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Teaching a Bitch a Lesson Ch. 04

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The girls had been told where to meet. The club moved around as much as they could to keep anyone from finding out what they were up to. Not that Kaitlin gave a damn, but the others did. Kaitlin had called Mr. C and Alex and had them go to different places. She borrowed her father’s car and picked up Mr. C in the alley behind his garage. She immediately had him put on a full face mask that had no eye holes, but parts had been cut out so he could breathe and use his lips if the situation presented itself.

“There has been a slight change of plans Mr. C. The girl wants to do both of you at the same time, but not one in front and one in back. She would prefer to do one in front and one in her mouth.”

Dan was actually relieved as he hadn’t really wanted to touch the other guy. “Then I guess I should be the one in her mouth.”

“That’s fine.” I’m sure the bitch would just love to suck her daddy off.

She had arranged to meet Alex in front of the gym near the high school. She drove up and spotted him standing by his car. Jumping out she whispered, “Put this mask on and don’t say anything. When he had the mask on, she helped him into the car. Looking around she saw that there was no one around.

Once in the car she cautioned them, “There will be no talking by either of you from this point on, or the deal is off.” Nod if you understand. She got a nod from them both. “Good. This will protect your identity as well as the girls.” She had done this with all of the club guys. When they entered the room all conversation stopped. This way it prevented anyone recognizing anyone else. This time she did it in the car so father and son wouldn’t know each other, at least until she ripped their masks off.

She parked the car, “I will take you in one at a time. She led Alex in first and was met by Trisha. The girls took turns for this part as well as the actual sex. One at a time, all of the girls did a live sex show. The rest of the girls did each other while they watched. The girl doing the guy could choose how she wanted to do it. They never got a complaint from the guys they used. But one rule that was in place to help prevent recognition was that a different girl would get the guy hard than was going to have the sex. Cindy would get Alex hard and ready for Alisa. Of course another of the girls would be getting Alisa ready as well. The guy and girl didn’t meet until the actual sex.

This time was a little different because there were two guys. They had done it before but not much. Some of the girls had talked about doing three guys at the same time but it had never happened. She got Mr. C out of the car and led him to the others. Kaitlin chuckled as she was met by Ryan. Ryan was a diehard lesbian. When it was her turn to do a guy she only got him off with her mouth. No guy had ever been inside of her and never would. But she seemed to like using her mouth on a guy, probably because she was in control. As Kaitlin handed Mr. C off she hoped he enjoyed it, this wasn’t about him or Alex.

The rest of the girls had drawn names to see who each girl got to be with. This was done to help keep the spice in what they did. Kaitlin looked around and saw Tobie already getting Alisa hot. Kristen and Makenzi had paired up. Cassie and Brittany were together as well as Julie and Nicole, Deryn and Michelle, Ally and Tia. Kaitlin smiled, that left Dara to be with her. When the live sex show started Trisha, Ryan and Tobie could join any of the twosomes and make it a threesome or even more. This club was all about the girls having the fun.

Dan couldn’t see much but he could see a little through the holes cut in his mask. The lights were out and the room was only lit by candles. He had been undressed and someone had started to suck him. He couldn’t really tell who it was but he could see it was a girl.

Alex decided that he liked this, having girls do whatever they wanted to you. He didn’t mind them being in charge, not at all.

Alisa also wore a mask covering only her eyes, she could still see what she was doing but this prevented her being recognized by the guy in case he decided to take his mask off. The other girls were protected from recognition because they were far enough away and there was only candle light to see by.

Mattresses where arranged in a circle. bursa escort Alisa went to the center of the circle where another mattress had been placed. The first guy was brought to her. She could tell that he was about the same height as her and his hair was brown like hers but not much else. She thought he might be her age but wasn’t sure.”

Alisa looked around the room and most of the girls were already going at it. She could hear soft moans all around her. It was too bad the club guys could never see what was going on around them. There were tall girls and short girls, big breasts and small, and all sorts of girls in between. The club guys would be surrounded by girls that had their mouths and hands to other girl’s mouths, breasts and pussy’s. It was a guy’s fantasy come true and they couldn’t see a thing.

Alisa’s had been with all of the other girls and knew a lot of their quirks. After she had been gotten hot enough that she had been pounding the floor, Tobie had joined Kristen and Makenzi, those three liked to use their fingers in ways that they others hadn’t experienced. They didn’t always think of a way but everyone loved to feel them trying. Tobie was the one that had introduced fisting to everyone.

Ryan had gotten the second guy hard by using her hand. That was pretty much all she would do to any man unless it was her turn in the center, then she would use her mouth. Trisha had been chosen to get the first guy hard and all of the girls knew that she loved hard cock. Trisha was known to help out with the live sex show even when it wasn’t her turn.

Julie and Nicole, Deryn and Michelle were using toys. While Julie and Nicole each had a vibrator to use on each other, Julie had a double strap on and was fucking Nicole with it even as the vibrator was in her own pussy. Alisa knew that those two wouldn’t last very long before they got off.

Seeing Trisha bringing over the first guy, Alisa got on her hands and knees. Watching as he got on his knees behind her she felt his hands on her butt as he tried to steady himself. He used his other hand to guide his hard cock was right into her pussy. “Mm,” she moaned. She was already wet and he slid in easily.

Kaitlin watched the bitch as she started fucking her brother. I hope you both enjoyed it, at least for now. She saw Mr. C being led over by Ryan; he had a pretty good size erection for an older guy. Looking at him made her remember having sex with him.

Dan got on his knees in front of the girl. He couldn’t see who it was but could see that it was a girl. By the sounds he heard, he figured that she was already fucking the other guy.

Alisa saw the second guy in front of her. She thought he might be an older guy, which was all right by her. It occurred to her that she might have seen him before, but no matter, when this was over the guys would leave and be taken back to where they were picked up. She wouldn’t know them and they wouldn’t know her.

Alisa placed her fingers on his cock, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. She liked sucking a guy; it was her favorite thing to do with a guy. She could get him off and save her pussy for Kaitlin, who she loved. Although the guy behind her was making her pussy send out messages of pleasure to her entire body.

Kaitlin pushed Dara away; her mind was too full of getting revenge on Alisa to enjoy sex with anyone. “I’m sorry Dara. Would you mind joining some of the others?”

Dara chuckled; Kaitlin was worried about her pet lover. All of the girls in the club knew that the two were in love with each other. “That will be fine.” The two girls kissed and Dara left to be part of a threesome.

Alisa was so turned on by having two guys do her she almost missed seeing Kaitlin pushing Dara away. She wondered what was wrong, but not for long, her body was far too gone for much thinking. The cock sliding in and out of her pussy felt amazing, she wondered who he was and if they could meet again.

What’s wrong with me? Not wanting sex isn’t like me at all, I always want sex. She could see Alisa, Alex and her dad really getting into it. Looking around the room, some of the girls had brought out the toys but some were pussy to pussy. Kaitlin felt a twinge between her legs. It would feel so good grind against some part of another bursa escort bayan girls soft smooth skin, to feel her body against mine. She could hump a partner’s thigh, rub vulva to pubic bone, or vulva to tailbone. When the two girls got really going they would sometimes be vulva to vulva and clit to clit. Her mouth watered thinking about how good that always felt. She shook her head to clear away the sensual images. Her purpose tonight wasn’t pleasure but revenge, which was probably why she hadn’t enjoyed being with Dara. Alisa was a bitch that had to be taught a lesson.

Alex loved the way it felt to be inside of this girl. Damn she was tight! He couldn’t see his cock sliding in and out but that was all right, it felt warm, wet and fantastic. He couldn’t see but he could hear and this girl was definitely enjoying herself with him.

Dan could hear the other girls having sex; the room was filled with moans. This girl knew how to suck a cock. He could feel her lips and tongue as she played.

Alisa always prided herself by being able to deep throat most guys the club threw at her. She could tell the older guy liked what she was doing. She watched the other girls having sex and watching her take on two guys, it added to the experience. Next time she might even try it in the front and back at the same time. Maybe even get Kaitlin to join so Alisa could use her mouth on a pussy.

Kaitlin heard a vibration in her clothes that she had piled next to her. She enjoyed being naked in front of others and even if she wasn’t joining in the sex she could give them an eyeful. She gave a heavy sigh, it was her cell phone, and she was annoyed at being interrupted. She dug out the phone. It’s my boyfriend, what does he want? He knows about the club and I’ve told him not to call when I was with the other girls. She whispered so she wouldn’t disturb the others, “Why are you calling?”

“Come outside for a minute.”


“Yeah, it will only take a few minutes — please.”

With a quick look at Alisa, Alex and her dad, Kaitlin knew she had time before they all got off. She didn’t want to miss that, or the big reveal after. “All right,” she got dressed and went outside. There he was standing at the door, “What so important that you had to interrupt?”

He handed her a box, “Happy birthday.”

Kaitlin was confused, “My birthday isn’t until next Saturday.”

“I know that, but I’m leaving town with my mom and dad tomorrow to go visit relatives and I won’t be here, so I had to give it to you now.”

Kaitlin opened the box and there was an absolutely gorgeous necklace and matching ear rings. “Wow, there beautiful, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. You can thank Alisa for what I picked out. She went with me to get it.”

Kaitlin was numb, “What?”

“Yeah, it took several trips out because she wouldn’t let me get just anything for you.”

Kaitlin closed her eyes. What have I done! She kissed her boyfriend, “After I’m done here, I want to thank you a different way.”

“Can’t, I have to get some sleep we are leaving early in the morning.”

“I’ll make it up to you when you get back.” Kaitlin watched him drive off and flew back inside. She had to keep Alisa from finding out who she was having sex with.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah,” Alisa was very close to orgasm. The guy in back was ramming himself into her pussy which made her bounce forward. The guy in front had gotten the rhythm of it and when she moved forward he would thrust his hard cock into her throat, which made her push against the hard cock in her pussy. Her body felt trapped in a sexual vise, throbbing pleasure was pulsing all through her.

Kaitlin could tell they were going to cum. Her plans had changed and she was in anxious for it to be over and so she could get the two men out of there. The other girls were finishing up and watching as well. The room had steadily gotten filled with moans and screams of pleasure which added to the enjoyment of everyone, but now it was winding down.

Alisa had experimented with changing the speed and had been rewarded with the pressure on her clit changing and allowing arousal to build. The constant pounding from behind had gotten more intense as the guy got close to getting off. She could also taste the pre cum from escort bursa the cock in her mouth.

Kaitlin came up to the three and had to admit seeing Alisa fucking her dad and brother was turning her on. She wondered if there was a way that she could convince Alisa to have a four way with her, and both her dad and brother. Even if she couldn’t, Kaitlin knew she would have to have sex with the two men again to thank them for coming. She giggled, or would that be to thank them for cumming?

Alisa had to force herself to relax, breathe and relish in the sensations and power of her body. She had never been so completely turned on like this. She wanted the cock in her mouth to keep getting deeper in her throat, so she could feel his balls slap her chin. Her stomach was doing flips as she felt the long shaft glide in and out of her pussy; the guy was trying to fuck her brains out.

The warm sensation that had developed in her pussy had turned into an inferno and had radiated outwards. Alisa was bouncing all over the place, partly from the sensation and part because the guys were now both pushing hard against her. It was simply amazing. They had managed to stimulate spots that one guy alone couldn’t or they had hit areas in a different way.

Alisa gave a loud moan and her body exploded in an intense orgasm. Powerful and concentrated sensation shot all through her. She bucked against the men violently wanting them to cum.

She didn’t know who had started it but the girls were all chanting for cum, “We want to see them cum.”

Dara walked up and kissed the older man, the way he responded made her think that she wouldn’t mind doing this guy. “I’m going to finish you off with my hand so we can see you cum in her mouth. Her mouth will be wide open and I will make you cum there.”

Dan moaned, “I’m going to cum!”

Alisa saw her take him out of and start pumping him. He moaned again and she saw a huge white jet of sperm shoot from his hard cock and fly in the air. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and was rewarded as she tasted his cum. Some got on her face, but shot after shot of his sperm filled her mouth and still Dara pumped him. When he started getting soft, Alisa went back to sucking him, trying to get every last drop. The guy behind her was slipping in and out of her pussy making more vibrations and adding to her orgasm.

All of the girls had also come up to watch the show of shooting cum. Brittany kissed the guy fucking Alisa, “I’m going to do the same to you. When you’re done I’ll put you back inside of her.”

Hearing a loud moan from behind her, his cock was suddenly pulled out of her. Alisa looked back and saw Brittany making his cum fly through the air. She felt the hot liquid land on her back, again and again. Then Brittany put his semi hard cock back inside of her and she felt totally different than having it slam into her. She loved the thrill of having two men simultaneously express their desire for her and found the combination of their thrusting motions completely absorbing. Maybe it was because it restricted her own movements and she had to depend on theirs. Whatever the reason she had felt completely filled up. She erupted in another wonderful orgasm. Alisa was having the most intense experience that she had ever had.

Alisa stayed on her hands and knees. Alex and Dan all collapsed on the mattress, exhausted. Kaitlin hurried the two men away, knowing that the other girls would clean Alisa up. She had them get dressed, as she watched all of the girls licking all over Alisa cleaning her of cum.

Still wearing the masks, Kaitlin drove the two men back to where she had picked them up. She let Alex out near his car, and only then could he take the mask off. She whispered in his ear. “Don’t say anything out loud. You know that some of those girls are going to want to do you now.”

He smiled and whispered, “Just not tonight.”

She waited until they were away from the college, “Mr. C, you can take your mask off now. How was it?”

“What you and I did the other day was the first time I had done anything since my wife died. Now this, tonight, was something I had never even imagined.”

They got to the alley behind his garage and she pressed her lips to his, “I tell you what, if you don’t mind, I think I will come by so you and I can do more things together.”

Dan returned her kiss, “I don’t mind at all.”

Kaitlin watched Alisa’s dad walked away. I was right; a bitch did need to be taught a lesson. Alisa just wasn’t the bitch.

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