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The Clan Ch. 18

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Chapter 18 – Anthony

Anthony sat in his room staring at the ceiling and wondering what to do. His mother Brenda had picked him up from camp, driven him home, said good-night and gone to bed. During the whole time, from pick-up to good-night Anthony had watched and waited, but no signs were given by his mother. He sighed as he looked at his ceiling and wondered what he could do to start things off with his mother. Mind you, he was beginning to question Jeremy’s theory, at least where his mother was concerned. Brenda just didn’t seem to give any indication that she was sexually interested in her eighteen year old son at all. Finally sleep came to Anthony, and as he slept his mind worked on the problem at hand.

When Anthony woke the next morning, a fully developed plan was waiting for him to discover in his mind. It was just what he needed he told himself, as he tried to pick holes in it. Although he could find fault with his plan, he plugged them just as quickly as he found them. This was a great idea he told himself as he lay there admiring the ceiling. It would allow him to jump start something with his mother, but if she wasn’t on the wavelength Jeremy said she would be, then no harm would come. A perfect plan all round!

Anthony jumped off his bed having slept on top of the covers last night, and bounded out of his bedroom and down the passage to the kitchen where he knew he would find his mother. As always Brenda was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and sipping her Earl Grey tea.

“Hey mum I’ve had a great idea,” Anthony greeted his mother, who looked up with one of her indulgent smiles for her son.

“Oh, and what is it this time,” she asked a little sarcastically, as Anthony was famous within their family for his big plans and ideas.

“Let’s go out tonight to a restaurant, you know something nice for the two of us,” he proposed to his mother.

Brenda was taken aback considerably; this was not like her son, what had gotten into him. Yet, even as she thought this she also felt a quiver of excitement to think her son had though of them doing something like this together.

“What’s brought this on?” she asked with a grin to show she wasn’t opposed to the idea.

“Well you never go out on dates or anything, so I thought we could do something like that. Just you and me, because we like to do stuff together and I thought it would be nice if I took you out.”

Anthony held his breath as his mother considered his proposal, and then much to his relief she smiled that same indulgent smile that told him she had accepted his idea.

“Yeah, ok,” she began and then had a naughty little thought.

“But if we go out, you know as you said like a date, then you have to take me out like a date.”

Brenda wasn’t sure she knew what she meant herself, but Anthony’s face lit-up and he nodded.

“Oh yeah, all the trimmings like,” he replied as his mind raced ahead to the possibilities he could see. This was working out beautifully he told himself.

“You dress in what makes you feel good, you know what makes you feel real nice and I’ll dress to impress,” Anthony told his mother and now she was beaming as she could see the possibilities in her mind’s eye. Then a thought occurred to her.

“What would you like me to wear, seeing as how you’re taking me out?”

For the first time in his life Anthony could see a wicked glint in his mother’s eyes, and her smile looked cheeky, even naughty. He thought fast, but he knew what he liked his own mother in.

“Well that’s easy,” he said with a smile as naughty as his mother’s.

“That white skirt of yours and the red top with the low neckline,” he told her, thinking he may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

But Brenda’s naughty smile just got naughtier when she heard her son’s request.

“Ok, but you have to wear the nice trousers I bought you and you never wear, you know the black ones that look so good on you.”

Anthony could have sworn he heard his mother linger over the ‘so good’ as she gave him her instructions on his clothes for the evening. That was what he was hoping to hear, and it told him Jeremy may just have been right after all.

“And that lovely polo shirt your grandmother gave to you for your birthday and you’ve never worn.”

Anthony’s mind gave him a mental picture of what his mother wanted and as it did he could see why she had requested these clothes, they made him look more mature, sophisticated and they did show off his tall hard body. He grinned at his mother.

“No worries mum, just as you ask, but remember, you have to dress to make yourself feel special, you know sexy.” Again he held his breath, but his mother only smiled that naughty smile of hers and said.

“Oh I know what to wear to impress a young man.”

With that mother and son hardly saw each other for the rest of the day, as they went about their usual Saturday rituals; mind you Brenda began to get ready at 4.00 that afternoon for a 6.00 leave for dinner that canlı bahis night. Anthony followed his mother into the bathroom once she had finished. He did everything he could think of to make himself as presentable as possible for her. When he was finished half an hour later, he was pleasantly surprised at how well he had scrubbed up. However, he now had thirty minutes to wait for his mother, so he sat on the couch and waited.

When Brenda finally immerged from her bedroom and presented herself before her son, Anthony was gob-smacked. Brenda, in his eyes was drop-dead-gorgeous, and she was impressed at his reaction. Yes, her son was all grown up. She was wearing her red top with the low neckline, and did it show some cleavage; along with her little white skirt, and Anthony had forgotten just how short it was. He stood, and now it was Brenda’s turn to be impressed. In his black trousers and white polo Anthony looked extremely handsome to his mother, and she was even more impressed at how well his young hard body was enhanced by his clothing.

“Mum you look fantastic, you really do.”

Brenda could see her son meant every word by his expression. She found herself enjoying the impact on her son, knowing she had impressed him.

“I’m so proud of you mum, when I look at you like this, you just look so good.”

Anthony was caught up is his feelings for his mother, because how she was dressed was arousing him.

“I’m such a lucky son to have you as my date tonight; I’ll be the envy of all the men at the restaurant. I’m so proud of you.”

“You’ve already told me that,” Brenda told her son in a soft voice he rarely heard her use with him.

Anthony could see his words and reaction had had an affect on his mother, as her expression could only be described at sultry and she looked a little flushed. ‘That’s the key,’ thought Anthony, and he decided to keep the compliments coming all the way to the restaurant. He offered his arm to his mother, because he believed that’s what she would want her date should do. Brenda took her son’s arm and her sultry look deepened as she looked into his eyes, Anthony beamed at her.

“Shall we?” Anthony asked and led her to the front door and out of the house.

“Man you look so beautiful, and to think I’m your date for tonight. Man am I lucky,” Anthony continued his earlier stream of compliments. He suddenly felt more daring.

“To think I’m your man for tonight. Life doesn’t get much better than this,” he finished watching his mother’s expression the whole time.

Anthony noticed his mother was sort of squirming on the spot as they stood arm in arm, and he smiled to himself.

“Come on, before you embarrass your old mum to death,” Brenda reminded him. Anthony’s expression suddenly became very serious and determined.

“Mum you’re not old and you are beautiful,” he emphasized as he looked deep into her eyes and Brenda could see just how much he believed this.

“I am very proud to go with you tonight, and I can’t think who else I’d rather go with.”

Anthony had watched his mother closely as he said all this, without trying to be too obvious about it. Brenda seemed to melt a little at her son’s words, delivered with such conviction. She leaned a bit closer to him, her breathing was deeper and faster and her eyes took on a dreamy quality. Anthony was certain now; this was the key to his mum.

“Let’s go beautiful,” Anthony whispered to his mum.

As Brenda drove them to the restaurant Anthony had booked earlier, his eye continued to stray to her thighs and short skirt. However, Brenda did a wonderful job retaining her modesty and dignity all through the trip, and even when she stepped out of the car. Although impressed, Anthony was really hoping to see more, a lot more. However, his plan was being realized beautifully. During their time in the car Anthony had kept the talk light, he was waiting for when they were in the restaurant before continuing his flow of compliments.

Once in the restaurant and seated at a table against the wall, as Anthony had requested in his booking, mother and son began to chat about nothing in particular. However, Anthony punctuated their conversation with compliments, and his mother’s dreamy, sultry look returned.

The restaurant was mostly full, and the crowd brought the noise level up considerably. Therefore, Brenda and Anthony had to lean toward each other to hear and to be heard. Eventually, Brenda moved her chair closer to her son, making the distance between them virtually non-existent. The closeness also allowed Anthony an unobscured view of the top of his mother’s thighs, as her skirt continued to creep up as they sat and talked. Brenda had been adjusting it for the first ten minutes of being seated, each time it threatened to display to her son more than she was willing for him to see. However, now as it crept, Brenda made no attempt to hide herself from her son. Anthony knew he only had to wait. And then the waiter came and covered the focus of Anthony’s desire with bahis siteleri his mother’s napkin, as he wrote their orders.

They ordered their entrées, and Anthony knew he had to try to steer the conversation onto more titillating subjects, if he had any hope of seducing his mother. Brenda seemed very open to discuss anything her son ventured, until half way through their entrees Anthony thought the time was right. For a young man his age Anthony appeared far more mature than his years, and now he brought all his knowledge he had gleaned from Jeremy’s DVDs to the conversation.

“So mum, do you feel good tonight?” It seemed an innocent question.

“Yeah, I do thanks love,” Brenda answered with a smile, and she did seem to be enjoying herself.

“Do you feel sexy tonight?”

“Yeah, I do,” his mother replied in voice that had a hint of sultriness to it.

“And why do you feel sexy mum?” Anthony asked as he deliberately licked his fork suggestively for his mother to see.

This was not lost on Brenda at all, who couldn’t help but smile at her son’s action, and squirm subconsciously on her chair much to Anthony’s delight.

“Oh the nice invitation from my handsome son, taking my time getting ready, this lovely restaurant, you know that sort of thing,” Brenda ventured, but Anthony thought his mother had more to tell so he pressed.

“What else is making you feel sexy tonight, because there are other things aren’t there?”

“Oh the fact that you asked me to wear this top and skirt,” his mother replied without hesitation and she was just the slightest shade of red.

“You enjoy me asking you to wear them?”

“Yeah I do,” Brenda said, becoming a little more red.

“Why, do they make you feel sexy?” Anthony didn’t take his eye off her face.

“Well because you care about me to ask, and this skirt especially makes me feel sexy… it always does.”

Anthony quickly glanced down to his mother’s lap, and he had to restrain himself from making a sound of surprise. She had pulled her napkin up high on her tummy and her skirt had ridden up unchecked, so now he could see her panties; just the slightest of glimpses, but he could see the sheer material.

“What else is making you feel sexy?” he continued to press his mother as she finally finished her entrée. Anthony had finished minutes earlier.

Brenda looked up at her son, and she definitely had a grin of challenge on her mouth.

“Whatever do you mean?”

Her tone was enough to tell her son to continue his line of questions. Anthony had no qualms being more explicit, he was very aroused as the stiffness in his nice black trousers could testify.

“Do you have sexy panties on?”

He held his breath, but Brenda didn’t pause in her answer.

“Yes, I do,” she said with that sultry hint in her voice again, staring into her son’s eyes.

There was her challenge again, as if to ask ‘can you really handle this?’

Just before Anthony could question his mother further the waiter arrived to collect their dishes, and Brenda discretely slid her napkin down. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife as the waiter seemed to take an age to clear away the empty plates. Once he was out of ear shot Anthony looked at his mother as she slid her napkin back up and he whispered to her,

“So why do your panties make you feel sexy?”

His heart was pounding as his blood pumped loudly in his ears.

“Because my panties are snug fitting and sheer, and when I wear them I feel very sexy,” Brenda whispered her explanation and squirmed on her chair again.

Anthony was looking from his mother’s face to her lap, as she deliberately exposed her panties to him.

“Did you look at yourself in you full length mirror after you put them on?”

“Yes, I wanted to see if they still looked good on me.”

“Do they?”

“Yes they do.”

“Did you feel how nice they felt on you as you looked at yourself?”

“Yes I did.”

“Tell me about it mum, what did you do?”

Brenda was breathing harder now, as her son’s whispered questions had aroused her greatly — and she liked it. Her question had been answered; her son was up for this. Brenda was feeling light headed, but was thrilled by her son’s attention and where he was steering the conversation. She felt alive, appreciated and desire for the first time since… well it had been a very long time.

“I stood just in my panties and looked at my body. I was pleased to see my titties are still firm,” she confessed to her son in a breathless whisper.

“Did you touch yourself?” was her son’s next whispered question, and Brenda knew it was coming

As Brenda looked away to gather her thoughts Anthony quickly glanced into her lap, and this time far more of his mother’s sheer panties were showing. He could just make out the shape of her pussy, and was sure he could see skin beneath the material of her panties. Before Brenda looked back at her son his eyes returned to her face, but he had to force bahis şirketleri himself to tear his eyes from the beautiful sight in her lap. She looked back into his eyes and spoke.

“That’s not a question a son should be asking his mother,” she stalled for time.

“But I’m asking you mum. Did you touch yourself,” was his whispered reply; he would not be put off and Brenda knew it.

She could feel her body responding to her son’s questions, betraying her otherwise strong sense of right and wrong — although even there in that part of her mind, she was finding reasons to say yes. Deep inside, Brenda had always known that this could happen, and now it was she who wasn’t quite sure what to do. Her whole being was beginning to sing from the same hymn sheet.

“Yes,” was Brenda’s one word reply, because she was afraid of what she might blurt out.

“Tell me what you did mum?” whispered her son and his voice mesmerized her.

“You had better know what you’re doing if you start this,” Brenda told her son and he smiled.

“I want you as my lady for the rest of our lives,” was his serious, whispered reply, and by his expression Brenda was left in no doubt that he was indeed serious.

That pushed her over the edge of doubt.

Brenda preceded to tell her eighteen year old son, who seemed so much older tonight everything; how she touched her titties (as she referred to them), rubbed her hand over her panties before sliding it into them. Anthony asked his mother if she was thinking of anyone while touching herself, and she had no moral dilemma telling him she was thinking of her own son — Anthony. He smiled at his mum and looked down at her hand in her lap, to see she was gently stroking her pussy through her panties.

“Does that feel good mum?”

“Oh yesss,” his mother answered as she too looked into her lap to see her fingers gently raking over her panties, and without hesitation she spread her legs to reveal more of her bulging pussy.

“You like touching yourself in front of me don’t you?” Anthony whispered.

“Oh yesss,” his mother whispered back as her right hand moved slowly over her panties.

Anthony took a quick look around the restaurant to make sure they were not being watched, and the waiter wasn’t coming. The coast was clear, so his eyes darted straight back to his mother’s lap. There he saw her fingers still lightly raking over her panties and between her legs. Brenda watched her son’s face as he watched her touch herself for him. They looked into each others eyes for about a minute, although it seemed much shorter when Anthony saw the waiter out of the corner of his eye. He pulled his mother’s napkin over her exposed panties and her hand without drawing attention. Brenda managed to stop touching herself as the waiter served them their main course.

Mother and son ate quickly in silence, looking at each other like little kids who were sharing a secret — which they were. Their meal together, in this now new relationship between mother and son went quickly. Brenda ceased playing with her pussy knowing she was so aroused she might embarrass herself, and Anthony was glad she did in case he embarrassed himself. Neither of them wanted to cum in the crowded restaurant; they wanted to cum with each other at their home. As soon as they were finished Anthony called for the cheque and Brenda paid it. They were out of the restaurant in double quick time and on the road home just as quickly. They spoke little in the car, each in their own day-dream of the other. Both knew what they were going to do when they got home.

Once inside their front door and it was shut securely behind them, Brenda turned to her son and grabbed him.

“Baby, you’d better be up for this because you’ve got mummy all turned on and I need you to fuck me long and hard.”

Anthony gently pushed his mother against the wall next to the front door, turned on the hall light illuminating them both clearly and then spoke to her like he had before — in a confident whisper.

“Lift up your skirt and show me your panties mum,” his voice was filled with authority and tinged with demand.

Brenda was taken aback by her son’s tone, to the extent she felt slightly intimidated. In her aroused state it turned her on all the more. She reached slowly to the hem of her skirt and lifted just as slowly, exposing her panties to her son.

“That’s it mum, show your son your panties. You denied me a proper look in the restaurant, don’t ever do that again… will you?”

His voice was so commanding, Brenda didn’t want to deny her son anything — ever. She slowly nodded her head in agreement.

“No mum, tell me,” his voice was so commanding.

“I’ll never deny you son, never.”

Brenda was panting now and squirming against the wall as she held her skirt up. Anthony stared at his mother’s panties.

“What won’t you deny me mum, tell me, tell me everything,” and he moved a little closer to her.

His words and movement caused his mother to squirm all the more and moan at his orders.

“I’ll never deny you looking at my panties, never.”

“Touch yourself mum, show your son how you touch yourself and tell me what you’re doing,” her son continued to order her.

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