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The Massage Ch. 02

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I knew it was morning because the sunlight had penetrated my still closed eyelids, feigning sleep when her fingernails traced the outline swelling of my breast to linger teasingly on its already hardening nipple.

Expert fingers, fingers adept in the art of womanly love moved slowly down the underside of that breast and inched their way further south to dwell a while on my belly. Wanting and hoping I imperceptibly moved a leg to allow those same fingers access to my womanly fount should they be inclined to enter and pleasure me.

Slowly, slowly, her fingers brushed against the jet black curly pubes which covered my Mons, deftly weaving this way and that, now probing into my inner sanctum to re-emerge sticky with the fresh juices from my temple of love.

They moved higher and circled my clit, and then a sharp squeeze between finger and thumb which made me yelp.

“Wake up Darling, its morning,” said Christa.

I muttered something unkind about the method of awakening and she laughed and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue fencing with mine and bringing a rush of early morning sexual excitement.

If you have already read the first chapter of The Massage you will be aware that Christa is no other than my mother. Beautiful, petite, raven haired Christa who at the tender age of 34 had borne me just over 18 years ago. She had come to stay with me for the weekend in my rented house which was normally shared with 3 other girls, but luckily they were all away for this long Holiday weekend.

You will have read that it was with trepidation that I offered my dear mother a massage, hoping against hope that she would become aroused enough to fulfil my sexual fantasies about her. She did, and we made love for the first time that day. First time, second time third, I could go on but both of us lost count, and who cares anyway now that we had discovered our mutual extra mother/daughter love?

“Shower time, then something to eat,” she carried on, “I must return your favour of yesterday.”

Tingling with excitement we showered together cramped in that tiny stall with barely warm water but we cared not because we knew that the day opened up new horizons for the two of us.

“Are you dressing Chris?” I asked her as we towelled each other dry. You may think it strange but I had begun to calmly mother by her given name years ago and she encouraged it.

“What’s the point?” she replied, “I’m going to give you the massage of your life after breakfast.”

Hearing that brought goose bumps to my skin as it tingled anew and that familiar ache of longing stirred in my groin. I had always loved Christa and knew full well that she loved me as a daughter but now we had added a new dimension to that love. My dear Christa who was my mother looked young enough to be my slightly older sister. Oh how I loved her at that moment, and Oh, how I love her still.

We wandered around the kitchen as naked as the day we were born, totally unconcerned that passers by may glance through the window. We were absorbed in ourselves, feeding each other tiny pieces of toast and marmalade and laughing when one piece slipped and slithered face down on Christa’s left breast. Of course I had to lick it off rather than wipe it and I think it was that small act that decided us it was time to return to the bedroom.

The day before I had raided one of my housemates’ (Beth) drawers for some massage oil – she had loads of different oils and had even massaged me the week before until just as things may, just may have become interesting we were interrupted by one of the other girls. I made a mental note to buy her another bottle and recreate the scene when she returned from holiday.

But now Christa and I were climbing the stairs hand in hand, stopping on every second step or so to kiss and fondle. I loved the feel of that small firm body, slightly tanned by the sun, honed and toned by regular workouts at the gym. She in turn loved my youthful body and we revelled in the delights of each other.

“Bed Emma, and face down please,” she firmly instructed me. I liked the fact that she had taken complete control of events for I am the sort of person that likes to be mildly dominated which after all these years together Christa knew only too well.

I lay face down as instructed and parted my thighs just as far as they would go, wanting to show my mother everything she saw was clearly on offer. She had been in the same position the day before and the very sight of her vaginal lips posing cheekily through her bum cheeks had made me burn with desire. I wanted her to feel the same about me.

“Saucy bitch,” she whispered as she took hold of both feet and began to rub. She was kneeling behind me and had my feet resting on her breasts as she gently began to rub the soles and I felt the firmness of her breasts with the upper part of my feet.

I was beginning to get excited at the prospect of a full and intensive sexual massage from my gorgeous mother and was just wondering how it was going to proceed when she took one of my big toes and began to suck on it like a baby would suck on a nipple.

The kartal escort effect was electrifying! Never before had anyone sucked my toes and now the first one to volunteer was Christa, my mother.

“Goooo,” I think I said, “ Gooo Christa that feels sooo good!”

She muttered something and then took the toe out of her mouth long enough to tell me to place a pillow under my thighs – she wanted my butt raised she said because it looked more erotic than being flat on the bed.

Yesssssssss!!!! No problem there mother dear, and I did as she asked while she got down to the seriously sensual act of sucking all of my toes one by one. I was in heaven again for as she did this her hands were all the time massaging my calves, then thighs but from her position that was as far as she could reach.

“I love you Mum,” I whispered hoarsely and not expecting any reply was overcome with joy when Christa replied that she loved me to distraction.

Feet done she concentrated on my thighs and paid particular attention to the insides where the skin is more tender for some reason. I felt those strong little fingers working their way towards the crack of my bum, one hand on each cheek as she prised them slightly further apart.

Of course I tried to help her in this by raising my lower cheeks still further and pushing out my bum for her ministrations.

Her thumbs were nearly together inside my bum cheeks and they must have been prising open my tightly closed anus – it was a feeling beyond belief, but nothing in life had prepared me for what she did to me next.

I thought I felt her hot breath on that most tender area around my puckered hole and was becoming so turned on that I felt a dribble of my juices escaping from my love hole to waste itself by dripping onto the pillow underneath.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHH,” from me as my mother’s loving lips enclosed my bum hole and her tongue tickled around the outside of it.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHH,” again as her pointy tongue penetrated that same tight hole. This was pure bliss and it was evident that my mother was a very accomplished lover. Fleetingly I wondered how many lovers she had had, and whether she did this with them, and did she do this with my Dad. Soon those and all other thoughts were abandoned as I felt a finger, then two slide into my slickly wet cunt.

Cunt is a word that I use when aroused, not as a swearword, and my mother was finger fucking my cunt like it had never been finger fucked before. There were slurping noises coming from it when she pushed in and there were slurping noises coming from it when she withdrew those manicured fingers that knew their job so well.

Her mouth left my anal opening and I felt a little pang of sadness because that had so far been the pinnacle of my sexual life to date. I need not have worried because a second or so later she slid a wetted finger slowly but firmly into that dark recess, deep, deep inside me where no finger had ever been before.

Push, pull back, push, pull back went those nimble fingers in both of my orifices, and when she pushed so did I to heighten the enjoyment.

All of a sudden that feeling washed over me and I knew I was about to cum, and cum hard at that. It was unstoppable and even more amazing because up until that point she had not placed a finger on my rock hard clitty, nor did she need to. I came as never before and pushed against her firm hand which seemed to be sliding further and deeper into me. Was my own mother attempting to fist me? It seemed so!

But no, she told me later that she had just four fingers in me and that it probably seemed like more because of my inexperience.

She patted my butt and told me to turn over, which I did to see her licking my juices from her hand, or at least the hand that had been inside my cunt. I looked down at it and felt it, felt the wetness she had brought out of me which was all over the insides of my thighs and wondered not for the first time how beautiful Mother Nature was to equip us ladies with such superbly inbuilt lovemaking equipment.

“I want to eat you Chris,” Oh wow, did I say that? Yes of course I did! “I want to eat you until you shout and scream like I did just then.”

A knowing look and a smile of pure lust was etched on her beautiful face as she made her way up the bed and straddled my face with her silky thighs.

She pressed her cunt onto my face but kept most of the weight off me and on those thighs as she leaned slightly forward and offered her fount of love and joy for me to lick.

Hers was the first cunt that I had ever licked and the day before was the first time for me. I remembered her scent which had driven me wild before and was working its magic on my senses again just then, and with hands pulling her further down on my greedy mouth I set to with a will.

Christa moaned in ecstasy as that tongue of mine found her most erogenous areas and I truly believed that I was getting as much enjoyment from the act of sucking her into oblivion as I had the day before when she did it to me.

An extra loud moan escaped her lips as she began to orgasm onto my face maltepe escort bayan with a vengeance, and not wanting to waste a precious drop of her secretions I brought round a hand to rub her clitty whist my mouth enclosed her entire love hole.

It was at that point, just at the point where she lost control that she squirted a little and her pee hit the inside of my mouth. I tasted, liked it and swallowed expecting more but when no more came from her I was content to lick furiously until my dear mother shouted for me to stop.

“Oh darling,” she said, “I’m so sorry that happened, “I just couldn’t help it.”

Sorry? I loved it!! My mother had unknowingly unleashed something within me that will stay my fetish until the end of time.

“I loved it Chris,” I stammered, ashamed that I had enjoyed her squirt.

“Oh my, did you now,” was her reply, “I love pee games myself, but I didn’t think you would be ready for that so soon.”

I asked her then if she played pee games with my dad and she said they enjoyed them often and that he nearly always expected her to squirt when he was giving her oral sex. She carried on and told me that an orgasm and a simultaneous wee was a real blast and she would show me how later.

All thoughts of further massage were forgotten now as we explored each other’s bodies anew, mine inexperienced and hers so knowing and pleasurable.

Christa told me how erotic it was to masturbate for a lover and to demonstrate she told me to sit at one end of the bed whilst she sat lotus fashion at the other, her inner lips glistening with dampness and her jet coloured pubes speckled with recently secreted womanly flow.

She lay back and opened all for me to see, slipped a finger I and out of herself a few times and then removed it completely to insert it neatly inside her own anus this time. I began to boil, emotions running to fever pitch at the sight and thought of what I had just witnessed, and more so a second later when she began to play with her clitty with the other hand.

Softly at first she began to moan again, then louder and louder as her orgasm took hold and I found myself madly fucking my own clit in the hope that we could cum together yet be so far apart.

We just about managed to do that, the vision of her becoming hazy as my own orgasm took over events and we moaned and shouted, screamed with pure abandon as both orgasms ripped though us at virtually the same time.

It was then that I found my mother was right, we girls sometimes do squirt when all senses are lost to joy. I knew she was right because I had just pissed the bed.

Christa regained her senses first and noticed what I had done, saw the stain spreading from under me though the flow had ceased. She lay me back and like a mother cat began to lick me dry, all the time making mewling noises that conveyed to me her pleasure in what she was doing.

“Need to go Darling?” she enquired. I nodded a yes and with that she took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Fortunately because there were four of us girls sharing we had insisted that the landlord install a bidet and it was to this that my mother pointed and told me to sit upon facing the wall.

I nervously sat and wondered what she was about to do when her right arm snaked around me and began to frig my clitty again. The other hand she slid under my bum and her fingers were exploring the inside of my cunt yet again.

All this was having the obvious effect on me and I felt the oncoming orgasm begin. Christa had told me that when I came I should just relax my bladder and pee at the same time.

She instinctively knew just when I was about to peak and at that very second she slid a wet finger deep in my ass while at the same time she kept the momentum going with her other hand.

I came that time with a violence that surprised even her and as I came I followed her instructions to the letter and let the pee flow from me, only it didn’t just flow, it gushed and splattered with tremendous force, splashing back from the bowl to speckle my bum and pubes with golden sparkles of wee.

The orgasm was fantastic!!

Chris asked me to stand when it was all over and said she would dry me, which she did, but not with a cloth. Her exploring tongue licked every drop from me and the thought of her doing that nearly brought me to the brink once more.

That day was a turning point in my life for not only had I initiated an incestuous affair with my mother, I had become a pee devotee and all in a matter of a day and a half! Until then I had no idea that sex and peeing were so closely related even though I had experienced slight sensations when I was bursting to go – the thought of peeing my panties had interested me for some time but this experience with my mother had taken it into a new dimension. Whatever next!

Back to the massage bed where Christa bade my lie on my back while she straddled me lightly, her pussy kissing mine as she moved back and forth massaging my breasts, both the attention of her fingers and the light brushing movements of her pubes were turning me on so very much.

I escort pendik felt wetness which was not my own and glancing down I noticed Christa was secreting her fluids directly into my cunt. This was not pee but her own very special love juices. My hand crept down to the place from where they emerged to scoop a little for me to taste again….Mmmmmmmm, how wonderful my mother tasted.

We were both becoming very excited again and it was nearly time for another crashing orgasmic experience as Christa’s love filled pussy ground more fiercely against mine. I bucked and pushed against her and she pushed down more heavily on me with the result that our clitties met and mingled, our juices flowed into one joined up stream which trickled lazily into the crack of my bum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!,” from Christa, “Uh, Uh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

Our mutual moans and screams of ecstasy drowned each others as our chariot of love took us both to heaven where we dallied for ages in the highest state of sexual fulfilment before gently floating down leaf like to resume our earthly embrace joined now at the mouth, at the breasts, at our bellies and joined wetly at our founts of love.

“Fuck, that was sooo good!” I exclaimed, breathing heavily.

“Mmmm,” whispered Christa, also out of breath, “sheer heaven my darling.”

We lay a while recovering, arms around each other, just lying there loving every tender touch when my mother sleepily said:

“If I don’t go soon I’ll wee myself, but I can’t be bothered to move.”

The germ of an idea began to formulate in my newly discovered slutty mind and I wondered if my beautiful mother would agree to what I was about to suggest.

“Mum?” I asked.

“Yes darling?” she replied.

“Can you cum again soon?” from me.

“Mmmm, for you my sweet I can cum for evermore,” was her reply to that.

“Can we play a pee game mum?” I asked nervously.

“Mmmmm, what have you in mind dear daughter? She asked, raising her head and looking at me with that knowing half smile she affected.

“I want to make you cum and have you pee at the same time, like you showed me earlier.” In truth that was what I wanted but this time I was going to suggest something far more adventurous.

“Delicious, I love doing that,” said my mother, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, “I need to go quite badly Emma so let’s do it shall we?”

Hand in hand we walked into the bathroom once more and Christa was about to seat herself on the bidet when I said,

“Not there Mum….in the shower please.”

Her face registered surprise and a look of anticipation flickered across her beautiful face when she stood in the shower, legs well apart as I knelt under her and between them. I looked up at her and she nodded, smiled and closed her eyes as my tongue darted in and around her cunt, lapping her, exciting her, making her shiver and bringing her ever closer to that wonderful moment. There was no doubt in my mind that she would not let her flow pour over me when the time was right and I couldn’t wait for her golden stream to cover my quivering, expectant body.

The lips of my face met the lips of her cunt, kissed and delved deep inside her darkling pinkness, tongue probing and withdrawing back into my mouth to savour her sweet love juices. I was more aroused then than at any other time in my life before, my clit throbbing with heightened sexual tension and my own love juices pouring down my thighs.

I inserted a finger into her slippery slit, made sure it was suitably lubricated and slid it deep into Christa’s anus. With a gasp she made me aware she was about to cum and my big moment was nigh, so with the other hand I worked her clit while my opened mouth was inside her and engulfing her pee hole.

I don’t know who came first but I think it must have been she as her thigh muscles steeled and she hissed and moaned in her ecstasy. Her lower lips began to open like the petals of a flower as the muscles above them tensed and my open lips awaited their real debut into the world of pissy wetness.

She must have forced it or been really bursting to go, or both, because the force of her jet of golden goodness took me completely by surprise as her overfull bladder released itself into my willing mouth. Swallowing at first I then withdrew my mouth and held her lips wide open with one hand whist still finger fucking her bum with the other.

We were both in seventh heaven just then, my mother having been made cum in a manner she loved by the daughter she loved, and myself about to orgasm from the build up of my desires and the feel of her hot and steaming pee coursing its way down my body to end its days flowing over my oh so burning clit and running in a golden molten stream which entered those hot lower lips of mine.

At that point I came with an intensity never before experienced, a most wondrous feeling that overtook my body to do with as it wished for a while. My mother was still shaking from her own orgasm and still pissing a forceful jet which was by now directed by gravity and falling directly beneath her. My orgasm made me fall forward, still under her, but now my back was exposed to her flow. I felt it hit my hair as I passed under her and then my neck, flowing down my back and entering me again from the rear this time before dripping uselessly onto the shower floor, its life expended.

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