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Teasing Daddy Ch. 2

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It hadn’t been ten minutes since masturbating over my Babydoll, but seeing her in that towel just made my cock twitch. She didn’t know it, but pretty soon that tight ass of hers would be mine, and her slut behaviour would be for me only.


As I climber the stairs, it hit me. what the hell was I doing? How could I been teasing Daddy like this? But the burning in between my legs was telling me different…no matter how guilty I felt, how wrong, I wanted this, no, I needed it. Now I was upstairs in my room, I knew I had to carry the teasing on. I knew if I wasn’t downstairs in a matter of minutes Daddy would tan my hide, and although that might have added a kinky edge to my plan, I didn’t want him to be in control…not just yet. It had to be in the outfit.

I knew I couldn’t appear over slutty, so I chose my underwear with care…just a pair of simple white cotton briefs. Not having a bra would let my tits cry out to him…and knowing my father’s relationship with my mother, tits were big things with him. Due to the heat I decided on my tennis dress, I’d be at practise later anyway, but the main reason I chose it was because it was sleeveless and not to mention very short. I let my hair fall wet to my waist, pinched my nipples a little to get them erect and bounded down the stairs. I was going to make Daddy very please to see me…


At the sound of her skipping down the stairs, I realised I had to punish her, at least indirectly for the prickteasing show I’d got in the shower. And it was about bloody time she cleaned up the house too. I opened my mouth to begin to yell, but the words stuck in my throat.

My baby didn’t look like a baby no more. The teasing slut was dressed in the shortest dress I’d ever seen, and her hair, still wet had soaked through the thin cotton…from where I stood I felt like I was a judge in a wet-t shirt competition – he brown nipples peaking through, hard and erect. My penis was tuzla escort now so hard I felt sure she could see it. I moved my eyes to her face, and sure enough, my little girl’s eyes were glued to my crotch, and I swear, I saw her lick her lips! That was is. I strode over to her, grabbed her by the arm and marched her into the kitchen.

“By god Angelica, if you think you’re off out to play, you’ve got another thing coming, clean up this pigsty or else!!”


I’d got him right where I wanted him, and seeing his cock that hard was getting me as wet as my dress almost was!

I stuck out my bottom lip and pouted, pretending to protest, before heading for the living room. Daddy had made himself as comfortable as he could be with a raging hard-on on the couch, and I began to pick up around him. It was the perfect opportunity.

After taking a deep breath, it was time to tease just a little more. I bent to pick up the plates from my last meal, and so doing turned my back to him. I bent from the waist, and I could feel that short dress ride up over my ass, exposing my panties to him. I looked back at him, his eyes were on me. I smiled…it was working. I turned and bent over him to reach a glass behind his head…this time he got to see almost all my tits. I swore I heard him groan…


I barely stifled my cry of pure ecstasy. My Babydoll really did have the best tits in the world, and shit, that ass. She bent to pick up more, and I swear her panties were dark over her freshly shaved cunt. I could almost smell her across the room. Her face turned, then she locked eyes with me, and smiled the sluttiest smile I’d ever seen, and fuck did she look like her mother. Then it dawned on me, the white panties, sopping wet, the semi see-through dress…she was teasing me on purpose, and she was fucking loving it.

That was it. I followed her into the kitchen. I watched her as she bent again, this time, her knickers just caught tuzla escort bayan in the crack of her ass, exposing one perfect cheek and its tan lines. I heard her murmur something. she wasn’t going to get away with playing me like a fool.

I reached out and grabbed her silky hair, yanking it back to me. I pulled her tight little body into mine and as she screamed, I clapped my hand over her hot mouth.

“This is it Babydoll. This is it. No fucking prickteasing slut gets away with teasing me”

I turned her to face me. There was pure fear in her eyes, and for the first time, I felt in control. My slutty daughter was going to be my slutty fuckslave and there was nothing she could do about it.


He pushed me to my knees, he was so forceful that I cracked against the hard floor, he had to drag me back up to balance. He pulled my face roughly up, looked me straight in the eyes. With his spare hand he reached to undo his flies on his work jeans, filthy from the site. In no time at all, the cock I’d been masturbating slapped me on the chin.

“You want Daddy’s cock Babydoll?”

I almost came right then. Something deep inside awoke and I lost my petrifying fear.

“Yes Daddy”

He yanked my head back, causing me to gasp at the pain that shot down my neck.

“Beg Slut”

“Please Daddy, let Babydoll have your cock…please Daddy, I want it so much…please, please…I need it”


She’d started to wail at me, and Angelica always got what she wanted. I yanked her head back further, grabbed my stiff cock in the other and shoved it roughly into her mouth. God, the sensation that flooded thought me almost made me jizz right there, but I held back. I was going to fuck my baby’s pretty little face raw.

Her mouth felt so good, so hot, wet and tight, I pushed in deeper, and felt her tiny throat gag over my fat head. Saliva was leaking down her chin, and she was looking me straight in escort tuzla the eye, with a look that just told me how much she was loving it.

“That’s it Babydoll, suck Daddy’s meat. Don’t gag slut, that’s it, suck nice and gentle…mmm baby you are soooo goood….”


His balls were slapping my chin hard now, his hands in my hair, pushing my nose to his pube covered groin. I was sucking the best I could, but my father was so big. God, my dreams were coming true…I was going to swallow the seed that had made me. my knees were weak with desire. I began to cup and squeeze my father’s balls with one hand, whilst I snaked the other into my panties, now soaked completely through. My pussy was so tight as I slipped my finger inside.

“That’s it babydoll, you do it to yourself too. mmm baby, how long have you wanted my cock like this, cause sweetie, I’ve wanted you for so long…I used to fuck your mother, imagining I was fucking you babydoll…oh sweetie yes, suck harder. Do you want daddy to blow his load so his baby can drink it all? Do you want that hunny?”

I groaned long and low in the back of my throat, vibrating his cock head, now wedged uncomfortably, pressing on my tonsils. Two fingers were deep inside me now, and I was trying to suck them inside, furiously fucking my hand like I’d done everyday.

“Babydoll, you better swallow this all, huh slut, swallow it….”

Then he blew, and shit, did he blow. String after string of hot cum hot down my throat. I could barely breathe, I felt dizzy, it felt so good. I swallowed as much as I could, but it began to slide and dribble down my chin. Feeling the goo drop onto my damp dress, and seeing my Daddy, head thrown back in rapture sent me and my twat into spasm.


I pulled my now limp cock out of her mouth. She wouldn’t let it go, sucking at it as a baby would a bottle. I wiped off the residue in her still wet hair and watched while she recovered from her orgasm. Then she stood, pulled her fingers from her cunt and looked me in the eye and she licked and sucked them clean. As she readjusted her panties and looked at me, the slut knew she had a lot more coming to her…

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