted what my brother could give me. Finally, when he had decided, I peaked with the most intense orgasm I had had up till then. It left me drained and sweating, like a wet rag over his knees.

He told me to rub cream onto my bottom and sex lips. I did as he told me and climbed into bed as I heard Mum and Dad return. In bed I couldn’t believe what had happened. My fantasies had turned into reality. I cupped my sex and slept peacefully.

A few nights later I awoke with a hand over my mouth. I had no idea of the time. It was dark and quiet. I was frightened and lay still. It was Paul. He whispered in my ear to be quiet and still with his hand at my mouth I nodded. I felt the covers move and the touch of his bare leg as he slid in beside me, my heart pounding. He removed his hand and whispered in my ear. “Now its time to repay your debts, Sis.” Stupidly I nodded my head in the darkness. It didn’t matter. As he leant over and pushed up my T-shirt I felt the unmistakable pressure of his erection against my thigh. I struggled out of my shirt for him and his hands began to fondle my small but pert breasts. Even in the warmth of the bedclothes the nipples were hardening quickly. Within no time there seemed to be a strong connection between my pussy and my breasts, especially when he began to tease my nipples and squeeze them. It almost hurt but it was good, so good. As his mouth nuzzled them his hand went down to my mound. I felt it near so tantalisingly slowly that by the time his fingers were in the thin pubic hair of my mound I was lifting up wanting his touch lower. I was wet. His finger simply slid in on my lubrication deep inside me and then opened, stretching me. I felt the long slow slide of two fingers stretching and hooking around inside me as I held my breath and then let it out suddenly.

As he moved down the bed I wondered what he was doing until I sensed his mouth near my slit, felt the breathing against my clit. He lapped it. I had to fill my mouth quickly with my hand to stop crying out. He did it again and my inability to cry out resulted in my body thrashing more than usual. His arm gripped me in a vice as he took me in an amazing oral journey. I couldn’t have imagined that anything could feel so good as his tongue changed shaped and explored all over and even inside my responding womanhood. Realising what was going to quickly happen I took my T-shirt and stuffed as much of it ümraniye escort in my mouth as I could. It wasn’t a moment too soon. Even under his grip my body arched off the bed and my head thrashed from side to side with me unable to even consider it. Oh god was that good. My pussy was drenched, I must have drowned him as I held his head to me desperately, grinding against him like a mad girl.

Electric sparks were flying all inside me. I lay back in a daze of new found sexual pleasure as I felt him moving over me. Felt his thigh between mine, felt his heat over my body, then the heaviness of his hot hard cock on my stomach. I groaned. Even if I had wanted to I couldn’t have stopped him. “Paul I’m your sister. This is wrong you’ll have to stop.” I don’t know why I said it. I wanted my brother to fuck me. I’d have cried as if in bereavement if he had even moved slightly away. Thankfully it didn’t matter. His cock moved lower, his hand brought the tip to me and it pushed just between my little girl lips. My breathing was fast and furious but shallow as I lay passive. His knob pushed further. I was scared of the pain. I was scared that I might bleed, but none of it mattered. He mustn’t stop, he mustn’t.

From a my throat a soft keening came as his virtually inflexible hard flesh pushed deep into me. When he was in fully and my body was almost convulsing due to being stuffed by his hard body I suddenly realised that it had happened without the frightening tearing of flesh that I had believed. Almost sore with the stretching but no more. I began to buck wildly under his body, now squashing my breasts. My face rubbed against his throat, I pushed and pushed against any part of his body I could as I fought desperately not to scream.

His open mouth was on mine as he fucked his little sister and took her virginity as my parents slept down the hallway. My brother weight was on me, my brothers cock was pounding and possessing me as animal like noises came from my throat. A finger forced open my bottom and I came again. Vaguely I felt him leave me, my pussy open still. “No. No.” I whimpered almost hysterically. His body moved up the bed, his hands forcing down my face. His cock slid over my cheek stinking of me. I wasn’t sure of this, I’d sucked boys, I wanted to be a woman for my brother. He pushed it into my mouth. Tasting myself on his throbbing flesh I sucked as though my life depended on it and soon my mouth filled with his spunk, spurting into my mouth. The taste of my brother mingled with me. I didn’t want to swallow or spit out, I wanted to keep it there. I was exhausted, I ached. Soon, however he slid from my arms and left me. I wanted to hold him forever but knew he had to go.

The next day I could hardly walk! My crutch felt as though I had pulled every muscle there, it felt so tender and raw with every movement. I didn’t care. It reminded me of my brothers cock. Over the next few days I took every opportunity to brush against him, to touch him even slightly as we watched TV or stood washing up together. I also teased him by wearing short skirts and tight tops or flashing if he was near as I came out of the shower. I wanted to be taken by him again but was frightened to ask.

Eventually, as Mum fussed around and then moved away, we stood next to each other I looked up at him as our bodies touched. “Paul, I’m horny again. I’m desperate. I need you to fuck me.” I blushed deeply about saying it. The breathless quality of my whisper would have made me laugh if I had heard anyone else. It sounded so dirty movie-like but god it was real. He told me to go to the summerhouse when I was able to escape. As Mum went to watch TV with Dad I yelled that I was going out and heard her agreement as I was leaving the door. I rushed down the long garden and around the trees until I got to the wooden building.

Stepping inside I began stripping off all my clothes. I wanted him to see his sister naked. I wanted him to know I was a real slut, really hot for my big brother. Even though I hadn’t touched myself my thighs were sticky by the time he arrived. I threw my nakedness into his arms as soon as he entered, rubbing my skin against him. He laughed and called me a wicked incestuous slut. As he kissed me his hand took my pussy and I rocked on his fingers as we stood. He laughed again at the wetness of my pussy, I was both embarrassed and aroused but he seemed happy that I was so ready. When let off his fingers I dragged his trousers down and sucked him greedily into my mouth. He was hard for me. He wanted me too. He liked looking at me and got excited too. His hand took my hair and inched me off him as I groaned my disapproval though he then moved us both over to a lounger. He kicked his trousers off and just in his T-shirt sat down with a leg over each side. His cock was huge and dark. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Come on then. You can do the work as you want it.” I didn’t know what to do but plucked up courage and squatted above him. Blushing red I looked down at him. “Take it and slip in inside.” I reached out and touched it, it twitched in my kartal escort bayan hand. I didn’t want to hurt him but he made me pull it upright. Biting my tongue I lowered myself to it, eagerness overcoming my fear. I lowered further and felt it widen my pussy into a big ‘O’ then gasped as my inside spread to accept it. It was in so deep! My hands were on his hips as I was spread over him, only gradually allowing more to enter me. The gasps must surely be coming from my mouth. I moved my hands to his hard chest loving the feeling of exhibiting my nakedness.

“Do I look nice? Do you like seeing me without any clothes on?” He lay with his hands behind his head looking up at me. “Yes. You look like a slut.” I laughed and then groaned as I pulled up and down him. “I want to get you excited. I want to look like a slut for you. I am your slut aren’t I?” He nodded, grinning. “Am I a dirty enough slut for you?”

“Oh yes, I like you dirty, and you are getting dirtier.” He thrust up inside me letting me know he could take over the control whenever he wanted. I realised I could grind my clit against him at each downward stroke. “Not many sluts are desperate to fuck their big brother are they? Will you make me really dirty?”

“Oh yes. That’s what you’re made for aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes.”

He lay looking at me as I rode his cock, as I got used to being able to use it. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I was but I didn’t know exactly what to do though he appeared to be enjoying it. He was so big in me but making me so wet and slippery it wasn’t a problem, quite the reverse. I loved the feeling of being filled by him. He told me to play with my tits and I found I could do it as well as moving up and down on him. He liked looking at me and I loved it him doing it. I could smell my juices and noises came from me down there and more and more frequently from my mouth. Soon I was moving up and down his slippery pole faster and faster, my little tits were moving up and down as I did. God it felt good. I could feel the uprushing climax. It was going to overtake me and i wanted to drown in the sensations. Oh he was good. It hit and I felt his arms hold me and stop me falling.

Shaking and spasming still I lay contentedly against his chest with my hair stuck to my damp face. It was as though I could hear my heart pounding as I lay feeling his hot body and his breathing. I felt his hands on my back then over my stretched buttocks and then touching my wide lips where his cock was still opening me. He played around my wetness and began pumping into me as a lay passive on him. I felt his fingers go up to my bottom and play over my private hole there. It felt strange and exciting as he fucked me. The finger slid into me as it had done the previous time, slippery and beautifully dirty. My clit was rubbing on him and his thick cock was taking me. I felt like a rag doll as he fucked my passive body, my legs stretched wide allowing him free and easy access, my breasts rubbing against his hard chest. He began making deep throaty noises and his rhythm of fucking me became erratic and then I suddenly realised he was coming inside my pussy as it filled with hot liquids. I came again. Saliva was escaping from my mouth as I grunted into him, then we lay resting for long minutes.

After I loved the squelchy feel of my lips with his spunk slowly escaping me. It was as if the were oiled and being gently rubbed all the time I moved. I stayed so aroused after even though I had cum twice on my brothers cock already.

Luckily my period came again in the next few days. Paul had made me go the the family planning clinic and I had got the pill so things were easier and I would be able to feel his spunk in me again.

I hadn’t realised the addictive nature of sex. After those two first sessions I wanted it more and more. In fact so much so that I wondered if there was something wrong with me but Paul admitted that he wanted to fuck me just as much. Maybe because of this we teased each other mercilessly when we couldn’t do it. I’d take off my bra in my room and open my top, flashing him for quick moments when Mum or Dad weren’t watching, or I would surreptitiously rub against him with my hand and feel him getting hard before I giggled and moved away. He threatened to spank me again which made me shudder with excitement. Of course he teased me by touching my tits or running his hand up inside my thigh and touching me through my panties. Once he even got his hugely erect cock out and rubbed it behind Mum’s back. I always felt so horny and usually quite wet when we were together.

My period was out of the way by the weekend and I wanted to do it again. I felt that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. On Saturday morning I helped Mum with lunch and then I knew that they were going out shopping for a dress for Mum to go out for dinner. I was on tenterhooks all morning thinking that I would be alone with Paul. I couldn’t settle and didn’t know what to do with myself until I watched them driving down the road. I ran to my room and pulled of my top and jeans, just leaving on my underwear. I knew I was being a bit of a slut but I ran down to the lounge and stopped outside the door before slowly wandering in. I felt flushed with both excitement and embarrassment as Paul saw me from his position on the sofa as he read. It had the desired effect.

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