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The F Company Ch. 05: Goa Continued

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“Good morning princess!” Feroz greeted his niece Farah. They had decided to spend an entire day together.

“Good morning Feroz uncle!” Farah said with a bright smile.

“Take care and don’t stay out too late,” Kashmira, Farah’s mother told both of them as they hopped in the jeep. As the jeep left Kashmira lingered at the door for a while remembering her previous night with her younger brother and the pleasure she had received. Even the memories made her vagina wet and she felt an irresistible urge to satisfy herself. She closed the door rushed towards her bedroom to relieve herself.

“How have you been my little princess?” that’s what Feroz liked to call her since she was a kid.

“I’m good. How are you? I heard the police is troubling Grandpa and uncle Faizal,” Farah enquired.

“Wow! You have really grown up,” Feroz admired Farah asking mature questions, “You don’t need to worry, my love. I’ll be taking care of everything.”

“I’m sure, you will. You always make everyone happy,” she said in a slightly different tone. Feroz couldn’t figure out what she meant exactly. But he didn’t push. He just smiled. She was wearing cotton hot pants and a short crop top hardly covering her small breasts. She had the wind in her untied silky hair, making them look even more beautiful.

They chatted about various things. She told him about her new college life, how things are shaping up. He told her about his recent visit to Europe and the beauty there. He was driving the jeep and she was sitting next to him. She often touched his thighs and shoulders throughout the drive and leaned on him when she laughed aloud. Was it deliberate? Feroz couldn’t figure it out. But his niece was grown into an attractive young woman and it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t attracted towards her. From her behaviour, it was quite clear that she had a crush on her young handsome uncle Feroz. So along with that affectionate drive, the awkward silences created a little sexual tension between the two.

They were heading towards Barasol fort. It was a small Portuguese fort built in the sixteenth century on Barasol island near the coast of south Goa. It’s not a tourist hotspot, nor anyone lives there. The fort is in ruins now. In the early 90s, The F company had used it as a stopping point on its smuggling route. The smuggled goods would be transferred here in smaller boats and sent to Goa’s various docks. The corrupt officials of the coast guard had turned a blind eye to all this. But when more comfortable and easier smuggling routes got established the island lost its importance. Later on, Farooq had got the island from the government on a lease of 99 years to build a hotel and develop it as another tourist destination. But the project had not taken off in the past 5 years and the island was left idle. Feroz always used it for his parties with friends. Sometimes all the family members in Goa would visit here together, including Feroz’s stepmom Sarah and her daughters Lisa and Jia. They would hang out, chat and laugh. It was their favourite spot.

They reached the dock. He parked the jeep.

“Your boat is ready Mr Khan,” A guy at the dock informed Feroz. He nodded and got in the boat. Then he stretched his hand to give Farah support. She took his hand and hopped into the boat. Feroz started the engine. The boat swirled into the sea and Feroz navigated it like a pro. He wore a light blue coloured shirt and shorts. In his aviator goggles, he looked extremely attractive. Farah admired him. He looked like everything the teenager would hope to have in her man. He was gentlemanly, rich, respectful and very efficient in the things he does. She hugged him from behind.

“Thank you for this plan uncle Feroz.”

“The pleasure is all mine darling!” Feroz exclaimed.

Within 30 minutes they reached the island. It was a beautiful lush green small island with a beautiful white sand beach on the other. The ruins of the fort gave it an antique look. The Khan family had built a small cabin here for such outings. Feroz’s men had already made all the necessary arrangements of food and beers. Farah had turned 18 recently and today, though she had had alcohol earlier with friends, this was the first she was going to drink with a grown-up and a family member.

“Come on uncle Feroz, let’s get changed and hit the beach.”


Feroz removed his clothes and changed into his swimming trunks and took beers in an icebox outside on the beach. He waited for Farah to come. As he opened his beer bottle and the fizzing liquid came out, so did Farah in her lovely red two-piece bikini. Feroz kept staring at her. She was looking stunning. Her long hair tied in a high ponytail. She had beautiful legs and sexy butt cheeks divided only by a thin line of her panties. She wore fancy glares.

“Wow, Farah! You look like a professional model,” Feroz admired his niece.

“Thank you, uncle Feroz,” She glanced at his bare body. His attractive abs, beefy biceps and visibly strong muscled shoulders demetevler escort were good enough to turn any woman on, “The same applies to you too. Look at you! You look like a greek god!”

She kept her handbag down and sat next to him on the mat on the beach. He offered her chilled beer. She took a long sip.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes! It’s fantastic,” Farah answered. As she gulped another sip it was now quite evident that Feroz was having hots for his niece. He had a huge erection now, clearly visible. He deliberately didn’t hide it. He was just gauging the waters, trying to figure out whether she felt the same about him. He had several hints so far during their journey here. She had touched him, leaned against him, hugged him; laughed at his jokes, and openly admired his body.

“Come on!” Farah got up finishing her pint, “let’s go and take a dip into the sea.”

They both run towards sea waves and jumped into them. The next hour or so went by playing, swimming in the sea. She splashed water on him, he did the same to her. It was intimate. She seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly. Feroz wasn’t sure about whether he should make a move or not. He refrained, even after she casually kissed him on his cheeks.

They got out of the water and opened a couple of beers more. They were sitting on the mat and now she rested her head on his thighs facing upwards towards him. She looked gorgeous with her wet hair, glowing skin and the salty smell of her body. He was aroused quickly. She felt the movement of his erected dick near her left ear. She gently pushed against it without saying anything. Even started brushing it with her head and casually kept her hand on his shoulder. He was thrilled and got goosebumps. He leaned ahead towards her lips. She didn’t stop him. He leaned a bit more. Their warm breaths got mixed. Their lips were hardly a couple of inches apart. And suddenly she backed off and got up, visibly disturbed.

“Should we get inside the cabin? It’s too hot here now.” She uttered the words, not very convincingly though. He was feeling guilty on one hand for making a move on his niece, while on the other, he was sure that she was the one who teased him for the whole day. He nodded to her suggestion and they both headed to the cabin.

It was much cooler inside, thanks to the Air conditioner. He unpacked the food quietly on the table. They both sat at the table eating their food, drinking another round of beers. Soon, he broke the silence and started talking about casual subjects like films. She responded to him and the sexual tension between the two eased out a bit. Slowly the discussions turned towards serious topics like love and relationships and business. The discussions were warm and intimate.

His feet, under the table accidentally touched hers. She didn’t say anything and remained calm. He moved it a bit towards her knee. Rubbed his toe on the backside of her knees. She smiled at him and kept eating. Her smile made him bold, he moved his leg upwards touching her inner thighs. She froze.

“Have you ever been with a man Farah?” Feroz asked.

“No… I mean… I had kissed my boyfriend. But that’s all.”

“So you have a boyfriend?”

“I had, but not anymore.”


“Dad found out about it. And, when he offered him money to stay away from me, he accepted the deal and left the town.”

“Oh shit!”

“Yeah, I was so angry at dad. But mom made me see that how fragile and fake his love was. He wasn’t meant for me. She told me that I deserved a better man.” She looked deep into his eyes at the last statement.

“That’s right,” he smiled and moved his toe going further on her inner thighs. It reached her panties. There was a shiver in her body. He reached for her clitoris. She didn’t say anything.

“Do you do this with every woman you meet?” Suddenly she asked him in a cold emotionless tone.

“What?” He pulled back his leg, “what do you mean?”

“Do you think I’m a whore like my mother?” Her tone hardened with disgust on her face.

“What are you saying, Farah?” Feroz was confused.

“I’m not a kid anymore, uncle Feroz,” She paused for a bit and stared at him, ” My mother is your real sister and still, you have no fucking shame in doing her,” she accused in a curt loud voice.

“No no, There’s a misunderstanding…”

“Don’t deny it. I saw that you fucked her yesterday night.”

“I can explain.”

“Explain? Really? You fucked your sister and then make a move on her daughter?” She was almost in her tears now, “Don’t you have any shame?”

“No Farah, it’s not like that,” He got up to go towards her.

“Stay away from me” she yelled at him. But he still went up to her and tried holding her.

“Don’t touch me.” she got away from me yelling, “I thought you loved me. Whenever I dreamt of a man who deserves me, I thought of no one else but you. But you? You were fucking my mother.”

“Farah, listen to me.”

“And that’s why you wanted to get dikmen escort rid of my father too.” she started crying, “You sent him to Panama.”

“No, no that’s not true.”

“Yes, that’s the truth. You are a sister fucker who has no respect for my love towards you. And you don’t deserve to live,” she said determinedly.

“What are you saying?”

“Feroz Khan, I’m sentencing you to die,” she pulled out a gun from her handbag and pointed to Feroz.

“What the fuck!” Feroz was startled by her gesture and was genuinely scared when he saw the gun, “F…Farah… don’t do anything stupid.”

“Loving you was stupid. I’m just making things right.”

“No… I love you. I really do.”

“Then what the fuck were you doing with my mom?” She screamed, “I saw both of you. First, I thought you were just comforting her as her husband was gone out of the country now. But then she took your dick in her mouth, you sucked to her boobs.”

“Yes… yes… we did that, and I’m sorry Farah, but I indeed love you.”

“Then why would you not make love to me? Why do you choose her? Is it because she has better boobs?”

“What? N..No!” He stepped towards her. But she suddenly pointed the gun firmly again and shouted,

“Stay where you are. You sent my father away to fuck my mother and you didn’t care about breaking my heart.”

“Listen to me, Farah,” Feroz stared at her and said in a firm voice, “I need you to know that I love you, just the way I love your mom. You are my family and I have no favourites. We support each other, help each other and make each other happy. But we shouldn’t kill each other, okay? Just be calm, lower your gun and come to me. We can talk, okay?” His little talk made her think. As she was in her deep thoughts he suddenly jumped ahead and grabbed her hand. In an almost reflex reaction,

“Bam!” she fired a gunshot. Luckily the bullet missed Feroz’s shoulder and hit the wall behind him. He now grabbed her gun and slapped her hard.

“ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS, FARAH??” He was very angry and very upset, “You just tried to kill your uncle.” He slapped her again.

“Yeah, tried to kill the one who doesn’t love his niece back.” She answered him back with fierce resistance. He slapped her again and pinned her down on the floor. Her face had turned red due to his slapping and now she was weeping heavily.

“For how many times, should I tell you that I love you. You are my little princess.” His frustration was evident in his voice.

“Really? prove it to me.” She challenged him, unaware of what she was asking. He paused for a full minute. Stared at her and suddenly, with a sheer brute force, ripped her bikini apart. And he squeezed her tiny breasts in his big hands.

“I’m going to prove to you that I love you,” he said with still some anger in his tone, “But for your reckless behaviour, you are going to get punished too.”

Before even she could answer him he started sucking her nipples. He sucked them hard and then bit them, pinched them. She moaned with pain. He removed his swimming trunks to present his erected cock.

“Now you are going to take it all, you bitch,” He held her head and forced it towards his dick. And in a swift jerky action, he thrust it in her tiny mouth.

“Hmmph…” she struggled.

“Take it all in..” he instructed. She tried to follow it. It went deep inside her till her throat. She was choked. He pulled it out. She coughed hard due to breathlessness. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“That’s right. You need to be punished for not trusting me. For not understanding my love,” he slapped his hard dick on her face, on her lips.

“Aah!” she moaned. He slapped her again with his hands now.

“Is it painful? Good. You need to learn to find pleasure in your pains.”

“Feroz uncle, I’m sorry,” Farah said.

“Sorry? Do you think that you will get away with just an apology?”

“N… no… punish me the way you want, Feroz uncle. I’m all yours.” She took the cock in her mouth again, this time without him forcing her. She took it deep.

“Aah! That’s good, Farah” He held her silky long hair in his fist, “Suck it, suck it well. You have seen your mom doing it. Do it like her, make me happy,” It was just a matter of few minutes and he shot his cum. Quickly Her mouth got filled with it.

“Gulp it you little slut. I don’t want even a drop falling out of your mouth. Swallow it completely.”

She drank all of his cum. Both of them took hold of their breaths. She looked at him with apology and regret in her eyes.

“Feroz uncle, I never wanted to upset you.”

“But you did upset me, Farah,” Feroz said, “How can you shoot at your uncle?”

“I wasn’t thinking straight I guess. I was jealous and felt left out.”

“Just because I made love with your mom? But did you forget that she’s my sister too? I can and rather, I should love her too. That’s what family does.”

“I understand. Something terrible had taken over me. I deserve any punishment ankara escort you give me.”

“Any punishment, huh?”

“Yes, uncle Feroz.”

“Come over here, you little slut,” he pulled her closer, kissed her and then bent her over a table, “this is a pretty ass you have here.”

He spanked her once.


“Did it hurt?”


He spanked her again, this time harder.

“How was it?”

“It hurts, uncle Feroz.”

“Good.” He spanked her again.

“Yes, I deserve it.” she screamed and moaned loudly, “Ahh… oh god! Yes, punish me.”

He spanked her hard till her butt cheeks turned red. Then he pulled down her panties. The spanking and her moaning had already made him horny and hard.

He inserted his tool into her from behind.

“Aah!” This louder moan was a clear sign of her seal getting broken. Farah wasn’t a virgin anymore. He started fucking her. With every thrust, he would spank her butt cheeks or her tiny boobs. Hair pulling made it wilder.

“Oh yeah… fuck fuck fuck… fuck me harder, Feroz Uncle… Punish your stupid niece.”

He hadn’t been with an 18-years-old virgin in a long long time. He had come to Goa to send Abbas away and take full control of the business here. But things had turned in his favour in terms of sexual pleasures. Now when he thought, he realized that he had fucked three generations of his family. He started with his mother Fatima a few days back, then her daughter and Feroz’s elder sister Kashmira offered herself to him, and now Kashmira’s daughter, Fatima’s granddaughter Farah was getting fucked wildly in a cabin on an island. This was unreal. He couldn’t believe his luck. He hadn’t planned fucking his mother. But his wife, Alina made it happen. He hadn’t planned fucking his sister, but the circumstances made her vulnerable and in a desperate attempt to seek pleasures she found herself sucking her brother’s cock. And Farah, the sweet little Farah, who always had a crush on her uncle finally got her dream fulfilled by getting fucked by him.

All these thoughts made him hornier and harder. He kept fucking his niece from behind and soon it was almost impossible for him to hold. He filled his niece’s wet pussy with his warm cum. They both lied on the floor for some time. She was obviously, feeling some pain in her lower abdomen and around her vagina. It was brutally destroyed with a giant cock. But she was feeling almost like being high on drugs. She felt nice, she felt pleasures. She was feeling lighter.

A couple of hours later, they got up. They came to their senses. She felt ashamed that she had attempted to kill her uncle and on the other hand, he felt bad for the way he treated her while fucking.

“I’m sorry again, uncle Feroz.” Farah apologized, “I’ll never ever do anything stupid like that.”

“I’m sorry too, my love.” Feroz embraced his little niece, “I was very hard on you. Did it hurt very bad?” she shook her head negatively and smiled,

“I deserved it and besides I enjoyed it too.”

They both got into their jeep once they reached the dock.

“You know, we should keep this whole episode a secret,” Feroz suggested.

“Yes of course. My lips are sealed,” Farah said in a teasing tone, “Whatever happens on Barasol island stays on Barasol island.”

He looked at her and smiled.

“You know, I’m going to miss you back home in Bombay.”

“Keep visiting me here, uncle Feroz.”

“I will.”

They drove towards home. But he didn’t forget to stop by a medical shop to get her an emergency contraceptive.

“We don’t want your mom to know about us, right?” he winked and handed over her the tablet.

“How was your outing my love?” Kashmira enquired to her daughter.

“It was fantastic mom. Uncle Feroz certainly knows how to please me,” she said before heading towards her room.

“It looks like you had real fun today,” Kashmira said to Feroz who had followed Farah.

“Haha, yes! She’s a lovely girl. We chatted, had a dip in the sea, drank some beer and played some games.”

“Tonight is your last night in Goa, Feroz,” Kashmira said with a naughty tone, “Don’t you want to play games with Farah’s mother now?” she bit her lower lip.

“Of course! I’m not going to let you sleep tonight. The day was reserved for the daughter and night is for the mother now.” He winked.

When Feroz boarded the plane the next day, he was very satisfied with his Goa mission. He was not only taking control of the F Company but also the F family.

“Hello” Feroz answered his phone before the flight takes off, “Yes Abba (dad). Goa is under control. I’m going to go to Delhi before heading back home to Bombay. Yes… yes… What?? What are you saying?? That’s horrible. Okay… okay… let me handle this. Yes… I’ll keep you informed. Yes… you take care. And stay there for some more time till I sort everything here.” As he finished his call with his dad, he smiled to himself and called the Air hostess, “Shirley, there’s a slight change in the plan. Ask the captain to take the plane to Kochi. I have some business there.”

As she left for the cockpit, he relaxed in his chair. Everything was going according to his plan. The business in the Mallu country was ripe to take over. And that’s exactly what he was going to do.

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