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Teaching Professor Mahoney Ch. 05

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The weather had turned cold over the week and everyone suited up in pants and jumper. Snow started to fall the day before last. Scarves, gloves and beanies were also present. I had even seen a few earmuffs. As the class entered the room they seemed to sit closer together for warmth. I noticed Lara wore grey track pants and a grey zip up jumper. A rainbow scarf was around her neck and she wore matching gloves and beanies. I smiled at the class. I was wearing my dark blue suit and tie and a long jacket. Lara pulled off her gloves, scarf and beanie. The zip on her jumper was lower than it should be on a day like today to show the top of her cleavage. The usual feeling of heat flew to my groin.

“Okay people listen up. I’m going to excuse you all to the library or computer center. Read the last seven chapters and I want an essay to one of the questions on the last page. Remember that there are four questions but I want you to choose only one. If you want to stay here you can. I will be marking tests from my other class. And I’m sure it will be warmer in the library and computer center.” I finished talking. All but Lara stood to leave. “The essay’s are due next week.” Lara stood and slowed so she was at the end of the group. As soon as the last person walked through the door she closed and locked it.

“I seem to remember, last week, you saying something about paying me back because of the condition I was in.” she smiled sensually at me. More heat surrounded my crotch. She walked slowly to me. As our lips locked we stumbled to my office and I somehow managed to lock the door. She threw her bag to the floor and stripped of her jumper. A very lacy see through top showed her erect nipples. I licked my lips and lifted her top, lowering my head to her breasts. I sucked on her and she moaned. My left hand roamed down her front and into her pants. She wore no panties. My middle finger stroked her clit and she moaned again.

She pulled her pants off then started to take mine off. Soon all my clothes joined hers on the floor. This was the first time I had been stripped of my clothes. We fell to the floor and I entered her wet pussy straight away. I slid into her easily. Her still tight walls gripped at me. She wrapped her legs around my buttocks and pulled me to her. I leant over her and sucked on her neck. I placed it low where the shoulder and neck meet. She moaned and tossed her head side to side. I felt her nails dig into sincan escort my flesh. She was close to an orgasm. Her walls started to tighten and I grunted from the effort of pumping in and out of her. I was close to cumming as well.

“Jake?” I heard someone call my name. I looked at Lara. She had a scared look on her face. I pulled out, ran to my door, peeked out the blinds and gasped. I quickly unlocked the door then ran back to Lara.

“Quick Lara. It’s Headmaster Lewis. Get your clothes on.” We pulled our clothes on and straightened them. I heard footsteps come closer towards my door. I pulled on my coat and looked at Lara. I gasped. “Oh no.” her eyes widened as she looked at me. “Hickey.” I mouthed the word to her.

She looked around the floor. “Oh no. My scarf is out there.” She pulled her hair over to hide it. My erection was still full. I could feel the cum wanting to explode. I grabbed my long jacket to help hide myself. I quickly pulled a few books from the shelves and flipped to related pages. Lara sat in the spare chair and I sat on the desk and started to dictate some things. She had pulled out a notepad and pen and jotted notes as I read.

“Jake?” the headmaster entered my office. I looked up from the book. “Sorry Jake. I dint realize you were tutoring at the moment. Did you know your outer door was locked? Can I speak with you for a second in private?” I nodded to Lara and she got up to leave the room. The headmaster turned to watch her go.

As she reached the door I said. “Wait out there for me please Lara. We’re not quite finished yet.” I winked at her. She nodded and left. The headmaster now turned to me. “Please, take a seat. What can I do for you Greg?”

“I have an issue about you always letting your class out early over the past few week. I’ve noticed that they are at the library and computer center.”

“It’s so they can look up more for their essay due next week. Lara asked if I could give her some extra tutoring about it instead.” He nodded.

“Okay, well please keep them in the class until the bell rings. No more early marks. They’re under your care and if they get hurt then it’ll be you who is blamed. I’m sorry to say that but its true. You’re their teacher for the hour. Not forty-five minutes, fifty minutes, or whatever else. The whole hour please.” I nodded. He stood and walked out. I walked to the office door with him. Lara had pulled her scarf tandoğan escort around her neck. He left.

Lara came over to me and snaked her arms around my waist. I did the same to her. “I’m sorry for that.” I said pushing the scarf away from her neck, with my hand, I let the scarf fall to the floor and she blushed and smiled at me.

“It’s fine. I kind of like it there.” Her hand closed over mine as I traced the hickey with my finger. I then left side and quickly locked both doors again. My hard on was so uncomfortable and needed to be released. I kissed Lara again. My cock almost exploded before I pulled my clothes off. We were on the floor again and I entered her tight pussy. I held on as long as I could. her swelling had gone down but mine was still heavily there. I lowered my head to her neck again and sucked the same spot. For some reason I wanted it to be dark. Let it take a while to disappear. Even if she had to hide from people I still wanted it there. She moaned again.

“Oh Jake. Oh Jake. Oh my god Jake. I’m coming. Oh god, Jake. Faster, faster, please faster.” As I sped up I could feel her walls close around me again. I couldn’t hold back any more. My load shot into her. I kept going while I was stiff. I stayed on top of her and kissed her face. She rolled me over and I fell out of her. She sat up on my legs. And moved down between them. She grabbed my balls. I stood up and she led me to my desk and laid me on top of it with my legs spread. She then went down on me and sucked my balls into her mouth. She sat back into my chair and fingered herself a few times, mainly with her middle finger. I watched fascinated. She then sucked on my balls again. The fingers she had just used circled my ass hole. Lara stared deep into my eyes then I felt her finger penetrate me. I jumped and my ass cheeks tightened around her finger.

I had never been penetrated before. She slipped it out then pushed it back into me. After a few slow times she started to get faster. “Oh god Lara.” I had always heard that a guy’s g-spot is in their ass. She continued to suck my balls and finger fuck my ass hole. Her other hand stroked the skin between my balls and hole. All three actions made my cock jump straight up to attention. “Lara… oh god… Lara.” She then moved her mouth to my dick and the hand stroking me started massaging my balls. I knew I was moaning loudly but I didn’t care at that moment. ankara escort She pulled me to the floor again and sat on me backwards. She lowered her cunt over my cock and again stuck her finger into me. I gasped. Her tight hole rubbed me and her finger fucked me. I came quickly this time. I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t hold back. “Lara!” I screamed her name. She rode me till I was too soft.

She lay on the ground beside me and started to finger herself. I 69ed her and put my head between her legs. I stuck my tongue inside her and licked at her. She moaned and I then put my long fingers into her. She was so tight. I had no idea how my thick cock could fit in her. She moaned again and pulled my balls into her mouth. She fingered and stroked me again. I used one hand to spread her lips, the other fingered her and I licked at her bud. She moaned around my balls. I could feel myself growing again. Now that she knew this trick, I knew, she would always use it. She came and l lowered my face to her and swallowed her essence. She started to suck my cock again but I swiveled around and kissed her. I wanted her to taste herself on me.

We rolled onto our sides and I spooned her. I entered her cunt from behind. And thrust into her. She held her top leg into the air as I fucked her from behind. One of my arms were under her neck and twisted around to her breasts, pinching at her hard nipples. Her spare hand held onto my arm, her nails dug softly into the skin. My other hand held her hand that held her leg. My top leg was bent over her bottom and helped me thrust into her. I needed deeper penetration. I pushed harder and she moaned. I pumped harder and harder. Her walls started to tighten and I was close to cumming. She called out as she came. I cummed in her and kept pumping until I slipped out. I kissed the back of her neck and stood up. I pulled her up and we dressed. We walked out of the room and she picked up her things.

“Next week I have a surprised for you-” She paused and smiled at the look on my face. “And, I guess, myself too.” She kissed me and her tongue sunk deep into my mouth. When we pulled away I lowered my head to the other side of her neck I sucked at her neck again. She threw her head back. I sucked on her neck at the point I had sucked on the other side. I stepped back and looked at her neck. Both hickeys were dark. I smiled at her. I kissed her and my hands went to her tight ass cheeks and breast. I squeezed both as I kissed her. “See you next week Jake.” She turned, flicked her scarf around her neck to hide the hickeys and walked out of the classroom. I watched her go and smiled to myself. I wondered what her surprise was as the bell rang indicating the entry of my next class.

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