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The Adventures of John Law Ch. 10

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Note: This chapter includes a brief encounter with my First Cousin. Since it makes up only one brief encounter, I chose to keep this story in the Erotic Couplings rather than the Incest Taboo category.

In 1982, I was transferred to a CID office at the Presidio of San Francisco that had responsibility for criminal investigations for the entire west coast. Beside my normal criminal investigation duties, I was given the extra responsibility as a Defense Courier, which required me to transport classified documents to various locations along the west coast, including Hawaii.

I enjoyed being in San Francisco. I did all the tourist things like going to Pier 39 to eat seafood and fresh sourdough bread, riding on a trolley, visiting Alcatraz, and of course going across the Golden Gate Bridge. I even jogged across once, just to say I did. My work was pretty routine. It was a small office, so we stayed busy.

I had been in San Francisco for about a month when it dawned on me that I had a cousin who lived somewhere in the area. I wasn’t sure where since I hadn’t seen her since I was sixteen, but I had heard family members mention that she had married, divorced, and settled in the San Francisco Bay area. I decided to look her up. I looked in the large phone book that listed every town within fifty miles of San Francisco, and I found her name in Alameda. I called, confirmed it was her, and when she found out I was in the area, she invited me over to catch up.

I remember when I was sixteen, she was twenty-one. She wanted to be a model, and she had the looks and body for it, but for some reason, she never pursued her aspirations. When she opened the door, I was pleased to see she had lost neither her looks or her body, even though she was now thirty-nine if my math was correct. She led me to her living room sofa and got us both a glass of wine. We spent over an hour catching up and drinking several more glasses of wine. We were laughing and talking like old friends rather than cousins, both of us using lots of foul language. It must have been the combination of the alcohol and the fact I felt really comfortable with her, but whatever it was, I confessed, “You know, when you used to come visit us when I was only sixteen, I always fantasized about fucking you.”

She didn’t seem to be shocked at my language, nor did she seem upset with me. Instead, she just looked at me and asked, “Why didn’t you ever ask. I was pretty promiscuous back then, so I’m sure I would have let you.”

“I didn’t have the balls to ask you anything like that back then, but I do now. Are you still promiscuous?”

She laughed and said, “Not so much. After my divorce I fooled around with several guys, but I got tired of it. I found that I’m rather comfortable with my own company. I haven’t been with a man in years.”

“So, you’re not interested in sex anymore?”

“HA! That’s funny. I love sex, I just find it’s easier to pleasure myself than to go on a date, meet some guy, let him get in my pants, and then watch him ride off into the sunset to find some other willing woman, usually someone younger than me. How about you? Why didn’t you ever get married?”

I told her about my experiences with fucking married women and that I would assume that if I got married, my wife would be fucking some guy while I was gone on one of my trips. “I just enjoy being single, doing what I want, and not worrying about a cheating wife at home.”

We sat there in silence for a few minutes, drinking our wine, when she finally asked, “So, do you still want to fuck me?”

I told her it was all I had been thinking about since I walked in. She smiled, stood up, and held her hands out to me. I stood up, took her hands, and she led me to her bedroom. When we got there, she stopped, turned around, and kissed me. Her lips felt great pressed against mine. She parted my lips with her tongue, letting it dart into my mouth. We kissed passionately for a few minutes, causing my dick to get extremely hard. When we broke the kiss, I looked into her sparkling eyes and said, “Wow! That’s not what I would call a cousin kiss.”

She just smiled and answered, “Well, we are going to fuck, so I thought it was appropriate.”

She then took her blouse and shorts off, revealing her still perky breasts, unencumbered by a bra. I bent down and took one nipple in my mouth while my hand tweaked the other. She said, “This will be much better if you get undressed.”

I took my clothes off and we sat on the edge of her bed. I went back to sucking her nipples and then pushed her back on the bed. I dropped to my knees and noticed her blond pussy. Apparently, she didn’t wear underwear around the house. I planted my mouth over her blond muff, spread her lips with my thumbs, and started licking up and down her tangy twat. She placed one hand on the back of my head and said softly, “That’s good baby. I like having my pussy licked.”

I licked her puffy lips up and down a couple of more minutes before pushing my tongue into her wet slit. I rubbed my thumb over her clit while pendik escort continuing to lick, eliciting a deep moan. At the same time, I had a hand on one of her breasts, squeezing and tweaking her nipple. In just a few more minutes, she had a shuddering orgasm as she coated my face with a gushing flow of cum. I lapped up every drop. She looked down at me and said, “God, you do know how to eat pussy! I had forgotten how good that could feel. Now, come up here and fuck me.”

We both moved to the center of the bed where I got between her legs. I kissed her, knowing she could taste herself on my lips. She just moaned, “Mmmmm.” Then I leaned down to suck a nipple in my mouth.

“You’re a tit man, aren’t you?”

“I’m a tit, pussy, ass, and legs man. There’s not a part of a woman’s body that I don’t love. But you have very suckable nipples, so I hope you don’t mind if I suck them.”

“Not at all. They have been neglected for some time now. Feel free to suck them as much as you want to. Just don’t forget to fuck me.”

I placed my dick at her wet opening and ran it up and down a few times before slowly pushing it in, causing her to loudly gasp. Then I started moving in and out with long, slow strokes. I was surprised at how tight she was. Her pussy was warm and wet, and I could feel her muscles gripping my cock. She started breathing faster and she said, “God, Johnny. That feels so good. I love the way you fuck me.”

She was moaning with pleasure, so I started pumping a little faster and deeper. “Fuck yeah! Fuck me harder!”

I looked at her face and saw that her eyes were tightly shut, and her mouth was open, taking in short, gasping breaths. I had been dreaming about this since I was sixteen and could hardly believe it was happening now. I was so turned on I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate, but I was determined to wait until she had cum again at least once. I was concentrating on fucking her so much that I had forgotten about her tits, so I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue and then biting it gently. That was all she needed as she arched her back and thrust her pelvis up to meet mine. “Oh, shit! I’m cumming Johnny! Fuck!”

I reached under her legs and pulled them up over my shoulders as I started pounding her hard and as deep as I could. After a few strokes at this pace she exploded in a massive orgasm, squirting her juices all over my cock. “Oh fuck, Johnny! Fuck meeee!”

It only took a few more strokes before I couldn’t hold back any longer. I announced, “I’m cumming!”

“Yes, Johnny. Cum in me. Fill me up with your hot cum.” I did just that. I filled her hot pussy with cum until I was totally drained. We fell on the bed next to each other, both of us totally exhausted. After several minutes of hard breathing, she rolled over and gave me a deep kiss and started laughing.

“Can you imagine if our mothers could see us now?”

I didn’t want to tell her that I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother would want to join us, and her sister, my aunt, was pretty hot, so I wouldn’t mind if she joined in either, but I just chuckled and said, “Yeah.”

“Jesus, I haven’t been fucked in so long I almost forgot what it was like.”

“You didn’t think it was strange that you were fucking your cousin?”

“Nope. I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was just really enjoying the way you were fucking me. Can I ask you something, Johnny?”

“Yeah, you can ask me anything if you will stop calling me Johnny. I haven’t used that name since I joined the Army at eighteen. I prefer John.”

“Oh, O.K. Not a problem. Anyway, I was just wondering, since you now live right across the bay from me, do you think we could fuck on a more routine basis? Or was this just a one time thing? Was the cousin thing too weird for you?”

We decided that since we both enjoyed it, and we were so close now, that if either one of us was horny, she would call me or I would call her, and I would come over. We did that at least once a week for the rest of my time in San Francisco, unless I was out of town on assignment. As a matter of fact, we fucked and sucked several more times that night. I was glad I had called!


I was sent to Hawaii with a briefcase full of classified information. I was met at Hickam Air Force Base and taken to a secure facility where an Air Force Officer signed for the materials. The guy who took me there said everything in Hawaii was expensive so if I was looking to eat a good meal, have some drinks, and maybe meet some women, I should go to the Navy Chief’s Club at Pearl Harbor. He said he went there almost every night so he might see me there later. There was a weekly shuttle from Hickam to Travis Air Force Base, so once I dropped off the classified materials, I was free until the next week. I got a room at the BOQ and rented a car, then went to the Chief’s Club. They had an excellent restaurant where I got a really good steak dinner for a great price. I then went in the bar area where there was music playing, cheap maltepe escort drinks, and some lonely women whose husbands were out on ships.

I ran into the guy who had told me about the club, and we were standing at the bar when a beautiful young lady walked up and started talking to the guy. She was very petite, looked to be about 21, wearing tight jeans and what I think they called a peasant blouse that exposed both of her tanned shoulders. They laughed about something and she walked away. I watched her swaying hips as she left and was thinking I would like to get in those jeans. I looked over at the guy and said, “Man, she makes my tongue hard.”

He laughed and said she worked in the same office as he did. I thought she had left, but a few minutes later, she walked back up to the bar. My new friend said, “This guy said you make his tongue hard.”

I didn’t know if I should punch him or hide under a table. I was sure she was going to tell me to go to hell, but instead she just laughed, then gave me a big smile and asked, “And exactly how do I do that?”

“Well, you look good enough to eat, and I can’t do that properly unless I get my tongue hard, and that happened as soon as I saw you. By the way, my name is John.”

She gave me another big smile as she shook my hand and said, “My name is Cassandra. Some people call me Cassie and some people call me Sandra. I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me.”

“I can’t do that unless you give me your number. Can I buy you a drink?”

She had a Rum and Coke and I had a Gin and Tonic. We talked for a while and I learned she was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had gone to LSU for one year before deciding to join the Air Force, and had been in Hawaii for about four months. We soon got tired of standing at the bar and we found a table where we continued to get to know each other. I told her my story of being an Army cop and she said she had actually wanted to go into law enforcement, but the Air Force had made her an Administrative Specialist. She said, “So, you’re a Warrant Officer. What are you doing hanging out with us lowly enlisted folks?”

I explained that I had been an NCO before and I became a Warrant Officer because it allowed me more opportunities, but I still liked hanging out in NCO clubs, or in this case, the CPO club, more than the Officer’s Club. She answered, “Well, I’m glad you did.”

I took that as my opportunity. “You want to get out of here?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Your place or mine?”

She said she lived in the barracks, so we went to my BOQ room which was very much like a hotel room. She seemed impressed, but I was just glad it had a queen-sized bed. As soon as we got inside, I turned her to me and kissed her. She kissed me back like a woman starved for affection. ‘Passionate’ didn’t even start to describe that kiss. I’m not sure how to describe it, I just know my dick instantly got rock-hard. When she finally broke away, she asked, “Are you going to eat me now?”

That was obviously a rhetorical question, as I’m sure she knew the answer. I lifted her blouse over her head, then unclasped her bra, exposing a gorgeous pair of 36 C breasts. I wanted to feast on them, but she was so much shorter than me, it would have been uncomfortable. Instead, we finished getting undressed and moved to the bed. I was pleased to see her pink lips already exposed in her brown fur-covered pussy. I didn’t waste any time placing my mouth on her mound. I parted her moist lips with my tongue and started licking up and down before sticking my tongue in as far as I could and fucking her with it. It only took a few seconds before she was writhing her hips around and growling, “Oh fuck. That’s good! Don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. I continued licking, probing, and fucking her with my tongue. Then I found her clit and licked it before sucking it. Her ass rose up and she started bucking as she cried out, “Oh fuck yes!” She coated my face with her sweet nectar as she exploded with a body shaking orgasm.

I got between her legs where I could now suck her breasts while aiming my cock at her soaking pussy. I gently eased between her lips until I had a little over half of my cock in, and then started slowly stroking in and out. Her pussy felt amazing around my cock. In a few minutes, she was moaning and making little grunting noises, lifting her butt as if trying to get more of my shaft in her. I obliged by stroking faster and a little deeper, slamming my stiff cock in her wet pussy.

“Oh god, oh fuck! Yesss! I’m cumminnggg!”

I felt her wetness as it coated my pubic hair. She felt so good that I just had to fuck her harder. I was slamming in and out of her cunt now, going as deep as I could. Within minutes she had another orgasm. As I felt my own orgasm getting close, I warned her, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Yesss!”, she screamed, “Cum in me! Give it to me!”

That drove me over the edge as I screamed, “Ahhhh, shit!”, and I unloaded my hot spunk in her already sopping cunt.

We kartal escort laid there for a few minutes recovering from our mutual orgasms, breathing heavily. She finally said, “Fuck! I thought you were good at eating pussy, but you were even better at fucking my poor little pussy!”

We fucked a couple of more times before we fell asleep, exhausted. I got her number and every time I went back to Hawaii, which was about once a month, I would call her, and we would spend the week together. She turned out to be a great tour guide as well. She took me to several places on the Island, some well-known, and some only known to the locals. We also flew over to the Big Island once and toured the Volcano Park and Kona.

One time I told her I wanted to take her to dinner. She showed up at the BOQ and when I asked her where she wanted to go to eat, she said she had a surprise. Instead of going to a restaurant, she had a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, and a blanket in her car, and we had a nice picnic on a secluded beach. After she fed me some grapes and we drank the wine, we had a slow comfortable fuck on the blanket.

A few months later, I was in Hawaii again, and when the guy picked me up, he told me Cassandra had gone back to Louisiana on emergency leave because her father had died. He said she had applied for a hardship discharge and he didn’t think she was coming back. That meant no steady pussy for me. Oh, well!

I walked into the CPO Club one night and there were several tables pulled together with several rowdy women and only a couple of guys. I knew one of them from my previous visits and when he saw me, he called me over and told me to join them. He pointed to a busty blond girl and said, “It’s Tanya’s birthday!”

One of the girls sitting at the table laughed and teasingly asked, “How old are you, Tanya? Sixteen and never been kissed?”

She answered, “No, eighteen but still a virgin!” Everybody laughed.

“Then, what you need is a good lay!”, I offered.

Since we had never met before, she looked a little shocked, maybe offended, when she asked, “What?”

I recovered nicely by saying, “Isn’t that what you give a girl in Hawaii on her birthday? A nice lei?”

“Oh, a lei! Yeah, I guess that’s right.”

“By the way, I’m John. Nice to meet you, Tanya.”

We talked for quite a while and I bought her several drinks. By the end of the night, everyone was pretty buzzed so I offered to drive her home. When we got to her house, I parked and she leaned over to kiss me. She thanked me for driving her home, but before she got out of the car, I pulled her close and gave her another open mouth French kiss. She responded and before long we were making out like teenagers. After several minutes, she asked, “Would you like to come in?”

When we got inside, I said, “Nice house.”

“Yeah. I got it in the divorce. Make yourself comfortable. I want to collect on that lay you promised me.”

I heard and processed two things: Make yourself comfortable, and she wanted to collect on the Lay I promised her. I took that to mean “Let’s get down to business”, so I started getting undressed. She did the same, and when we were undressed, she asked, “You want to do it here or in the bedroom?”

“Hey, it’s your house so you choose. Doesn’t matter to me.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom, then. That couch isn’t that comfortable.”

When we got to the bedroom, she turned and gave me another of her hot kisses. I started squeezing one of her breasts and then leaned down to take a nipple in my mouth. I was enjoying squeezing and sucking her tit when she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand. She gave it a couple of strokes before popping the head in her mouth. She started sucking my cock while softly fondling my balls. I placed my hand on her head and started pumping back and forth. She was really slurping on my dick and I felt my climax building. I told her I was going to cum, and without slowing down, she just mumbled, “Um hm.” I couldn’t hold back anymore. I filled her mouth with cum, and she sucked and licked until she had swallowed every drop.

My knees were weak, and I thought I was going to fall. I reached over and put my hand on her night stand to balance myself. She pulled my now softening dick out of her mouth and said, “Awww, I didn’t get my lay.”

I told her not to worry about it and if she would lie down on the bed, I would take care of that. I started eating her sweet pussy and in no time at all, I was hard again. I fucked her once, to make good on my promise, and then two more times until we fell asleep.

When we woke up the next morning, we took a shower, had a cup of coffee, and she told me her story. She had been married to an asshole, she could prove he was an asshole in court, so she got the house and half of his income. She assured me she wasn’t in the habit of picking up men, she enjoyed hanging out with her women friends. I asked, “So, does that mean we won’t be doing this again?”

She said she really enjoyed the sex and would like to see me again. I explained that I was stationed in San Francisco, but I came to Hawaii about once a month for a week. She said she was originally from the Bay area and her mother still lived there. She agreed that she would meet me whenever I was in town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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