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The Girl Next Door Ch. 03

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“So, you finally got to fuck the boy next door.”

The voice from the bedroom doorway was like a bucket of cold water in the face. Dawn jumped off of me and pulled the bedcover up to her neck, trying to hide herself. I tried to cover myself with my hands but any attempt at modesty was pretty stupid considering my dick was still semi-hard and shiny with a mixture of our juices.

“Get out!” screamed Dawn. “Get out or I’ll tell mum.”

I looked at the doorway and saw Dawn’s twin sister Elizabeth, leaning against the door.

“Oh really?” she sneered, “I’d love to be there when that happens. ‘Mum, tell Liz, she keeps coming in my room when the naughty boy from next door is fucking my brains out'”. This last part was said in a clear imitation of Dawn’s best goody-two-shoes voice. In spite of myself I let out a little bark of laughter. I think it was the sheer terror of being caught but whatever it was it seemed to encourage Liz.

” ‘Oh really dear, well run along and don’t bother your sister while she’s got her pussy stuffed full of cock'”. She really was a first class mimic, I recognised straight away the nasal twang of their mother and the fact that what she was saying was filth gave the whole thing a real comic edge.

Dawn’s head snapped around and she gave me a look of real fury. “Don’t laugh at her!” she screamed, “she thinks she’s so funny, always putting on her little voices. Well for your information you’re just a dirty little tramp with a filthy mouth”. This last bit was directed back at Liz, who snorted with genuine laughter.

“Yeah right. You’re the one covered in spunk and I’m the tramp. You really are too much”.

She started to walk into the room and I noticed that even though there was no difference between their ages Lizzy seemed the older of the two, even though in fact Dawn had been born first. She was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and a purple crop top that was obviously the only thing covering her tits. Although she wasn’t blessed with the same sort of stack as her sister, they were shaping up nicely and the nipples looked like pencil erasers poking through the flimsy material. I had heard my mum and dad whispering about what a shame it was that two daughters could be so different and I could see straight away that although they looked the same; short blonde hair, pale blue eyes, this was a different package altogether.

Dawn pulled the cover higher up on her body as Liz sat on the edge of the bed. She was playing it cool but I could see her stealing glances at my softening dick, her eyes widening a little.

“What are you going to do”, said Dawn, in a small voice.

“Well now” smirked Liz, inspecting her nails. “That all depends on what’s in it for me.”

I was keeping very quiet, looking from one sister to the other. This was sibling politics, a game that every kid has to learn. I knew that Lizzy had us in a tight position and I prayed that Dawn could somehow get her to keep our secret.

I’ll give you anything you want”, said Dawn. “Money, clothes, whatever, just don’t tell”.

“You haven’t got any money and I don’t like your prissy clothes. Oh no, what I want big sister is some of what your getting, after all we’re always being told to share”. As she said this she ran her finger along my thigh causing me to jump as if I’d been hit with 10,000 volts.

“Get out!” Dawn shouted again, but this time her tone was more despair than anger.

“Fine!” said Liz ” I’ll just pop down stairs and call mum at work. Tell her what a terrible little slut you are”. She started to move off the bed but Dawn’s voice stopped her.

“Wait!” Dawn looked at me in desperation, “if she tells I’ll be dead meat”, she wailed, “What are we going to do?”

I wasn’t sure what to say, Dawn was right, we would both catch hell if this came out, but being at the mercy of her spiteful sister did not appeal to me either.

“Look, I don’t want to tell” Liz’s voice had taken on a completely different tone, calm and friendly. “I heard a noise and came upstairs, when I saw you I was shocked but I thought ‘nice one sis, you finally bagged Mr 10′”. She giggled, “that’s our nickname for you, Mr ten out of ten”.

I saw Dawn smile and blush and thought this was too weird; here I was, stark bollock, naked, sitting on a bed with 2 sisters one of whom had just ridden my cock like a pro and the other who wanted god knows what.

“Dawn, I wont tell, honestly. Just let me watch”, Liz’s voice now held the hushed tones of a co-conspirator, willing Dawn to let her into our little world.

“Why should you care? You’ve done it a million times yourself” Dawn was feeling a bit bolder, this was more like it, she should be asking the questions not her ‘little’ sister.

“Well maybe not a million, but yeah, Ok I’ve done it, but it was never as exciting as watching you do it. I almost creamed my knickers when he spunked on those massive tits of yours.” Dawn and I both gasped, how long had she been watching us? Lizzy laughed at the look of surprise on our faces.

“I came back from ataşehir escort the shops 30 minutes ago and heard you talking upstairs” she grinned “I couldn’t believe it when I heard him tell you to lick his dick and you did it! It was so hot. Do all the girls do what you want?” This last comment was directed at me, the look in her eye making my cock twitch.

“I don’t know I haven’t tried it on that many yet.” I was trying not to stare at her tits while at the same time keep cool about the fact that my dick was starting to swell. I looked at Dawn and shrugged, ” Look I don’t want to get you or me in the shit, and besides I’m still horny, so if she wants to watch, let her.” I reached over and stroked her arm and tried to give her my best ‘I want to fuck you silly’ look. She looked unsure about the whole thing but Liz’s voice cut in, making us all laugh.

“I’m surprised you’ve got any balls left after the ride she gave you.”

Dawn’s face lit up with pride. “Really!” she grinned, ” Did I do it right.” Lizzy laughed and threw my shorts across the bed at her. “Are you kidding? That was one fine looking fuck”. This time her voice was that of a teacher from our junior school, a prissy faced old witch called Mrs Shaw. The thought of her seeing us like this made me snigger like a 10-year-old.

Dawn’s face turned serious again. “There have to be rules”, she said, “you’ve got to take off your clothes as well, I feel stupid being naked when you aren’t.”

Liz immediately stood up and pulled her top over her head. I gave a little whistle as her tits popped out; I had been right, not as big as her sister’s but a fine pair, with nipples that were a shade lighter than Dawn’s but just as long. As she kicked off her jeans I stared openly, although her bush was as light as Dawn’s, Liz had shaved all but a little triangle at the top, leaving her gorgeous little pussy open to the world.

“Ok” said Elizabeth “what else?”

I was amazed at her lack of self-consciousness, the way she looked so at ease with her body. This was one girl who knew what she wanted. My dick was swelling nicely as I stared at the nubile young thing standing in front of me, running her fingers lightly across her flat stomach.

“No touching. You can look as much as you like but that’s all.”

“What about touching myself?” asked Liz and I was stunned at the casual way they were bargaining.

“No problem” said Dawn, “you can do what you like. Just don’t make too much noise, like you do in the bathroom, it will put me off.”

I looked from one sister to the other in admiration, they sure knew how to give a boy a rise; the vision of Liz wanking while I fucked her sister was all that my hardening dick needed to come to attention.

Dawn reached over and started stroking me and I pulled the cover from her hand, throwing it on the bedroom floor. At first she seemed shy about Liz seeing her naked but when I started to rub my thumbs across her nipples she seemed to forget all about her.

“Can I suck it again?” Dawn asked and I nodded, lying back on the bed with my arm across my eyes, loving every minute.

I felt the tip of her tongue, tickling the sensitive skin at the back of my glans and she laughed as I jumped. The licking came faster and the area she was covering took in the whole of my helmet making it swell even further.

“Lick his balls. They love having their balls licked.”

The voice was Lizzy’s, thick with lust, and I looked across to see her sitting on a chair by the far wall. Her legs were stretched out in front of her and she was rubbing her mound with one hand while the other played with her tits, squeezing and pushing them up. Her eyes looked glazed and I could see she was staring intently at her sister as she lowered her mouth to my scrotum. I felt Dawn’s soft tongue as it whipped around my balls and I groaned, “oh yeah, that’s it, suck my balls”. As I said this I could see Dawn turn to look at her sister, watching her, never stopping for one second as she coated my balls with her spit.

“Now suck them into your mouth.”

This was becoming a game of sex by proxy. Liz, the more experienced lover, schooling her sister in the art of sex, Dawn the willing apprentice. Without hesitating Dawn took first one, then the other ball into her mouth sucking gently, the sensation unbelievably intense.

“Tell her to hum”, I said huskily, directing my instruction at Liz.

The response was immediate, “Hum, sis, hum while you suck them.” Dawn was a willing pupil and the vibration of her humming made me grab at the sheets the added sensation very close to that pain/pleasure line.

After a while Dawn stopped and moved back to the top of my dick running her tongue around the rim as she had earlier, coaxing teardrops of pre-cum from my cock and drinking them down lovingly. I noticed that her eyes kept flicking across to her sister who had spread her legs wide apart and was pushing her middle finger slowly in and out of her dripping pussy.

“What else should I do” Dawn asked dreamily, stroking kadıköy escort my cock in unison with her sister’s middle finger. There was a real connection between the 2 girls now and I could feel that having Lizzy watch her was turning Dawn on even more.

“Did you like the feel of his cock inside you?” Liz asked increasing the speed of her finger. “Did you like it when he came, could you feel the spunk shooting into you?”

Dawn nodded mutely, increasing the rate of her stroking to match her sister’s finger. Liz was using her other hand to pull on her hard nipples her breath ragged as she watched Dawn’s every move.

“What do you want to do to her”, Liz asked me, never breaking eye contact with Dawn for a second. “I want to fuck her ” I heard myself saying, my voice strange, as though it belonged to someone else. “I want to fuck her brains out.”

“Good. Dawn, get on all fours”, commanded Liz. “Here, in front of me.”

I sat up on the bed and looked on as Dawn crawled across the room to kneel in front of her sister’s chair, her massive tits swinging under her, the nipples almost scraping the carpet. Her head was only about 18 inches from Lizzy’s cunt and I saw her nostrils flare as she caught the smell of her sibling’s own lust.

“Ok” said Liz ” get behind her and shove that cock in her pussy.”

I knelt down behind Dawn and spread her ass cheeks, licking my lips as I gazed at her gash. She was open and her outer lips were red from our earlier exploits, her love juices seeping out and running down her thighs. I pushed 2 fingers inside her and they slipped in easily, coating my fingers with her sticky fluid, I pulled them back out and spread the moistness along the shaft of my prick. Dipping in again I smeared some of the juice around her tightly puckered little anus making her groan.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” Liz asked her sister working her finger around the nub of her clit. “I want to hear you beg, like you did before”.

“Please fuck me” panted Dawn, ” fuck me while I watch my sister play with herself.”

I shuffled closer and rested my cock at her opening. This time I couldn’t stop myself and I buried my cock up to the hilt on the first stroke. Dawn let out a little scream and her head hung down as she tried to get her breath.

“Look at me!”

The tone of voice gave no room for discussion and Dawn’s head snapped back up to meet Liz’s eyes, boring into hers. “Look at me while he fucks you. Watch me frig myself.”

I began to pump away at Dawns tight little pussy, grabbing handfuls of ass and squeezing them hard. Dawn was moaning with pleasure and her head dipped again as she lost herself to the friction that was building to another orgasm.

“Make her look at me” Liz demanded, ” I want her to see my open pussy”.

I felt the power of Lizzy’s voice, compelling me to do as she wanted, grabbing the back of Dawn’s hair I pulled her head up sharply, making her whimper, “watch her cunt while she wanks” I said in a low voice ” look at her big juicy clit.”

Dawn whimpered again and at first I couldn’t quite hear what she was saying but then she repeated it ” I want to touch her” she whispered, “make me do it. Tell me to touch her”

Liz looked deep into my eyes and I could see a look of triumph flash behind them. This is what she really wanted, this is what she needed, her sister on her knees before her begging to touch her. “Tell her”, she told me, “tell her you want to fuck her while she touches me”.

I pulled Dawn up towards me, my cock still buried in her cunt, my hands reaching round to squeeze her huge, hot tits. “You know what you really want don’t you? “, I growled in her ear and she shook her head from side to side, the sweat spraying from her fringe in a curtain of tiny drops, her eyes wide with fear but filled with longing. “Oh yes you do” I said and I pushed her away, the extra force throwing her closer to the chair. As she put her hands out to stop her fall they fell onto Liz’s thighs making them both gasp at the feel of the others hot skin.

I pushed back into Dawn but slowed my strokes to a gentle rhythm caressing her back and whispering little words of encouragement.

Liz had taken her hands from their fevered work and was stroking Dawn’s hair with loving tenderness, looking into her eyes and smiling, telling her everything was ok.

I watched as Dawn turned her head and ran her lips across Lizzy’s palm, kissing her fingers one by one, until finally she took the middle one into her mouth right up to the knuckle. Liz moaned as her sister licked her cunt juices from her finger sucking the digit slowly in and out.

Dawn looked up and pleaded with her eyes. “It’s ok,” crooned Liz ” I know what you want. I know you watch me when I play with myself in the bath. I like you watching me it makes me hot. When I come I think of you licking my hot pussy. Make me come now sis, make me come with your tongue while I watch you get fucked.”

I increased the strokes of my cock in and out of Dawns sopping cunt as she bent her head bostancı escort bayan to her sisters open pussy. Liz threw her head back and cried out with joy at the first touch of her sister’s tongue on her clit. “Ohhhhh yes. Oh god, its so good. Make me come. Please, let me come in your mouth.” Liz gripped her ankles, pulling her legs wide apart, opening herself completely to the ravages of her sister’s busy tongue, her hips pumping, pushing her self up towards that hungry mouth.

The scene in front of me was so hot that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came myself. Watching as Lizzy raced towards orgasm, the sound of Dawn’s slurping mixing with the squelch of our juices as I pounded into her, I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to come over both sisters.

Liz’s mouth was pulled open in a silent scream of pure joy as her orgasm hit with the force of a truck and pulling her sister’s head into her crotch, Dawn’s mouth open wide ready to receive her reward, her cunt began to spasm, spraying jet after jet of her juices onto her sister’s face.

I quickly pulled my cock out and stood next to the chair. Dawn moaned her disappointment, but her face changed as she realised what I was going to do. She grabbed her tits and pushed them up towards me, her mouth open ready to receive my offering. Liz had started to come down from her own mind numbing experience and her eyes opened just in time to see the first stream of hot spunk fly onto Dawns face.

“That’s it! Come on her face” she panted, “come in her mouth like I did”.

I was already pumping my cock for a second shot and this one did go straight in Dawn’s mouth, making her squeal. Now though I turned and my next jet flew out and onto Liz’s cheek, running down to drop on her tits. She tried to turn her face away but Dawn grabbed her chin roughly and pushed her back saying, ” Oh no you don’t. You’ve got to eat that spunk. Eat it all up”.

Liz opened her mouth but my final shot landed on her chin. Before it could fall off I smeared it across her lips with my helmet. She sucked me into her mouth coaxing the last few drops from my shrivelling cock, then pulled her head back making it slip out with a little pop.

“Hmm you were right sis,” she said, nodding her head “very creamy but quite salty.”

They both laughed and Liz used her fingers to scoop some more spunk from Dawn’s face, offering them to her sister who eagerly licked them clean. Lizzy leant forward and kissed her sister, her tongue swirling around the inside of her mouth, making Dawn groan lustily at the combined taste of our juices.

When their lips parted Liz stroked the side of Dawn’s face and said, “that was the best pussy licking I’ve ever had. I didn’t know my big sis was so talented”. Dawn smiled, “I’m a quick learner. Especially when I have such good teachers.” She looked up at me and pouted, “it’s not fair though, everybody got to come except me”. I laughed; we had created a sex monster, a junkie who wanted her next orgasm fix.

“Don’t look at me”, I said, my hands held up defensively ” this boy needs a rest and anyway my balls must be running on empty”.

Dawn continued to pout with frustration until Liz piped up “hey sis, one good turn deserves another, right? Or should I say one good lick.” Her face was a picture of mischief as she stood up, helping Dawn from the floor. She looked deep into her eyes and then gently led her sister by the hand across the room to the rumpled bed. They stood face to face; their nipples brushing against each other, Lizzy’s hands running up along Dawn’s arms and down her front, caressing her and whispering quietly to her.

Dawn’s eyes were closed, and her mouth opened with a sharp intake of breath as she felt Liz’s hands on her tits. She nodded slowly to whatever questions Liz was breathing softly into her ear and reached out to touch her sister’s breasts. I sat down in the chair, trying not to break the spell that Liz was weaving, watching closely as the 2 girls ran their hands gently across the others body. Dawn was getting hotter, her breath becoming ragged as Liz cupped her huge tits in her cool hands, brushing her thumbs across the sensitive tips, making her sister cry out in delight.

I could see Dawn reach down to touch herself but Liz pulled her hand away gently, “no baby”, she said, talking as though to a child ” let me do it. I want to give you pleasure”.

She put her hands on Dawn’s shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed, sliding her body up the full length of her sister, her nipples scraping across the skin, the contact making them both sigh.

As they lay together touching, kissing softly, their hands discovering one another, I began to feel the familiar feelings of arousal swelling my dick. I thought I wouldn’t be able to raise a stiff for a month but the scene unfolding before me was so hot that my body had no choice but respond.

Liz was slowly exploring her sister’s body, her eyes wide with wonder as she gazed close up at Dawn’s massive tits. “They’re so big” she said, her voice full of admiration. “So big and firm, so suckable. Can I suck them?” she whispered. Dawn nodded, pushing her breasts up to her sister’s eager lips. Lizzy bent her head and her tongue flicked out, swirling around the nipple and then sucking it into her mouth, making Dawn gasp with delight.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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