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The Experiment Ch. 01

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All individuals involved in sexual activity are consenting adults 18 years old or older. All events and people within this story are fictional and created solely as a work of erotic entertainment.


“You still haven’t been able to lactate?!” Meiko exclaimed, “It has been almost a day since we last talked and still nothing?”

Jennifer was exhausted and quickly growing frustrated with this experiment. “No, but I can tell that I’m close,” she said reassuringly.

“I implore you to reconsider freeing up your breasts as much as you can,” he reiterated with that annoying, raspy voice of his.

“But my situation with my son-“

“Jennifer. I understand how troubling your situation is. However, the amount of money invested into this project is too great for you to worry about your son,” he said impatiently as the line went dead.

Dejected, Jennifer sat back in her chair and looked down at herself. Her breasts strained within the confines of her t-shirt, begging to be set free, wet by her leaky nipples.

What I’m about to do will change my relationship with my son forever, she thought as she grabbed the hem of her shirt with both her hands. But it’s something I have to do.

She pulled her shirt up by the hem over her breasts. Her right nipple rubbed against the hem as its breast tumbled out before the same happened with the left.

She pulls her shirt over her head and throws it onto her bed and looks to her left at a mirror. Her breasts stood out obscenely.

Perhaps it could work. Chris didn’t wear a shirt sometimes on really hot days, so it shouldn’t be that different if she did the same.


Tomorrow morning, it was very different.

Chris gawked at her chest when they were trapped in a shirt. Having been released, her boobs had grown a noticeable amount because of the serum. The first time he saw her topless, his shorts went from baggy, to tightly stretched across his gigantic member which seemed to sincan escort have swelled to eight inches long very quickly. He quickly tried to cover up, but she had seen enough to have an effect on her. Despite being covered by his shorts, the veins and ridges of Chris’s cock were clearly visible; much so that Jennifer could feel herself heating up and getting wet between her legs.

The idea that her budding son could find pleasure in her thirty-year-old body left her in disbelief. Normally, Jennifer hated this kind of staring when it happened to her at work when her co-workers her age treated her nipples like her eyes, but the fact that a younger man found her sexy made her feel desirable and confident – even if that young man happened to be her son.

Being topless, her breasts jiggled without restraint with the slightest of movements. As they ate, she could tell that her son was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off of her tits and she repeatedly saw him trying to nonchalantly readjust his seemingly-perpetual erection under the tablecloth.

Her breasts were also dripping profusely. At one point, as Jennifer reached across the table for something, several large drops of her milk fell into Chris’s cup of coffee. She didn’t say anything, and he still drank the cup. Either he didn’t know, or he pretended not to notice taking a sip shortly after. Either way, Jennifer couldn’t help but get slightly aroused at the fact that her son just enjoyed some of her breast milk coffee.

The warmth and dampness between her legs intensified.

When asked about his own progress with the serum, Chris said that, like herself, he said that he was “definitely growing down there, and I’m producing a lot more … you know …”

“Cum?” she chimed in, slightly surprised at her own use of the dirty, sexual slur. This serum seemed to not only change the way her body looked, but also seemed to affect the way she talked and acted. She’d have to sincan escort bayan be more careful next time.

He initially looked taken aback at the word before smiling. “Yeah, I’m producing so much more cum lately. But it’s also taking me so much more time to cum than before,” Chris said as he adjusted his cock once again, suddenly interested in his food again.

Sensing his growing discomfort that was largely caused by her large breasts, a devious idea form in Jennifer’s mind that they could both benefit from. “I was on a call with Meiko earlier today and he said that wearing clothes over the experimented area can restrict the production of fluids- for me that’s my milk and for you,” don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it, “your cum.” Now it was her turn to smile.

Chris’s head shot forward, his eyes wide as he shifted in his seat, sputtering to find words.

A war was going on in her head – one side, her motherly side, begging her to take control of the risky conversation that she was responsible for starting, the other side, her horny, re-emerging teenager, serum-induced side, coaxing her to get Chris to cum onto her inflating tits right then.

Her horny side was winning.

Finally rediscovering his voice, Chris responded, “Do you mean-“

“Yes,” she said, cutting him off. “I’m suggesting that you stop restricting your dick’s growth so that I can see how big it’s become-” she caught herself, blushing, a small, warm puddle forming between her legs, “for scientific purposes, of course,” I winked. My motherly side was screaming right now while the serum ignored it completely, tilting my chin up and biting my lip seductively.

“Of course,” he grinned. “I’ll consider that.”


Once breakfast was over and the table was cleared, Jennifer took refuge to her room, locked the door, found her favourite vibrator, largest dildo and nipple clamps, laid back on her bed and went to town on herself.

Several escort sincan minutes later, she came explosively, screeching, while wetting the bed and thrashing about as she had the best orgasm she ever had.

As she recovered, she realized she had made two mistakes: she was late for work, and that Chris was in the house. She had moaned loudly during orgasm while Chris, her son, was still home. Her motherly side chided herself excessively as she got ready for work. She changed her clothes, cleaned up a bit, and was at the door putting on her shoes relatively quickly. She was just about to head out the door when she heard the loudest groan upstairs: her son.

She should have left right away, but her horny side knew what she wanted. She stayed, cocking her head to one side to listen better. The noise was coming from the bathroom. Despite having just came, she could feel heat radiating from between her legs. She stayed for another minute as the moaning subsided, followed by the flush of a toilet.

If took every ounce of self control to leave the house and go to work. She was needed in the lab to deposit their samples.

As she sat down in front of the steering wheel, she could feel that her panties had already soaked through. As she drove, all she could think of were her son’s moans. She was so wet.

As she got to the first red light, she took her hands off of the wheel and onto her pussy. She was boiling. Two of her left fingers probed past her warm, silky labia as her right thumb rubbed her pink button in loving, aggressive circles.

Her breathing sped up as she closed her eyes. Progressively quickening her assault on her pussy, her climax approaching if she just kept going for a little longer-

Her reverie was rudely interrupted as the car behind her honked its horn. She opened her eyes to be greeted by the sight of two green lights staring her in the face. She reluctantly removed her hands from her pantyline and flung them on the wheel as she pressed the gas pedal. She watched as the pussyjuice from her hands dripped down the curve of the steering wheel.

She sighed in sexual frustration; today was gonna be a long day.


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